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Kuban. Chulman Tolgau
Akad. Yu.K.Begunov, editor

"Treasuries Of Bulgar People"
Sankt-Petersburg, Russian State Museum, Issue 1, 2007
ISBN 9785837004896
http://voininatangra.org/modules/xfsection/article.php?articleid=209 (In Russian)
http://balkaria.borda.ru/?1-2-0-00000013-000-0-0*001  (In Russian)
A quick Google search for “×óëìàí òîëãàó“(“Chulman Tolgau“) would bring up reviews and critiques
Brief notes of the Yu.K.Begunov are here http://kitap.net.ru/begunov/1.php . Some of his explanations from that article are shown in the text in bold blue.

[Placeholder for foreword by Akad. Yu.K.Begunov. For citations click here]

If anybody thinks that a Bronze Age myth brought to present days is funny and irrelevant, that may be true, but to deny that these myths do not shape our reality would be a much too futuristic conclusion. We know that the concepts that were well worn out before the emergence of the Bronze Age, survived well into the Modern Age of rails and aviation: 150 years ago Abe Lincoln's wife spent her remaining years after the murder of her husband preparing for re-incarnation in the other world and her reunion with him, and 30 years ago Ronald Reagan's wife timed the state events of her husband following celestial advice of her starry astrologer. No wonder that in one shape or another, these supernatural myths not only subsist in the rustic (called by some superbly learned folks “primitive“) remote places like Tuva and Khakassia, but also survive, mostly in institutionalized and canonized form, in the most enlightened centers of education and in the most prominent capitals of the world, and they entertain us practically all year around, from Christmas to Halloween within the “western“world, and by their morphological twins in the rest of the globe. In the ethnological sense, these old myths enrich us with understanding of their creators, their life, and their mentality, and with the advantage of 20/20 retrospective vision, help us to understand the material and spiritual historical development within the blends of the modern peoples and modern states.

Like for any newly discovered historical source, the validity and provenance of the artifacts are of paramount importance. The backing of a recognized specialist in the area of archeography and philology is a valuable benefit, while support of independent experts should be deemed to be a must, especially so for anything that emanates from the Russian-based sources, notorious for creating and re-creatiing false documents during its whole 1000-year history. The sad experience of the Zelenchuk Inscription, that purported to re-write the ethnic history of the Middle Asia and N.Pontic, and for a century was widely and totally uncritically embraced by willing masses of European historians and philologists, is a good example that vigilance is a necessary component in introduction of new concepts and new historical evidence.

The English translation of the Russian translation is predominantly non-exegetic line-by-line, few exceptions are those where following the format of the poem would create a totally senseless passage. The re-translation undoubtedly further disfigured the original, which must have been already strongly impacted by the translation from the almost rigid SOV agglutinative gender-absent Türkic language, where the rhymes are supported by every verse ending with a verb, to the extremely loose SVO Russian language with rigid case and gender agreement, and rich with inflectional compounded participles, and then to another, analytic-type rigid SVO English without a gender. With all these grammatical complications, and with the construction of English sentences that may end up quite inelegant, the substance of the original is hopefully transferred at a tolerable level. Few liberties were taken in English translation, one of them is to transfer the pointedly female gender of the Russian text with suffix  -ess, like waitress vs. waiter in English: Imegen vs.Imegeness, Ubyr vs. Ubyress; the other is a somewhat looser application of the SVO order, trading a grammar for a rhythmic flow. The Türkic words inherent to the Russian language were translated into their English equivalents, while the Türkic words outside of the basic Russian vocabulary were retained as untranslated words of the original, supposedly from the Bulgarian lexicon. At least one word, “mumin“, points to a lexicon impacted by Arabic vocabulary. A portion that carries an overtly didactic content that contrasts with the body of the dastan, and seems to be a later addition or a borrowing,  is segregated by ***. Not a small obstacle in following the storyline is a specifically Türkic ancient custom of fluidity of the names, when a same person attains different names during a lifetime. Not only the people, but also the immortal saints/alps/divines are called by different names, depending on the context, the timing, and the eyes of the viewer, in their appearance in the story. Fortunately, a glossary imbedded into the story helps listeners to learn the names and keep track of the personages.

Phonetic conventions:
No diphthongs, all letters are pronounced;
Where conventional English spelling has been established, the most common spelling is used;
The dialect of the dastan is clearly a “dj“dialect of the Türkic language, and the dj (like in joker) formant is used to reflect it, instead of alternate spellings with j or y: Djaik in lieu of Jaik or Yaik. However, the Russsian absorbs Türkic lexicon in a Russified form, so some more dj's could have been dropped in the Russsian translation of the original text;
The h sound of the Russian translation is rendered with h, in lieu of kh, which is commonly used to render the Russian sound of Cyrillic x, since it is not clear what type of Türkic h'es are converted to Russian phonetics. The original Türkic sounds are variously rendered in English as h, k, kh, q, and g: Hassan, Kassan, Khassan, Qassan, and Gassan;
a (army), ai (eye), ch (china), i (east) or (boy), j (jury), sh (sharp), ü (mule), y = (boy) or (hit, pit), ya (yard), see Pronunciation Guide below

For analysis of Bulgarian runiform inscriptions and description of Bulgarian language of the inscriptions see S.Baichorov's "European Türkic Grammar". Extraneous notes and comments are shown in blue. Page numbers are shown in blue at the beginning of the page (later).


1. Syndjak, or Iske Bulgar yry


1. Syndjak, or Iske Bulgar yry

1. What was in the beginning
2. How appeared the Earth, the sea and the land
3. How appeared animals and people
4. How people became beautiful
5. How Suban destroyed the Wall of Divines
6. How years received names
7. How Chulman attained two faces
8. How the union of Seven Tribes was formed
9. How Umai lost and has restored her kingdom
10. Why Bulgars left from Umai kingdom
11. How was formed Bulgar Kingdom in Syndjak
12. Djam builds Sandugach and ignites Arateb hearth
13. How Idjiik helped Bulgars
14. Chulman helps Bulgars
15. How Bulgars revere Chulman
16. Djam refuses immortality and dies
17. Why Shambat left to Suvar
18. Shambat marries Samar
19. Departure from Syndjak of Shambat brothers
20. How Idjik tried to help Bulgars
21. Burdjan leaves Bulgar and roams about the world
22. Karadjim, Sakmar and Idjik-Asparyk
23. How Umai saved Syndjaks
24. How Imegens angered Chulman


1. What was in the beginning.

In the beginning the whole world
Was submerged in darkness,
There lived divine Alps -
Who did not need a light.

They bounced from branch to branch
Of immensurable Boi-Terek,
Which was a base of universe,
Conjured by Great Creator Tangra.

The crystal-pure waters
Of sweet spring Tidja,
Pouring near Boi-Terek roots,
Make it strong and ever blooming…

Alps did not have a senior at first,
And frequently kept quarreling,
And all these brawls
Bothered the Almighty.

Then Tangra created a senior for the Alps
A mighty Alp Tamia or Tamta.
He was so great,
That often would not see the others Alps.

When he was rushing somewhere,
To quiet brawling Alps,
On his way he could run over
A dozen innocent divines.

The Alps complained to Tangra,
And the Almighty split Tamia
Into three smaller pieces
And one huge piece.

From the smaller pieces
The Almighty created
Three mighty Alps -
Divines Mar, Tur, and Bulut.

As new Tarkhan for all the Alps
Tangra ordained Mar,
Who was also called
Nar, Djaitasir, Ut, and Atach.

Better than anything else
Mar liked to take
A form of dazzling Adjar
And gorgeous golden-mane horse Keme.

Mar was most handsome
Of all the divine Alps,
And he received a nickname Abalan -
But that was not his main glory.

Mar-Nar was good
At pacifying Alps -
That's why Almighty made him
A Tarkhan of all the Alps.

Tangra enjoined the divines
To listen to Mar-Nar -
And the Alps obedient to him
Sometimes were called “nardjilar“.

A wife of Djarym-Ata Mar
Was Alp-bika Turun-Umai (bika=biche=princess, leader (fem.); Umai pronouced Oomay),
Who was also called Umai-biche,
And Turun-Abi, and Airam-Badj.

Turun-Abi was known
As mother of many Alps,
She could change her skin,
Remaining always young.

And Mar's brother Bulut,
Which means a Great Bull,
Once became too proud
And named himself Tarkhan.

To restrain Bulut,
Mar sent against him
His mighty sons -
Urus, Leu-Suban and Chulman.

A tale goes that Urus with Suban
Were born a single creature,
With a shape of double-headed Baradj,
Or Babai, Burat, Beren (Babai=grandpa, primogenitor, sf. Scythian Papai of Herodotus; Beren pronouced Bərən).

Burat was stronger than the others
And Alps nicknamed him Tar -
But this name was favorite
Of Tangra as well.

Therefore Almighty split him
Into two Alps:
An Alp Djangyr-Urus-Babai
And Leu-Suban Subash

Tar would calm Bulut,
But the brothers could not have…
Then Djarym-At Mar
Complained Tangra of him.

Almighty did not stand contempt:
And broke Bulut in pieces -
One large, one medium
And four small chunks…

The medium piece Tangra reshaped
Into a mighty Alp Kurgan -
There was nobody
More terrible than him…

The smaller pieces Tangra transformed
Into Alps Dahus, Djil, Tan-Ugez and Shurale:
They were about the same,
As all the other Alps.

Dahus, who loved the image of Ber-Bulut (pronouced Bər),
Became Mar's horse groom and a guard,
And Djil Erirey became a wind spirit (Erirey ~ cognate of air, airstream)
And blew in all four sides.

Djil was erratic, but Dahus was steadfast,
Mar valued him for that
And introduced him to the ruled,
Favored by Bai-Aba Tangra (Bai-Aba ~ Prince Senior, a descriptive title of superiority).

Later, Dahus passed along
Some of that lesson
To the Alp Idjik-Alabuga,
Whose mastery he liked.

And Tash-Ugez Vyliyah Mal
Tangra ordained a guardian of herds
And a keeper of the Heavenly Fire,
In charge of which was Mar.

Tash-Ugez Mal loved
Alp-bika Bozbi,
Who was born as a gazelle
And was a maid in the Mar's palace.

Therefore Tash-Ugez Mal,
Known too under name Uger,
Quite often visited the Bozbi's small house,
Next to the Mar's palace.

Did not suspect Uger,
That someone is hiding there -
And was hiding there
One of Mar and Umai-biche's sons.

Turun-Abi was born
As a two-headed eagless
She was proud from her youth
In relations with men.

It is no wonder, that her father
Called her Artimas
And with great efforts made her
To marry Mar.

Then Umai-biche Artimas
Applied the art of magic,
That she had learned
From her father.

When Mar expressed desire
To be with her alone,
She would give Bozbi her image -
And Bozbi was bearing Mar's children.

But suckling the babies
Was Turun-Abi herself;
When a first child was born,
She said to her husband:

“I do not have for some reason
My milk:
Ask Tangra about it,
For the milk to appeare!“

Mairam asked Almighty -
And Almighty gave her the milk,
Without disclosing
Her secrets to Mar…

Therefore Turun-Abi was not
Cold toward children of Mar,
And was happy that they knew her
As a natural mother.

But the forces of the maid
Began running low,
And children of Mar began to be born
Weaker and weaker.

When Bozbi has bore from Mar
A son Hursa Mamil, it turned out,
That his legs did not hold
The powerful body of Alp.

Then Umai-biche, frightened
That Almighty for that
May deprive Mar from Tarkhanship,
Suggested her husband to have eaten Hursa.

Mar hesitated and suffered at length,
And Bozbi noticed that:
She elicited from Mar the cause for his sorrow
And decided to save her son.

Bozbi promised Mar,
That she would eat Hursa for him,
And then hid her son
In the cellar of the house.

There Hursa totally alone
Laid for 3 thousand years,
And another 300 years
And 33 more years.

And he would be laying till now,
If not to Bozbi once
Dropped by in her absence
Alp Tash-Ugez Mal.

Tash-Ugez was hungry
And started searching the house
For any food -
And in the cellar he discovered Hursa.

Hursa became scared - and for nothing:
Mal too was very lonely,
For other Alps did not like him,
And he sympathized with Hursa.

Learning his story, Uger has had promised
To keep his secret -
And to amuse him,
Began to show tricks with fire.

Hursa took liking of fire, and saw
That it melts the iron.
And then he asked Tash-Ugez,
To suspend him on a rope,

To put in front of him a large stone,
To gather some iron,
Gave in his hands an axe
And gave some fire.

Then, with Mal help,
He did the following:
He hollowed a depression in the stone
The size of his legs,

Melted in the depressions
A needed measure of iron
And thus has cast
His own iron legs.

His old useless legs
Hursa severed himself
And instead attached to his torso
His new iron legs.

Hursa began climbing the branches of Boi-Terek
And began producing various objects.
Especial demand among Alps
Was for his weapons.

Hursa became a smithy Alp
And master handyman,
For which he received such names,
As Kube, Kazan, Syldjak, Kainardji.

Toward his parents
He did not feel much,
Therefore his smithies were
From their palace far away.

When the Earth and the people appeared, he began
Working frequently in a country,
Which even was nicknamed
By his name - Mamil.

The country was also called Kibet, there
Were a multitude of his smithies.
A black smoke from them
Tarred there everything around.

And the local Turbian people became
Black as a soot -
Because they were helping Hursa:
Removing slag from his smithies.

For that Hursa Kainardji
Was giving them a part of his products,
And Turbians obtained in exchange for them
All that they needed for themselves.

From that slag
The Turbians pored
Huge mountains,
Caled Eguba…

People new Hursa
And a master of magic,
And for that also called him
Karadjim, Karan and Kuraz…

Hursa has grown to love Tash-Ugez
As his own father,
And Mal considered Hursa
To be his adopted son.

That was the fate of those
Smaller body chips of Tamia and Bulut.
Different was a fate
Of the large piece of Tamia body.

2. How appeared the Earth, the sea and the land

From larger chunk of Tamia body, on one of the branches
Of immensurable Boi-Terek,
The Creator made the Earth,
And on it he created a sea.

The Earth was like
A beautiful bowl,
With edges towering
With slippery ice mountains.

The waves destroy anyone,
Who comes nearer them,
Therefore nobody from people
Will ever see the edge of the Earth.

Tangra created all that
With a divine ray.
Alp Chulman had seen the light -
And he has liked it.

Was Chulman a favorite of Creator:
The Almighty loved him because
He was kinder than others
And he called him Bagamushad.

The Alp has asked Tangra,
To illuminate something.
The Almighty fulfilled his request -
And illuminated the sea water with ray.

Chulman entered the waters
And they became his dwelling.
But sometime he became bored -
he desired to have comrades.

The Alps did not suit for a company:
They could not bear each other at all,
Everyone was busy with himself
And frequently saw enemies in others.

Tangra began creating for Chulman
Various creatures,
He created many fishes
And underwater plants.

Chulman has tried to teach the fish
To sing and dance:
He played tamyr for them -
But fishes would not play with him.

At the end they began
Irritating Chulman -
And then he decided
To escape their neighborly presence.

He stepped out from the sea
And asked Tangra
To illuminate, instead of sea
That that is above the sea.

Almighty commanded Mar
To be a Sun,
And his wife Turun-Abi -
To shine the Moon…

With monitoring accuracy
Of the downs and sunsets
The Almighty charged Kurgan,
The most ferocious Alp.

If Mar for some reason
Was tardy at times,
Kurgan would catch up with him
And voraciously swallow him.

Then Tangra would free Mar
From the belly of Kurgan -
But for Tarkhan that was
Frightful and demeaning.

Because once, caught in a belly,
He could remain for good…
And therefore Mar strove
Not violate the order…

But when illumination shone
On space above the sea,
Chulman could see,
Its utter emptiness.

He asked Tangra
To render colorful
The space above the sea -
And Almighty fulfilled his request.

In the beginning created Tangra
A visible sky, the Heavenly Dome,
And above it he created
Eight more invisible heavens.

Various goodly Alps
Creator ordained as stars,
And for Urus-Babai
He created varied clouds.

The Maker decided,
That glow should not be eternal,
That space above the sea
Will have both sunlight and a night.

In the beginning were
Day and night
Very long -
And Alps were happy with that…

With several other Alps, Chulman
Settled on a branch next to the sea,
But very soon there again
It became too boring.

Asked Chulman the Almighty,
To create for him
Some companions,
To make it more cheery for him.

Created Tangra then birds for Chulman -
But they did not stay next to him for long:
They went about their business,
And they were scared of Alps.

Many Alps amused themselves
By hunting the birds, and Urus-Babai even
Built from the captured ducks
An air island, Suvar.

The birds, linked together,
Carried along in the clouds in Sky,
A sleeping Urus-Babai
Or swam with him in the sea.

Pleased with his deed, Urus-Babai
Invited to visit Suvar
His brothers, Suban and Chulman,
And also Erirey, the son of Bulut-Djil.

Djil sometimes helped birds
With gusts of his whiff,
To move the island faster,
To please Urus-Babai.

Chulman was really fond
Of this imitation of land,
And he fancied in open sea
A firmament of land.

Chulman consulted with mother -
And asked her about making land.
Umai-biche responded:
“Let an arrow to find an answer!“

She closed her eyes
And shot from a bow:
The arrow flew away -
And disappeared from sight.

The arrow picked up Alp-bika,
Who in an image of frog
Lived in spring Tidja
And was called Bakal and Tidja.

With an arrow in hand
Bakal leapt back to them
And told Badj-Turun:
“I can help you!

But to give you
A right answer,
I have to drink
The inebriant drink of wisdom.

This drink is kept in a gobe
In the palace of Mar,
In the seventh room of his suit,
And is called gobe or sham.

If you want to hear
My answer to the Chulman question -
Then go and bring me
That drink!“

Turun-Abi went to the palace.
And those seven rooms
Were not on her half
And were strongly guarded…

The guards demanded gifts from her
If they let her pass,
And Umai-biche gave them
All her jewelry and clothes…

At last she came
To the seventh room -
And there feasted Mar
With builders of his palace.

Their names were Shahtar and Tahtal,
And they were winged -
Mar procured wings for them,
To work handier and faster.

Or they would take their time
Bringing from afar the heavenly stones,
To built the palace,
On the jobsite branch.

The builders were drunk,
Likewise was their master.
They saw Umai-biche unclothed -
And lost their speech.

In the confusion,
Turun-Abi briskly took gobe
And carried it back
To Chulman and Tidja.

As Bakal gobbled sham -
The others could not foil:
They too have tasted sham -
And all got real drunk.

Tidja was even inspired
To start a song “Gobe“,
And after that,
Turned to Chulman and Turun-Abi:

“Chulman, you stir the water,
Umai-biche, you drag it up,
And I will be
Working from below!“

Chulman tried, turning into a baradj,
To stir the water up with his long tail -
But to stay above water
Was quite hard for him.

However then, fortunately,
Appeared Shahtar and Tahtal:
Because Mar, when he came to,
Sent them after Turun-Abi.

But why he sent them
He could not finish phrase:
His head dropped on his hands
And he fell back into sound sleep…

The builders sailed in a boat,
For while they were drunk,
The wings would not carry them.
But by their arrival they have sobered up.

Tidja told them
To hold Chulman above water -
Now Chulman
Could work with comfort.

He started, with his long tail,
To stir and muddy water,
And Bakal took to
To churn the dregs in lumps…

For the Chulman tail
To stir up better,
Tidja tied to it
A large bashkak… (seal plate? yarlyk?)

And then Turun-Abi
Turned into a duck
And, diving into sea,
Began piling lumps.

At last, the top of the heap
Rose above the sea -
So was formed the land,
And Chulman immediately settled on it.

When the land became large enough,
All the Alps stopped working,
Found on land convenient place
And resumed drinking sham again.

Then they became so happy,
That all of them together
Started to dance,
And that dance was named “Gobe“.

In memory of it, the people
Till now dance “gobe“,
And cook a “gubadia“-
A tasty likeness of land.

And our Khans use the seals,
Which are called “bashkak“-
And carry the image
Of the same bashkak.

And during prayers
Everyone drinks a revived sham-gobe -
And those elected to pore the sham,
Receive a rank of Shambat…

Though, some people say,
That land was created by Tangra himself,
While the Alps, having tasted sham,
Slept with sound sleep.

And also is said that when the builders
Taking the gobe back,
Accidentally sunk it -
Because they were drunk.

Mar, learning about it,
Fell in such inconsolable grief,
What even Hursa
Was sorry for him -

He forged for him
A new gobe of gold and silver.
When it was set instead of the old -
It filled up with sham to the brim again.

Was it so, or whether not,
Knows only Almighty.
We, retelling the tale,
Will sing a sham-gobe song:

“Ah, sham, a wonderful drink:
In you is a pure milk of kobyla mares,
In you is a healing of a thousand grasses
And smells of the open steppe.

With you flowing in veins,
A blind becomes a sighted,
An old becomes young,
And a weak becomes strong;

If you lost you forget of the loss,
A freezing is being warmed,
A despaired regains confidence,
That his prayers will be heard by the Sky.

You heal the sick,
Seal the soldier wounds,
Confer a wisdom to moron
And make a mute to sing.

You allow to perceive
The gospel of the Sky -
We even see in you
What stars are telling us.

You give a blessed surfeit,
And joyful fun,
And long-lasting life…
Nothing matches you!..“

So, a large land appeared,
And were in that land
Boundless plains and high mountains,
One of which, the Balkan, was reaching the Sky.

Mar connected with a beautiful bridge
The top of Balkan with the branch,
On which was resting
His sparkling manor.

Therefore the manor was named
By the name of the mountain, “Balkan“,
And its watchman Alp Et-Barak Kebek -
Began to be called Balkan.

By the bridge to the palace of Mar
Could have passed only those,
Whom Mar allowed it -
And the rest were falling into the breach…

3. How appeared animals and people.

But also on the land
Chulman became bored,
And he asked Tangra
To create there too some creatures.

The Almighty started creating
Animals and plants…
Many Alps that
Liked very much.

They occupied on the Earth
Their chosen places -
And began dwelling there,
Living of animals and fruits.

Urus-Babai has then settled
On an island, shaped as a bull Kua,
And that island and himself
Were soon called Kubar.

But Chulman did not care for that:
With all his energy
This Alp tried
To make friends with the animals.

He was for the animals
A kind shepherd;
To please them,
He was taking various images:

At times he became a Big Tree,
At times he turned into a bee,
Then he would shape as a squirrel,
That he would shape an ermine…

He guarded animals
From others Alps,
Sang and played them
On his tamyr.

He planted trees for animals
And dug the water channels,
Grew for them juicy grasses
And raised marvellous fruits.

But the animals, as the fishes and birds,
Still remained indifferent -
They were not pleased with anything
And did not become his friends.

Again asked Chulman of Almighty
To create for him
Something more interesting
Than the fishes, the birds and the beasts.

But then Tangra got distracted
By more important matters,
And he instructed Turun-Abi
To help Chulman.

Turun-Umai decided
To get Chulman married -
And with that
To free him of whimsical thoughts.

And the bride she wanted
To create herself -
Because was skilful Turun-Abi
In divination and conjuring.

She burnt her old skin,
And its ashes threw into the sham -
A drink of life resulted,
Which drops revived all.

She sprinkled with the drink a mouse -
And turned her in Alp-bika Samor.
She turned out very beautiful,
But too much lustful…

Then has scattered Badj-Abi
Archa with the drops of of drink -
And turned Archa
Into a beautiful Alp-bika Archa (Archa=desert juniper tree).

When Archa saw Chulman
In a form of a Karabash tree -
She lost her speech at once
And fell in madly love with him.

But he did not pay her
Any attention,
And then she flashed from the heat of the love
And incinerated in that flame.

Turun-Abi did not let her to die -
She revived her again
In a shape of equally beautiful
Crescent Maiden Magyz.

Now Turun-Umai
Created beautiful Alp-bika Kangalas,
But to her also remained indifferent
Her son Chulman.

Then the poor Kangalas
Rose high into the Sky -
And threw herself from there
Over piercing rocks…

But Airam-Umai did not let her to die:
She revived her again
With the image of beautiful Alp-bika Baigal (Bika/Biche and Bai - synonymic titles for Princess)-
And released her into the river Dulosu…

And Alp Suban once had caught her
And fell in love with her, and she with him.
They began living together -
She brought him a son.

He miraculously came out
From her ear
As a snake -
And received a name Idjik Alabuga.

Suban had
Many wives, and many children from them,
But all of them quickly annoyed him -
And he abandoned them.

But the happy Alp-bika
Trusted Suban's love,
And even took to care after Sak and Sok,
Suban's sons from his former wife.

The senior sons of the Alp -
Dji-Ugek, Laish and others -
Were already adults
And lived independently…

But soon Suban left for another Alp-bika…
Baigal could not forget him
And began begging Turun-Abi,
To help her to forget Suban.

Took pity Turun-Umai…
She turned into a beautiful maiden,
And appearing to Laish,
Has tenderly told him:

“I've heard that you are a sharpshooter.
But is it true?
If you shoot into a fish eye -
I will be yours!“

Laish raced to the river…
And he was not a bad Alp,
But blinded him his love to the maiden -
For her was ready for anything.

Then Turun-Abi
Raised Baigal on a wave -
And Laish's arrow
Pierced through both eyes of Baigal.

Baigal sparkled under the sun
With her scales,
And disappeared from the sight
In dark water of the river.

The maiden also disappeared,
Bursting in laugh on departure -
And Laish froze as a birgün,
Shocked by the loss of the beauty…

Was Laish so inconsolable,
That Umai-biche had mercy on him:
She created from the Apsak tree a beautiful Alp-bika
And married him to her…

Once Laish has noticed,
That Apsak became sad.
He asked her about the reasons -
And learned from her the following.

When any spring,
On the Earth or beyond,
Became soiled or withered,
That caused Apsak sadness.

She showed to Laish,
Where a spring become soiled.
Laish went and cleaned it
And Apsak became joyful again.

Laish has not told her,
That he cleaned the Tidja spring,
Which feeds with its waters
The roots of Boi-Terek itself.

For that, Laish had
To pull from the spring
Three thousand kundjaks of silt and rubbish,
And every kundjak was equal to a hill.

Was modest Laish
And did not brag
With his work, for which
Tangra himself praised him.

Laish loved Apsak, and consequently,
He was not lazy to clean the springs,
So that she would not be sad -
And he became an Alp of the springs…

Without eyes
And chance to see Suban,
Baigal overcame her despair -
And found again her composure.

After some time
Suban Subash recalled of Baigal
And wanted to return to her -
But that was already late…

On appeal from Baigal
Umai-biche allowed her to fly
And sometimes be instead of her
Alp-bika Chak-Chak of the morning dawn.

At night she flies
As a fiery bird
With a long fiery tail -
And becomes invisible in the daylight.

She flies so fast,
That nobody can catch up with her,
And when she wants cool a bit,

Turun-Abi still had
Remains of Drink of Life -
And she created
Alp-bika Tauk.

But Tauk turned out to be unruly:
She escaped from the Balkan manor,
Then she has met Babai
And married him.

Urus-Babai was a severe Alp,
But he was not bad -
Otherwise he would not receive
The Heavenly Spear - Sarydja…

When animals began annoying him,
He killed one barys ( panther, leopard=leo+ palatalized “bars/barys“, cf. “pard“)
And began to wear his skin -
And was nicknamed Barys.

Chulman saw on him that skin -
And began scolding him for murder.
But Barys said in his defense:
“I have done it not from vice!

If I started driving out the beasts
Even with my hands,
Then I would many of them
Destroy or maim.

Instead, I have killed just one beast -
The mighty barys,
And now only the view of his skin
Drives away animals from me!“

Came to like Babai in that dress
Alp-bika Tauk,
When she descended to Earth,
And met him.

But before that, she met
With Mar's messenger Kulüg-Bala Chelbas  (“ü“like in “mule“)
And persuaded him to delay a little
The news to Chulman about her.

Because of conspiracy between Tauk and Chelbas
Chulman was late to learn about her;
She already fell in love with Barys
And became his wife.

Tangra then returned again
To the appeal of his favorite
And hastened to create for Chulman
New creatures, the people…

At the will of Almighty Tauk birthed
First people -
Three men
And one girl.

And before that she ate chulmak - (layered stew in a ceramic pot)
Very wanted it very much.
The people born
Were from those ashes.

The men had appearance
Of three terribly-looking monsters,
Whiose bodies were conjoined
And ended with a snake tail.

And the newborn girl,
Looked like a snowy monster -
With small head and arms
And a huge belly.

These men were called
Gün-Sak, Djeg
And Hur or Dur,
And the girl was Albit.

Men began arguing,
Who will be the first
To copulate with the girl -
And brawled with each other.

And Albit, instead of
Talking reason to her brothers,
Flaunted in front them,
Shaking her belly.

Kubar-Babai has grown angry
And struck them
With three-prong Sarydja -
And happened the following:

The brothers split apart
And ended on the hills,
Each of which
Had distinctive outlines.

The hill of Gün-Sak was a phallus,
The hill of Djega was a semi-dome,
The hill of Hur was a full dome -
And the hills were bare…

And Albit from that impact
Was all dirty and ended up
In a ravine between the hills,
Which was named Albit.

So have appeared
The first people - but
Chulman did not like them:
Were too ugly…

4. As people became beautiful and offended Chulman.

Then Alp Shurale,
Wishing to please the Almighty,
Has made them beautiful -
And he did it this way.

He knew, that handsome Mar,
Washing before rise,
Dries himself with a beautiful towel,
Which hangs at his place.

This wonderful towel
Embroidered Turun-Abi:
She decorated white fabric
With red sarman signs (swastika, symbol of sun and life).

Who would apply this towel
To the body,
Would become as beautiful,
As is Tarkhan of the Alps Mar.

Shurale persuaded Samor,
Who then for a time
Returned to the Mar's house,
To drop the towel down to Earth.

He promised her for that
To introduce her to mighty Alp Tash-Ugez -
And she threw the towel down
On the Earth ground.

Shurale applied the towel
To the bodies of Tauk kids -
And they became beautiful,
Like Mar-Nar himself.

But Shurale has done it
Not for Chulman's friendship -
He was plotting to use people
For seizing Tarkhan's throne…

 Some time have passed,
Too small for Alps to feel,
And people multiplied
Spreading in the lands.

All descendants of of Gün-Sak
Were called Saklans,
The descendants of Djeg - Hins,
The descendants Hura - Durs.

Many women
Were becoming the wives of the Alps
And produced from them bogatyrs - elbirs (mighty men),
Who started to crowd divines…

“People are grateful to me
For my blessed deed
And will serve me!“-
Was thinking Shurale.

Besides that, he contrived
To promise the people
For a true service
The Drink of Immortality.

“People are afraid of death
And would be serving me
For a drop of Immortality Drink!“-
Envisioned Shurale.

And that drink,
Like many things that Mar has had,
Was guarding mighty Alp Et-Barak (Horse-Dog),
Facing whom couldn't be escaped.

Nobody and nothing could
Ever steal from Mar's manor,
Since Et-Barak patrolled manor - therefore
And Kebek was dubbed Balkan (Kebek=Dog).

But people did not know it
They trusted Shurale and followed his steps -
They trusted him because he did
Re-make from ugly to attractive…

It is not known how that would end,
But then Chulman awoke.
He slept for a thousand years -
But for Alps it's an instant.

Chulman liked to sleep under water -
Because it was quiet and cool…
But when he stepped up on the beach,
He found the people good looking.

He liked their looks -
And he approached them,
In order to befriend
And entertain together.

He did not know that the folks,
By secret Shurale decree,
Already mounted assault on Alps -
And some of them they wounded or had killed.

The killed Alps didn't face the death:
They reappear back in universe,
But could not go down any more
To reappear on the Earth.

The victimized Alps would not complain,
For it was too abasing
To grouse about them people,
Who were held miniscule.

When Alp Chulman approached people,
The women, children and many men
Were scared of him and run away,
A mere sight of the Alp was horrific.

But elbirs have clutched their weapons
And strongly wounded him…
Then shocked assaulted Chulman
Discussed with Mar the event.

5. How Suban destroyed the Wall of Divines.

Mar was disturbed outright -
Since Chulman was Tangra's favorite -
And ordered Alp Dahus
To annihilate all people.

Dahus easily found
A team of several Alps,
Who wanted to help him
Because of affront from the men.

Together with them Dahus built
A Great Kara Korym Wall,
Which also began to be called
A Wall of Divines.

While they were building this wall,
Mar did not shine for few days,
To not incinerate them
With his fire.

And for the ever-hungry Kurgan
Not to find him,
Mar hid in one
Very private cave.

Kurgan discovered,
That Mar is not in the sky,
And searched for him everywhere
But did not find him anywhere.

Then Kurgan inquired
About Mar from his wife -
But Turun-Abi did not answer,
Acting as sick and deaf-mute.

But Kurgan not for nothing
Was rated a best detective
He hid next to the Mar's house
And began observing and heed.

And Umai-biche, once he had left,
Summoned Archa and asked her
To warn Mar about Kurgan,
And his search,

And also carry to him
Some produce -
Because in the cave,
He must be fairly hungry.

Magiz set out to Mar,
And Kurgan, first swallowing Airam
Because she deceived him,
Was racing behind Archa.

When Archa came
To the Mar's cave,
Kurgan swallowed her,
And after her Mar too.

Tangra freed the swallowed -
And commanded Mar again
To ascend and descend as ordered,
As he was prescribed by law.

But wall was already erected
It hid the Sun from Earth.
The Earth was freezing rapidly,
And people faced death.

People asked Shurale
To help them -
And crafty Shurale
Gave them advice:

“You can now be helped
Only by Tangra Chelbir - (chelbir=?)
Send to Almighty the cleverest -
To supplicate Creator a petition!

Sometimes Tangra helps
The good Alps - yakshi.
If your emissaries are eloquent -
The Almighty will help you!“

When people retorted:
“But we do not know a road
To the Tangra house“-
Shurale made it clear

“You hang up the clever men -
And they land at once on Tangra's Sky
And on the fourth day
They will send you a message!“

People hanged on the spot
Their better men
And waited four days for a message -
But nothing came.

People wanted again to consult Shurale -
But he vanished without a trace.
Only then some people caught up,
What he really was.

Accidentally they met Leu-Suban,
Who just descended to Earth
From a branch of Boi-Terek,
Where he slept at length.

Suban then had a form of baradj -
A snake body and wings of Chokyr,
Which he once bartered
From Alp of trade Kuyan Djuanysh.

He gave Davshan in exchange (Davshan=Kuyan=hare)
His tall black hat,
Called kalansubga -
And it was magical.

Could not penetrate it
Sarydja of Kubar Barys -
The enemy of all snitchers;
That was what attracted Kuyan.

Davshan was hiding under it
From wrath of Kubar - when
He committed unseemly acts,
For which Urus-Babai would punish.

When he met people, Suban
Wore a regular kalansubga,
But all the same it impressed people
By its magnificence.

Umai-biche herself attached to it
Various ornaments
From gold, silver and heavenly stones -
And it sparkled like a Crown of Heavens.

Therefore people named Suban “Tangra“-
And Suban was flattered:
He stopped and inquired with mercy,
What is their need.

People told him about events.
Suban became scared that Baigal
May freeze in the water -
And decided to destroy the Wall of Divines.

Immediately he set out
To break the wall - but all of a sudden
A glow appeared, indicating
A coming sunrise.

And Chak-Chak sighted Suban
And ordered Sak and Sok
To help their father
With his work.

Alabuga was still too small,
But Sak and Sok already came of age.
They have flown down
And started helping Suban.

But very soon the brothers understood,
That at any instant
The Sun can rise
And incinerate them.

They were strongly frightened,
And when Suban told them
To fetch from home honey,
To guard them from the heat -

Sak and Sok pretended,
To rush to get the honey,
And in reality
They hid from Sun in night.

Suban was continuing the work alone-
For if has had stopped,
He could not have finished destroying the wall,
And everything on the Earth would then freeze.

Chak-Chak tried to talk Mar
Into delaying a little sunrise -
But he could not disobey
Tangra's most stringent order.

Chak-Chak came back to husband,
And tried helping him -
And Subash could not recognize Baigal
In the image of Chak-Chak.

Suban wanted to ask her,
Who she is and why she was there,
But the Sun ascended -
And both of them flashed from the heat.

But still in the last moment
Suban had wrecked a part of the wall -
And solar beams illuminated and warmed
Most part of the Earth…

Almighty did not allow their ruin
And returned life to them.
The revived Chak-Chak Baigal
Gained a golden color.

She became a patroness
Of the home hearths - Tebbiche,
And also, assigned by Turun-Abi,
She helps the newlyweds.

In early mornings appears Chak-Chak
In the hearth fire of populous homes -
And restores there
Warmth and peace.

And in the bachelor houses,
Is always sad and gloomy,
And even if the hearth is on-
The soul is chilly…

And Tangra directed the Alp Suban
To dodge the cold and fly away in the autumn
To a distant country
And to return in the spring.

Alp Suban Subash flies down
In an image of Black Karga (raven) -
And all people welcome him
With a holiday Kargatui…

Suban Baradj became
An Alp of strength, wormth and fertility,
And he began to be called
Kurmysh also…

Tangra has not punished in any way
The builders of the Wall -
Because they carried out an order
Of Tarkhan of the Alps Mar-Nar.

Only commanded Almighty,
That henceforth the Alps and people
Were separated by the Wall of Divines -
Until a special order.

Only some Alps
Received a right
To visit the land of the people,
On orders of Tangra.

And to the people, that they
Would value fast-flying life
Not wasting time in vain,
Almighty granted the account of time…

6. How years have received names.

Resolved Tangra, after establishing years,
To give them the names of the Alps,
That would come to the Balkan mountain
On an appointed day.

Tangra conveyed his decision
To Djil - a lightest Alp -
And resigned to observe,
The developing events.

Alp Erirey rustled of it
To Alp-bika Samor -
Because she was with him
A most loved and gorgeous.

Alp Djil Erirey
Was a great prankster:
Once he flew in one cave
And totally ransacked it.

And that was a cave
Of Mar preferred solitude.
Mar complained to Tangra, and the Almighty
Allowed to block the entrance to the cave.

Dahus covered the entrance with a big rock…
A few little Alps attempted to help Djil,
Who almost did not have foes -
But could not move the boulder at all.

Then Alps appealed to Samor,
A warden of Mar's manor -
To sway him
To forgive Djil.

And Mar told her:
“OK, I am forgiving him
But I shall not be bothered
With any boulders!

Let Erirey,
Who made all that mischief,
To work his way out
From being trapped in cave!“

The Alps were dejected ,
But Samor would not despair:
She persuaded Alp Uger
To heat up the boulder…

When the stone was red-hot,
She has asked Chulman
To pour water on the boulder -
And he obliged.

The boulder hissed and then burst,
And Djil through a tiny crack
Quickly took off for a freedom -
And then was dubbed Chalgan…

And Djil Erirey himself,
After quickly briefing Samor,
Immediately forgot about it
Because he was an easy and carefree windsock.

And Samor told about the Almighty's will
To Alp Uger -
Because at that time he was
Her beloved.

Tash-Buga has hastened at once
To notify Barys:
Because, with Mar's approval ,
Kubar sometimes rode on Tash-Buga -

And Tash-Buga expected,
That for that Urus-Babai
Would better treat him
Sparing him on the road.

When Kubar was in hurry,
He whipped Uger with lightning,
Which could also be the Heavenly Spear
And Heavenly Knout, the Urus.

It is not known, what is worse -
The Spear or Knout of Barys,
But Tash-Ugez thought it was Knout,
And even called Kubar Urus-Babai…

One-eyed Kubar did not delay
To tell Djuanysh about Tangra's will -
Because Kuyan promised him
To get a second eye.

Wanted Barys, in love with Tauk,
To resemble their beautiful kids,
Aspired to be a good-looking man,
For Tauk not to cease loving him…

The crafty Kuyan Djuanysh
Heralded the news to Suban -
Who crept to a tall tree
And did not see Davshan from above.

Wanted Kuyan Djuanysh
To earn trust of Suban Beren,
And at a suitable time
To steal his Chokyr wings.

And Suban Baradj
Above anything else
Loved his mother -
And relayed it all to her.

Turun-Umai, without delay,
Told the news to her husband:
And Mar was upset, because
He was not the first to know.

But, after calming down,
He turned into horse Kime
And raced to pass the news
To the favorite Archa.

Alp-bika Archa Magyz
In image of Teke, liked at daytime (ram)
To graze in a pleasant meadow
In the country of Ardjan (Baltics).

Hearing from Mar the news,
Alp-bika Teke
Hastened to exchange it
With Alp Chokyr Kulüg-Bala.

Once upon a time she,
Burning with love to Suban,
Sought to meet with Baradj -
But nobody knew his residence.

Then only one Alp Chokyr,
Who knew many things,
Helped her and told her,
Where she can meet her beloved.

This meeting was
Very crucial for Archa…
For his kindness to her, Chokyr was
Rewarded with important news.

Chokyr loved the image of Chelbas
And he was equally fast and dexterous.
What he has learned,
He notified Tauk right away.

Once Chokyr Chelbas,
Who was earlier
A whimsical Alp Chonyr,
Barged to pursue Archa.

By that he angered Mar,
And ordered by Tarkhan of the Alps
Chokyr had been seized.
And put on trial…

The Judge Dahus already
Was going to condemn him to death,
As for him unexpectedly
Voiced Alp-bika Tauk.

She told the judge that she
Has set up with Chokyr a date,
But he confused her with Archa
And accordingly went after her.

Then Tauk just recently
Descended down to Earth;
She liked Chokyr -
And she has helped him.

Fortunately for Chokyr,
Barys was late in court:
Because as soon as Tauk saw Kubar,
She stopped noticing all others -

And if Urus has had come before,
Tauk would only look at him
And would remain inert
To the fate of Chokyr.

She did not know, that Kubar
Was earlier in love with Archa,
And Archa was whittling from love
To his brother Suban Leu-Babai.

Without receiving response from Suban,
Archa Magyz moved over to live
In Mar's “Balkan“manor,
Where she was helping Bozbi.

She behaved so modestly
And lived so quietly and lonely,
What even the old grumbler Mar
Grew fond of her as own daughter.

At nights sometimes Archa
Shined the Moon with her light,
And then Barys would turn into a wolf
And howl to her about his love.

But, upon seeing Tauk,
Kubar at once fell in love with her
And without hesitation told her,
That he howled from love to her.

And so it happens in life…
But accidental mercy of Tauk
Allowed her to learn
A very important news.

Tauk at once have warned
About important event
Her friend -
The Alp Et-Barak Kebek.

Once she decided
To flee from the Mar's house,
Where they wanted
To marry her to Chulman.

But she was held locked up,
As Mar, because of Samor unruliness,
Swore that Tauk will be
A modest and obedient maiden.

He watched her during daytime,
And Umai-biche did it at night
With his modest favorite -
Alp-bika Archa Teke Magyz.

They tied to Tauk
An invisible string
And constantly held it
In their hands.

But Magyz once at night
Was charmed by Kubar Buri's howl (buri=wolf),
And Tauk could free from string
And slip out from Mar's house.

But in the yard of the house
Kebek caught up with her.
She asked him to let her off
He pitied her, and let her pass.

For that Et-Barak
Was also rewarded…
Learning the important news,
He shared it with Dahus.

Kebek in the beginning
Was a riotous Alp:
He lived as he liked,
And stole Mar's cattle.

But once he fell
In Dahus trap -
He fell into a pit
And begged for mercy.

He swore not to steal
And promised to reform.
That hot and earnest oath
Melted heart of Dahus.

Dahus was barely able
To guard vast holdings of Mar -
And he swayed Tarkhan of the Alps
To accept Et-Barak in his service.

So Kebek became Balkan -
A watchman of the Mar's manor -
And rewarded for that
The stringent Alp Dahus.

After sons of Mar was Dahus
A most respected Alp.
Because he hatched winter on the Earth,
People nicknamed him Kysh-Tarkhan.

People saw him
As a white owl and a camel,
And in the biggest snowpiles
They saw his humps…

Dahus wanted to tell
Chulman about the will of Tangra -
But could not find him…
And hastened to the Balkan mountain.

So came to Balkan
On the appointed day
Only these twelve Alps -
In their favorite forms.

And resolved Tangra:
There will be twelve years,
And let them carry
The names of images and aliases of Alps,

And let these years to flow
One after another in such,
A sequence as Alps came
To the Balkan mountain

Samor, Uger-Sheger, Barys,
Davshan, Beren, Djilan,
At, Teke, Chelbas,
Tauk, Et, Dahus.

The Almighty charged Mar,
With passing news to people,
And Mar delegated it
To his favorite - Idjik Alabuga.

The substantial Idjik -
Together with Djuanysh,
Who was ever trading -
Went across the whole Earth.

Everywhere where he visited,
He told the people about years;
People have memorized -
But not many came to reason.

The people were unfriendly,
And after the Winter Epoch
Continued to fight
With Alps and each other.

Initially Kubar
Supported and protected people,
Separated and conciliated them,
Taking them as his descendants.

But then he got tired -
He had on his hands
So many tasks -
And he resigned…

Only poor Chulman
Closed eyes to their sins
And still wanted to befriend
At least with some of them.

7. How Chulman attained two faces.

After people attacked him
Chulman, terribly shocked,
Went under water - and to such places,
Where nobody could find him.

Only Tangra,
When he needed him,
Found him at once
In one underground cave -

And charged him
To be Tun-Buri -
A Spirit of Underwater World -
A part of Underground World Tunai.

So became Chulman
A master of Karasu - and he received
Names Tanysh, Djualysh, Ineshdar,
Bak-Mushad, Orbai, Arbai…

But it is also known that Umai
Liked to call him Djaik,
And that brothers called him Uzbai,
And also Bai-Inesh, Babai-Inesh…

Djualysh still hoped,
That people would learn
About his attachment to them
And will befriend him.

A few times he again
Came out from water to humans,
But his looks remained
Frightening for people.

Children at his sight
Were dying of horror,
Pregnant women
Miscarried the baby.

And all the others -
With all their strength -
Were fleeing and hiding,
Who where could…

Loudly howling from insult,
Chulman would return to the water,
Where he sunk in deep melancholy
And boundless despair.

Wishing to distract Djualysh from the people,
Turun-Umai found for him
A suitable bride - Bakal,
Who was also called Tidja.

She became a Chulman's wife -
But the Alps despising him,
Began scoffing at them
And spread gossips around.

So they insisted that when Djualysh
Sings songs for Bakal,
She pops her eyes afar
And loudly, awfully croaks.

For that reason the Alps
Nicknamed him Telmerdjan -
But frequently came to the beach
To hear his playing and singing.

At first they cajoled him,
To sing for them - and then,
Delighted with singing,
Were teasing him again.

They hollered to him,
To show them
His wife - the frog
And flooded beach with croaks.

Once Chulman was so annoyed -
He jumped suddenly from water
In shape of a mighty water bull,
Called Elbegen.

The mocker Alps have got a fright
And to avoid Elbegen horns,
Hid in the water - and Djualysh
Forever did not let them off to beach.

When the divines were blue from cold,
They began to beg Chulman,
To let them go
And Elbegen responded:

“I shall release you only after,
You give me a croaking concert!” -
And all Alps had
Strain their throats to croak.

Having laughed enough,
Chulman released the Alps -
From that time the divines
Were afraid of Chulman…

Only Baigal and Idjik
Always loved Djualysh:
They frequently stayed with him
In his underwater palace.

This his palace
Was in the Or cave,
And Chulman sometimes was called
By the name Orbai.

In an empathic company
Of Baigal and Idjik
Chulman felt
Less lonely.

The grateful Djualysh
Became so attached to them,
That began counting Baigal a sister,
And Idjik - a favorite son.

Though Bakal gave to her husband
Plenty of children,
Almost all of them
Were unsociable,

They disappeared
In lifeless bogs and forests -
And became there
Myrdjalyshes and bichurs…

From constant life in water
And from all his troubles
Chulman's character
Had deteriorated.

At times he began to be angry,
And when he was
In badly mood,
He did various troubles to people.

He created
These troubles
With the help
Of his magic tamyr.

When Chulman played
Cheerful songs -
Was created goodness,
And when he played sad - it was evil.

When the sad Djualysh
Was singing sad songs -
Landslides were hitting the coast
And the ground collapsed,

Were formed shoals ,
Underwater reefs,
The logs on the rafts separated
And sheaths of the ships cracked,

The fish was scared empty
And the nets were torn,
Appeared bad whirlpools and currents,
And inundated floods;

Then the strong
Were becoming weak,
And the most brave of braves
Were seized with fear;

Then the people regretted that,
They did not honor Chulman -
But it was too late:
It was time for payoff…

But these attacks of fury
Did not please Chulman:
Cooling down, he felt bad
For his angry tricks.

Once he asked Umai,
“Tell me, why
The people are always
Frightened to death from me?”

And so answered Airam:
“When you were not born yet,
I enchanted that you
Were born very kind.

I forgot that in everything,
At the will of Creator,
Always is not only kind,
But also something bad.

Therefore you were born
With a kind soul,
But a poor looks,
That was frightening people.

However in the beginning
I was not concerned -
Because then yet
Were no people in the world”.

“But can be corrected a little
My appearance?” - asked Chulman,
But Umai-biche said:
“Only Almighty can do it!”.

Then Djualysh turned to Tangra
And asked Creator
To make his appearance
Less terrible for people.

Tangra could not refuse him
And gave his face
Two expressions at once:
One is pleasant, and another terrible.

Now, when Chulman appeared
In front of the people with his kind side,
It seemed to him that they
Were less afraid of him.

8. How Seven Tribes formed a union.

Meanwhile the people
Remained people -
They were good and bad
In equal parts.

Even a kind face
They could see without pleasure,
And a spiteful face -
Could happen to be liked.

People were too proud
And too uncompromising -
They did not want to ask Tangra,
And wanted to do it themselves.

People liked to argue,
And where's a dispute - there's a war.
They would begin dispute with word,
And finish with a metal.

And when it reached
A furious war,
Than all had to fight -
Both kind, and malicious.

Without a thought, endlessly
People sparred each other,
Like if the peaceful life
Was not to their liking.

The biggest war,
That happened between people,
Was a war of Tuzes
With Saklan tribes.

Earlier Tuzgars or Tuzes
Lived in a prosperous country Tamta,
Near the Hin country,
Behind which passes Kara-Korum.

But once there
Came from a well Yaga (yaga=aga=senior, older, patriarch) -
The Alp of seductions and vices,
That lead to death.

He convinced Tuzes to guard
His deep well,
Where the sand
Was golden.

And Tuzes inexhaustibly,
For thousand years,
Guarded the entrance
Into the Golden Well.

Generously rewarded
Them for it
Vile Yaga Albastyi,
Giving them golden sand.

Initially the Tuzes
Were famous with masters and scholars,
But golden sand
Installed greed in them.

The Tuzes abandoned
All their operations,
Only protected the Golden Well -
In exchange for golden sand.

They stopped working
And became cannibals -
Eating anyone who came
To the Golden Well.

In a thousand years they earned
So much of golden sand,
That they covered with it
Their blossoming land.

Under the sand remained
Homes, books, and shops -
But did not regret Tuzes the past:
They lost their mings from greed.

Only a part of Tuzes, afraid of a ruin,
Left from Tamta to the river Tamya,
Where lived Imegen Alps,
Who lost their power over people.

Imegens began hating people
And became spiteful cannibals.
They excelled people in force
And agreed to seize control over Tuzes.

Imegens have tried
To overcome Tuzes with force -
But, on their bad luck,
Boyan Lokbyr led Tuzes.

Was Lokbyr or Lokyr
A son of Alp Suban,
And was he as strong,
As his father.

He ordered the Tuzes
To go in battle
And, having chopped the cowards,
Raced first into battle

Not expecting a repulse Imegens
Were totally defeated,
And barely managed
To hid in lifeless places.

He wanted at first
To remain in that country,
Which was called Tamiya,
But Yaga confused him.

Came Yaga -
A friend of any rubbish -
To the great bahadir
And said to him:

“You wanted to do
A great feat,
That was impressed
Even your father.

But your victory
Over pity Imegens
Cannot be famous -
You are too strong!

And so, if you
Would enter Birak,
There you will find an enemy,
Worthy of your force!”

Decided Yaga Albastyi
To collide Lokbyr with Umai,
Who had possessions there,
And also with his father.

Yaga knew that Umai
Would turn for help
To her favorite son Suban -
And then they will collide…

Wanted Yaga to vex
Umai-biche and Suban,
And concurrently relieve his friends
From dangerous Lokbyr.

Leaving half of the Tuzes
In the Tamya country,
Lokbyr with others has invaded
The country Agil (Balkans).

The north of Agil is Midjan,
The south is Ardja,
And middle part of the country -
Is Birak.

Was called Birak
By the name of the Bira tree,
Which grew there
In abundance.

This was a land of Saklans,
Who were living by clans, which
Were called Andji, Aldji,
And also Ardjan and Arman.

Their villages and shields
They called “balta“,
Which meant “braided“, -
And this is why:

The walls of villages and shields
Saklans weaved with twigs,
They also weaved from twigs
Footwear, and telpek hats (Slavic “lapti“sandals and hats).

They called “balta“
Also their unions,
For those who concluded a union
Weaved their twigs together…

A part of Saklans -
At appearance of Tuzes -
Fled: those were
Birises and Haldjians (Haldjians=N.Pontic Iranians=future Ruses).

Only seven Saklan tribes
Were not intimidated, and decided
To unite, and together
To confront the Tuzes.

These tribes were called
After one of them,
A largest tribe
As or Azak.

But Saklans had
Seven biy commanders (biy=bag=bek=prince, leader),
And Tuzgars had -
Only one: Lokbyr.

Also, one tribe
In a heat of battle
Àbandoned other Àzaks:
Those were Ardjaians.

Therefore the Tuzes,
Consisting of five clans,
Succeeded in defeating Saklans -
And they fled to Makidan.

That area of Birak
Had that name,
Because of the possessions
of Umai, or in Saklanian “Mak“.

Learning about a problem,
Turun-Abi appealed to Suban
To repel the Tuzes
From her lands.

But Àzaks have persuaded
Alp Suban Trek
To help them expel Tuzes
Also from Birak.

Subash came to fight
Against Lokbyr -
And Saklans joined him,
Recognizing him their leader.

Wanted Saklans
To wash off the shame of defeat
And rename themselves “Trek“-
After Suban's name.

“Trek“means “Baradj“…
They fought with battle cry “Trek!“-
And Tuzes from that time
Were calling Bulgars “Trek“.

Lokbyr was impressed
By herculean Suban
And with great respect
Said to the great Alp:

“You are, as can be readily seen,
A great bahadir.
And my father also -
Is a famous bahadir.

And therefore, I think,
You should know him …“ -
But Suban interrupted him -
He was eager to fight.

And suggested Subash to Lokbyr
To not ruin the people
And to determine a winner
By combat of the leaders.

Lokbyr has agreed:
He was very confident -
And the father and the son
Clashed in fatal duel.

Suban, however, could not
Overpower his contender -
Moreover: Lokbyr
Knocked out the sword from his father.

Then Umai-biche
Rose behind Lokbyr
With a loaded bow
And hollered to her grandson:

“Hey, infidel, look back:
You will not take
My possessions -
I myself will strike you down!”

Lokbyr looked back -
And Suban at once
Grabbed his chedar sword
And asked mother:

“Let us, mom, to end the battle -
And then you can decide,
What's further to do!“-
And Umai stepped aside.

Fight was resumed -
But this time Suban
Turned out to be better -
And he struck Lokbyr.

Lokbyr fell,
Struck with the father's sword,
And said: “Terrible, I am dying,
Without seeing my father!

He abandoned my mother
When I was under her heart -
But I do not hold a grudge against him:
Because he was a soldier.

I was ambitious
To resemble my father
And perform great
And famous feats.

I fought everywhere,
To gain my glory
I thought: “I don't want to be ashamed
To appear before my father!”

He left my mother baiga
With a sign of Subash…
And mother called him
With a name Sarman!”

Cried out Subash:
This is his name - Sarman -
It was known only
By his mother and wives.

He tore up the armors
On the breast of the son -
And saw on it
His baiga.

He realized that he killed
His own son -
And begun bitterly sobbing,
Mumbling through tears:

“Do not die, my son -
We, at last, met!
I am proud of,
Having such a son!

When you, my son, stepped out
To fight with me,
I was struck
Seeing your power.

I thought: “He would not yield
To me in a fair fight.
How among the people
Could be born such an athlete?!”

And when we fought,
I was thinking:
“From the hand of this fighter
Is not a shame to die!”

You would strike me -
Because you already knocked out my sword -
And if you were not distracted,
You would win.

Why I have picked up
My chedar -
It would be better if you, my son,
Killed me!

Because I could not live
With a wound of a child-killer -
It would burm me,
As long as I live!...”

For three days they were fighting -
And for three days Suban
Mourned over the death of his son -
The fearsome Lokbyr.

And their soldiers at that
Stood against each other -
And also sobbed
With compassion to leaders.

When Suban in sorrow
Began scratching his face
And bloodily strike himself
With the knout -

So began to doing
All the warriors too:
So great was
The grief of the soldiers…

After mourning his son, Suban has lain
His body on a platform -
And installed platform on the branches
Of a huge oak Imen-Duma.

And doing that, he said:
“You are in Tangra's power now!
Let the Almighty
Return you to us!

And I, in memory of you,
I will add to my name
Your name - Boyan -
And the name of this tree - Imen!”

Then Alp told people:
“I want that in memory
Of my son
You became one people!”

The sorrow has softened
The hearts of the people,
And former enemies decided
To become one people.

Six Àzak tribes
Accepted five Tuz clans
As a seventh tribe -
And they became one suba (akin to province).

Later these seven tribes became
A single Bulgarian people,
And in the beginning, in memory of Lokbyr,
They took a name “Imen“(Eastern Poland).

Place of Lokbyr tomb
Began to be called Duma,
And when the oak has grown old -
It became Iske Duma.

A part of Imens (Eastern Poland)
From that time began to speak
In Tuz language,
Called Lokyr (Lokyr=Bulgar).

And the others Imens
Continued to speak
In Saklanian - but adopted (in Slavic Iranian)
A lot of Tuzgar's words.

Therefore, though the names
Of the seven Imen tribes
Were pronounced differently -
All Imens understood them.

So let never be forgotten
Those glorious times,
When chedars were also called
“Beshch'es“- the swords;

When bedja
Was also called “midja“,
And Kikdjans, who love their battle cry,
Were also called “Timdjans“;

When the Tyshdans
Were also called Bistans,
And the beautiful Sabys
Were also called “Kobe“;

When the fast Terdjis
Were also called “Bidjans“,
And Idans
Were also called Kulyans.

But the Tuzes
Had five dialects,
And the Saklans had only two:
Agil and Burdjan.

Therefore to these names
Were then added new:
To the name chedar -
Were added selma and balma,

To the name “bidja“-
Men and Tamga (pronouced Mən),
To the name Kikdjan -
Hur and Ural,

To the name “Tyshdan“-
Were added Chebak and Masgut,
To the name Sybai -
Were added Kashan and Alan,

To the name Terdji -
Were added Kumyk and Chapkyn,
To the name Idan -
Were added Tamyan and Uzyan…

Together with seven languages
Imens learned seven truths,
And in every phenomenon
They began to see seven sides.

This knowledge made
Imens wiser,
And their neighbors
Began to tell about them:

“No other people
Know so many truths,
Therefore Imens can
Be called askals!” (white beard=wise man)

In the Saklan language
The word “balha“meant
“Wise“, “Sacred“- and therefore
Imens were called “Balhar“.

Their leaders Imens
Called “balhavar“-
Which meant
“Saintly - glorious”

But under influence of Tuzes
These words
Began to be pronounced
As “Bulgar“and “baltavar“.

When Umai-biche
Created her state,
She made the Imens
To be its base.

9. As Umai had lost and had restored her kingdom.

Once Umai-biche
Asked Tangra,
That the Almighty allowed her
To organize her kingdom.

“I can not see, -
She told Almighty, -
As men hurt
Their women.

I want to form a kingdom,
Where nobody
Could hurt women -
I'm asking to grant me people!”

In response from Heavens down
Fell a necklace - sindji
And a voice has said:
“Guard this necklace!

On the necklace are beads -
Seventy two; behind them are -
As many Saklanian tribes,
Which I am giving you!

Until sindji remain whole,
All these tribes
Will live where the beads stay,
And will submit to you!”

Umai hanged necklace on her neck
And came to a country,
Which since that time
Started to be called Syndjak.

And really, all those tribes
Have gathered in Syndjak,
And Turun-Abi could
Form Turun-Suba.

Never removed Umai
The necklace from her neck,
Where, she thought,
Nobody's hands will ever reach.

But Yaga, who is destroying
Anything harmonious,
Turned into a woman
And duped Umai-biche:

He succeeded in gaining her trust
And once made her drunk,
And when she fell asleep -
He ripped off her necklace .

The beads were scattered
Across all the Earth -
And seventy two tribes
Dispersed across all the Earth.

In memory that they
Belonged to Umai-biche,
Some of them
Called themselves Sindj.

The Bulgars - Imens returned
To their Birak -
But a part of it
Was already occupied by Ardjaians.

Then a part of Bulgars -
Under command of Trek,
For not to start a war,
Left to Kapdag and Agardja (kap/kapet=gate, dag=mountain, Kapdag=Kopetdag)

Ardjans, impressed
With nobleness of Bulgars, recollected
That they also are Àzaks,
And decided not to stand apart.

Moreover: all Ardjans
In the fertile Agil -
Began considering themselves Bulgars
And be proud of their kinship.

When Umai sobered up,
She ran to Suban
And was begging him
To gather her beads.

“My lovely son, -
She told her son, -
I love you
More than my other sons.

Because you and I,
My lovely son,
My Imen, my Andja -
We are so alike!

Once I appeared,
At the will of Almighty,
As a tiny snake - Bala
From an ear of one head.

Since that time
I am called sometimes
Balada - and that name
Is very pleasant for me.

And you, at the will of Tangra,
Came out of my ear,
And that's why
I call you sometimes Baldja.

Your son Djam-Idjik Balabuga,
Whose name the people
Altered to “Alabuga“,
Was also born from an ear…

For my love, my son,
Help me to collect
At least a part of my people -
Or I will suffer a shame!”

Touched with tears of mother,
Subash turned into Karga (raven),
To see the beads -
And went around the world…

But the majority of tribes
Hid so skillfully
The beads - that Alp
Found only one bead - Imens.

He carried it to Syndjak -
But the seven tribes
Did not follow him:
The magic of necklace was gone.

Then Suban started asking people:
“Subordinate to Umai!” -
But people refused
And told him why:

“We suffered with her:
We used to live half-starving…
But if she had the food -
We would again submit to her!”

Then people still did not keep
Neither cows, nor horses…
Suban decided to teach people
To tame and use them.

But for that, he
Asked people
To submit to mother -
And they were hesitating.

Half of the Imens
Agreed to submit
And to depart to Djeremel.

There, Umai has decided
To create a new kingdom.
And Djeremel was located
Between Burichai and Shir… (Dnieper and Don).

Cows and horses
Were plenty on the Earth.
But when Alp began searching for them,
He found only a few horses.

He taught people
To keep and use them,
But they also needed
And cows.

And all the cows
Captured Albastyi - with a purpose,
That in Abdere cave
To nurture malicious Alps.

To learn what has happened,
Suban decided
To turn into a bull -
And observe what may happen.

But before
Turning into a bull,
Suban Subash has asked
His son Djam-Idjik:

“Arm the volunteers,
Teach them to ride -
And wait with them for my message:
Perhaps, you may be useful!”

Idjik sent to Hursa -
To learn his trade -
His son,
A mighty bogatyr Shura (bogatyr=“very big, strong man“).

Shura, having trained,
Returned back -
And, arming mounted people,
Made them strong.

And he also taught people
To make kaves or koumiss (pronouced kavəs),
And for that he was nicknamed
Kaves or Koumiss-Shura.

Then the riders told him:
“You are our first Tarkhan,
And for your skills
We elect you a bagyl!”

So Kaves-Shura became
A first on the Earth
Bagyl and Tarkhan -
Let this not be forgotten.

They were ready, were waiting
A message from Subash -
And he, having turned into a bull,
Has got in trouble.

When he was grazing in the field,
Appeared before him
A beautiful Imegeness -
And Suban lost his head…

While Alp admired the maiden,
He dropped his guard -
And another Imegeness
Swallowed him.

Seeing, that Suban
Does not send a message about himself,
People were alarmed
And went searching for him.

To speed up
The searches for Subash Baradj,
Idjik made “bugary“-
The images of bull.

These disks Idjik hung up
On the necks of riders,
Therefore Bulgars were called
After the name of the disks - “Bugary“.

He ordered them to race
To all the corners of Earth
And to inquire from people -
If they had seen him?

The people have departed -
But not a single man
Has told them where to search
For Alp Suban Subash.

When the riders gathered again
And told Idjik about it,
He became sorrowful
And was bitterly sobbing.

And then they all suddenly heard
A voice of the Kashan tree,
Which was Alp-bika -
A sister of Idjik Kashan.

When Subash abandoned
Her mother and her,
She was so grieving,
That Almighty pitied her.

Tangra has turned her
Into a Kashan tree,
And her tears -
Into bitter berries…

Kashan-agadj said
To her brother: “Idjik!
I have learned from the plants,
That our father is in Abdere cave.

Swallowed him
A vile Imegeness -
She is hiding in Abdere
With other rubbish spirits.

There the vile Yaga-Albastyi
Fattens evil spirits…
And you would badly need
A lot of forces!“

She pointed people a way -
And they rushed off.
But on the way Idjik
Confusedly told Kaves:

“I cannot, my son,
Participate in battle:
Because I cannot kill
Neither a man, nor a mosquito!

If you can - please lead
The attack on villains -
And I shall step aside
For the duration of fighting!”

Kaves begun to cry, for he loved
His father
For his
Inexpressible kindness.

“Be assured, father!” -
He told Alabuga. -
“I shall lead with pleasure
The raid on villains!”

They approached the cave,
But the villains so encrusted,
That they beat off
All attacks of Bulgars.

Once, however,
They managed to break inside -
But they at once
Hastened speedily back:

The cave was filled
Not only with villains -
The vile Imegens,
Joregs and Ubyrs,

But also with cattle -
Horses and cows,
That Yaga collected
From the whole Earth,

And also with excrements
Of the poor animals,
Malicious Alps,
And Yaga himself !

In this fetid swill
Bulgars began to drown -
And hastened real fast
To get away from cave.

Kaves was almost crying
From a complete despair,
And Idjik told him:
“Do not despair, my son!

While you fought like heroes-
I was reflecting,
How to help you -
And seems, came up with it.

Right beside this bowl
Runs a gorge rivulet:
We should concoct a channel -
A trench right in the rock;

Then we should to dam
This rivulet - and then
The water will rush through the trench
And carry it all from the cave.

When the villains will be dragged out
Down from the cave -
Then we will be able
To capture it!”

Kaves was delighted, and quickly
They punched a waterduct -
Idjik learned that also
From Hursa Kainardji.

People dammed the river -
And water, rushing in cave,
Carried down from it
Everything there was.

There Kaves' people
Crowded the villains -
And with grandfather's knout
He started whipping them.

From each strike
Of his knout
Were falling lifeless
A hundred malicious Alps.

After one strike
From one Imegeness
Jumped out Suban -
Alive and unhurt.

Together with him
Bulgars have finished
With the assemblage of villains -
Only Yaga managed to escape…

Suban has praised Bulgars,
And embraced Kashan
And promised her more often,
To be visiting her.

Kashan from a pleasure
Again begun to cry -
But her tears already were
The sweetest grapes…

Suban gave people
A lot of cattle
And taught the Imens
To breed and use the cows.

And Kashan-Agadj (agadj=tree > English, Greek ~ acacia)
Gave people saplings
And taught Bulgars
To raise grapes.

After all that
A half of Imens
Has moved, as promised,
From Birak to Djeremel.

There Turun-abi
Restored her kingdom
Under a name Askal-Suba
Or Burdjan-Suba.

There a part of Imens adopted
A name “Burdjan“-
Because the capital of Burdjan kingdom
Was on the river Burdjan.

With time this name
Became another
Name for all Bulgars
And they liked it.

10. Why Bulgars left from Umai kingdom.

A first commander of Burdjan -
Aga-mumin (mumin=Arabic “believer“) -
Turun-abi appointed
The brave Kaves.

With him, Burdjan
Became a mighty kingdom
And her borders
Began expanding quickly.

A tribe Galidj, that tried (Galidj=Gauls)
To hinder that,
Was defeated by Kaves
And fled to the west.

From that time Kaves
Began to be also called Galidj,
And Galidjes began to be called Djulahs,
After their leader…

And her possession in Makidan
Umai-biche assigned
To Alabuga to protect -
And he went there.

When he crossed Birak,
He seen, that Imens
Have no rulers
And fight with each other.

“You should select for yourselves
A good ruler
And live amicably!” -
Idjik advised them.

“And how to find
The good ruler?” -
Imens have asked him -
And they received this answer:

“Gether those wishing to rule
And set up a contest:
Let them hunt
And fish!

Who would deliver
The biggest beasts and fish -
He, then, will be
A best ruler!”

And Trek-Saklans resolved
To follow his advice:
They stopped for now warring
And staged a contest.

Alabuga wanted
To to move on -
But Trek-Saklans
Told him:

“Please remain,
A good man:
You gave us a good advice -
And you should compete too!”

On a hunt,
Alabuga caught
With bare hands
A huge bulut.

And fishing -
Djam-Idjik has caught
With bare hands
A huge fish birtysh.

From astonishment the Imens
Had their mouths wide open -
And at once elected him
To be their first ruler.

Alabuga began to reign
Under a name Birtysh -
Because the capture of the fish
Opened his way to power.

He reigned and judged in Birak
So honestly and fair,
That Imens nicknamed him
Atikai and Aspandiar.

Idjik was also called
Ak-Bilish and Ardja -
And all these names
Imens also applied to Birak

When he once
Has departed from Birak -
All the people of the country
Gathered to see him off.

And everybody - from small to great -
When he was passing,
Bitterly sobbed,
As if they lost a father…

But why Alabuga
Suddenly left Birak,
Where they all loved him?
And this is why:

From Djeremel came a news
About a death of Kaves,
Who was for him
A most dear in the world.

Immediately left Kaves
To Djeremel to learn,
How it has happened -
And on the way … he met with him!

Was shedding Idjik, on the way
Bitter tears,
And now - from joy -
Erapted with sobs even more.

The father and son have embraced
And asked Alabuga
His son Kaves-Shura,
What happened with him.

And Kaves said to his father:
“In her new kingdom
Umai-biche retained
An old law.

Under that law
All women of the kingdom
Could themselves
Choose their husbands.

The men
Were unhappy with it,
But up to a time
Accepted it.

In the kingdom I was
Aga-mumin of the army,
And my brother, Kan-Tuluk -
Was only a mumin.

The brother envied me -
Of which I knew nothing:
Being too busy to be on my guard -
I warred with villains.

Under Lokbyr these Haldjavyzes
Were afraid to be seen,
And quietly lived in Tamiya
The Tuzes who stayed with him.

But when he perished - the villains
Enthralled the local Tuzes
And tried to exterminate
The people Sindj-Saklan…

I battled Haldjavyzes
With the miracle mallet,
That crashes everything,
Which Hursa bestowed to me…

Nar-Mar himself was helping
To fight with Haldjavyzes -
He was a rooster ringing from the sky,
About threat of danger:

Because Airam-biche called
Her husband Kuraz,
And he lovingly called her -
Balada and Umai-kosh…

Umai-biche herself
Married me
On a first beauty of kingdom -
Incomparable Karyin.

She has created her
From a snowdrift -
And she could not therefore,
To be near fire and under sun.

I loved my wife - she was
For me more splendid
Than all the women ever
Born on this Earth.

I loved her so much,
That she was all time
A light before my eyes,
Wherever I looked.

In most terrible battles
I did not think of death,
But only how faster
Return to be with wife…

We were capturing in wars
Enormously huge booty -
Because the villains, for their wars with us,
Gained from Yaga a lot of gold.

Men were spending booty
On ornaments of armor,
And I was buying ornaments
For my precious wife.

When have seen that
The other wives of kingdom -
They also demanded from husbands
A precious jewelry.

And the husbands, afraid
Of losing the wives,
Began to crave for campaigns -
To gain booty for the wives.

We deserted because of the wars
Our estates,
And were living lousier -
Wives were too important.

All this was still enough:
And we were used to wars,
And for the life, at least
However sufficed,

And mainly, Umai
Found this very pleasant:
She liked when the men
Humor their wives.

But once Umai
Ordered me to kill
My own brother,
In this way:

“A prophesy has shown,
That one of you
Should die - or else
My kingdom will be doomed.

The prophesy also showed,
That your brother desires
To have your wife,
And will snatch he - if you wait.

I, loving you better,
Decided to preserve your life -
And for that
You should kill your brother.”

But I have refused
To execute this murder,
And soon my wife
Left me for my brother.

Later, I have learned,
That she has done it
Under an order of Umai-biche,
Who wanted to clash us brothers.

Again Umai-Abi
Offered me
To kill my brother -
But I again refused.

But it turned out that my brother,
To receive my wife,
Agreed to kill me -
And have done it during war.

When Mar-Kuraz directed,
Where the enemy is,
With brother we went to campaign
Against Imegens and Ubyrs.

“From two sides, - we have decided, -
We'll attack the Haldjavyzes! ”,
And when I attacked -
My brother remained still.

But even without him
I broke Haldjavyzes:
A part of them was slaughtered,
Another hid in cave.

We installed by the cave
A strong sentry, and decided
To sleep a little, and when rested
To finish off with Haldjavyz.

I fell asleep, and my brother
Who only pretended to sleep:
In a quiet moment, grabbed a knife
And killed me.

He was so delighted
With my death,
That he did not finish the enemy
And hastened to the wife.

My son Djam
Then asked Turun-Abi
To condemn my wife
And execute the fratricide.

But Umai-Kosh refused
To do it,
And then almost all men
Abandoned her kingdom…

In the Turun-Abi kingdom
From men remained only Kan-Tuluk
With the few men - for they
Did not wanted to abandon the wives.

But he was not a bad soldier
And, arming a part of women,
Who remained without husbands,
Did repulse the villains.

Then the nasty Yaga
Decided to ruin him,
To help Haldjavyzes
To destroy Umai kingdom.

He sorcerized a fire -
And made of it a belt,
That had a golden look,
And sold it as a merchant to Karyin.

Karyin, excited with the belt,
Immediately tried it on,
It instantly flashed,
And she has totally melted.

Kan-Tuluk from a grief
Abandoned all matters,
Began to drink, be negligent
In the command of army.

Somehow Haldjavyzes could
To set ambush for him -
And with his carelessness,
Has fell right into it.

Haldjavyzes killed him
And entombed him so,
That nobody
Could find him.

But I found his remains
And convinced Mar
To ask Tangra
To revive the brother on the Earth.

Tangra has taken pity -
And, at will of the Almighty,
Kan-Òóëóê became
Abai of Kan-Tuluks(Abai=Babai=grandpa, primogenitor, elder, sf. Scythian Papai of Herodotus).

So started to be called
The Alps, created by Tangra
From dirty spirits
Of super murderers.

Kan-Tuluk Abai is putting into hides
The souls of dead villains,
Who killed their kin
Or innocent humans.

Then he carries
These hides to Makidan,
Where he leaves them for Umai -
In her favorite places.

She would rest on the hides -
And they come back to life,
Are filled with blood
And become Kan-Tuluks.

Cannot Kan-Tuluks
To pass to spill a blood -
Their belly demands it;
But at the end they burst…

After destruction of Kan-Tuluk
Haldjavyzes led
A hundred of Tuz tumens (tumen=10,000)
Against the kingdom Umai.

In severe battle
Have fallen the defenders of kingdom -
Because they were in number
Much smaller then the enemy.

Women taken in captivity
Were harnessed naked into carts
And they carried
The booty to the enemy country.

After that the Haldjavyzes
Attacked their captives -
And, without any pity,
Have eaten the poor women…

Though Tuzes in that war
Had to be by bondage,
Umai all the same
Punished them -

In anger she imposed
On them such a curse:
“The women of Tuzes will be
Rowdy and quarrelsome!”

From that time the Tuzgars
Could form any more
Strong subas, for their women (suba=akin to province)
With quarrels ruined their unity.

Began to be viewed the wild Tuzgaress
To be the worst wives,
For they disregarded everybody
And strove subjugate men…

People spoke so about them:
“Anyone can avoid
His trouble - except for Tuz,
For his trouble is his wife!..”

And the men who left with Djam
From Turun-Suba,
Came to Syndjak
And decides to live there …”

With that, Kaves
Finished his story,
And together with his father went
To Syban to rest.

11. How was formed Bulgar Kingdom in Syndjak.

We shall tell about what
Happened further
With Djam's Bulgars -
As was told before us…

Bulgars remained in Syndjak
Because a local tribe -
Shan or Kandjar -
Met them with open arms.

They offered Bulgars a land
And agreed to heed them,
If Bulgars will stay there
And protect them from foes.

After reflecting, Bulgars
Decided to take
The leadership of Syndjak -
And proclaimed a kingdom of Bulgars.

The Ases elected as Khan
A most respectable - Djam,
Who brought them there -
And suggested to remain.

Djam staked
A banner next to his jurt,
And began waiting for Shans
To give an oath.

He sat for an hour, for two,
For three - nobody showed up.
It was darkening already - and he understood,
That nobody would come.

All night long Djam
Did not close his eyes from insult,
And early in the morning
He went to see Shans.

When he arrived there,
He asked their biys:
“Why did not you come
To swear me your loyalty?”

And biys responded:
“We wanted to come - but our askal
Has noticed that you are not willing
To remain here for ever:

Because instead of
Building houses,
Which cannot be moved away,
You remained in marching tents.

If an enemy comes -
You will quickly pack
And depart away;
While we will remain in the houses.”

Djam understood his mistake
And ordered a part of Bulgars
To build themselves houses
To live in a single place.

The houses were built,
And formed a city -
But again nobody came
To swear an oath.

Again Djam went to see
The Shan neighbors
And their biys answered this
To his reproaches:

“We already wanted to go -
But ours askal Suzruka
Told us:
“Do not rush to go!

Because it's easy to create a city -
And difficult to hold it.
If Bulgars would hold it
Then we shall swear them!”

Has marveled Djam
The wisdom of Suzruka
And retreated home -
To reinforce the city.

He barely finished reinforcements
As was Djambul attacked
By Haldjavyz army -
The city was besieged.

Enemies were so numerous,
That from the city walls
Were visible only
Crowds of villains and Tuzes.

Endlessly and severely fought
With Bulgars with the foes -
And started to weaken
Even the strongest men.

And among defenders
Was Nadj-Nadji -
A little son of Djam,
And a favorite of Alp Chulman.

Once he fell in the water
And was saved by Djualysh -
Because the boy cried:
“Grandfather Arbai - save me!“

When Chulman
Asked Nadji to tell,
What he dreamed about -
Intending to please him,

Nadji replied:
“I always dreamed
To fraternize with you
And exchange names with you!“

They fraternized - and people
Started also to call Nadji Arbai,
And Chulman - also call
Nadji and Babai-Nadj.

The boy was so loved
By fearsome Chulman,
That he presented him
With his magic pipe.

And instructing Nadj
He explained to him:
“It is possible to blow this pipe
From two sides.

When you blow in one end -
There will be fun and dances,
And on the other end - everybody, like a herd,
Will follow you“.

When Bulgars began
Preparing for a last fight,
Arbai came to his father
And told him about the pipe.

His father asked him
To play it a trifle -
And he was convinced, that the pipe -
Was rally magic…

Then he ordered
All Bulgars
To close their ears
And to prepare for sortie.

When in the morning the enemy
Has started a storm attack,
The boy has started playing -
And foes began to dance.

Then from the city
Erupted all Bulgar soldiers
And bludgeoned the dancers -
No enemy managed to flee…

And soon arrived Shans
To Djam's city Djambul
And they gave him
An oath of fidelity.

The King has got to meet
With Suzruka, a son Rysh-dede,
And without hesitation
Has appointed him a kapagan (kapagan=“Conquering“).

From that time Bulgars
Call clever kapagans
Also kandjars -
Because Suzruka was a Shan…

On a joyful feast
To celebrate the victory
Djam Sanduh saw-
The daughter of Suzruka - and he was struck.

The Shan-Kandjars
Were a Bazin tribe,
Displaced from the mountains
By their neighbors;

And, like all Bazins,
They were famous
With beautiful girls -
But Sanduh was better then all.

Asked Djam a hand of Sanduh -
And Suzruka told him:
“Let your soldiers also
Choose our brides.

Because we saw,
That you are a people of bahadirs,
And it will be great, if
The beauty marry with force!”

When the Bulgars were choosing
The brides among the Shans,
Djam said:
“And now we shall do this:

We to campaign against enemy -
Because, by Bulgarian custom,
A groom has before the wedding
To show his valor!”

Bulgars invaded
The land Tamiyabash
And crushed a ready for war
Army of Haldjavyzes.

But on a return march
Again attacked Bulgars
The spiteful Haldjavyzes -
In uncountable numbers.

And the Bulgar forces
Were already exhausted,
And almost all of them
Were wounded in battles.

Bulgars prepared for death -
And suddenly they all saw,
That towards the villains
Is racing the little Arbai.

He persuaded a soldier
To secretly take him along
In a saddlebag -
He wanted to see the fight.

And when he saw,
That the chances are bad -
Has quietly slipped from bag
And charge off on a clockwork horse.

Approaching the villains,
Arbai started playing his pipe.
Bulgars did not hear a thing -
The wind went toward the foe.

But heard the music
The vile Haldjavyzes -
And followed Arbai,
Who led to a lake.

Playing, he drove right in the lake,
Just yelling to Chulman:
“Grandfather Nadji - save me!” -
And Djualysh rescued him.

And Haldjavyzes drove in the water
Following Arbai,
All up to the last have sunk -
That was their end.

This lake since that time
Became salty and lifeless -
And till now is called
Haldjavyzes Lake…

Bulgars came back
With great triumph.
They have shown the valor -
And became desired grooms.

The winners took in wives
The most pretty maidens -
For them did not exist
A more desired reward!

In one day Bulgars had
At once fifty thousand weddings -
The Bulgarian land never
Saw such a bairam.

The Shans became Bulgars -
They joined related clans,
And the Bulgarian women
Were embellishment of the Earth.

From that time it was Bulgarian custom
To call the prettiest girls
With names of the Shan tribe -
Sanduh or Shan-kyzy…

12. Djam builds Sandugach and ignites Arateb hearth.

A wife of Bulgarian Khan Djam-dede
Became a daughter of the Shan leader,
A grand daughter of Rysh-dede -
Incompatible Sanduh.

In her honor, Djam
Right at the wedding feast place,
Built a gorgeous stone capital
And named it Sanduh-Kase.

But very soon the city
Was called Sandugach (Sandugach=nightingale):
Because in its many gardens
One better than other sang nightingales.

A garden near the Khan's palace
Was especially lovely:
It sloped from a hill,
Descending with ledges.

On the ledges,
Among assorted trees,
Were beautiful
Decorated pavilions.

And from the top of the hill,
To its bottom,
Sluiced from the ledges
Idjim's pure stream -

And therefore this garden
Was called Idjim…
From that time Bulgars thought,
That Idjim is precisely the Paradise garden…

In that garden was frequently heard
The wonderful singing of Sanduh,
Therefore people dabbed her

When Djam and Sanduh
Had parturition of a son,
He was named Yanarysh -
In honor of Rysh-dede.

On a feast in honor
Of Yanarysh's birth
Djam told Suzruka:
“Our people is not numerous.

And I would like
To make Bulgars
A great people -
But know I not how to do it!“

On that, Suzruka asserted:
“In ours beliefs,
For that what you need to do
Is ignite in a hearth an eternal flame.

But it exists
In one place only -
In a deep cave
Under a mountain Gidj.

And only few Alps
Can make their way there,
And who can take the fire -
That nobody knows“.

Has weighed Djam
The words of askal
And decided to go
In search of Alabuga.

The Bazins had
A Singing Tree - Eratyt,
With which name
Once were called books.

Eratyt has told Djam,
Where to search for grandfather -
And he immediately set out
To see Idjik in Syban…

Finding Alabuga,
Djam cajoled him
To retrieve for the hearth of Bulgars
A tad of eternal flame.

He learned simultaneously
From kind Idjik,
How to set up
The hearth for eternal flame.

Alabuga has managed
To make his way to cave
Under mountain Gidj, and to take
A tad of eternal flame.

For as he traveled
To get the fire,
Djam built near Djambul
The large hearth.

The hearth was built near
A pure spring, a grove
And uba - with a sword
At the very top.

Because, as explained Idjik,
“By the eternal flame
Should be suitable places
For the great Alps:

A spring - for Chulman,
Uba - for Kubar,
And a grove - for Suban:
All three will be pleased!“

Then, when Idjik returned
With the eternal flame,
They ignited the hearth
And named it Arateb.

As heard the other
Syndjak leaders
Of enkindling the hearth
Of the eternal flame -

They came right away
To blessed Sandugach
And submitted to Djam:
The whole Syndjak became Bulgarian.

It was also called
Burdjan, for the clan Burdjan
Was a main then clan
Among the Syndjak Bulgars.

And then the Syndjak
Was also called Kyrkan;
It happened under Djam -
And here is how.

After defeat from the villains
Of Turun-Suba in Djeremel,
Forty elderly Bulgarian ladies
Have managed to survive.

Like all Bulgarian ladies
Of Turun-Suba,
They called themselves

These Umaidjanian ladies came
To Airam Umai-biche
And told her: “We still want
To be in your serve!”

But Turun-Abi, upset
With the demise of her kingdom,
Said, that they are already old
And cannot serve her.

These forty Umaidjanian ladies
Migrated to Syndjak
And asked Djam
For a some possession.

Djam could not refuse them -
Because the women were
Relatives of his Bulgars -
And gave them a part of Syndjak.

There they constructed
Impregnable fortress Kandjar,
Where they had a cave,
Connected to the sea.

Bulgars, feeling their fault
Towards these ladies
Rendered them
All due respects.

But forty Umaidjanian ladies,
After living there a little,
Once have gathered
And in unison decided:

“We served Umai-biche
All our lives -
In that we saw
A meaning of our life.

But a time came,
When we cannot any more
Be in Artimes serve -
So, it is senseless for us to live!“

They ascended a high cliff
And jumped down to earth…
Where their bodies fell,
Broke up forty springs.

These springs gave life
To forty kans - Burdjan rivers,
Therefore the land of Bulgars
Started to be also called Kyrkan.

These rivers flowed to lake,
Called Umai-Tidja;
Turun-Abi learned about it -
And regretted her act.

In memory of those Umaidjanian ladies
Umai-biche began since that time
To hire to her service
Forty beautiful and brave girls …

13. How Idjik helped Bulgars.

Then, also during Djam's time,
Fell on Bulgars disaster,
But Alabuga saved them
Now I shall tell about it.

Disaster was sent by Umai:
She was burned by affront of the men -
Because they
Left her kingdom…

While there was a war
Of Bulgars with Haldjavyzes,
She did not interfere,
And even she was pleased:

Because both sides,
In her opinion,
Were guilty
In the demise of Turun-Suba.

But when Bulgars
Overcame the villains,
Umai persuaded Ulyat
To send on Bulgar a plague.

And for Alabuga
Not to help Bulgars,
She sent him again
To protect Makidan from Haldjians  (Haldjians=N.Pontic Iranians=future Ruses).

Ulyat sent a plague -
And in Bulgar fell
Almost all their cattle -
And people were dying from famine.

And in Tamiya then lived
A Tuz tribe Makai
And its brothers and sisters -
The children of Ubyr and Imegeness.

They lived quietly,
Being afraid,
That Bulgars will come again
And exterminate them.

But the wife of Makai,
A spiteful Ubyress,
Learned about the sea in Bulgar
And began badgering husband:

“Asket's cattle died
And they are dying from famine -
And you should, immediately
Move to Àzaks.

For a few cattle
They will give you half of the steppes,
And with luck you will receive from them
The Khan's power also!

Here we have nothing to expect,
Except for attacks of your kins
And wars for a scrap of a pasture…
So do it, move there!“

Makai did not desire to leave -
Because it was an attack on Syndjak
And he was afraid to be recognized,
But his wife forced him - and he did it.

When once he tried
To bring her to reason with his whip,
She beat him with a knout,
And he, saving his life, agreed with her…

And true, for a small herd of cattle,
Given to Djam and to Syndjak neighbors - ,
The Makai tribe received a consent
To settle in Kyrkan.

With a help of small gifts
Combined with attacks on neighbors,
Which perpetrators Makai
Blamed on other neighbors,

Biy of Tuzgar succeeded
To attract on his side
And clash among themselves
A significant part of Syndjaks -

And to shake the power of Djam
To a such degree,
That out of seventeen Syndjian tribes
Sixteen became unreliable.

Only Djiraks or Chirmyshes
Remained are loyal to Djam,
Though they suffered from famine
More, than the others…

Fortunately, Idjik found out
About a trouble among Bulgars - and he decided
To teach people to cultivate,
To save them from starvation.

He conceived, in addition,
To stop quarrels among people
By division of people
By a type of their occupation.

Alabuga, who has won a fame
As a patron of Bulgars - asked
Hursa to make some tools
From heavenly materials.

Hursa eagerly agreed
To help Idjik-Alabuga
And made them in his smithy
At the top of Al-Burdjan mountain…

When the tools were made,
Alabuga arranged with Hursa,
That he, on Alabuga signals,
Will drop them from the Al-Burdjan mountain.

And Idjik asked Suban
As a golden eagle fly around one day
Above the land of Bulgars -
And inform him about the seen.

At that time
Father and son become strongly bonded:
In the Subash soul were stirred again
The feelings of paternity.

To communicate
They need not to be close -
They read the thoughts of each other,
Even at a the distance from each other.

In addition, Alabuga
Asked father to loan him
Two Ubyr women he caught,
And his alive whip.

Only with this whip,
Dreadful for the villains,
Was possible to force
Ubyrs and Imegens.

Alabuga went with Ubyrs
To the land of Bulgars - and in a field
Found what he was looking for:
The old Djirak biy Chirmysh.

Before, he saw him,
Visiting his batavyl (court of Baltavar),
And he knew, that he did not have
Children from his old wife.

He also knew that the old pair
Took it very hard
And many times prayed Tangra
To send them children from the Sky.

That tribe
Did not have any cattle remaining,
And the old man with a part of the people
Went to search for food in the fields.

In the field, Chirmysh from hunger
Began eating grass…
Suddenly he felt surfeited
And dozed off right on the dirt.

Alabuga ordered Ubyr girls
To turn into bullocks
And cried with all his might “Hey!“-
And it was a signal for Hursa…

The old man woke up from the shout
And saw that from the sky
A fiery plough has plunged -
Immediately next to him.

When the plough has cooled down,
The old man approached it
And saw on it a boy
Tiny as a pinky.

It was Idjik who turned into this boy.
He ordered Chirmysh
To harness bullocks in plough
And to plough the field.

He explained to the old man,
As should be scattered on the tilled land
The seeds of the plants which Chirmysh ate,
And how to harvest the future crop.

“One sown grain
Will produce many grains.
From them you will bake bread
Or cook a kasha.

Any surpluses, if they happen,
You will exchange for meat and other -
And you will save yourselves from hanger”, -
Alabuga told the old biy.

The leader of Djiraks
Without a squeak obeyed him,
For he was truly struck,
And even more was scared.

When the fear lessened,
He asked Idjik:
“Tell me, who are you,
Oh, a Messenger from Heavens!“

Alabuga has answered him:
“I am your son,
Sent to you by Tangra.
Go and tell people about it!“

The joyful old man went running around the field
And, collecting his people,
Told them about events
And showed newly obtained miracle…

After that Alabuga told them:
“Take me on the plough to capital -
There you will see
Even bigger miracles!“

Chirmysh drove the bullocks to Sandugach,
And a crowd of people followed him.
When they reached the city,
The old man told it all to Djam.

Though little authority remained
In the hands of Khan Djam,
Still in common affairs the people
Sometimes obeyed him.

Djam asked all Syndjaks
To gather at the city -
And told the people
What has happened.

The treacherous Makai,
Who also came there,
Was smelling a spoiler
And decided to arrange a quarrel.

Coming to Idjik-Alabuga,
He burst out laughing and said:
“No way this ugly
Is a Messenger from Heavens!

The Heavenly people see everything and know -
But can he tell,
What happened in my aul,
While Djiraks were in the field?”

Alabuga recited
What father relayed to him:
This fell from a horse,
And that had a cart broken;

This has died, and that
Had a child who fell from a cradle;
And from those was stolen a dog…“-
And the Tuzes confirmed all that.

“I can even tell, -
Suggested Idjik, -
Exactly who stole and ate the dog!“
And it was Makai who did just that.

Seeing that affair soured,
He exclaimed, like he was stung:
“Already enough you said -
We believe you!“

Then Alabuga told people,
How should be counted time -
People saw in that the wisdom of Heavens
And began begging Idjik:

“Save us, Oh, Messenger from Heavens,
From the famine and from quarrels;
Tell us, what to do -
We are totally despaired from troubles!“

Alabuga told them in answer:
“You should divide:
Some will plough fields,
Others pasture the cattle,

And the third will protect the land
And be artisans -
For that the first and the second
Will give them necessities of life!“

Having understood that agriculture
Will save Imens from famine,
The noxious Makai attempted
To take agriculture for his folks.

And he thus has conceived
To make happen so
That not to harvest any crop
And to starve Bulgars to death.

But Alabuga noted:
“The work of barsoldji is very hard -
Therefore the farmers become those,
Whose leader can lift this plough!“

A giant cannibal Makai,
Who in one sitting ate a horse,
Tearing it apart with his hands and teeth,
Burst out laughing and said:

“The world does not have a bogatyr
Stronger than me - look, people,
As I shall lift this plough
With my pinky!“

But he could not do it,
To lift the plough
Not with little finger,
Neither with two hands,

Nor with the help
Of his comrades in robberies -
Thirty three Imegens,
Who have eaten not a few people.

Could not also do it
The leaders of other
Syndjak tribes -
However hard they tried.

Then to the barsol plough
Came old man Chirmysh -
And with one hand
He raised it above his head.

From that time by Bulgarian custom:
Dispute wins the one,
Who raises a plough
Larger number of times…

So people of the tribe Djirak
Became the plowmen
And received a name
Of Barsoldjians.

After that Alabuga proclaimed:
“And now from the Sky will plunge
A Golden Axe for biy of soldiers
And a Golden Kazan for the shepherds.

These things can
Lift and take
Only those, for whom
They are intended!“

On his signal Hursa
Has threw these objects down,
And the leaders came to them
And began lifting them.

But when these things
Were taken not by those
For whom they were intended,
They only flashed with fire.

Eventually, Djam
Managed to take an axe in his hands -
Therefore all Bulgars
Became soldiers and masters.

The other sixteen biys
Have barely lifted the boiler -
And their fellow tribesmen
Remained shepherds.

The directions of Heavens
Nobody could object,
But Makai was also there,
With ugly voice, he asked Alabuga:

“And where, Messenger from Heavens,
The shepherds would find herds of cattle -
Because from the famine
They have eaten it all!“

Then Idjik took his knout,
From which Makai in fear jumped aside,
And began whipping Ubyr girls,
Telling: “Return the cattle!“

Ubyrs liked very much
Horses, cows and sheep -
And quite often they swallowed
Them whole for the future.

And when their children
Asked for a meal -
The mothers belched
This cattle alive.

Unable to bear
The strikes of Suban knout,
Ubyr girls disgorged from the stomachs
A hundred thousand heads of cattle.

“Will this suffice the shepherds
To begin with?“-
Asked Alabuga
The Bulgarian Khan Djam.

Having received an affirmative answer,
He ceased whipping the Ubyr girls
And ordered the knout
To take them back to father…

After that Makai again
Closed his nasty mouth for a while,
And Idjik-Alabuga
Hollered again to Hursa.

Hearing the signal, Kainardji
Dropped down from Al-Burdjan
A white kalansubga (tall hat),
Decorated with gold and silver.

Alabuga explained to biys:
“This white kalansubga
Is for the one of the best,
Who will become birkam or kelbir (birkam=High Priest).

His descendants - boyans,
Who earned to be askals
And learned the art of kurazbiys,
Will wear it after him!

If the hat will ever be taken
By a wrong person,
It will also
Flash with fire“

The biys and other nobles
Began were trying on the hat;
They did it very cautiously -
Afraid to be combusted.

Only Makai deeply
Pulled down the hat on his head,
And it flashed at once -
Incinerating hair on the biy's head…

At the end, this hat
Succeeded to wear a friend of Djam -
Noble Boyan-Imen -
And he became a birkam of Bulgars.

Seeing that nothing
Stayed in Makai hands,
Djam suggested that
He is to leave Syndjak.

But Makai cried:
“From the Sky has not fallen yet
An accouterment for a Khan -
What if it will suit me?“

Only then Alabuga recalled,
That he overlooked to order
An attribute for election of a Khan -
And that was a bow - ber.

Idjik suggested,
That the Khan would be a biy of Bulgars -
But Makai opposed to that
And was supported by other biys.

People began to argue again
And shout so loudly,
That their cries has heard Hursa,
Who was striking anvil with his hammer.

At that moment in smithy
Entered Suban Kurmysh,
To receive his ordered
Beautiful golden bow.

Suddenly Alabuga's idea of a bow
Occurred clearly to him -
And he, with no hesitation,
Threw the bow to his son.

A somewhat lost Idjik
Was delighted and said: “Let the one,
Who can string this bow,
To become a Khan of Syndjak!“

Only Djam was able to do it,
And the other seventeen biys
Recognized him as a Khan of Syndjik
Giving him a title djabgusir (Djabgu=Yabgu of Sirs=Yellow=Kipchaks, king, emperor).

This title since then
Meant the Khans from Bulgars;
The kings of Syndjak not from Bulgars
Could not carry this title.

Now Makai
And his people
Had to leave Syndjak;
For how long - we will learn later.

People again found happiness -
And Khan arranged a great celebration.
In joyful turmoil
They all forgot about Idjik.

Only the old wife of Chirmysh
Could not take her eyes from Alabuga.
Afraid that he may be crushed in turmoil,
She took her son home.

There she decided
To augur on Alabuga
And, for the beginning,
She baked a sphere bun.

Then, scattering on the floor
A a bunch of the pelts,
She told Idjik
To randomly kick the bun.

Alabuga pushed the bun -
And it by turns rolled
First on the pelt of a hare, and then -
On the pelts of a bear, a wolf and a fox.

The old woman became upset -
Because if the hare meant a good luck,
Then the pelt of the fox -
Meant a close death:

Liked to turn into a fox
The Alp of droughts and death Shurale -
The owner of bodies
Of the deceased people.

The old woman decided to have
Another augury:
She told Alabuga to throw an egg
Over the same pelts.

Has thrown Idjik an egg -
And it broke hitting the pelt of the mouse.
The old woman got upset even more -
That also pointed to a rapid death.

Because sometimes, at Mar's request,
Samor guarded entrances
Into the other world -
She knew well all the vaults…

The old woman begun to cry bitterly:
She could not think of losing
Just found happiness -
But she said nothing to her son.

She laid him in the cradle,
That for a long time awaited babies,
And began lullaby him
And sing him this song:

“Sleep, my son,
Sleep, my little,
Be not afraid
Of Imegens or Ubyrs.

I will not let anybody hurt you -
None of them will come near:
Because I scattered around the cradle
Garlic which they abhor!

And the good Alps
Already love you -
Because you did so much today;
And now close your eyes and rest!“

When the old woman began to sing -
Alabuga pretended to fall asleep.
Then she decided to find her old man
And tell him everything.

Barely she stepped from the house,
As Idjik escaped at once.
When old pair returned -
Already his trace was cold.

Chirmysh began loudly
And desolately to sob,
But the old woman
Told him everything and added:

“Our kind son
Restored joy to our people -
And returned home
To the High Sky …“

14. Chulman helps Bulgars.

Some time later
After that, on Bulgars
Suddenly descended a new trouble,
Caused by Albastyi.

Yaga also decided
To revenge Bulgars
For their attacks
On the Tamya Haldjavyzes.

He come to the Fox Shurale
And said to him:
“Became you weak, isn't it?
Because Suban is crowding you!

Syndjak was always viewed
As your allotment,
And now it is captured
By Suban and his descendants!

If you are still in force -
Than prove it:
Arrange a Great Draught for him
And expel them out!”

Yaga was lying - Syndjak was not
An allotment of the Fox -
But knew Albastyi,
That Shurale does not remember it.

Shurale had
A short memory
And a long dislike
Of daring Suban.

As heard the Fox
About his enemy Suban -
Right away he was filled with rage
And rushed off to harm him.

Was Alp Shurale -
A host of drought and dead bodies -
He looked as a dry tree
With prickly branches.

From his mouth - a hollow
Stuck out huge copper teeth ,
A view of which inspired a horror
Even in daring braves.

It is said: Fox is very strong
And very spiteful -
And very few could be found who risk
To deal with him.

It was enough for him
In a shape of a yellow nag
To circle any il (il=country) -
As that land dried up.

The draught would last a week -
Then, for upkeep of the draught,
The Fox has again
To circle around the il…

After conferring with Shurale,
Yaga came to Urmar,
A descendant of Kan-Tuluk -
And said to him:

“I know, you want
To be a birkam
And even to seize the power -
I shall help you with it.

Soon there will be a drought -
So, you predict it
And become a birkam,
And then keep exploiting people.

I shall give you a potion,
It causes blindness.
As soon as people become embittered -
Give the potion to Djam.

He will go blind - and you
Would easily overthrow him…
But for this my help
You will be in my service!”

Urmar readily agreed -
And received the potion.
After that, in Sandugach
He predicted drought.

Birkam Boyan-Imen
Said that he thinks,
That there will be no drought -
And he miscalculated.

Shurale, in shape of a nag,
Circled around Syndjak
And caused a terrible drought -
And then Urmar said:

“Boyan-Imen became bad
And was mistaken in prediction,
And I predicted the drought -
That means, I should be a kam!”

He gained people's support,
They seized Boyan-Imen,
To hang the kam -
The was the end of bad kams.

But kam turned into a snake
And, scaring people up,
Crept away to Chulman -
And disappeared for them!

For few days some bums
Looked for a snake in a forest by the river,
And one of the crowd
Was bitten by a snake .

At once all the others
Were running to flee-
And nobody anymore
Searched for Boyan-Imen…

Meanwhile, the drought
Did its dirty job:
Mostly perished
Cattle and crops.

People were lost, and Urmar,
To worsen their status even more,
Said to Djam:
“The Heavens told me:

Mar loves mountains -
Therefore in honor of him
Human sacrifices should be brought
And high kurgans erected.

May be, Mairam
Will like one kurgan,
And he will tie to it
His manor - Balkan.

Then Djarym-At would see at once
The Syndjak disasters
And would relieve the kingdom
From terrible disaster!“

Djam ordered tribes
Do so - and they began
bringing sacrifice
And to build kurgans.

Building kurgans
Under scorching rays of sun
For hungry and exhausted people
Was very hard.

And people became embittered -
And the rage was not diminished,
By Djam himself with people
Building these kurgans.

Choosing suitable time,
Urmar during a dinner
Poured the potion
Into the bowl of Khan.

Djam drunk -
And at once went blind,
And people abandoned him,
On the bank of the Zai.

After returning to Sandugach,
People at once
Elected a new Khan -
The “Prophetic“Urmar:

Because could not Djam any more
Remain a Khan - for among Askets
The rulers must be
Completely healthy people.

When Djam understood what has happened,
He was not disgruntled with anybody:
Because his people did,
What a custom demanded.

He sat on the bank of Zai,
Which once was
The river Shir - but it dried up -
And began waiting for a death.

Did he sit for a long time
Or not - now is difficult to tell,
As suddenly appeared before him
A huge divine.

He was … … … … … … …..
… … … … … … … … … …..
… … … … … … … … … …..
… … … … … … … … … …..

That was Chulman Djualysh,
About whom we started
telling right at the beginning
Of our tolgau.

Reached him Boyan-Imen,
Whose mother was
A daughter of Chulman -
And told grandfather of the trouble.

Chulman went along Zai -
To learn, what's the trouble -
And there, unexpectedly,
He met Djam.

The divine was surprised,
That Djam was not scared of him
Though he, not expecting to meet anybody,
Turned to him the terrible side of the face.

The divine did not know that King
Does not see anything,
And he was pleased,
That he was not frightening.

Chulman asked the Khan:
“Who are you, a man,
And why are you sitting
With a sad face?”

“I am a former Khan, - replied Djam, -
And I am grieving because,
That water suddenly disappeared
Because of a terrible drought.

Because of that Shir became Zaigyr
And catastrophe began
In our Bulgarian land -
A blessed Kyrkan-Syndjak!”

Having heard it, Djualysh said:
“I see that you are a kind person,
If you think not of yourself,
And therefore I shall do you good.

I again shall fill
The dry channel with water,
So that Zaigyr again became Shir
And revived your land!”

“If you can do it -
That means, you are a great Alp, -
Noted Djam. -
And what is your name?”

“I am an Alp of Surface
And Underground Waters”, -
Responded Chulman
And started the task.

To fill the channel
Chulman had
At first to remove the draught,
Staged by Shurale.

And Shurale popped out there -
Impudently screaming at him from afar:
“You can't remove my draught -
Go away yourself from my land!”

With that Shurale
Impudently grinned:
Because Chulman could fight with him
Away from the water.

Then Djualysh summoned
His brother Subash
And asked him
To chase Shurale away.

Suban advanced on Fox,
And Shurale, knowing
About his skill to fight
With any weapon,

Suggested to him:
“let us fight
In the shapes of the horses -
That will be more fair!”

They both turned into horses:
Suban into a black,
Shurale into a yellow -
And began fighting severely.

For a long time they were beating,
Biting and pushing each other -
Until Suban could, at last,
Injure the Fox's leg.

Well, a lame soldier -
Is that a fighter?
Shurale had
To flee away the best he could…

The draught disappeared at once
After its owner,
And Chulman could finally
Saturate the land of Bulgars.

The grass arose in the steppe,
The tree foliage began to rustle,
Pure waters began to purl,
Started singing for pleasure the birds.

Hearing the noise of the river,
Djam came down to water
And, feeling the water,
Washed his hands and his face.

At once begun Djam to see -
But he could not see
The terrible Alp Chulman -
He sailed off further away.

In a shock, he come
To the capital Sandugach
And told people about
What happened with him.

People were delighted with water
And at once regained kindness:
They banished Urmar from the kingdom
And reinstated the throne to Djam.

And a birkam again
Became the kind Boyan-Imen:
Because it was him
Who saved the whole people.

From that time Bulgars
Began worshipping Chulman -
And that gave to Djualysh
An inexpressible pleasure.

15. How Bulgars revere Chulman.

Bulgars began to call Chulman
Kara-Balyk, Isady, Chishma-Babai, (isad=island)
And the river Kuban was also called Karadjai (Karachai),
Which meant “Chulman's River“.

In honor of Isady Chulman,
Who, as is known,
Lives in the Or cave,
In the Underground World of Tam -

In the beginning the Subashis,
And then and all Bulgars, began
To bury the deceased
In pits with caves.

The tombs were made by the water,
For Chulman to faster
Take the deceased across Kurun
To the other world.

And the tombs of the leaders
Were even built at the bottom of the rivers,
For which at first were drained riverbeds,
And then again the water was let in…

* * *

And in honor of Chulman
Bulgars served
In many places
Various rites.

For these ceremonies was always
Cooked a tasty food,
Was drank sudja
And were sang the songs.

They demonstrated all of that
To a fish or a frog,
Which were called “Myrdjalysh“,
And were then returned to water.

And doing that, they
Told the Myrdjalysh,
That it saw
Their rites in honor of Chulman -

And when returned to Djalysh
They should tell him,
How he is revered
By all Bulgars.

Besides, in secluded places
Or in specially prepared pits,
Was left for Chulman
A part of the brought food.

Together with food
For Chulman were left some gifts too:
Various tackles, pots,
Kazans, nets, harpoons, and hooks.

These secluded places
Frequently were islands or capes,
Where fishing was good -
And they were called Isady.

Bulgars glorified Chulman
In Süren and Chishma kene.
Süren was celebrated at the end of a winter,
And Chishma kene at the start of a summer.

At Süren kids and younger men,
Representing kukers (Kuker=alp of fertility, also Djamli, Djamlar pl.),
Walked on the streets
With weapons in hands.

In terrible masks
And animal skins,
As a crowd they went
From a house to house.

Kukers pulled a sledge behind,
Knocked weapons on the gates,
Asked to pay them a tribute,
Promising back various blessings.

The inhabitants responded,
That they are glad to pay,
But this tribute was already taken
By assistant of Yagi Yoreg.

Into malicious Alps-yoregs
Turned those people,
Who dared
To kill themselves.

Becoming yoregs,
They, without a rest
Were revenging people
And were assistants of Yaga.

On the gates of the houses
On that day
Everyone was hanging out
The effigies of yoregs.

The Kukers, hearing of yoregs,
Grabbed their arrows,
Snapped up their spears
And sent them into yoregs.

If they hit the target,
The inhabitants would throw
Into sledge old things and dolls
And would pay tribute with food.

And the children at this time
Would ran into houses
And fumigated them
With cleansing smoke of archa.

On the gates of the cleansed house
Was hung up a shield,
Which was meant to show,
That the tribute was paid.

Then they all attended cemetery,
Where Kukers promised
To ask Chulman to ease
The state of the deceased:

Because Chulman transported spirits
Of all buried deceased
Across the river Kurun
To the other world -

And people thought that he
Could know their fate
And could help them
With their wellbeing in Tam.

For that some departed
Were not buried for many days,
To have them buried
With coming of Süren…

From the cemetery the youth
Merged to the water -
Dragged behind the sledge,
Parked at the cemetery.

On the ice of the river,
The Kukers burned down the sledge
Together with all collected
Dolls and used scrap.

Then they would break the ice and announce:
“Hey, Kara Balyk! Süren, Süren!
Accept pray our gifts -
And in return take away our winter!

Take away together with cold
All our hurts and griefs,
And bring us a warmth,
Joy and abundance!

Come on, come to us -
We prepared for you
Tasty food
And set it up on the bank.

We will give you
Surfeiting porridge,
Painted eggs
And sweet honey!

Come on, come to us -
Just don't be frightened of us:
Because you are a handsome man,
And we look terrible!“

After inviting Chulman Arbai,
The Kukers on the bank had a fire,
Where was prepared Chulman botkase
And near which was arranged a feast.

A part of the treats
Each feast participant
Was putting distinctly aside
For Chulman Djalysh.

Finishing with the food,
People would leave sacrificial food
And burnt in a fire
Their masks and the skins.

After farewell to Chulman,
And washed and sprinkled with water,
The Kukers jumped through fire
From the bank and toward aul.

Already cleansed by water and fire,
The Kukers raced back to aul
With ignited from the fire
Lengthy torches lit.

Later from them
Were started the hearths
In every house -
And everybody was praising Chulman…

And during Chishma-kene
People went to the springs
And cleaned them
Singing songs.

They threw in the springs
Silver and golden coins,
“For the fish in the water
To multiply and be caught“;

They placed on the water
The wooden bowls,
“For the ships
To sail everywhere“;

They tied to the bushes
Multi-colored ribbons,
“For the nets
During fishing not to be torn“.

Singing songs about Laish,
People pulled from the water
Any rubbish and sand,
“For not to be caught in the shoals“.

Then the girls
Near a pure spring
Were dancing and singing
Songs about Chulman,

And a best of the girls
Was declared to be
A “Shan-kyzy“(pronounced Shang-kyzy) -
A bride of Chulman.

She was dressed in beautiful clothing
And was arranged a wedding feast,
Where they ate and drank,
What they brought from homes.

And likewise in Chachak bairame
People were choosing
A bride for Suban -
Only called her Güldjihan…

People told Shan-kyzy:
“You would not be outmatched by Güldjihan -
And so be a good wife
For Chishma-Babai.

Never quarrel
With other in-laws,
Be a good daughter-in-law
For Mar Djaitasir“.

After the feast Shan-kyzy
Remained overnight by the water -
Together with a lad,
Who was a better swimmer.

Later, tradition was to leave
A youth who won
The game Lapyr -
And he was called Gurugly…

In the game the contenders,
With blinded eyes
And bared torsos,
Whipped each other with lashes.

And winner and recipient of
The honorable title Gurugly was one
Who foisted more
Precise strokes…

Gurugly stayed with Shan-kyzy
Only till midnight -
Because it was thought that after midnight
Chulman was coming to her …

After celebrating the wedding of Chishma-Babai,
Folks joyfully splashed each other -
Because it was thought that after the feast
Chulman would not hurt people.

And on Subash kene, the people
Singing songs of Subash and Djaik
In the river water bathed,
To be blessed with happiness.

During bathing Chulman was called
With various nice names:
Bai-Inesh, Danysh, and certainly Arbai -
Which Djalysh especially loved;

Men presented themselves
As Alabuga and Myrdjalysh,
And women said:
“I am your Baigal!“

With that, the people
Wanted to please
Both Alps at once -
Both Leu-Subash, and Chulman -

And receive from Suban
Gift of fertility,
And from Chulman -
A safety of life.

After bathing, people
Would release a live fish,
From a water jug,
Into the river water.

Telling fish:
“Graceful Myrdjalysh!
You saw our feast
In honor of your father -

So do swim faster
To his beautiful manor
And tell him about it,
And how we honor him!“

In addition, Bulgars preferred to call
Themselves Ars or Ardjans (Men or Men's Souls)-
Because the great Alp Djalysh
Had a name Arbai Chulman (Men's Bai or Men's Prince).

To distinguish their land
From the lands of other tribes,
Bulgars called her Ardjan,
Meaning “Pure, Bulgarian land“(cf. Az-Eri-Bai-Djan = Azerbaijan).

With this reverence of Djalysh
Bulgars mollified the heart of Chulman
And earned a nickname
Ardjanlar, that is “Chulman's people“.

* * *

Has even more pleased Chulman
His mother Turun-Abi,
Who built for him
A large island in the sea.

It was in the far north,
Near the ice cold country
Of Iber-Bura or Ural -
But warm keys kept it warm.

To rise from the water there
And to rest there commenced Djalysh,
Therefore both island and the sea
Began to called Chulman.

If people came to island,
Who survived after shipwrecks,
Chulman would kill adults,
And leave only girls alive.

The girls would grow up
On the Chulman island,
Without seeing any men,
Except for Djalysh himself;

They thought therefore,
That all the men
Are like Isady-Arbai (pronounced Eesady-Arbay)-
And so loved and were not afraid of him.

When they grew up into maidens,
Djaik would take them as wives -
And in the parturition
They gave him fine daughters.

Umai instructed him to do that -
And she also ordered the women,
Who were bearing Djalysh children,
To destroy their sons.

Following to these ruled
Chulman created a female kingdom,
Where nobody was afraid of him
And everybody loved him.

To guard the island
From foreign adult men,
Turun-Abi organized a detachment
Of a forty girls.

These girls were called
Umaidjanlar or Kyrgyz (kyr = 40, gyz = girl),
And their commander had
A name Shan-kyzy.

Patrolled Umaidjans on a watch
Seacoast along the sea
And were killing all adult foreigners,
Who emerged on the island.

These Umaidjans were
Assistants of Badj-Umai
In other tasks also -
Especially in helping suffering.

If people hotly prayed
Turun-Abi for help,
She would relieve the Earth
From a surplus of malice:

She attacked the torturers,
Punished inveterate villains,
Kidnapped disobedient children -
She was very powerful…

16. Djam refuses immortality and dies.

Djam ruled for three hundred years,
Succeeding in saving his kingdom
From many disasters
And keep Bulgar country happy.

Nobody could encroach
On the lands of the Bulgars,
After tasting the force
Of Bulgarian bahadirs.

They had countless
Corpulent herds
On the pastures of Syndjak,
And innumerable blossoming lawns.

The grasses were tall,
The rivers were wide,
And mountains were high
In the old Bulgar…

So, Djam ruled for three hundred years,
Outliving Arbai, Yanarysh
And seven more
Of his regal descendants.

At first he was not puzzled
By his longevity,
But after three hundred years
That has changed.

Once Djam was passing
Through one aul
And he saw that people
Were hiding in their yurts.

He was surprised, and entering
Some yurt,
He asked family, why
They hid from him:

Because he never
Offended anybody -
And always was
Kind and fair.

The dwellers of the yurt
With shivering voices
Responded to him
From behind a curtain:

“When you have lived
More then two hundred years,
Makai spread a rumor,
That you are a lycanthrope.

From that time
We started hiding from you,
For scare that your sight
You will cause us harm”.

Very disturbed Djam,
Upon arriving home,
Summoned Arbat
And asked him:

“Tell me, askal,
Why do I live
For such a long time that people
Are afraid of me?”

And in response said to him
Birkam Arbat,
Descendant of Suzruka,
These words:

“For nothing the silly black folks (lowly folks)
Are afraid of you, a lycanthrope you are not,
And you are living so long,
Because you are an Alp”.

Djam started crying -
The bowl of his soul
Had overflown with pain,
Which could not be quelled.

He was upset with,
That his kins keep departing,
He was attached to them,
And they were leaving him alone.

The incident in aul
Has added to his distress
And a bitter insult -
And the pain became intolerable.

He told Arbat Haidji (pronounced High-djee):
“I do not wish any more
To remain an Alp -
I want to die like a man.

A bitterness of losses
And unjust insults
Are burning my soul
And do not let me rest.

What should I do,
To become a human
And to accept,
What is due to him?”

And Birkam told him:
“You need to pray Almighty -
What you are asking,
Can do one Tangra”.

Began Djam praying then
Of Tangra himself
About granting him
The fate of the humans.

He prayed day, and two -
And on the third one
He saw Kulüg-Bala who said
“The wish of yours was granted.

The Almighty, for your
Righteous life,
Foretells you:
Your time is up at noon next day!

No human knows,
When his death will come,
And therefore this message -
Is a great reward for you!”

Was scared Djam by that -
He found that he
Loved life immensely,
And people, and his native land.

The thought that he
Will die and never more
Would see his motherland Bulgar,
Caused him not a lesser pain.

He came to kelbir
And, crying, said to him:
“It became even worse for me -
I do not want to die!”

Then tears poured down
From the Arbat eyes,
And he told the King,
Barely suppressing his sobs:

“You started talking like a human -
That means, the Almighty
Granted your request -
And why are you unhappy?”

And Djam burst out laughing
Through tears - and felt better
Upon his soul;
He started getting firmer.

But when he was dying
Surrounded by all
By the Arateba hearth,
Which he once ignited,

He quietly uttered
To himself: “ I would like
To hear again
The melody of little Arbai.

Once he saw,
That I was upset with something,
And began to playing a pipe,
To distract me.

He played quite ineptly,
But tried so hard,
I gave him my praises
And said that felt much better.

From that time on, Arbai always,
When he saw me in a badly mood,
Played on a pipe for me
That melody.

When he was dying
From the wounds received
In combat with Haldjavyzes,
I was fiercely sobbing.

Seeing, that I am crumbing,
He ordered to bring to him
His pipe - and he played for me,
Until he finally expired.

If I could now
Have heard that melody -
It would be easier for me
To depart this world!

But Arbai is not around,
Nor his pipe - I threw it,
At his last request,
In the running water…”

And in the crowd stood
Three unknown people -
And nobody looked at them:
They all have been heart-broken.

And those were
Three great Alps:
A young Suban, and two old gents -
Kubar, and also Chulman.

The second Chulman has heard
The words of Djam Khan,
He took the Arbai pipe
And played that melody.

Djam gave a smile
Through tears -
And so, smiling,
Has left to other world.

17. Why Shambat left to Suvar.

So passed three hundred years
Of the Djam reign -
For that time Yaga
Became billowed with a terrible rage.

Because he was an enemy
Of the human happiness
And unsuccessfully tried
To destroy the kingdom of Djam.

It seemed, that never Yaga
Would succeed in doing that -
But a Khan became
A descendant of Djam, a goodly Aslan.

The king Aslan had
Seven sons -
Agadj, Bal-Idjam, Shambat, Burtas, (Agadjirs=Herodotus' Akathyrs=“Forest People“, Slavic “Drevlyans“)
Bilish, Kandjar and his favorite - Burdjan.

At his time a kelbir was
The son of Boyan-Imen Arbat.
When people gathered -
Arbat sang his song:

“Above the whole world -
Reigns one Khan Bir Tangra.
Best of all others -
Are his servants.

The senior servants -
Are the best Alps,
And younger servants -
Are the best people…“

But life in constant prosperity
Has softened the souls of many:
The customs of ancestors
Became for them are unimportant.

Arose among the people
Dangerous disputes
About whom to hold
Creator and Lord of the World…

Seeing that, Yaga
Decided to confuse Bulgars:
He began accepting different images
And present them for comings of Tangra.

Before Aslan and Burdjan
Yaga appeared as a Sun - Mairam
But he said he was Tangra -
And they became followers of Mar.

They called with word Mairam
A holiday in honor of Mar…
And then all Bulgars
Took this word -

Only began to pronounce
Not Mairam, but Bairam (b/m transposition in some Türkic languages, starting from Sumerian m > Türkic b),
And call with it in general
All holidays.

Before Bilish, a favorite of mother -
Yaga appeared as a she-wolf - Umai
But he said he was Tangra -
And he became a follower of Turun-Abi.

Before Shambat and Burtas
Yaga appeared as Suban-Nardugan
But he said he was Tangra -
And they became followers of Subash.

Before Bal and Agadj
Yaga appeared as a Fox - Shurale,
But he said he was Tangra -
But they remained true to Tangra.

Before Kandjar, Albastyi
Did not appear at all -
Because Kandjar was
Still very small…

The firmness of Bal and Agadj
Did not upset Yaga Albastyi -
He was already happy that he
Succeeded in seducing others.

But Arbat was a threat
For his ominous plans,
And he decided to ruin him
With the hands of his brother Haldji.

Haldji was malicious and envious,
And hated all people,
Because once was elected to be a birkam
Not he, but his brother Arbat.

Albastyi came to Haldji
And told him:
“I am your friend -
And I shall help you!

And you for that
Should only do what,
You want to do yourself :
To harm the Djam's kingdom!

Now you should
Revenge your enemies
And become what you craved for:
A kelbir of Bulgars (kelbir=birkam=High Priest).

Certainly, your brother Arbat
Has an athletic health
And you would hardly
Outlive him.

And, in addition, grows up
His son Arbat -
The already known Askal,
Who, most likely, will replace his father.

But I, wishing to support you,
Brought to you a terrible poison…
Poison your brother with it -
And you will become a birkam! “

Haldji was delighted,
And without hesitation decided
To follow the advice of Jaga -
But he was very mistrustful.

He decided at first
To prove the toxicity of poison:
And poisoned with a drop
Quinn of bees Moshaba's husband.

The Quinn's husband died,
But pregnant Moshaba,
Trying to save her husband,
Sucked from his body some poison.

This poison since then
Is transferred to all bees -
The descendants of Moshaba -
Who painfully sting…

After the test
Haldji visited his brother -
Feigning reconciliation -
And Arbat organized a feast in his honor.

At that feast, Haldji
Has poisoned Arbat -
But that drop was too small
To murder a birkam of Bulgars.

He did not die, but badly fell asleep,
Hid body lived -
He was not buried,
But laid in a kapcheg (kapcheg=kovcheg=chest).

But elect a new birkam
Was needed anyhow -
And Haldji was elected:
Because Arbat's son was too young.

Haldji achieved his goal -
But not only did not grow kinder,
And even with greater anger
Was harming Bulgars in any way.

First of all, he did,
What Arbat never tolerated:
He allowed everybody to believe
In any false creed.

Haldji thought, that that
Would wrangle Bulgars,
But occurred unexpected:
The kind Aslan backed him up.

And a part of people
Supported Aslan and Burdjan,
Another, followed Bilish
And began worshipping Umai,

A third believed Shambat and Burtas
And was nicknamed subashes,
A fourth part of people retained
The true faith.

Only those who supported
Aslan and Burdjan,
Were friends of Haldji -
The others he viewed as his enemies.

While was enough for everybody
Of land and food supplies,
All sides peacefully
Lived with each other.

But when people multiplied
So much that Bulgar
Could not any more feed them all  -
Contentions begun.

Then treacherous Haldji,
With a help of Mar,
Succeeded in forcing to leave
Opposing subs from Bulgar…

Birkam asked Mar:
“Help me, make
That for some weeks
You were not seen on the Earth:

I want to show by that,
That you angry with enemies,
To expel them from the Bulgar!..” -
And Mar agreed to help.

Nar ordered Kubar,
On Haldji's signal,
To cover the sky with clouds -
And then to open it.

And Haldji gathered people
And loudly declared:
“Mar is angry with those,
Who do not revere him!

And Nar will not appear
Until that time
When his spiteful enemies
Leave from his Bulgar!”

And people have seen,
That clouds covered the sky -
And Mar became invisible;
They were strongly frighted.

Then Haldji enemies
Started leaving Bulgar -
To there, where directed
Portending of kam Haldji.

Aslan did not hold back anybody -
He even was pleased with departures:
He thought that their exile
Will be better for the remaining…

The first decided to move
Shambat with his people.
Worshipping, likes him,
Suban Subash Nardugan.

Among his Bulgars
Prevailed Imens,
And Shambat's people
Were called both Subashes and Imens,

Haldji, who was portending ,
Who was leaving to where,
Chose for Subash-Imens
A path toward south, beyond the Kapkai (Kapkai=Caucasus).

And Kapkai was a part
Of the Wall of Divines,
And Haldji expected, that in the land beyond
Alps will eat all Subashes.

But Shambat could safely
To cross over Kapkai
And occupy a country - Suvar
Between the rivers Kubar and Suvar (Tigris and Euphrates).

These rivers were called in honor of Kubar,
Whom Mar charged
With maintaining order; Urus
Was helped by his daughter Samar.

Because Kubar did not frequent
The place, though he declared,
That he will give Suvar to a bahadir,
Who marries Samar.

The Alps in Barys service,
Have discovered quickly
The people in Suvar -
And they complained to Mar.

Nar Djaitasir was indignant
With brazenness of the people,
And over them condensed
A thunder of the Heavens.

Then cunning Alp of trade,
Also called Kuyan Davshan
For his love to the image of hare -
Rescued Bulgars-Imens.

The Alp conceived to create
A great kingdom of his,
And needed people for that -
So he decided to help them.

He appeared before the Bulgars
As a hare, and said:
“Who will catch me,
I will ensure fruition of his desire“

Shambat jumped to pursue him,
And Kuyan, pretending to be tired,
Allowed the leader of the Bulgars
To catch up and seize him.

“What do your desire?“-
Asked him Davshan.
And Shambat replied: “Let us be allowed
To live in the Suvar!“

The artful Alp assured:
“I shall fulfill that!“-
And, really, he persuaded Mar
To turn a blind eye on relocated people.

For that Kuyan offered to Mar
A tiny miraculous horse Tulpar,
Who had hare ears
And a camel hump.

It was a fastest horse:
He could fly as a bird,
Rush as whirlwind on the land and water,
And swim as fish in water.

Nobody knew,
That this Tulpar
Was a favorite son
Of Kuyan and a camel girl -

And he would frequently escape,
In concert with his father,
From those to whom Davshan
Sold him…

Mar allowed Imens
To settle in Suvar -
With a condition,
That they will clear that with Kubar;

And also Mar, for Kuyan,
Received from Tangra an approval
To form in Djuan area
His own kingdom…

Shambat gave Davshan
A part of his Syndjaks -
And Kuyan began reigning
Under a name of Djuanysh.

But he ruled poorly -
And many of his people
Escaped to Suvar, Kapdag
And other territories.

Then Kuyan began to entice
New people from beyond Kapkai -
But also many of them
Were escaping from him.

At the end, it turned out,
That the lands of Alps
Are also filled with people -
Because Alps were not too many.

But the kind act of Davshan
Was not forgotten:
In memory of it, Bulgars
Began revering Kuyan as Alp of luck …

People did not know
The artful Djuanysh,
Who was thinking only
About turning a profit.

18. Shambat marries Samar.

Crafty Kuyan actually
Counted that Shambat
Would not live long enough to wed Samar -
And he would inherit his Imens.

And Shambat, not smelling an antic,
Settled his people
And decided to marry
The Kubar's daughter Samar -

To please
The great Alp
And to receive a sanction
To reside in the Suvar.

Samar was famous as lady bogatyr,
And at wedding matches
She already has crippled
Not a few of aspiring grooms.

But the talks of that
Shambat viewed as slanders,
He hoped to succeed -
Awash in vernal surety.

The tricky Kuyan at once
Volunteered to be his matchmaker.
Shambat was delighted with that -
He did not know where Davshan was leading.

And Djuanysh has schemed
To marry Shambat on the Alp,
For the maiden Samar
To squash him in a match.

Kuyan came to Kubar
And, following the laws,
Began matchmaking Shambat, as an Alp,
To his daughter.

Barys Babai was delighted (Grandpa Barys ~ in modern English “Grandpa Boris“)
Because he was afraid,
That obstinacy of his daughter
Would leave him without grandkids.

His first sons and grandkids,
Born by the humans,
Babai even did not see,
Oversleeping the time of their life…

Demonstrating his consent,
Kubar Urus invited,
Shambat to visit him -
He would agree to any groom.

Davshan relayed the invitation,
And told Shambat to feign Alp:
“Unless you do it, Kubar
Would not even talk to you!“

But when Shambat arrived to Urus
And saw Barys' sincere hospitality,
He was ashamed to lie and let be known,
That he's a man, and not an Alp.

After these words the poor Kubar
Grabbed his head with his hands
And began groaning loudly,
With mumbling with bitterness:

“Apparently, it is my fate
To remain without dear grandkids!
Apparently, I am not to carry on my shoulders
The children of my daughter!

She possesses
A supernatural strength -
And to many Alps who desired her
Has already fractured sides…

To younger son of Djil - Djingeldjil -
My daughter broke a wing,
And to Dahus she broke
A rib and a hand.

How can you,
A weak human,
To overcome my daughter
In a wedding contest!“

But then to Kubar
Stopped by Idjik-Alabuga:
He was always ready
To help Bulgars.

Glanced Alabuga at both -
And understood it all,
But however, he resolutely said:
“Let Shambat wrestle - I will be helping him!“

Babai was doubting - but recolled,
That Alabuga never let him down,
And, reluctantly,
Agreed to a contest.

And then come the time
For a wedding duel.
Came out alyp-kyz on maidan…(kyz=girl, maidan=arena)
When Shambat saw her - he got scared.

But he did not want to retreat -
His pride did not allow.
He told her straight: “I came
To overpower you, and take to be my wife!“

“Fine, let's wrestle, -
Responded alyp-kyz, - (alyp=alp)
Let's see - do you deserve me!
If I fracture your sides - you do not take offence!“

Alyp-kyz Samar thought ,
That Alp came to her.
She did not know, that if she'd squeeze him,
She'd leave only a wet speck of him.

The contenders began converging -
Urus-Babai closed his eyes,
To not see the ruin of Shambat,
And Alabuga started singing:

“Hey, mighty Djil Erirey -
Do me a service:
Send on Samar
A rain of arrows!

Hey, my dear mom Baigal -
Do me a service:
Pour on the maiden Samar
Your scales!

Hey, my mighty father Suban -
Do me a service:
Throw to Shambat
One of your braids!“

Alps loved Alabuga -
And gave him his request.
When the contenders were halfway,
Djil sent a cloud of arrows.

Arrows flew in the maiden,
And wounded her body,
But did not stop her
Samar was approaching Shambat.

When fighters pulled together
And Samar was going
To latch on Shambat - Baigal
Showered her with scales.

Has stopped Alp-bika Samar,
Like she was firmly anchored,
And Shambat could not
Move her from the spot.

Then Suban Subash
Threw him his braid -
Shambat took this braid
And cast it behind the maiden,

With all his force, yanked it -
The braid squeezed the maiden,
Breached her strength…
Shambat pulled Samar off the ground,

Lifted her up in the air,
Then dropped her down,
Ended on the top -
And became a winner.

The maiden became Shambat's wife…
Barys was glad for that.
“I will have grandsons from my favorite daughter!“-
He was repeating with pride.

Since that time,
In memory of that wrestling victory,
Bulgars were plaiting
Their hair in braids;

On weddings they showered
The groom and the bride
With golden and silver coins,
Calling them “scales;

And Bulgarian women,
Seeking to resemble Baigal,
Decorated with coins
Their hats, dresses and scarves.

A happy Shambat,
After receiving Suvar from Kubar,
Founded there his kingdom,
With a name Samar…

19. Departure from Syndjak of Shambat brothers.

But after Shambat's departure
Nar-Mar have not appeared,
And then set out on a journey
Agadj and Bal-Azim.

The majority of Agadj's Bulgars
Were Agardjas or Aladjans,
Therefore all his people
Were called Agadjirs and Agardjas.

And among Bal's Bulgars
Were no prevailing clans,
Therefore they were called
Simply Idjams…

Haldji sent them west,
Through the lands of Haldjians,
And secretly ordered Kara-Saklans (Western Saklans),
To exterminate Bulgars.

The Haldjians were obedient to Haldji -
Because he earlier
Was at their birkam -
And they were led by birkams.

But Agadj and Bal
Defeated the Haldjians of Saklan (Slavs),
After which Agadj declared,
That he is establishing there his kingdom.

In the kingdom Agadjir (Gr. Akathyrs),
Bulgars have included
A part of local Haldjians (Slavs) -
And were nicknamed the As-Haldjians  (Slavs in Itil/Volga area):

Because the Haldjians are run-away Agils (Balkanians),
Intermixed with Ryndjians,
Still in Turun-Subs they acquired
Many customs of Bulgars.

Neighbors frequently called
Bulgars simply Haldjians,
And they, for clarity,
Called the Haldjians Uldjians (Uldjian=Ulchians=Ardjans=Balts).

Agadj offered Bal to submit,
But the proud Idjam refused -
And led his people
To one area beyond Kapdag.

On the way, in Kapdag,
A part of Idjams, not able to bear
The burdens of the road,
Separated from the others.

Bal told them - but in vain -
That it is dangerous to remain there,
Because on both sides of Kapdag
Live the Alps of a powerful divine Lek.

The Alps made unsanctioned seizure
Of the human part of Kapdag,
Which was called by the name
Of a local city - Tarvil.

The remaining in Kapdag Bulgars
Soon underwent an attack of the Alps.
The divines have eaten
Not a few of Syndjaks.

Only those who fell behind
Could hide in the caves.
And position of these desperadoes
Soon became miserable.

Gradually their clothes
Decayed and fell apart,
And their bodies have grown
Thickly hair.

Therefore these Syndjaks
The local residents - Kapdagians
Nicknamed Muitens - (Muntenians?)
That is “hairy people“.

Fortunately, the Kapdagians
Kept secret their site
And were bringing them meals -
Because they took them for saints…

And Bal with loyal people
Conquered a part of Mamil
And founded there Idjam kingdom,
Which was named Bal-Istan.

But one khan of Mamil -
A worshiper of Yaga Albastyi -
In a treacherous move conquered Idjams
And sold them to Djuanysh…

A part of Idjams
Managed to escape from Midjan
And, with the help of the Djirs,
Return to Bal-Istan…

Finally, the time came to leave
Even to wily Bilish.
Haldji also sent him westward,
Wishing to clash him with Agadj.

But Bilish, coming to Kara-Saklan,
Which became the Agadjir kingdom,
Instantly submitted to Agadj
And fetched from him the Agil country.

later, during a war
Between Haldji and Agadj,
Haldji was talking Bilish
Into attacking Agadjir.

But Bilish told of it
To the Agadj himself
And proposed that Agadj donated him
The most of Agil.

For that Bilish promised
To never attack Agadjir
And preserve for him a part of Agil -
In the right bank of Suldan - the Onkul.

That area was called Midjan,
Because there lived Bulgars,
Who were called Midjans -
And they were very peaceful.

During negotiations,
Kuyan came to Agadj
And told him:
“I am an Alp of luck Davshan.

If you would give
Independence to Bilish lands,
I will grant you a good fortune
In the war with Haldji!“

After reflecting, Agadj
Allowed Bilish to separate
And to form in a part of Agil
An independent kingdom:

Did not know Agadj that Kuyan
Earlier proposed to Bilish
To help him to become a Khan
In exchange for a half of Midjans.

When Bilish was leaving
From the Midjan land,
He gave a half of Midjans
To the cunning Davshan.

These Midjans have made
A majority of Djuanysh people,
And his kingdom
Started to be also called Midjan…

In the rest of Agil
Bilish formed his kingdom -
And in the beginning gave it
His name Bilish.

The northern part of Bilish
Started to be called Birak-Bilish,
And the southern part -
Was called Ardja-Bilish…

But very soon Bilish
Renamed his kingdom into Makidan -
Because once he saw there
Umai in an image of Mak.

The local people told him,
That in their country Turun-Abi
Cleanses from a lust -
To remain pure.

She rolls as a she-wolf
On the land of one valley
And knocks out lust
Into a dust and mud…

And the grazing beside
Yaga Albastyi
Turns the lewd mud
Into bacchic Alps - Ajdarhais.

Ajdarhais resemble
Various lewd desires,
And if a person thinks of them -
They at once descend on them.

Even more exciting the weak,
Ajdarhais lead them straight
To a terrible chasm, where
These people perish…

Then Bilish started to call
His kingdom Makidan,
Which in the language of Agil Bulgars
Means the “Valley of She-wolf“…

And Chulman was called there
A host of Underground Waters,
Which in the language of Agil Bulgars
Is said as Boz-Idan…

Haldji could not expel
Only Burtas  -
Because he was a favorite
Of Alp Suban Baradj.

Burtas asked Subash,
To help him
To remain in Bulgar -
And Alp achieved that:

He suggested to Djil,
Offended by Kubar
Because of a story with Djangil,
To create a trouble for Urus:

To disperse his clouds
To the distant ends of the sky -
And Djil at once
Dispersed clouds from over Bulgar.

The sun begun to shine
Over the blessed Syndjak,
And frustrated Haldji had to put up with,
That Mar is not angry any more.

But a majority of Bulgars
Already left from Syndjak,
And Yaga decided to inflict
To the Djam's kingdom a last strike.

In the beginning irrepressible Burtas,
Due to Haldji intrigues,
Received a most distant
And a worst area - Salgyr.

Then Yaga ordered Haldji
To take Makai's daughter
And pass her to King Aslan -
As a daughter.

Yaga knew that baltavar
Was dreaming of a daughter,
But his wife
Brought him only sons.

Haldji took from Makai
His daughter, an Imegen Baimek,
Brought her to Aslan
And told him:

“Makai's Tuzgars are now
In a great hardship
And he agrees to give you
One orphan as a daughter -

In exchange for that,
Bulgars would accept
His tribe into their people
As an eighth tribe“.

Baimek was so gorgeous,
Like all Imegen girls,
That Aslan from a first sight
Fell in love with the girl as a daughter.

To gain her,
Baltavar without hesitation
Ordered to declare Tuzes
The eighth tribe of Bulgar.

Then Idjik-Alabuga,
Who found out about it,
Awaken Arbat
And told him about event.

They both knew, that until
Bulgarian people had seven tribes,
Nobody is able
To ruin them.

Therefore the old kam
At once came to the King
And told Aslan:
“Do not accept Makai tribe.

A sad song
The strings are playing
Of my tamyr:
The song is “Karabag“.

Once composed it
The old birkam Boyan-Imen -
And from those days, in difficult times,
Bulgars sing this song.

In memory of Boyan-Imen
People started to call
This song of his
By his name - “Boyan-Imen“.

These words
Are in the song…“-
And Arbat started singing
The “Karabag“song - a “Dense Forest“:

“Karabag, karabag is around,
And in the middle of the forest, on a hill,
On a big and beautiful glade
Is a mighty and shining Oak.

It did not grew by itself -
It was created by Tangra.
Nothing exists in the world
More majestical and beautiful than it.

Are stretching to it for a help
Seven beautiful branches
Of the surrounding trees -
And it protects them all .

Cheerfully rustle
The leaves of Mighty Oak:
“There is nothing more attractive and stronger
Than our Mighty Oak!“

But a great happiness
Also generates great envy,
And a great envy
Emits a poison of great misfortunes…

Hiding his vile paw
Between the other branches,
Yaga Alabastyi grabbed the Oak
And began uprooting it from the ground.

The Mighty Oak reeled,
Shaken by Alabastyi -
Then foliage cried in pray:
Asked Tangra for help.

Told Tangra to the Oak:
“Do not pity boundlessly -
Immeasurable pity will be killed
By immeasurable cruelty.

Do not trust boundlessly -
It is dangerous too:
Immeasurable trustfulness will be killed
By immeasurable perfidy.

Only seven branches
Should be embracing you:
The eighth do allow close -
Drive it underground!“

Has understood the Mighty Oak -
It breached with its roots
The earth under Alabastyi -
And he fell underground!

Four winds, four winds are blowing -
Are blowing above the whole Earth,
They are swaying branches
Of mighty shining Oak.

And in a rustle of every leaf
Of this Eternal Tree
Is only being heard:
“Bir Tangra! Bir Tangra!“

But intoxicated with love to Baimek
The old Khan Aslan,
Listened to not a song,
But to the words of Haldji.

Barely Arbat finished,
As exclaimed Haldji,
That Aslan made a wise decision
And only the enemies do not like it;

That in the Arbat's shape
A malicious yoreg came to them,
Who wanted to ruin
The whole Aslan's kingdom.

People, confused with cries of Haldji,
Kicked out Arbat from Syndjak,
Preferring to agree with a live kam,
Than with who knows who.

So Makai's Tuzgars
Were accepted into Bulgar people
As an eighth tribe,
That harbored a trouble.

20. How Idjik tried to help Bulgars.

Baimek quickly bewitched
The heart of old Khan -
He became obedient,
As a baby is obedient to mom.

Frequently she would clime the throne
Together with foster father -
And dictated him decisions
For these or other questions.

Decided Haldji, that came
The time to ruin the kingdom -
And ordered Makai
To invite the Khan family to a feast.

And he ordered Baimek,
That during the feast
She poisoned Khan Aslan
Together with his sons.

After that, as Haldji planned,
Makai with Imegens
Was to attack Askets
And destroy Shatyr-Bulgars.

Makai, without delay,
Came to the Burdjan capital -
The beautiful city Sandugach -
And told the King:

“I brought you, sovereign,
Rich gifts and message
That the clan of Tuzes wants
To earn your benevolence.

Therefore Tuzgars suggest
That you and your people
To have a full-board at them
Not only in Djien.

We shall be glad
To play a host to you
During all our
Tribal holidays:

In Süren, and in Sabantui,
And in Chachak Bairame,
And in Djimesh, and in Kazan,
And in Kyrkar, and in Nardugan.

If you can do it -
Come over now:
My Tuzes have already gathered
And are waiting for you!“

The pleased Aslan
Praised Tuzes as an example to others -
And ordered his adult sons
To go with him to Tuzes.

To travel with him asked too
His foster daughter.
King loved her with all his soul,
And readily took her along.

Baimek hated the Khan's family
And especially Aslan's wife - Zairam.
Once, she admitted to Makai:
“I would eat away Zairam's eyes!“

When Khan with children arrived
At the Tuz aul Buri or Burgas,
Makai at once arranged
A feast in their honor.

On that feast Baimek
With a smile served father and brothers
A poisoned drink
In Khan's favorite bowl.

But did not know Baimek,
That this bowl,
Presented to King by Burtas,
Was a magic chalice.

When in that chalice
Was poured poisoned drink,
The potion would start flaming up -
And only Burtas knew it.

The potion suddenly blazed
And Burtas yelled:
“Don't drink from the bowl, father,
This drink is poisoned!“

King dropped the bowl from his hands,
And Baimek screamed
And run out from house,
Where the feast was taking place…

Haldji and Yaga understood,
That they cannot themselves
Ruin Shatyr-Bulgars,
And decided to involve Mar.

For that Yaga prescribed
To Haldji to stage
That Mar took offence
Of Khan and his Bulgars.

Haldji decided to fulfill
The order of Albastyi
With the hands of Baimek -
His loyal accomplice.

Having waited prudently
For some days, Haldji
Started telling Aslan,
That his daughter Baimek is innocent;

That it is Burtas,
Who gave him the bowl,
Purposely arranged,
To become his favorite.

“Look, - he said, -
Your lands are withered,
And the lands of Burtas
Are blossoming as ever.

Burtas, without doubt,
Concluded a union against you
With Yaga Albastyi himself-
And Yaga helps him.

If you do not believe this -
Then watch after
Your son yourself -
Or it would be late!“

The venomous words of Haldji
Have poisoned Aslan's soul,
And he ordered his servants
To watch after Burtas.

And Yaga, to whom Haldji
Told about it,
One night in the field
Entered Burtas yurt.

Burtas at this time
Slept, not knowing anything,
And Yaga, not seen by him,
Remained there, and left.

Servants have seen that
And reported to King.
And Aslan believed
The treacherous Haldji.

Baltavar returned Baimek
To the Khan's family -
And she again very soon,
Regained influence over Khan.

And the loyal Burdjan
Father ordered to expel
Burtas and his Subashes
To the hungry steppe Tamia.

Burdjan executed
The order of his father
And expelled to Tamia
Burtas and his people.

The Tuzgars who remained there
Recognized Burtas as a Khan -
Therefore that area
Began to be called Burtas.

The Tuzes numbered there
Much more than Subashes,
And very soon
Subashes also started talking in Lokyr.

Burtas named
The kingdom Idel (aka Mann, Kashdek, Kuman, Sarmat-Chirmysh, Alan, Dulo Hunnia, Suvar) -
In memory of the time,
When Bulgars were united.

Arbat come to him
And became a birkam of Idel.
He begun preaching to people
Setting them on a true way.

Arbat told people this:
“All the world is ruled
One Khan - Bir Tangra,
And Chulman is his beloved servant.

Therefore on all holidays
We should in the beginning
Prase Tangra -
The true Lord of the World.

And the one who does not honor
Tangra above it all ,
Terrible penalty expects
From the almighty Creator!

Many at once
Believed the birkam,
And those who still doubted,
Came to believe later -

When such a punishment
Fell on Syndjak
And confirmed the warning
Of the old kelbir…

Baimek sped up the punishment -
Under order of Haldji
She propositioned to Aslan
To install her birgün on a kurgan (“ü“like in “mule“).

At first the King was shocked,
But Baimek so skillfully
Caressed and cajoled him,
That Aslan ordered to do it.

A stonecutter Birdjat made
Birgün Baimek -
And set it up
On the Mar's kurgan.

Burdjan was indignant of it
And demanded from his father
To remove the birgün of the tartar -
Aslan flashed angry with him too.

He allocated to Burdjan
A parcel called Djirak
On the banks of Shir,
Which later was called Ashnyak,

And said to his son:
“Live separate from me,
Any way you want -
And I do not wish to know you!“

Yaga at once relayed to Mar,
Through Kulüg-Bala,
That Aslan fell into infidelity
And even profaned his kurgan.

Mar looked - and, having seen
On his kurgan
The bürgün of Imegen maid,
Came to a terrible fury.

In an instant, in a temper, Djaitasir
Informed Tangra
That Bulgars ceased
Honoring Heavens -

And, staking on a kurgan
Birgün of a slut,
Worship her,
As a Creator.

The Almighty was strongly angered
By the Aslan's offence -
And Tangra enjoined:
“Let the power of apostate perish!“

By his will the Almighty
Induced this idea in Agadj, -
And Agadj decided: “I shall go
And destroy Aslan's power!“

He ordered to gather troops
And asked for help from neighbors.
His subjects Tirbashes
Gathered faster than everybody else.

Then began to appear
Divisions of Djulahs and Kermeks…
Even Bilish - and he
Willingly gave him a part of his people.

A half of the world went in motion -
Noticed that Alabuga
And understood, that is coming
Something awful and terrible.

He asked what is happening,
From fast Kulüg-Bala;
Chokyr did not begin to palter -
Because he loved Idjik:

He told him directly,
That Aslan angered Almighty
And that comes to the King
For that, a strong punishment.

Idjik shuddered - he knew,
That mistakes of the Khans
Plunge into chasm of destruction
Whole peoples and countries.

He decided to beg
Tangra himself
To be clement to the dear for his heart
Bulgar people.

He knew, that only Mar
Is allowed to come
At any time
Before the Almighty -

But the other Alps
And nobody from alive people
Can appear in the Ninth Sky
Before the Creator.

But a pity to Bulgars
Within Alabuga overcome
A fear of prohibition -
He began to get ready for a trip.

Alp Suban Leu-Bai
Learned of intent of his son -
Because read his thoughts
Even at a distance.

He tried to dissuade Idjik
From the dangerous trip -
And told him:
“Do not torture yourself in vain!

Because what enjoined
The Great and Almighty Creator,
Is always fulfilled
And is never reversed“.

But did not agree with him
His son Idjik-Alabuga:
He wanted to rescue people,
As once Suban has done.

Afraid that Leu-Bai
Would try to keep him by force,
Has turned into a man.

But his father anyway
Recognized his son
And saw, that he
Can't stop him from the trip.

Then decided Suban Subash
To help Idjik secretly -
He turned into Alabuga's black horse
And flew his son to the Burdjan mountain.

There, on a large ledge,
Called Ak Basan,
Started invisible for people
Bridge to the Ninth Sky.

Another bridge to the Ninth Sky
Started from the stream Kara Basan
And run through the possessions of Chulman -
But Suban did not know that way.

He also did not know,
That existed another,
In the land of Djamaigets,
A third bridge - Kasma.

And about the Ak Basan road
Suban learn accidentally,
Unexpectedly overhearing a chat
Of Mairam father and Airam mother.

All obstacles
On the way to the mountain -
What were
Are unsurpassable to people,

Suban overcame:
Where flying as a bird,
Where running as a deer,
Where swimming as a fish.

At last, approached
The father with son
The Burdjan mountain,
Very pleased with their success.

And at its piedmont
Stood a talking stone,
Which told them:
“Stop, or else you will perish!“

These words of the stone
Has heard Tangra
And ordered Kubar and Chulman
To block the way to Alabuga.

Suban with a single jump
Delivered his son Idjik
On the ledge Ak Basan,
Where grew a mighty tree.

Leu-Bai had to make
Just one more jump -
And he would deliver his son
To the Ninth Sky.

But suddenly Suban Karga
Was terribly craving to drink,
And just under the mighty tree
Murmured a cool spring.

Alabuga didn't interfere with horse -
He ran for long with no rest.
He dismounted the horse -
And Suban bent to the spring.

But when Subash took a sip,
As he felt bad -
And suddenly he turned into
A little goat.

Did not know Suban Subash,
That Kubar and Chulman,
With a help of Tangra,
Uncovered his plan and were ready for them.

Did not know Kubar and Chulman,
From whom they protected this road:
They did not recognize in the man and his horse
Their nephew and brother.

And Karga did not recognize in the spring
His brother Chulman,
He also did not see his brother Kubar,
Hidden as a wolf under the tree.

The wolf jumped out from under the tree
And swallowed the goat -
But Kubar surely could not
Kill Suban.

Barys could only
Hold Leu-Bai
For some time
In his belly.

The poor Alabuga saw,
What has happened -
Yanked out his sword,
And jumped on the wolf;

But he even not succeeded
To swing at the wolf,
As he was stung
By some snake.

That was Abi-Umai herself,
Who accidentally was there
Dozing in the grass
before the beginning of fight.

She could not allow
A threat to her children,
And at once from her sting
Died Idjik-Alabuga.

Did not know Airam-biche,
That she's bitten her grandson -
Because Alabuga, as a warrior,
Was wearing a beaver.

And her many grandsons
Umai-biche even without masks
Would not recognize:
They even were not introduced to her.

Because the Alps were eternally
Occupied with something,
And even sleeping
For many-many years.

Among divines that state
Was a usual case -
Among them sometimes the kins
Did not even want to know each other.

It was happening also that a grandma
Would meet her grandkids
Thousands of years
After their birth.

Because kinship and time
Had for the Alps
No meaningful value -
Their main thought was of the food.

Seldom any of them
Loved and cared of others -
It that they did not differ
From many people.

But when Kubar released
Suban from his belly,
Umai-biche learned about her grandson
And was aggrieved strongly.

Started grieving Barys with Chulman too -
Because Alabuga was a favorite of Urus,
And Chulman Isady
Viewed Idjik as his son.

Sobbing, both said,
That if they recognized Idjik,
They would not touch him
And would warn the mother…

But Suban grieved even more:
None of his sons
Karga did not love so much,
As he loved Idjik.

Alabuga wanted in everything
To resemble his father,
Impressing everybody
By his kind heart and nobility.

“How have I not saved you,
My nestling, my little peregrine,
Doing evil to nobody
And trying to help everybody!

You were distinct with
Your kindness
From others Alps,
Who love only themselves.

From a love to people
You frequently turned into a human,
And did not recognize you
Your relatives.

Forever you
Left us,
Never more shall I
See you.

The joy and light
Of my whole life
In an instant disappeared…
What shall I tell your mother?“-

So, crying and deadening,
Murmured Suban over the body of his son,
And Umai-biche, Kubar, and Chulman
Sobbed together with him.

Suddenly everything darkened around -
It was Mar covered in black yapancha (outer coat, mackintosh)
And, descending to them from the sky,
Started sobbing from a great grief.

“For whom shall I shine
In this world,
If on the land
There is not my dear grandson!“-

Maundered Nar-Mar,
And everyone was scared,
That he forever
Will never ascend.

A grief swamped
Animals and birds:
They went mum -
And silence fell on the Earth.

Then withered
Grasses and flowers,
And branches of trees
Bent down to Earth.

Together with tears
Dropped on the soil
The drops of blood
Of great Alps -

Because they scratched
Their faces
From inexpressible
Sorrow and grief…

When Idjik Alabuga
Had been mourned,
Umai-biche laid
His body in kapcheg -

And, saying that she will try
To revive him,
Dashed away with him
Somewhere afar…

For a long time she tried, it is said,
With all her magics
To revive Alabuga - until
She heard a voice of the Almighty.

Tangra told her:
“Do not even try to do it!
I will return life to Idjik,
When it will be needed!“

Learning about Umai failures,
Saban lost his mind
And wanted to kill himself,
Disgorging on himself the Ak Basan ledge.

Then Mar
Ordered Hursa
To chain Suban to a tree
And then to leave him.

And arrived
The time of a spring,
When Suban had
To patrol the land -

Because he was
The Alp of the spring and fertility,
And without his rounds
The winter would not end.

But Karga was still disconsolate,
And remained
Chained on a ledge -
And the winter stayed over in the spring.

Passed days, weeks,
Sowing time approached -
And blizzards keep blowing and blowing;
Were frightened people…

Then Mar come
To his son Suban
And told him stringently:
“You have neglected your duties!

Once you were proud
That you saved people from cold -
And now you are
Ruining them with frosts!“

Came to senses Karga
And asked for a pardon.
His chains were removed -
And he went on his routes…

The spring came -
But it was very rainy.
People were saying, that these were not rains,
But Subash shedding tears about his son…

So Idjik could not
Reach the Ninth Sky -
And will of Almighty
Was fulfilled…

21. Burdjan leaves Bulgar and travels the world.

Collected Agadj an army
And moved against Bulgar:
It was bitter to him to fight
With his own father.

But more intolerable
Was for him,
That  Shatyr-Bulgar Khan
Fell into unbelief and fornication.

The As-Haldjian King
Did not go across desert,
But preferred to set off on a journey
Sailing on ships across Kara-Dingez (Black Sea).

Burdjan has learned
About Agadj campaign-
And sent to him an emissary
With a warning:

“Though father offended me -
He remains a father for me
And I shall defend him,
Until my hand hold the weapon!“

And when the Agadj army
Sailed to the border river,
Which Bulgars called Mas-Kalga,
And Tuzgars called Almysh,

Burdjan with an army
Set out towards Agadj.
Agadj began hesitating,
Seeing his bahadir brother.

He recollected that,
Burdjan once killed
At once a hundred Imegens,
Who were robbing in Syndjak.

Therefore suggested Agadj,
One day prior to a battle,
To conduct combats of bahadirs -
And Burdjan accepted the offer.

During that day
Invincible Burdjan
Killed two hundred Agadj bahadirs -
And that frightened his army.

Agadj himself
Was close to despair.
He entered his yurt
And began to pray Almighty:

“Oh, Creator, who gave me
Life, strength, and power -
I always believed
Only in you;

Without hesitation I set out -
In reply to desecration of faith -
In a campaign against
My own father.

But rose in front of me
Indestructible Burdjan mountain;
I cannot pass it myself
Help me, Lord!“

Tangra ordered - and before Agadj
Appeared Kulüg-Bala
And told him:
“Tomorrow do this:

Load your ships
On large taglik carts (taglik/tegleg=wagon) -
And order soldiers
To set sails.

And now lay down to sleep -
And do not think of anything…
Creator will not abandon those,
Who are on a true path!“

Did not want to sleep at all
King Agadj - but suddenly
His eyes closed themselves -
And he fell strongly asleep.

Awakening up in the morning,
Agadj did,
What Kulüg-Bala said -
And at once started blowing Djil.

The ships on tagliks
Started to move -
And went directly
On Burdjan army.

Each ship was like
A small fortress,
From which Agadj soldiers
Never missed to strike the enemy.

Could not brave soldiers
Of invincible Burdjan
To stop the ships -
And they were defeated.

From that time Burdjans carried
A nickname Masguts -
In memory of a small river,
Where they were defeated…

Burdjan received there a wound
And would be crushed by a taglik,
If not for his daughter -
A brave beauty Sakmar:

She managed to race
To the father who fell from a saddle
Lifted Burdjan off the ground,
And sped away to a green banner.

There, already have gathered biys
From both parts of Djirak -
And said to her:
“Oh, the daughter of subag! (su=army, bag=biy=prince, leader)

Has lost consciousness
Your father -
And we appoint you
Subag-hatyn (hatyn/khatun=Lady, Quinn).

Burdjan had
To defend his father
His hands held the weapon.

But he was wounded
And the weapon dropped out
From his hands -
And we retreated.

What shall we do now -
Die for Aslan,
Who expelled us to here,
Or to leave away?“

Sakmar answered them :
“I never saw
My grandfather Aslan -
I can not love him.

Never held Aslan
Me in his hands,
He petted some other children -
I do not want to fight for him!

Let's leave Djirak
And go towards Mar -
And there we shall see,
What is to be!“

Burdjans quickly gathered -
And set out towards the sun.
When they crossing Idel,
Burtases wanted to get even with them.

But when Burtas left
Towards Burdjans
And saw Sakmar -
He said to his people:

“We were foes with Burdjan -
But now Masguts are headed
By his daughter Sakmar,
Who did not fight against us“

He ordered his warriors to stop
And, having told Sakmar,
That he is not an enemy of hers,
Offered her the Isadun area:

“Is hard for me to rule
Burtas and Isadun together,
And I will easily grant you
The Isadun area.

There flow rivers
Djaik, Burtas, Djelbegen and Or,
There live Tuzes,
Who joined us.

You can settle there
And possess that area,
And you will pay me
Only a small tribute with cattle“.

Was impressed Sakmar
With nobleness of Burtas -
And accepted the offer
Of her uncle.

She sat up her stan
On the bank of a river -
And started that river called
The river Sakmar.

In one of the days
Came around Burdjan:
He was saved by the prayers
Of his daughter Sakmar.

She begged Umai-biche
To render help to her father -
And she, pitying her,
Cured Burdjan.

After coming around, Burdjan
Learned about what happened -
With him and his people -
And an anger overwhelmed him.

To ameliorate
His discontent,
Sakmar ordered to name
The river Burtas after Aslan's name.

But that did  not improve
The mood of Burdjan.
At last, he gathered biys
And told them:

“Is shameful to us
To live next to those,
Who know
About our defeat.

But still more shameful
Glorious Burdjans,
Who do not know submission,
To render tribute to others.

Therefore we should
Leave to there,
Where is not known about us
And where we shall be free.

We shall go again
Towards the Sun -
Let Mar himself point,
Where we shall stop!“

But not all the biys
Agreed with him -
Because some liked the
Area Isadun.

After long disputes they decided,
That a part of people
Will remain in Isadun,
And another part will move on.

The remaining were headed
By the Burdjan son Illak,
And they started to be called
Illaks or Isaduns.

But the staying, and the leaving
Cried, when they parted:
Did not forget the Burdjans
Their relatives.

Even the stern Burdjan
And the brave Sakmar,
Who were heading the leaving,
Were crying when they departed.

Nar-Mar decided to help
To his favorite Burdjan -
He decided to bring his people
Straight to the Kurgan area.

For that Nar
Strongly deviated to the south,
Changing his
Usual route.

Andin addition Mar,
Forgetting about time,
Shined for Burdjans longer,
Than was allowed.

It was noticed by Kurgan,
Whose name carried
The Kurgan area - for he
Loved to rest there.

Kurgan rushed after Mar ;
Who tried to escape,
But was overtaken by Insatiable
And ruthlessly swallowed.

On the Earth came
A full darkness.
In the gloom of a long night
Burdjans lost their way.

Instead of going south,
They went to the north -
Where they found themselves
In ice cold country Djamai.

In that country always
Was little light,
And nine months in a year
There was darkness.

So living there
Djamaiget people
Were accustomed to darkness
And went everywhere with torches.

Torch in their language
Was called “djamai“,
Therefore were so called
Their country, and her people…

Being very kind,
Djamaigets have helped Burdjans:
Supplied them with produce,
Which they were buying from neighbors.

In the Djam
Were not produced bread and fruits,
They also did not have
Good pastures for cattle.

But there were
Many dense forests,
Filled with
Squirrels, martens and sables.

But in the same forests
Wandered crowds
Of strongest Ajdarhais,
Which were called Karaks.

These terrible Alps
Moved on all four,
Like wild animals,
And had a big horn.

On each side of that horn,
Closer to his tip,
Were two halberd blades,
Like on the axe - Iber.

From a side it looked,
That divines wear Ibers -
And they were also called Ibers,
And their forests - Iberbash.

These Ajdarhais ate
Leaves of Karak tree,
From which they have received
Their nickname “Karak“.

But to climb for the leaves
Could they not,
And they were cutting trees down
With their poleaxes.

Karaks killed people
Without any pity:
Because those were spoiling
Their trees.

Therefore going to a forest
Was very dangerous -
But Djamaiget had to do it
To hunt there.

Otherwise they would not
Be able to procure pelts
And would not get for them
Their necessities and food.

Djamaigets were helped in everything
By their dogs - they
Were descendants of a dog Djugi
And mama otter Ura.

Their son, therefore,
Was called Djugra,
Which in their language meant
“Descendant of Djugi and Ura“.

Djugra married
One girl
And started a Djugra tribe,
Which is also called Djamaigets.

Ur was pra-mother and a quinn
Of squirels, martens and sables.
Once she left
From Djugi to Suban.

And the dogs from that time
Pursue in every way
The descendants of Ura -
Squirels, martens and sables.

And Djamaigets, to make sure that dogs
Did not feel also offended by them,
Stage a wedding of a leading dog
And a most beautiful Djugra girl.

Such weddings they
Stage annually -
And during wedding dress the bride
In a dog's pelt…

Djamaigets understand
The doggie language -
And can, if needed,
To talk with the dogs.

To teach
Their children the doggie language,
Djugrais clothe them
In doggie pelts -

And then,
For some time,
They nestle them with the bitches;
Who feed and train them.

Dogs track down animals and Alps,
And if necessary,
They grab the ropes of the sledges
And pull the owners away from a danger.

Therefore Ajdarhais
Hate the dogs
Not any less than people,
And exterminate them everywhere.

Ajdarhais copulate with mares,
From which are born
New Ajdarhais men.
And Karak women do not exist.

If Karaks meet
The human riding a mare,
They catch up with him and kill him,
And copulate with mare.

And a horseman riding a stallion,
They do not pursue:
They don't need stallions,
And they do not waste efforts.

Ajdarhais copulate
Also with strumpets-
And strumpets love them
And secretly serve them:

They inform them,
Where is better to attack people -
Therefore Djugrais
Kill libertines.

Did not know Djamaigets,
How to fight with Karaks,
Therefore these Ajdarhais
Pressed them more and more.

Fortunately, Burdjan,
Wishing to thank Djamaigets
For their help,
Decided to help them.

He took Hursa's arrows
And went to a forest,
Where he soon found
Several Karaks.

Began Burdjan shooting
These Ajdarhais -
But that was nothing for them:
Only one of them cried.

The arrow struck him in the back -
And understood Burdjan,
That only the Karak's back
Is vulnerable to the weapons.

Burdjan returned to people
And told them:
“I have learned how to hunt
The vile Karaks.

Before a hunt
Climb on the trees,
And under the trees leave
Mares, stallions and dogs.

When Karaks would start
Aligning with the mares,
That dogs will warn you
About their approach.

You will have time to prepare
And, in a proper instant,
Shoot them in the back from above
You will kill the nasty creatures.

If you run out of arrows,
And Ajdarhais surround the tree
And start cutting it -
Do not fall in despair.

Have a fellow hunter
Ride on stallions
With a mare on a tie -
And distract Karaks.

Ajdarhais cannot contain
Their urge to mares -
And will rush off
To horsemen with a mare.

A hunter at that time
Can can safely climb down
And leave, riding a stallion,
From the threatening danger.

And the horsemen, when
They have distracted Alps,
Should kill the mare
And race away.

The spiteful Ajdarhais
Would not use the mare
And will not follow them,
For they do not waste efforts…“

Djugrais did that -
And began to press the Karaks;
Sometimes they could
Capture Ibers alive.

Then they sold them
For a very high price -
Because in captivity they were
Excellent workers.

For food and covering mares
Ajdarhais could
Work tirelessly
As loggers and masons.

The places where they
Logged down the forests, clear rocks,
And built roads,
People call Iberia.

And to make them
Compliant and obedient,
Their legs were damaged
And they were made lame…

Ajdarhais were angry with Burdjan
Because he figured,
How they can be defeated -
And decided to revenge him.

Once Ajdarhais
Attacked Burdjan's camp -
Burdjans were strongly asleep in a field,
Thinking that the field was clear of Karaks.

If not for the dogs -
This would be the end of Masguts.
But the loyal dogs started barking
And awoke Bulgars.

Burdjans jumped out of yurts
And jumped in sledges,
And the panicked dogs pulled them
Far away from the Alps.

Could not Karaks
To pursue them:
The snow in a field was deep
And the Alps were sinking in it.

But Bulgars found themselves
In the middle of a snowed steppe
Without firewood, fire and food -
And were preparing for a death.

At that time Tangra
Has released Mar - and he
Illuminated the Earth again,
But in the Djam still stayed darkness.

However, two daughters of Mal-Uger -
Karadjim and Dulo,
Whom Mar loved
As his daughters -

Could help
To perishing Bulgars.
And happened it
Totally accidentally.

Once Mar won over Almighty
To allow Uger's daughters
To ride the Kasma bridge -
And they frequently played there.

And once Dulo
Slid from the bridge
So unfortunately that she fell
In the Djamai country.

There she saw
Twin sons of Burdjan -
Burdjat and Kashan -
And fell in love with them.

And those fell in love with her -
And when she suggested
Them her help,
They at once agreed to accept it.

The brothers came to Burdjan
And entreated  their father
To follow  Dulo
With all Masgut peoples.

However Burdjan, being afraid
That Dulo wants
To ruin Bulgars,
Refused to do it.

Therefore Dulo followed,
Together with Burdjat and Kashan,
Only a part
Of the freezing Masguts.

Dulo, radiating warmth,
Brought Burdjat and Kashan
And their people
To the Hin country (Hun).

There Burdjat,
In one location,
Saw in a dream a wolf
And told his people:

“I saw in a dream
A huge wolf:
It is a good sign,
Promising happiness to us.

It means,
That in this land
The hunting is good, and
We can remain here!“

Bulgars elected
Burdjat their leader
And subordinated a part of Hin
And the local people.

These people called Bulgars
Man or Mangyt.
And they started to call themselves
Mankuls (Man/Mangyt slaves).

Burdjat founded there
A Hon Kingdom (Hun),
Which in the language of Bulgars
Means “wolf“and “hunter“.

But Mankuls began
Calling Hon kingdom
Also Burdjat,
For they loved Burdjat:

Because he freed them
From a severe yoke of Hins -
And his rule for them
It was easy and pleasant.

The descendants of Burdjat and Dulo
Started to be called Dulo -
In memory of saving by Dulo
Of this part of Bulgars.

From the two brothers, Dulo
Has preferred to choose the Khan
And married Burdjat -
For a joy of all people.

After the death of Burdjat
A king of Hon became
His senior son from Dulo
By the name Djun.

And Burdjat brother Kashan
Could not accept,
That Dulo did not select him
And left from the Hon…

On the river Syr-Dara
He found an area,
That nobody owned,
And formed his kingdom there.

And Burdjan, who remained in Djam
Began transmigrate seasonally with his people,
But in the end they were exhausted
And in despair he turned to Mar:

“If you, Oh, Djaitasir,
Would help us
To reach the warm
And lit territories -

With murmuring rivers,
Teeming with fish,
Boundless pastures,
Teeming with cattle -

I shall sacrifice
To you
My own daughter -
My favorite Sakmar!“

Mar heard the appeal -
But was afraid to help,
Afraid of an anger
By Almighty Tangra.

22. Karadjim, Sakmar and Idjik-Asparyk.

Meanwhile Karadjim, seeing
The departure of her sister Dulo to the east,
Wanted to go
Together with her:

She jumped off from the bridge
From the same spot -
But landed near Burdjan,
Who was waiting for the help from Mar.

As soon as he
Looked at Karadjim -
As without bounds
He fell in love with her.

Burdjan told her:
“died from afflictions
My first wife -
And I would take you as a wife,

But not for long is left
To live for me
And for my people:
We are freezing in the snowed field!“

Karadjim grinned -
And Burdjan saw suddenly,
As her arms
Were repleted with firewood.

Burdjan piled this firewood
Directly on the snow,
And Karadjim breathed on it -
And a grand flame flared up.

The folks have warmed up - and cheered up,
Began thanking Karadjim
And saying that she, probably,
Is a daughter of Mar;

That she came down to them,
To save them
And lead to those lands,
Where it is warm and lit.

Touched with the human gratitude
And pleasantly surprised,
That people knew about her,
Karadjim decided to help them.

Flashing with fiery light,
She led Burdjans -
And brought them
To the Kurgan or Syban area.

Here Burdjan succeeded
To occupy Echke-Kurgan,
Which in honor of Karadjim
Started to be also called Karadjim.

From that time Kurgan
Became a name
Of the Western Kurgan -
On the coast of the Kurgan Sea…

Barely have settled
And organized Echke-Bash kingdom,
Burdjan hurried up
To marry his beloved Karadjim.

The wedding attended
Nar-Mar Djarym At himself;
He introduced himself as a distant
Relative of the bride.

He shrouded with a red coat
The wheels of his chariot,
For not to incinerate
Everything around.

Mar presented the newlyweds
With a red banner -
He said that it
Scares off any villains…

They settled in the south of Karadjim,
In the area called Bahta,
For in it were common
Plenty of bahta camels.

Bulgars started to call
The Bahta area
Also Ardja-Bahta,
And Ardjan and Bahta-Bulgar…

Precisely in that country
Was located the Balkan mountain -
But the local residents were saying,
That it's impossible to reach it.

Therefore people
Admired the mountain from afar
And did not attempt
To come near it.

Near the capital Echke-Bash
Was a beautiful mountain Tamar -
On it Burdjan
Built karamadj of Mar (sanctuary?).

It was so majestic,
That from that time, Bulgars
All karamadjes of Mar
Called Tamar…

Knowing the love of Mar
To beautiful girls,
Burdjan ordered Sakmar
To oversee the Tamar.

Therefore she was nicknamed
Also Tamar-kyz;
She composed many songs
In honor of Djaitasir.

She was so beautiful
And Burdjan loved her so much,
That Khan had pitied her
And did not sacrifice her…

And next to the Bahta-Bulgar
Was a section of the Wall of Divines ,
Which was called Kara-Korum (aka Qara-Qorum),
And beyond it were possessions of the divines.

In the head of these divines
Were Alps Tura and his son Kai.
Was Tura a brother of Mar
And he always envied his glory.

Tura demanded - through his envoys -
That Burdjan began to honor
Him instead of Mar
And to pay him a tribute.

When Burdjan refused,
Tura with his Alps
Invaded the land of Bahta-Bulgar
And began ravaging her.

However, the soldiers of Syban
Were armed with Hursa arrows,
Which were also dangerous for Alps -
And Masguts repulsed the attack.

Then Tura, who escaped intact
Told Burdjan:
“Come to the wall - and we'll begin
Peace negotiations!“

But as soon as Burdjan incautiously
Came closer to the Kara-Korum,
The Alp flung on him from above
A huge stone.

When Burdjan was pulled from under the boulder,
That he only said: “This is my
Punishment for reneging on the promise!“-
And died at once.

Of the Khan's family remained
Only Karadjim, Sakmar
And her younger brother Ermi-As -
A stately and comely lad.

After the death of Burdjan
Ruled for some time
A people favorite Karadjim -
But her rule was short.

For a long time Karadjim loved
A stately good looking Kashan:
She saw him,
When he was leaving with Dulo.

She decided to win
The heart of the beloved Kashan
And settle with him
In a corner dear to her heart.

This corner for her
Was an area on the river,
Which Masguts called
Shir-Dere or Syrt-Dara (Syr-Darya).

For Kashan not to remain
In far away Hin,
Karadjim achieved
Election of Burdjat as a Khan:

It was she who sent
On him a dream about Hon,
Due to which
Burdjat became a Khan…

After Burdjat marriage
On the beauty Dulo
Karadjim came to Kashan in his dream
And called him to Syrt-Dara…

When he already lived
On the Syrt-Dara - she
Informed him in a dream
About the death of Burdjan…

On the Burdjan funeral
Have met Karadjim and Kashan,
Who arrived to mourn over his father, -
And Kashan fell in love with her.

When mourning period passed,
Kashan married Karadjim,
Which caused an anger of Ermi-As -
He had her in his sights.

He could not destroy
Her new family,
But he achieved
That she was deprived of her power:

Yaga advised him in a dream ,
That a Quinn, who became a wife
Of a husband from another country,
Lost her right to the throne…

But then Karadjim,
Seeing, that many loved
The daughter of Burdjan Sakmar,
Handed over to her the red banner.

The biys were not against
Election of Sakmar as a Quinn -
But against it unexpectedly
Voiced Ermi-As.

He was immoderately ambitious -
And when he found out that biys
Want to elect Sakmar a Quinn,
He took offence at her.

Yaga was watching Sybans ,
Mindful of Echke-Bash growth:
Because Masguts could capture
His Tamta area.

He decided,
With the help of Ermi-As,
To split Echke-Bash
And to secure Tamta.

Once, when Ermi-As
Was going for a hunt,
Yaga positioned on his way
A beautiful Imegen girl Oimek.

Was she, a servant of Yaga,
A younger sister of Baimek -
But she did not yield to her
In her rage and cruelty.

When Ermi-As
Came across her,
She told him:
“I see my hope!

My Kurgan clan
Lost the way and perished
In this desert -
Save me, Oh, a great bahadir!“

Seeing Oimek, Ermi-As
At once fell in love
With her without bounds -
The Imegen girls knew how to charm.

She seduced him,
Forced to marry her -
And began inciting in him
The most perfidious feelings.

Lust and envy,
Greed and power hunger,
Perfidy and cruelty
She incited in her husband.

The soul of Ermi-As
Became black and heavy -
She subordinated him,
Made him her servant.

Following her direction
Ermi-As captured
And transferred there
His batavyl.

Then Oimek pushed him
To a war with Isaduns.
He defeated Illak
And killed his wife and sons.

The part Isaduns fled
To the Kashan kingdom,
Where Kashan hospitably
Accepted and placed them.

The Isaduns became
A majority of his people
And were nicknamed Kashans -
Out of gratitude to Kashan.

The defeated Illak had
To concede to Ermi-As
A half of Isadun -
The steppe Tura-Basyl.

To produce
New sons,
Illak married
A few more times -

But the other wives
Did not bear him children,
And he parted with them,
Giving them a redemption.

After that he
Married a beloved,
Widow of a biy,
Who had a daughter Isat.

When he has grown old,
He offered to Burtas:
“I have grown old - but yet
Don't have successors.

Let one
Of your sons
Marry Isat
And he will rule Isadun“.

Burtas agreed
To this offer,
And his son Djargibei
Married Isat…

Having harmed Illak, Oimek
Decided to ruin Gülbika,
The first wife of Ermi-As,
And her sons -

To make Tumak,
Her son from Ermi-As,
The only heir
Of her husband.

Tumak was three days old,
And he already stood on his legs,
And in seven days
He already was talking…

Tumak received
Subjugated Tura-Basyl…
And he was
Much alike his mother.

During a terrible famine,
He arrived to funeral
Of one bagyl (Bek/Prince of Land) -

And when he saw
A poor table,
He ordered to the bagyl's son
To cook for him the body of his father.

When the bagyl's son
Did not obey this order,
Ermi-As slashed him down
And ate together with the body of the father.

He liked cannibalism so much,
That he ordered all his people
To do at the funerals
The same.

A special cruelty
He displayed hunt,
Killing during round-ups
At once thousands deers and nanny goats.

On a return way
He frequently threw out
Most of the loot,
Because he could not carry it.

A few times Umai-biche
Shot at him for that,
But each time she missed,
Though she was a good sniper.

She did not know, that
That was a trick of Yaga - he,
At Oimek request,
Created a ghost of Tumak.

This ghost was always
Several steps away
From Tumak,
And Tumak became invisible.

That way Oimek tried
To protect her son -
And, really, it seemed
That he became inviolable.

Tumak became invisible
For animals and birds
And, using that,
Was killing even more of them.

At last, filled with a gall,
He once ambushed
An herd of Mar's deers,
Protected by Umai.

The shots of Turun-Abi
Were not hitting the target,
And Tumak downed
Almost all of golden-horned deers.

Umai came to her husband
And, bitterly crying,
Told him,
What has happened.

“Apparently, I have grown old, -
She said, -
And began shooting worse -
Could not hit the robber.

I need an assistant,
Like Alabuga:
Suban was telling that Idjik
Had never missed!“

A very distraught Mar
Asked Tangra about to send
A guard for animals - a shooter,
Like Alabuga.

Then enjoined Almighty,
That Idjik-Alabuga
Was revived back,
In a shape like a man…

At the will of Tangra, gave birth
To Alabuga Asparyk
Karadjim, who
Could not get pregnant from Kashan.

One time she
Was washing her legs in the river -
And she suddenly felt,
That she become heavy.

And then she heard a voice,
Which told her:
“You will give birth to a boy
And name him Seber Asparyk!“

Karadjim got scared
And fainted away -
And when she came around,
She did not see anybody beside her.

She called some servants -
And those helped her
To reach the yurt
Of her husband Kashan.

She barely informed him,
That she is pregnant,
As parturiency has at once begun -
And she produced a boy.

Kashan was very delighted -
Because he was dreaming of a son;
His wife told him nothing
About the Voice from the Heavens.

But asked Karadjim,
That her husband named
Their son Seber Asparyk -
And he fulfilled her request.

On the first day
The baby Asparyk
Started speaking with mom -
And he asked her:

“The envious Ermi-As
Raised a revolt
Against his sister -
The beautiful Sakmar.

He did it
At the direction of vile Oimek,
Who wants to seize
The blessed Echke-Bash.

When Oimek told to her husband:
“How can you
Submit to a woman -
Even if she is your sister?

Have really returned the times
Of Umai rule,
When the men
Were servants of women?“-

Ermi-As could not stand it
And gathered a kinesh of bagyls (Counsil of Bagyls),
To retrieve
The power from Sakmar.

Take me, mom,
On the kinesh -
Don't mind that I am small -
Because a word is apprized by its wisdom!

I want to protect Sakmar,
I want to save Bulgars
From a new rivalry
And from a vicious war!“

Could not find objections
Karadjim to her son -
And took him
On the great kinesh.

There were all biys,
There were all bagyls,
There were also all those
Who wanted to state their word.

When have arrived on kinesh
Karadjim with Asparyk,
There was speaking
Cunning-tongued Ermi-As:

“I gathered kinesh of bagyls,
To tell to the people:
Why are we returning
To the times of Umai?

What for we again
Are ruled by a woman,
Making ourselves a laughing-stock
In front of the other Bulgars?

Our King should be
Only a man,
A senior descendant of Burdjan -
And is precisely I!“

The bagyls liked
The blistering speech of Ermi-As -
And they were inclined
To accept his proposal.

But then resound the voice of Seber,
Who was held in his mother hands:
“Sweetie singing is heard amongst you -
Let me also sing!“

Many have grinned,
Even gray-bearded bagyls,
And when they saw Asparyk -
They had their mouths opened.

Ermi-As felt alarmed -
And screamed with all his might:
“What is this miracle
Dragged on kinesh?!“

But Masguts used to honor customs -
They gave a word to a son of Masgut,
And noticed to Ermi-As:
“Your own son is a miracle!“

Then said Asparyk:
“Glory to you, Masguts,
That you do not abandon
The Bulgarian customs!

And among them is also such one:
When people can't in any way
Stop endless dispute -
Then is staged a competition.

There, the debaters step out
And spar with each other,
And who remains victorious,
Behind him stands the truth!

But can't, by the custom,
Be banned from competition
Neither a woman, nor a man -
The only exemption is for deformity!

Don't we have enough among us
Of worthy men and women -
Let's arrange
A competition for all comers.

And the one who would overcome
All the opponents,
Will be rightly elected
A king of Echke-Bash!“

Kinesh was already going for a while,
And bagyls got a bit tired
From never-ending speeches -
Because Masgut is mostly a soldier!

Therefore upon reflecting,
They agreed with Idjik,
And nicknamed him “Aspandyar“,
For he wisely resolved a dispute.

Masguts began preparing
A grand competition,
But in a heat of preparation
Tura again attacked Syban.

Tura could not be appeased
And, surrounding the capital,
Demanded from Masguts
To turn Sakmar over, and a tribute.

The Quinn told
The Syban bagyls,
That they have to fight the divines -
But Ermi-As objected to her:

“We have spent
In the last war with divines
All Hursa arrows,
Dangerous for Alps.

And our messengers,
Sent to Kazan,
Are to return later
Then the appointed day.

If we stand against Alps
With usual weapons -
They will defeat us
And destroy all our people.

Let us turn Sakmar over
And agree to rendering tribute -
Then we shall save the people,
And gain a desired peace!“

The biys became hesitant…
Saw that Sakmar
And, deciding to not oppose,
Told the bagyls:

“I have understood:
All our troubles
Are caused by
Failure to keep the oath of Burdjan.

Since I, at some moment,
Was promised to Mar,
I should fulfill the promise -
And meet what may come!

Let me in the appointed day
Be taken on a cart to Tamar -
And left on mountain
Together with other gifts.

And let know Tura,
That I am there -
Let him try to come
And to take me from Mar!“

And Bulgars did exactly that…
And in appointed day
Tura came with an army of divines
To mountain Tamar for the Quinn.

When Sakmar saw it -
She started singing “Oh, Mar,
I am intended in sacrifice to you -
So come and take me!

Come to me, Djarym-At,
Be harnessed to my cart -
Take me to the Balkan,
Into your golden halls!“

Mar Djaitasir
Immediately arrived
In a shape of a Red Horse
And said to his brother Tura:

“The young Sakmar-kyz
Was sacrificed to me -
So, go away
Peacefully, or else!“

The shine of Mar colored the mountain
In red color -
And it started to be called
A Red mountain (Kyzyl dag).

But Tura, since the childhood,
Was not yielding to Mar in anything,
Therefore, belching damnations,
He stormed the mountain.

Once Tura noticed,
That he is slightly lower then Mar,
And asked Hursa Kainardji
To extend his legs.

Hursa concocted for him
Long shins out of clay -
And Tura became
Taller then Nara-Mar…

But if his stone body
Was inviolable,
His clay shins
Were fragile.

About that, in time,
Recolled Mar -
And pushed a cart
From the Tamar mountain.

It struck
Tura in his knees -
And his shins at once
Fell off from his body.

Tura became helpless,
And a happy Mar
Tucked him
In a large bag.

He ordered Sakmar-kyz
To go peacefully and keep reigning.
And Djaitasir dragged his brother
On the Balkan mountain.

But in one place
Mar stumbled and almost fell,
And he dropped the bag -
And it landed far in a steppe.

Tura was scattered from the impact
Onto thousands of small splinters,
And that stony steppe
Started to be called Tura-Basyl.

Mar first tried
To collect the fragments of his brother -
But he saw that it is impossible,
And left away.

And so did not chance
The envious Tura
To ride in a bag
To the other end of the World.

There Almighty again
Revived the Alps -
But only some of them
Were allowed to come back to the Earth.

And the majority of the Alps
Remained far from the Earth -
But trouble-makers there
Enough even without Tura.

For example, some of them
Sometimes try
Defiantly return to the Earth,
Where it was lovelier for them.

But Tangra established
A strong guard
Out of revived modjar bahadirs (modjar=warrior) -
And strong Alps.

Sometimes the modjar is headed
By Kubar Urus Djuresh himself-
The guard does not allow mischievous
To break to the Earth.

The unhappy Alps frequently
Fight with the guards -
And sometimes these battles
Are visible from the Earth.

Then the sky lightens up
With sparks and lights
And even become visible
The battling figures…

And Sakmar came back home
And people met her
With a great triumph,
As their Quinn.

The biys decided, that she
Should pass by all auls in kingdom
And at every place should stay
For three days.

The first day will be
A day to revere Mar and nobles,
The second day will be a day to honor
The clans, relatives and friends.

And the third day will be a day of ulush,
Of global reconciliation and celebration…
And thus was celebrated the salvation of Sakmar,
And the holiday was called Ulush or Djien.

From that time Bulgars
Always celebrate Ulush,
Stopping for the Djien time
Any wars, hostilities, and disputes.

Our Khans in Ulush
Troll the provinces,
And receive everywhere gifts,
Hold a court, and feast on banquets.

On first day of Ulush
On the aul maidans (plazas)
Are installed three masts,
To which are tied three horses:

A red horse of Mar,
A black horse of Khan
And a skewbald horse of the biy,
Who is receiving the visitors.

And around columns
Are set up the yurts,
Where are sold
Different goods and groceries,

Settle down for a rest
The noble and famous guests,
The friends are meeting,
And introduced people from distant places.

After a rest they all go to Tamar,
Sacrifice there to Mar
And drink for him - for the famous
Tarkhan of the Alps.

Coming back from karamadj to aul,
People present their gifts to the ruler,
To all nobles and famous -
And drink for them…

After that the Bulgars
Present their gifts to each other
And celebrate, visiting houses
Of all kinfolks and friends…

And when time comes for the games -
The guys roll up on the barrows,
Which are called “red“,
Carts with the girls.

Coming back down, the guys
Start climbing the barrows,
And the girls roll against them
The cart wheels.

If the guys with their shields
Manage to knock the wheels down to the ground,
To prevent them from rolling downwards, -
Then they ascend the barrow.

There they kiss the girls,
Whom they love,
And the grown-ups, looking at it,
Reflect about wedding the young…

And if a few
Daring guys
Select as their bride
The same girl,

The right to marry her
Receives the one who would lift
Or throw the furthest
A heavy stone…

After that the biys wanted
To raise Tamar-kyz on the throne -
But again voiced against it
Ermi-As with several bagyls.

He insisted on a contest -
At once came about interested people:
Two hundred of haughty men
Expressed a desire to wrestle with Sakmar.

By then Asparyk already
Was running.
He ran to Umai-biche
And told to her about it.

Became angry with Ermi-As
The stern Turun-Abi,
She gave Idjik an apple
And told him:

“Before the competition
Let Sakmar eat my apple -
And after that
Assuredly go to combats!“

Alabuga passed on
The apple to aunt Sakmar.
Sakmar was surprised -
But followed advice of Badj-Abi…

When people gathered
In the competition place,
Tamar-kyz said
These words:

“I am not holding on to power,
And therefore I agreed to combats,
But everyone who would lose,
Shalll leave the Echke-Bash!“

Her opponents burst out laughing,
The smallest of them
Was twice thicker then her -
And the fights begun.

But happened what,
Nobody expected:
Sakmar beat them all,
Her strong contenders.

In all types of competition -
In races, and in wrestling,
And in bow shooting,
And in sword fights,

And in a spear throwing,
And in a lance combat,
And in chukmar fights -
She was a clear winner.

The last she felled down
Ermi-As from a horse -
He barely crept away from maidan,
Holding for his broken ribs…

The instigators left Echke-Bash
With their people -
Sakmar became a ruler
To the joy of the people.

Tamar-kyz ruled so fair,
That Masgut-Bulgars decided
To elect as Khans only girls
And to call them Tamar-kyz.

A part of trouble-makers left
To the river Shir-Dere, to Kashan,
And another part left
To the remote Ulug-Hin (Great Hunnia).

Headed those Masguts
A biy by the name Sindji,
Therefore these Bulgars
Started to be called Syndjiks.

Were attracted Syndjiks by rumors
That there fell -
During construction of Mar's palace -
Many Heavenly Stones.

It was rumored, that there
Is a river Djansu,
The banks of which
Consist of such stones.

But on the way the Syndjiks
Were lost in the mountains
And lost a hope
To reach Ulug-Hin.

In the beginning that land
Controlled a divine Ulug-Hin,
Whom other Alps
Also called Djamin.

Once Ulug-Hin
Attempted upon the Mar's gold,
Hidden by Kai in Djamin -
But he was defeated by Kai.

Afraid of Kai's revenge,
Ulug-Hin fled
With his divines
To one wild land.

Therefore that land
Began to be called Djamin-Hin.
There were many dogs,
Which the divines began eating.

The poor local dogs
Suffered very badly -
Because divines loved
Their meat.

Therefore a Khan of those dogs,
Called Bandja,
Came to the Syndjiks
And offered them:

“I shall show you a road,
And for it you will
Allow my dogs
To live peacefully in Ulug-Hin.“

Syndjiks agreed -
And followed the dogs,
They came to Ulug-Hin
And easily captured it.

Because the local people
Were taking them for divines
Of the king Ulug-Hin -
And here is why.

The Alps had no beards,
Except for Kubar and Chulman -
And the Masguts too
Did not wear a beard.

They thought that a man
Should long before an old age
Die either in a contest,
Or in a war and hunt.

Even the elderly Masguts
Pinched out their beards,
Which among them was
A sign of decrepitude.

And when the people saw
Beardless Masguts,
Running behind dogs,
They thought: “They are divines!“

A third part of the defeated -
Led by Ermi-As -
Left to Kurgan, where he
Formed his kingdom.

But in reality that kingdom
Was a kingdom of vile Oimek,
For all the local affairs
Were run by her…

Soon after that
Karadjim fell asleep
And did not wake up any more,
Though her body was alive.

Kashan built for her
A beautiful tümen -
But soon her body
Disappeared from it.

That happened at the will of Tangra:
He commanded, that she
Became an Alp-bika of dreams
By the name Djumbaradj.

And the heavenly son of Kashan
Grew very fast
And in a month
Became a stately guy.

People sometimes saw,
As Seber Asparyk or Abar,
Rode a mighty wolf
Or surfed the waves of the river.

Kashan was amazed -
He did not know,
That his wife has revived
The Alp Idjik-Alabuga,

And that Kubar and Chulman,
Happy with Alabuga revival,
Each in his own way,
Entertained him.

Once a Voice commanded Alabuga:
“Fof now accept from your father
One province -
And reside there.

When will come to you a young man
By the name Akmar -
You shall give him your province,
And yourself depart to Syndjak.

There you will solicit for Kashan
A daughter of Tabyr -
And after that
You will become an Alp of hunting.

Do not allow killing in vain
Of animals and birds,
Punish cruel hunters
By their deeds.

You love people,
And your father Suban -
So take the images
Of men, bear and deer.

Go by a horse everywhere
In an image of a stately horseman
By your hunting dog.

And if there is a need -
Fly by air,
Dive into water,
Run faster then anybody…“

Asparyk has done it:
Took from the father's hands an allotment,
And, naming it Seber,
Ruled there for a time…

Meanwhile, Oimek
Was laying for her son a road to throne…
In the beginning she ruined Gülbika,
And then switched to her sons.

The Imegen intentionally
Spread everywhere
Rumors that,
That they are molesting her.

A few times she,
Attracting attention of her husband,
Visited the yurt
Of the sleeping senior son.

When once
Ermi-As became jealous
And followed her
Into the yurt of his senior son -

He saw,
That the treacherous Oimek
Lays beside
A sleeping prince.

Loosing his mind from rage,
Ermi-As killed with a sword
His totally innocent
Senior son.

The middle son of Gülbika - Kaen -
Killed Tumak:
he treacherously attacked his aul
And murdered everybody in it.

On the tomb of everyone who was killed
Grew a tree -
And an empty place by Djaik
Turned into a grove.

The shocked people made
This grove a karamadj:
They were coming there
And prayed.

Oimek then ordered
To eradicate this grove…
But to down two trees
Could not anybody.

They have grown on the tombs
Of Kaen and his pregnant wife:
Their trunks petrified
And did not yield to axes…

And the younger son of Gülbika -
The young Akmar -
Having learned about it,
Fled to Kashan.

He was saved due to Umai:
Turun-Abi, angry
With his father Ermi-As,
Helped him:

In the beginning she ordered
Kulüg-Bala to warn Akmar
About hanging over him
A fatal danger;

And then, when Ermi-As
Was pursuing Akmar
Together with Tumak -
She helped him again…

Already in the Kashan land
Tumak drove Akmar
Directly toward Ermi-As,
Shouting: “What a great hunting!“

But there suddenly appeared Umai
With her Umaidjanian dames -
And with a first arrow
She struck Ermi-As.

Her second arrow
Was sent to Tumak.
But a miracle happened - again
The arrow missed him.

After Umai
Umaidjans have shot -
But they also missed,
And Tumak escaped…

Towards the saved Akmar
Departed with his army
Of alarmed Seber-Kashans
Alabuga - Asparyk Abar.

Learning what's the problem,
He brought Akmar to Kashan
And persuaded him
To give him the possession Seber.

Impressed with nobility of Idjik,
Akmar told him:
“In memory of your kindness
I want to take your name!“

Asparyk agreed -
And Akmar took
The name Abar - and so
From that time was called.

Kashan wanted to give Asparyk
A new allotment,
But Alabuga said,
That he wanted to go to Syndjak.

“There, - he explained, -
Is a girl
Of unearthly beauty -
A daughter of Khan Tabyr.

I shall solicit her
For you - I do not want,
That you forever
Remained a widower!“

Kashan begun to cry -
And freed Asparyk to go to Syndjak:
He did not know, that he was seeing
The Heavenly Son for the last time…

We shall hasten to Syndjak
Ahead of Idjik - to learn,
That happened there
After the departure of Burdjan…

23. How Umai saved Syndjaks.

When Aslan saw
Ships speeding across the field,
He in horror submitted
To his son Agadj.

Agadj was stern,
But not bloodthirsty,
And he satisfied with it
And returned to Agadjir.

So Syndjak became
A part of Askyp -
As As-Haldjians called
The lands subject to their King.

And harmful Makai
Continued to shake
The power of Aslan,
Crawling to the throne.

He once called a feast
Of prominent Bulgarian biys
And told them:
“Is time to replace the Khan!

Aslan dishonored us
By recognizing Agadjir power -
And I want to replace him
And to raise Khan Kandjar.

Who agrees with me -
Join me,
And if you don't agree - then
At least don't hinder me!“

People were afraid of Makai -
Because he already lived
More than three hundred years - and that
Was eery and scary.

Syndjaks did not know ,
That Makai is an Imegen,
And that Imegens live forever:
Because they are Alps.

Biys agreed, tired
From the petty tyranny of Aslan,
That power should be transferred
To his younger son Kandjar.

Though, to help Makai
They did not dare,
But promised not to hinder,
Thinking that can't be worse.

Makai understood, that everything
Favors to him
Seizing the power
Under pretense of helping Kandjar.

He gathered brothers
And all Imegens he knew,
And all of his Tuzes -
And announced to all:

“I am going against the capital
To overthrow the unfit Khan
And raising as a Khan
His son Kandjar“

When these troops marched
On beautiful Sandugach,
To protect Aslan
Dared very few.

Imegens totally defeated them -
And devoured, together with the Khan - ,
And Makai began burning
The suburban auls.

Their inhabitants fled,
Those who managed to survive,
To the entrance into the gorge

They fled
Through the city
And tried to persuade Quinn Gimik
To leave with them.

But Gimik relied
On sturdy walls
And remained in capital
With her small son Kandjar.

And to those who reached the gorge,
One local old man Shila said:
“I escaped there
From villain Haldji -

He wanted to kill me
Because I
Tried to expose him
In the eyes of Khan.

When Haldji people
Tried here
To seize me,
I was fighting desperately.

But I have grown weaker
And enemies already
Wanted to finish me with spears and swords -
And then I saw a youth.

“What are you doing, fighting unequal war?“-
He grinned,
And I, already ready to part with my life,
Suddenly grinned too.

But the enemy arrow
Wounded the youth,
And he suddenly turned
Into a huge bear.

And I have understood,
That this is Alp Suban,
Who loves to turn
Into guys, deers and bears.

He does not help anybody,
But only the fearless,
And sometimes appears
In this gorge.

Because in its depth
Is the cave of Turun-Abi
And her Umaidjan girls,
And he checks on their safety.

Let our children and women
Flee to the cave
And pray Umai-biche
About salvation -

And we, the men,
Will defend the gorge,
Until comes to our
Aid Umai.

Let the first file
Be manned by old men,
Behind them will stand the men,
And behind them will stand the guys.

Let's give the enemy
A fiery fight:
Because we are Bulgars,
And fight is our nature!“

These words gave
A hope to the weak
And encouraged warriors -
People followed the advice of Shila.

Women and children hid
In the Turun-Abi cave
And asked the parents of Gimik
To appeal to Umai-biche.

Because Ana-Abi (Mother-Grannie)
Loved them for their
Respect for her.

Near their house
They even made
A even - a small tümen (anthropomorphic image?)
Of their dear Turun-Abi.

Parents began praying,
And Imegens at that time
Started to storm
The entrance into the gorge.

The wise and brave Shila
First fought with older men,
And when they have fallen -
Began to fight in the ranks of men.

But the ranks of men
Also fell to the last,
And Imegens attacked
The last line of guys.

One youth,
Whose helmet
Covered the bottom of face,
Felt sorry for the old man.

He offered him,
As the only older man,
Who survived in fight,
To leave to the cave.

But the old man remained
And fought with the guys
Until the time
When Umai came to the cave.

Turun-Abi has heard complaints
Of Gimik parents,
And flew to Syndjak
And saw, how Sandugach fell.

But she nowhere
Could see Gimik,
Though people from her sight
Could not hide on the Earth.

And the Quinn, once the Imegens
Broke into the capital,
Took a small Kandjar
And run to durbun (tunnel?).

By this durbun
The Quinn came out to sea -
But there she was surrounded
By Baimek's Imegens.

Gimik had barely a second
To throw bag with child
In coastal bushes -
She fell into the paws of cannibals.

Delighted Imegens
Tore the Quinn onto pieces:
Some they ate at once, - and others
Threw in a boiling kazan.

And Baimek herself
Impatiently grabbed
The bloody head of Gimik -
And Gimik told her:

“I did not listen
The wise Arbat,
Who told me
Before leaving from Syndjak:

“Do not take this orphan into house -
All your face will be in blood! “
And now it is what
Happened with me!…“

In the beginning Imegens did not notice
The small Kandjar,
Who quietly
Was laying in the bushes.

But, having eaten Quinn and still not sated yet,
The Imegens began to fumble in the grass,
Hoping to still find
Some pieces of the body.

They stumble on the boy -
And, chopping off his
Arms and legs, they threw  him
Into already empty kazan.

They were going to continue
Their victorious feast:
They threw branches under kazan
And began kindling a fire.

Turun-Abi noticed it,
She flew in an image of crane
Above that place -
And dived downwards.

Knowing, that Imegens
Are solely afraid of Kubar,
Whom they envisioned
In an image of seasoned wolf,

She, falling to the ground,
Turned into she-wolf
And roared so,
That the earth was shaken.

The Imegens, seeing it,
Were terrified and dispersed in panic,
And Umai grabbed kazan
And fled with it inside the cave.

There she appeared
In an image of a doe deer
And told Bulgars
To follow her in durbun.

Then one girl
Ran out from the cave
And warned the guys,
That the people are leaving.

There, that same youth ordered
To the surviving guys and Shila:
“You go with the people - and I
Will hold the enemies here!“

Many guys
Did that,
But some young men
Did not believe him.

They hid behind rocks
And decided to look,
How a wounded guy
Would alone hold Imegens.

But suddenly they saw,
That this youth
Turned into a huge bear -
And they retreated to the cave in horror…

The Imegens in the beginning also
Were struck dumb from surprise,
Grasping that the bear -
Is Alp of spring and might Suban.

But then it donned on them,
That they have many enough -
And they all simultaneously
Stormed against Leu-Bai.

Subash, who worst of all
Hated the malicious Alps -
Ubyrs, yoregs and Imegens -
Tore up umpteen of cannibals.

But they were
Too many,
And he gradually began
Retreating to the cave.

When he came there
And saw, that it is empty,
He entered it
And  blocked the to durbun…

By this durbun, Umai
Led people
Directly to Kara-Dingez coast -
And there addressed to Chulman:

“Chulman, my son -
Make so that I,
Your mother Badj-Turun,
Could lead the people to Djalda (Crimea)!“

Chulman, on hearing the call
Of his mother Abi-Airam,
Drained the sea - and it was
For people below a knee.

Turun-Abi the first
Went across the sea,
And following her, moved
Also the whole people…

The Imegens would, certainly,
Discover the crossing,
But the provident Djalysh
Covered the coast a heavy fog…

When they crossed the sea (Cimmerian Bospor)
And appeared in the Djalda mountains,
Umai stationed people
In a big cave.

The cave had a stock of food,
And Turun directed people
To stay there
For some time.

And she with Kandjar
Went to another cave -
Where, in shape of she-wolf,
She cured and fed him.

She invited Hursa,
And at the request of Airam,
He molded from clay for Kandjar
The missing parts of the body.

Then he warmed them up
And fitted into place
New mitts with hands
And shins for the boy.

Having mended Kandjar's body,
Umai turned into his nurse -
And with him on her hands
Led the people to the city Kyrkor.

This city was a capital
Of Tabyr's kingdom -
A brother of Aslan Kushdar -
But the brothers were at odds.

Their father Baichug -
Before his death -
Ordered, that after him
For twenty years ruled Aslan.

After that
Aslan had
To transfer the power
To his brother Kushdar.

And such a strange order
Bajchug gave because
It was pointed to him by Bai-Timat -
A known prophet priestess.

Bai-Timat was reputed
To be a daughter of Chulman.
The Almighty sometimes allowed her
To foresee the future.

The fortunetelling, of which so fond
Baichug himself,
Confirmed the correctness
Of Bai-Timat prediction .

Extended longer
Rule of Aslan
Threatened Syndjak with disaster -
Prophesies and fortunetelling warned.

But Aslan breached
The will of his father
And did not transfer power
To his brother Kushdar.

His twenty-year rule
Was good and quiet,
And he thought,
That it will continue on.

And many people
Decided the same -
And few expressed then
Their discontent.

But Kushdar was so offended
By his brother Aslan,
That he took his people
And left with them to Djalda.

To appear in Djalda
Then nobody risked:
Because through that country
Passed the Wall of Divines.

Despite of the Commandment,
The Alps wandered there
On both sides
Of the Wall of Divines.

And brothers were married
The Bazin sisters -
Who worshipped
Turun-Abi Umai.

From his wife, Kushdar
Embraced the reverence of Airam -
And as soon as he stepped on Djalda soil,
He erected for Artimas an even.

The name of Badj Umai
Kushdar gave to the lake Pyr (Sea of Azov)-
On the border of Djalda and Syndjak -
Into which was discharging Shir.

From that lake was pouring
And flowed into Kara-Dingez
Only one stream (Cimmerian Bospor),
Called Tidja.

With time the people
United these names
And started to call the lake
Umai-Tidja or Badj-Pyr.

And there in Djalda
Was a favorite beach of Umai
From clean and beautiful sand,
Poured for her by Chulman.

It was this plage that at first
Was called Djalda -
Meaning “Plage of Djalysh“-
Because he created it.

Then Djalda became
How people started to call
Also this whole country -
They liked that name that much.

Umai at once noticed,
That migrants revere her,
And for that
She helped them in every way.

When Alps, unhappy
With settlement of Kushdar in Djalda,
Began a war with him - Airam
Hastened to his aid.

In a deciding battle,
When Kushdar was encircled,
Artimas with Umaidjan dames
Appeared on the battlefield.

They left the cave
Called Kyrkor,
And, striking Alps in the back,
Forced them to flee.

After that Kushdar established
His kingdom Tabyr,
And named the capital Kyrkor -
In honor of Airam and Umaidjanesses.

To there brought Umai-biche
The people she saved -
And, summoning Khan Kushdar,
She told him:

“I am a nurse
Of your nephew Kandjar -
The younger son of Aslan -
And with me are his people.

Miraculously was saved Kandjar
From spiteful Imegens,
Who killed Aslan and Gimik,
And now are threatening you.

Umai herself has saved
Kandjar and Shan-Bulgars
From vile Imegens,
Who ruined Aslan's kingdom.

And I came to you
In hope that you,
Would magnanimously forget
The former insult -

And would take your nephew
And the surviving tribesmen kins:
Because they have now
No place to go to!“

Hearing that newcomers
Were saved by Umai herself,
Kushdar adopted the boy
And accepted the surviving Bulgars.

After that Kushdar -
Because of attack by Imegens -
Forbade any strangers
To show up in Davyr.

And the offenders of his decree -
Both men, and women -
Kushdar ordered to offer
In sacrifice to Turun-Umai.

Turun-Abi became sorry for women:
Appearing to Kushdar in dream,
She instructed him
To spare women.

Airam-biche also wished,
That he also arranged karamadjes
In honor of her son Chulman -
For Isady also to be helping him.

All this Kushdar fulfilled
And promulgated laws,
Which later his descendants
Stringently observed.

24. How Imegens angered Chulman and were punished by him.

Meanwhile, Makai
Occupied the whole Syndjak
And established in it
His severe reign.

The Imegens enthralled Bulgars
Like they enslaved Tuzes,
And forced the subjugated
To feed and to serve them.

When a discontent was shown
Or was not enough food,
That Imegens ate
The dissatisfied and obedient.

The Bulgars were
Skilful farmers,
Fine artisans -
And never sat idle.

They fed and dressed
The vile Imegens -
But for the multitude of cannibals,
There was not enough for them all.

To find even more
Productive working slaves,
Makai decided to seize
Some other country.

To quarrel with Agadj
He did not dare -
Because Agadj defeated
Even Burdjan, fearsome for Imegens.

Therefore Makai
Only announced to Agadj
About his ascend to power -
Keeping his allegiance to Agadjir.

But Makai coveted
To subdue Djalda,
Because the local divines
Promised him to help.

But Imegens could not sail
And build the ships,
And all Bulgar ship builders
Escaped to Djalda with Umai.

And so, to make the way
To the coveted Djalda,
Makai ordered
To build a bridge across Sagyr.

But then to Davyrs
Chulman rendered help -
He showed that for reason
He was called “Nadji“- a Mighty.

The reason for his help,
Was that Djalysh was pleased,
How Davyrs were
Revering him devoutly.

Hearing of the construction of the bridge,
Chulman assigned
His son Mamyr
To prevent this.

What subjugated people
Could built for the whole day,
Myrdjalysh Mamyr was breaking
In few moments.

Detecting that the bridge
Does not advance at all,
Baimek decided to find out,
Why it so occurs.

Hiding in coastal bushes
She saw at night,
As Mamyr in shape of a beaver
Was quickly razing the bridge.

Mamyr was the most kind
Of all of Arbai sons,
And if the others were over mindful,
Mamyr was attracted to people.

Baimek decided
To charm him,
So that then
To ruin him somehow.

For this, she
Totally undressed
And went on the bridge -
As if to go bathing.

At this time Mamyr
Breached a pile -
And the bridge collapsed
Together with Baimek.

She fell in the water,
And called for help:
Mamyr came in time,
Making a fateful step.

After he pulled her out of water,
Mamyr was charmed with her -
And, without hesitation, offered her
To marry him.

Baimek agreed,
And, Mamyr, shaking with passion,
Brought her
To the underwater palace.

He built it himself,
Decorated with marvelous carvings,
Using gold, and silver,
And jewels.

The greedy Baimek, seeing that,
Almost fainted away:
She took Myrdjalysh
For Chulman himself.

After regaining composure,
The Imegeness pretended
To be a loving wife of Mamyr -
And he did not notice the game.

Baimek strove to make
His palace even cozier,
And covered the bed
With exquisite bedspread.

Mamyr fell in love with her
Even stronger,
And she felt,
That he is in her hands.

Then the Imegeness convinced him,
That he, by the custom, have
To meet her parents
And other relatives

When poor Mamyr
Got out of the water - the Imegens
Stalking Myrdjalysh,
Killed and ate him.

After that they
Jumped in the water -
But they could not
Get in the underwater palace -

Because it was
Far away from the coast,
And Imegens could not
Live under water.

Baimek did not pay attention
That when Mamyr
Took her under water,
He put a mask on her.

But only in that mask
On the way to the palace
She could breathe -
That was a magic mask…

Nothing achieved Imegens -
They only enraged Chulman.
He decided severely revenge
The death of his favorite son.

From one bichura (beggar),
Who overheard a chat of Imegens,
Inesh-bai has learned
About their error:

The cannibals were sure,
That they have killed Chulman himself -
And Arbai decided to use that
To fool the Imegens.

Turning into a huge fish
He surfaced from Badjpyr
And told the Imegens:

“Earlier I served Chulman
And fed his house -
But the service to him
Was difficult for me.

And now, when he disappeared,
I want to feed you -
Because I am grateful to you
For freeing me from the slavery.

Let each who desired
Tear off from me
So many pieces,
As he would want.

And so I shall
Feed all of you to satiety
Every day -
You will forget what's a hunger!“

And, really, Djalysh
Surfaced two times to Imegens -
And the whole tribe of those
Began to gather on the beach.

Vainly Makai
Conjured Imegens to come
To the coast in turns -
They fought for the meal all at once:

Because when Imegens
Saw a tasty food,
They were totally
Losing their minds.

Even before the fish swam up,
All Imegens climbed to get to her
And tore off pieces from her
With their swords and kindjars (daggers).

They devoured with greed
These raw pieces -
But Kara-Balyk
It did not harm:

In the torn-off places
Grew replacement meat -
And when Imegens satiated,
Chulman soundly swam back.

For a third time
Swum up to the coast
With a tamyr in his fins.

Imegens noticed that
And - guffawing, wriggling,
And making faces -
Began shouting to fish:

“Hey, Water Bull -
Play for us,
And we at that time
Will eat your meat!

Because it is joyful to us -
We have a Water Bull,
Which allows us
To satiate to glut.

With a pleasure we
Eat your meat -
Because the meat of Syndjaks
Became annoying for us!“

Laughing, they guzzled -
While urinating and defecating
Into the lake,
Which was giving them fish.

None of Imegens have guessed,
That Kara-Balyk is Chulman himself,
And that in his fins -
Is a magic tamyr.

Chulman touched the strings - and came a storm:
The water rushed from lake inland,
Deluged into a Badjpyr sea
Swallowing up Makai and his Imegens.

Since that time
Few Imegens remained ,
And never they again
Gathered in such crowds.

Later the Bulgars,
Who knew to build the ships,
Returned to Syndjak
And sailed on that sea.

Once they
Saw on the coast
A beautiful hill,
Overgrown with bushes.

They excavated
In it a cave
And called this place,
In honor of Chulman, Ornadj.

Then they caught a fish,
Showed her a cave
And released her back in water
With these words:

“Swim to your host
And retell him, that we
Built for his rest
This cave on the beach“.

Chulman, learning about it,
Visited the cave at once
And remained pleased
With its decorations.

For that gift
He began protecting them in sea
The ships of Syndjaks - were fast
Sailing on the waves…


Pronunciation Guide
Characters, names and terms with particular phonetics

ai (eye, side)


y (pit, bit)
Highlited words contain Türkic suffixes of belonging -ty, -dy, -ly (dialectal of ta, -da, -la)

Albastyi (Alba-sti(pit)-y(boy))
Almysh (Al-mish(pit))

ya (yard)


iya (backyard with 'ya)


y (boy)


i (ee)

biy (bee-y(boy))
Bozbi (Boz-bee)
Djaik (Dja-eek)
Haidji (H-eye-dj-ee)
kurazbiys (kuraz-bee-y(boy)-s)
Laish (La-eesh)

i (boy)

Albastyi (Alba-sti-y(boy))


In Russian
Djagfar Tarihi
Fraser G.H. Tengri, Khuday, Deos and God
Bashtu M. Shan Kyzy dastany
Miftakhov Z. History of Tatar People
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Alans and Ases
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