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General Literature

Not all works are strictly Turkological works, but they all pertain to Turkology. A number of works are written by real scientists who stumble on something and, like the fabled three blinds variously described an elephant as a column, a brush, and a curtain, honestly report their true finds, trying to fit them into the Procrustean bed of the IE or Scytho-Iranian dogmas. A few are written by scientists with agenda, and fortunately they are most productive, exhausting their subject while sometime innocently misattributing the effects. Independent of the underlying motivations, and except for few obvious hoaxers, each contribution is adding to our knowledge.

Synopses Thematic Tables of Contents
Altaic linguistic family Synopsis (hystoriography)   Türkic Roots Genetics
Guties Synopsis   Scythians, Saka, Sarmats, and Cimmerians Türkic Alphabet
Scythian Synopsis   Türkic-Sumerian Scripts of Türkic Peoples
Ogur and Oguz Synopsis   Tele Codex of Inscriptions
Sarmat Synopsis   Huns Issyk Inscription
Sarmatian chronology Synopsis   Alans Türkic languages
Bulgar Synopsis   Bulgars Türkic in English
Burgund Synopsis   Kangars and Besenyo-Badjanaks Tengriism
Huns and Türks Synopsis   Türks Ashina Judaism
Khazar Synopsis   Amerind - Türkic (with Genetics) Manichaeism
Kipchak Khanate Synopsis   Türkic History Datelines Christianity
Kumyk Huns Synopsis     Islam
Bashkort Huns Synopsis      
Bashkort Kangars Synopsis      
The list is necessarily somewhat eclectic, supposedly organized by subject from more general to specific
Alphabetical Listing of Authors
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Zakiev M. Genesis of Türks and Tatars Abaev V.I.
K.Laipanov, I.Miziev Origin of the Türkic peoples Adji M.
Klyosov A. Türkic DNA genealogy (2010) Afanasiev G.
Klyosov A. R1b DNA History (2011) Akishev A.
Klyosov A. Autochthonous Altai R1a DNA (2012) Aliev K.
Klyosov A. Kurgan Theory: a View of DNA Genealogy (2014) Alinei M.
Klyosov A. Map and migration routes of haplogroups R1a and R1b, 24 thousand years (2019) Alemany A.
Rojansky I. (Rozhanskii I.) The Lithuanian Tatars. (Scythian Y-DNA haplogroup R1a-Z2125) (2017) Allili E.
Kisamov N. Kayi & Gelons Amanjolov A.S.
Online Turkish Turan History Askarov A.
Online Ogur and Oguz Baichorov S.
Gimbutas M. Kurgan Transformation of Europe Balanovsky O.
Potapov L.Origin of Altaians Balkan K.
Kisamov N. The Hunnic Oracle Bariev R.
Csornai K. Chinese names for Huns Bashtu M.
Taskin V. Synopsis of Eastern Hun history 3 c. BC - 2 c. AD Benjamin C.
Taskin V. Synopsis of Eastern Hun history 3 c. AD - 5 c. AD Bernshtam A.N.
Taskin V. Kiyan Huns 3 c. AD - 5 c. AD Bichurin N.Ya.
Bichurin N.Ya. Chinese Annals Bisebaev A.I.
Newman J.H. History of the Turks, in their relation to Europe Brentjes B.
Miftakhov Z. History of Tatar People Budagov B.
Vaissiere de la, E. Huns et Xiongnu (2005, names) Chavannes Ed.
Vaissiere de la, E. Eastern Huns Xiongnu (2006, history) Chikisheva T.
Szaplicka M.A. Encyclopaedia of religion and ethics Chinese Sources (Huns, Alans)
Kim H.J. Huns and Europe Chinese Sources (Dynastic Histories)
Maenchen-Helfen O.J. Western Huns Income In Gold Clauson G.
Maenchen-Helfen O.J.  Swords, Masks and Balbals Coon C.S.
Zuev Yu.A. Ancient Türks Csornai K.
Zuev Yu.A. Hun strongest tribe Esgil (Esegil) Cunliffe B.
Zuev Yu.A. Early History of Usuns Curta F.
Zuev Yu.A. Ancient Türkic social terms Djagfar
Zuev Yu.A. Seyanto Kaganate and Kimeks Djamgerchinov B.
Clauson G. Türkic Etymological Dictionary Dobrodomov I.G.
Balkan K. Gutian Language Doerfer G.
Landsberger B. Gutian Language Dremin G.
Pritsak O. Onomasticon of the Western Huns Drozdov Yu.
Pritsak O. Ogur and Oguz Languages Durmush I.
Henning W.B. Xiongnu are Huns Dybo A.V.
Vovin A. Did the Xiong-nu Speak a Yeniseian Language? Dzokaev T.
Pulleyblank E. The Eastern Hun Language Elhaik E.
Doerfer G. The Language Of The Huns Fattahov F.Sh.
Henning W.B. The name of Tokharian language Faux D.K.
Winters C. Tocharian is Indian ~ the Cognate language to Meroitic Fraser G.H.
Faux D.K.Vikings - Scandinavian Huns Frye R.
Curta F. The making of the Slavs: history and archaeology..., ca. 500700AD Hasanov Z. (Gasanov Z.)
Shuke G. Türkic substrate of Slavic and Baltic Gimbutas M.
Drozdov Yu. Türkic-lingual Period Of European History Gmyrya L.
Terentiev V.A. (aka Terentyev) Ancient Türkic borrowings in languages of Europe Golden P.
Annals Djagfar Tarihi Annals Johanson L.
Annals Chinese Sources (Huns, Alans) Hamori F.
Annals Chinese Sources (Dynastic Histories) Harding R. M.
Fraser G.H. Tengri, Khuday, Deos and God Henning W.B.
Historiography of the Altaic linguistic family Hosszu G.
Dremin G. Scythian Word List from the Sources Hinz W.
Bisebaev A.I. Türkic toponyms of Sakas and Scythians in the works of classical authors Ibn-Fadlan
Durmush I. Tabiti Etymology Ismagulov O.
Kisamov N. Tarim Guties Kak S.
Zakiev M. Origin of Türks - Sumerian Language Kamoliddin Sh.
Kaya Polat English-Sumer-Turkish Dictionary Karataev O.K.
Miziev I. Sumerian and Karachai-Balkarian Türkic Karatay O.
Suleimenov . Sumerian-Türkic Phonetics And Morphology Kashgari M.
Suleimenov . Sumerian Swadesh Words list Kaya Polat
Amanjolov A. Sumer-Türkic Accordances And Graphic Logograms Kim H.J.
Simo Parpola Sumerian: A Uralic Language Kisamov N.
Hamori F. Sumerian Phonetics & Sound Changes Klyosov A.
Zakar A. Sumerian-Ural-Altaic Affinities Koestler A.
Winters C. Black Turanians of Messopotamia Koryakova L.
Allili E. Turkic Akkadian Krantz G. S.
Mordtmann A. D. Behistun Elamite Inscription Kudaev M.
Hinz W. Elamite Dictionary Kuban. Chulman Tolgau
Kisamov N. Türkic Substrate in English Kunnapp A.
Shipova E. N. Dictionary of Türkisms in Russian Language Kyzlasov I.L
Dobrodomov I.G. Problem of linguistic authenticity of the material in historical research Laipanov K.
Askarov A. The Aryan problem Lamberg-Karlovsky C.C.
Kak S. Indo-European, Arians, and Rigveda Landsberger B.
Krantz G. S. Geographical Development Of European Languages Mamay H.
Harding R. M., Sokal R. R. Classification of the European language families by genetic distance Maenchen-Helfen O.J.
Bashtu Mikail Shan Kyzy dastany Miftakhov Z.
Genealogical Myth Kuban. Chulman Tolgau Miziev I.
Hasanov Zaur Scythian Poetry Mordtmann A. D.
Hasanov Zaur Issyk Commemorative Inscription Mukhamadiev A.
Ibn-Fadlan Ahmad Risalya Newman J.H.
Pletneva S.A. Kipchaks Olkhovsky V.S.
Pletneva S.A. Badjanaks Ozturkler Online
Gmyrya L. Hun Country at the Caspian Gate Parpola S.
Koestler A. Türkic Ashkenazim Pletneva S.A.
Bariev R. Ancient And Medieval States Of Bulgaria Potapov L.
Danube Bulgaria Khan's List (Shedjere) aka Nominalia Pritsak O.
Aliev K. Bulgar Khan Nominalia Pugachenkova G.A.
Djamgerchinov B. Kirgiz Tribes Pulleyblank E.
Alinei M. Paleolithic Continuity in Eurasia (Kurgan Culture) Reshideddin
Chikisheva T. Dynamics anthrop. differentiation in Southwestern Siberian population in Neolithic - Early Iron Age Rojansky I. (Rozhanskii)
Balanovsky O. Gene pool variability: Data synthesis, genogeography, mitochondrial DNA and Y-chromosome Rosenfelder M.
Lamberg-Karlovsky C.C. Archaeology and language: the case of the Bronze Age Indo-Iranians Rtveladze E.
Koryakova L. About Kurgans Sanping Chen
Cunliffe B. Celticization from the West: Celtic Archeology Schena Eric R.
Bernshtam A.N. Afanasiev Archeological Culture (Kurgan Culture) Shipova E. N.
Bernshtam A.N. Andronov Culture (Kurgan Culture) Shuke G.
Bernshtam A.N. Karasuk Culture (Kurgan Culture) Smagulov E.A.
Afanasiev G. Saltovo-Mayak Culture Sokal R. R.
Brentjes B. Animal Style and Shamanism Starostin S. A.
Kamoliddin Sh. Ancient Türkic toponymy Stetsuk V.
Kamoliddin Sh. Agriculture and gardening at ancient Türks Suleimenov O.
Kamoliddin Sh. Samanids Sulimirsky T.
Budagov B. Turkic Toponyms of Eurasia, Elm, Baku, 1997, ISBN 5-8066-0757-7 Szaplicka M.A.
Ismagulov O. Andronovo, Bonze Age, Saka, Usuns and Türkic people Taskin V.
Benjamin C.The Kushan Migration and Sogdia Taylor I.
Wikipedia Kangly Terentiev V.A. (aka Terentyev)
Wikipedia Masguts Tolstov S.P.
Yablonsky L.T. Burial place of a Masgut/Massagetan warrior Toth A.
Yablonsky L.T. Türkic Nomads and Chorasmia Tsvetsinskaya E.A.
Yablonsky L.T. et.al. Late Sarmat Paleoanthropology Tynyshbaev M.
Yablonsky L.T. Kelteminar Craniology Usmanova M.G.
Tolstov S.P. Ancient Horezm Vainberg B.I.
Tsvetsinskaya E.A., Vainberg B.I., V. Glushko E.V. People in the Amudarya Sarykamysh delta Vaissiere de la, E.
Pugachenkova G.A. Kangars' image in Sogdian art Vovin A.
Smagulov E.A. et al Origin of Ancient Chach Siyavush Dynasty Wikipedia
Adji M. Kipchaks and Oguzes Winters C.
Adji M. The European Kipchaks Zakar A.
Adji M.. Tengri The Celestial God Zakiev M.
Karatay O. Origins of Croation Nation Zgusta L.
Kaya P. Crescent and Star in Islam and Turkic world Zuev Yu.A.
Yavuz M. H. Türkic Islam Yablonsky L.T.
Elhaik E. Ashkenazim and Turkic People Yatsenko S..
Usmanova M.G. The name of the fatherland Yavuz M.H.
Pritsak O. The Pechenegs (Bajanaks)  
Golden P. Pechenegs (Bajanaks)  
Taylor I. The Alphabet  
Toth A. Agglutinative languages  
Amanjolov A.S. History of the Ancient Türkic Script  
Mukhamadiev A. Turanian Writing (1995)  
Mukhamadiev A. Kurbat Rings (2005)  
Mukhamadiev A. Ancient Türkic Coins (2005)  
Mukhamadiev A. Coins: A new look at f Huns history (2011)  
Kyzlasov I.L Paleography of 8 Türkic Alphabets  
Baichorov S. Ancient Türkic Runic Monuments of Europe  
Hosszu G. Rovash Runic Script  
Zgusta L. Zelenchuk Inscription  
Kudaev M. Zelenchuk Inscription (Balkar reading in English alphabet, Russian, and Balkar languages)  
Abaev V.I. Ossetian language and Folklore  
Dzokaev T. An Ossetic view  
Alemany A. Alan Etymology  
Hill J. Alan Etymology  
Zakiev M. Who Are Alans?  
Zakiev M. Who Are Alans? - Alan Etymology  
Alemany A. Alanian Onomasticon  
Mamay H. Alans in Pyrenees  
Sulimirsky T. Overview of Sarmatian chronology  
Suleimenov O. From Az to I  
Suleimenov O. Berendeys  
Olhovsky V. Tamga (function)  
Yatsenko S.. Tamgas  
Kashgari M. (Tamgas)  
Tynyshbaev M. Tamgas And Urans  
Akishev A. Kushan royal tamgas  
Reshideddin Kyrgyz and Oguz Tamgas  
Karataev O.K. Kyrgyz and Oguz Tamgas  
Coon C.S. Craniology And History  
Chavannes Ed. Documents sur les Tou-kiue (Turcs) occidentaux. Index des noms  
Johanson L. Altaic Linguistic familyly  
Dybo A.V. Pra-Altaian World  
Dybo A.V. Linguivistic contacts of Early Türks  
Starostin S. A., A. V. Dybo, O. A. Mudrak Etymological dictionary of the Altaic languages  
Sanping Chen Zhou Theophoric Names  
Kunnapp A. Uralic and Altaic distancess  
Online Ogur Dialect In Tatar language  
Fattahov F.Sh. Prothetic V in Slavic loans from Türkic  
Stetsuk V. Lexicon - Türkic, Slavic and Iranian  
Frye R. Languages of Central Asia  
Rosenfelder M. Statistical Linguistics. Random Coincidences  
Müle E. Kyiv and Shambat  
Rtveladze E. Ancient Coins of Middle Asia  
Schena Eric R. Russian Monetary System  
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