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Listen to this amazing dastan
About three Elbirs
And how they have formed
The great people of Bulgars

And the State in the country,
Called Atil,
And now reputed
The country of Bulgars.

It was written in 882
In the year of raising Djilka's son Bat-Ugor -
That wise guide for men -
Bashtu was the name of the poet.

Let's retell dastan from words of the people,
Who read it.
Maybe they did not remember it all -
But the preserved the substance.

In the old times,
When on the Eart-h
Were no people,
The Almighty Tangra created Alps - demons.

Hecreated first
The senior Alps:
The Sun and the Moon
And some others.

From the senior Alps
Were born middle demons -
It became many Alps.
Of the crowding came disputes.

The fighters needed weapons -
They were made for them
By the son of the Sun
Alp Hursa.

He was a great smith,
He criss-crossed all the Earth
In search for the ore
For his smithshop.

Along his trails
And now go people,
Who consider Hursa
To be their patron.

Nobody could
Cross Hursa's path,
Or would disappear
The strength of his weapons.

Near Hursa's smith-shop
Formed mountains of slag.
They began to be called" Hursa-Alp" -
From there came the Ural.

Though Alps were immortal,
Hursa's weapons were hurtful
After many fights scared of destruction
They agreed to tuck in their weapons.



Then punished them Almighty -
Made that from the last Alps
Only the mortal people be born
So they appeared on the Earth.

The first people
Were born from the Partridge.
Her father held her
Locked up for obstinacy.

He charged with guarding her
The Sun and the Moon -
Because she did not want
To obey the fatherly will.

And to marry
The mighty Alp Albastyi.
She loved the Alp Barys -
Only from him she wanted children.

The Almighty helped her
To flee from the confinement,
Though she was vigilantly guarded
Bt the Alps Sun and Moon.

They were always holding
The captive by hand and a foot...
But the Creator said:
"Let the hand and the foot separate
Without any pain".

The Partridge escaped from the captivity,
And reached Barys.
From him she bore first people -
Three boys and a girl.

They were ugly
And that upset their mother.
And appeared Alp Shurale
And said:" I will make them beautiful!"

Shurale was born
From Partridge's aunt and the Fox.
He looked very much like his grandfather
And for that he favored him.

He even told his grandson,
As to how to become a king of the Earth -
Ride eight circles
On his grandfather's mighty horse Tulpar

Shurale mounted Tulpar,
Rode seven circles,
But on the eighth
Flew off from the saddle.

Tulpar run away...
And from that time
Shurale did not stop searching for him,
To ride the desired eight circles.

He also searched for other ways
To capture the Earth.
Learning about the birth of the people -
He was superbly delighted:


"I shall help to fix their bodies -
And become their ruler.
Because after their death
They would become mine.

People have nothing but bodies,
Afraid of my judgment after the death,
People will obey me in life.
With their help I shall conquer the world".

So decided Shurale.
He mixed soil with honey
And with the help of that concoct
He made the bodies of the boys comely.

For the girls he run out of honey,
Then the Alp mixed the soil
With his own saliva - for that re s said,
The woman is unclean.


He fixed the bodies of children -
From them came the gendre of people,
But the first people
Were still like cattle.

And the Tangra enjoined,
That the Alp Hursa
Endowed into the people
His fiery breath.

So the people
Obtained their souls.
And it is immortal
And an essence in a man.

The owner of the souls
Is the Almighty.
His pretense on the people.

He begun to hate what he lost,
And to old dream of Tulpar
Was added a new one -
Of the eradication of the people.

From the last Alps
And people
Began to appear bogatyr people.
Called Elbirs.

Elbirs were heading
The human tribes.
Hursa also forged for bogatyrs
Weapons bearing death for the Alps.

But people had
One tribe, the Imen,
Headed not by an Elbir,
But by the real Alp - Boyan.

He was born as a star
From the Alps Sun and Moon,
All the stars were to him
His brothers and sisters.


But it was boring for him
Among stars,
And he asked Almighty
To let him off to Earth with image of Elbir.

The Creator honored his request,
But the Sun and the Moon
Decided to revenge
Boyan-Imen for his flight.

Therefore Boyan-Imen
Covered his face with a mask
And advised to do this
His descendants


Gradually the people
Started crowding the Alps.
And then the demons decided
To destroy the human gender.

That plan was headed
By Alp Albastyi
He hated the descendants of Partridge
For her refusal to be his wife.

This Alp also dreamed
To become the lord of the Earth.
In his dreams Albastyi
Rose even to the ninth sky.

The demons built on the Isle Chulman
A high stone wall,
That covered the people
From vivifying rays of the Sun.

Everywhere spread gloom and cold.
The Earthencrusted with ice and ceased to produce.
And people began digging caves -
But the death caught up with them even there.

Bat-Terek interceeded for people.
He was a kind Alp,
He was appearing in the trees
Here and there.

The favorite place of the demon
Was Bat-Terek, whence came his name.
His crown reached
The top of the sacred sky.

His roots penetrated
Through all the thick of the Earth.
With his shoots
Bat-Terek was coming everywhere.

He saw from above
The dirty affairs.
He warned many men
About a danger.

He helped in a trouble,
Was a shepherd of good.
Hated him
Albastyi and Shurale.

Bat-Terek told about the human trouble
To Tangra himself.
And Almighty ordered the Alp Karga
To destroy the wall.

This Alp had
An image of a rook.
He lived on the Simbir mountain
And therefore was called Simbir-Karga.

The wife of Karga
Was Alp-Biya Chak-Chak.
She had born from Simbir
Sons Sak and Sok.


The demon went with children
To execute the will of the Creator.
Began breaking the wall,
And ordered sons to clear the rocks.

When from the half-ruined wall
Was sensed the fire of the Sun,
Karga sent the sons home
To bring the honey.

Hetold them:" That the Sun
Would not burn us,
We should cover in honey -
Fly quickly to fetch it".

But were frightened Sak and Sok
By the heat of the Sun.
They did not fulfill the will of the father -
And flew away.

At length Karga
Was working alone.
When he caught that the sons abandoned him,
Healone broke the wall.

The beams of Sun burned
The Alp Karga,
As a fiery ball
Fell Simbir to the ground.

His burning black feathers,
Fell on Tulpar,
And turned into dependable
Hot horses.

Got stuck to Tulpar
The wings of Karga.
With a speed of his run,
The horse extinguished the flame.

And Sak and Sok
Returned to the mother,
But Chak-Chakcursed them,
And flew away.

In memory of her
Unextinguishable love to Karga
She started
Patronizing the lovers.

She protects the hearths
And the young,
Flying between wedding houses
Following the Sun.

Sak and Sok,
Asking for forgaveess,
Are flying after her -
Want to catch up with her.

But the Almighty made,
That these rejects
Can live
Only at night.


And every time
The terrible for Sak and Sok dawn
Blocks them a way
To their mother.

With the rays of the Sun
Heat, light and life
Returned to the Earth,
And people exalted Karga.

Seeing in each rook the Alp -
In honor of the arrival of rooks -
Began to matchmake,
Considering that time favorable.

And fed each other barley porridge with meat,
Considering it a favorite food of Karga,
And the girls ate barley,
And the lads ate meat.

Small children
Climbed up the hills and trees,
And cried, imitating the rooks,
For the people to propagate.

This feast was named
Kargatuy or Karga Botkasy.
Ignorant, they did not know then,
That their salvation was act of  Creator.



Summoned Tangra the killer of Karga -
The malicious Alp Albastyi -
To his judgement.
Was frightened the demon.

He didnot repented, as the other Alps,
In front of the Creator,
And chose to ask for a help
From the Shaitan himself.

The shaitan hid Albastyi,
In the depths of the Earth,
And made him
The ruler of the Tama underworld.

For that the Alp sold
His soul to the Devil.
And became a ginnie - Joreg,
And took a nameTama-Tarkhan.

Jumped in the Albastyi's vaults
The horse Tulpar,
When once
Shurale was closing on him.

Albastyi hid Tulpar
In one of his uncountable caves
And offered Shurale the horse
In exchange for a thousand maidens.

Shurale began
Stealing maidens for Albastyi.
Ginnie debauched them,
Created from them forty thousand Joregs.

The most degraded
He was releasing to freedom,
For the hussies
To corrupt other women.

When Shurale
Went to steal the thousandth maiden
To the tribe Imen,
He fell in a trap of Boyan.

A heavy log pressed down
On Shurale's body .
And asked then the scared Alp
A help of Albastyi,

A will to be a servant of the genie
In exchange for rescue.
Albastyi scooped soil from under Shurale-
And he fell into underworld.

Ginnie ordered Shurale
To kill the Alp Bat-Terek,
Who was trying with his roots
To seize Tam-Tarkhan.

Began Shurale
Wandering the vaults
Breaking and gnawing everywhere
The roots of the trees.


He tried to catch up
With Bat-Terek
And to relieve Albastyi
From the danger.

He was not stealing maidens any more
For fear of a trap,
But could not live without them
The lewd Albastyi.

He began seeking to replace Shurale
In that task.
Andfound it in the person
Of a malicious Alp Ajdaha.



Was Ajdaha
And insatiably lewd.
But was procreating
Only from the mares.

He counted all mares
Therefore as his,
And if he saw mounted people -
He always killed the horsemen.

And mongrels of Ajdaha
Did the same,
Like him they were ugly,
As their unicorn father.

Quickly grew the herd
Of Ajdaha mongrels,
And they began to threaten
The whole human genus.

Seeing his might,
Ajdaha started thinking
About a throne of a king of the Earth.
But Boyan's children have hindered it.

When Boyan-Imen
Was young and naive,
He was seduced
By the Otter Alp-Bi.

In exchange for her
Sweet-sounding Dombra
Boyan did
A great sin.

Without a love, for a thing,
He copulated with Otter:
Above everything all
He loved a singing and dombra play.

And the dombra of Otter
Was so sensitive,
That it himself accompanied him,
When he was singing.

From the sinful affair with Otter
Were born Türk, Ji-Uchek and Laish.
Ji-Uchek and Laish
Resembled the father.

And Türk was malicious like mother,
And many times failed the father.
Boyan repented his actions -
And was forgiving his son.

Once Boyan-Imen was sailing
With his son Türk on a raft
Along a rocky
And fast whitewater river.

The river was called Dulosu.
It was quite freakish.
On its cataracts
The raft tilted.

Fell Boyan in the water,
Began calling the son for the help.
Türk did not even stretch his hand -
Only stronger was clinging to raft.


He cared of his safety only,
Did not react to the father's plight.
Boyan-Imen began sinking -
But even then not damned his son.

Dulosu fell in love
With the Alp Boyan.
And wanted forever
To leave him with hertself.

She-demon pulled him
Into her dark halls,
To a soft bed
On the slimy bottom.

But resqued Boyan the daughter
Of Dulosu, Alp-Bi Boygala.
She had a form
Of a huge fish.

On her back
Boygala carried out
Over to a rocky bank.

Only once in a lifetime
She was close with him.
Dulosubecome angry -
Andseparated the lovers.

Shehid her daughter
In her depths,
Did not allow her
To come near shore.

Boyan-Imen begun to grieve -
Was forced to became a fisherman.
Throwing his net into Dulosu,
But Boygala did not come.

Then Dulosu had grown fond of
The kind Ji-Uchek.
He reminded her Boyan,
And shefell in love with him.

In a childhood was Ji-Uchek a rascal,
Was palying,
By catching Bat-Terek's branches
And bending them.

For a long time tolerated Bat-Terek
The mischief of the little Alp.
When finally he got tired of it -
He broke off a branch.

Laish was bending her.
He fell to the ground,
Begun crying from pain.
And Bat-Terek consoled the boy.

He tookthe broken,
Bent branch,
Tied its ends
With hair from Alp Kuyan braid.

He torn out that hair when Kuyan
Tried to bring down with a stone
A sitting on Bat-Terek
Sleeping Alp Sokol.


So a bow was created -
Bat-Terek gave it to the boy.
And also presented him
With forty of his branches.

Headvised the boy Alp
To play this bow,
Shooting from it the branches,
Which began to be called arrows.

Ji-Uchek liked the game.
He stopped crying...
Andbecome famous, as a sharpshooter,
Became quite happy.

When he'd grown -
Hefell in love with the Alp-Biya Sun.
He cried to her about his love -
But Sun was indifferent.

Then Ji-Uchek decided
To prick the Sun with an arrow.
Heshot into the sky -
The arrow returned, falling far short.

Then Ji-Uchek began
Building a kurgan out of dirt and stones,
That by its ledges
To reach the Sun.

But how much he tried -
He could not reach the Sun.
From a despair, he decided
To reach the Sun's dwelling overland.

Heleft to the North -
Because there, it is said, on the Isle Chulman,
Is a bridge
To the eighth sky of the Sun.

Heleft, and disappear.
Boyan grieved for a long time,
At last, he decided
To send Türk to search for the son.

But Türk refused,
And then Laish volunteered.
When he sett off, Dulosu
offered him her help.

Shetold Laish:
"Without me you can't just get by,
One I alone
Know the road to the North."

In exchange for the service
Shedemanded of Laish
To pierce with an arrow
The eyes of a fish.

Laish agreed, not knowing,
That Dulosu decided to blind her daughter,
That shewould never
Meet Boyan.

Dulosu lifted above the waves
Her daughter Boygala.
With one arrow, from a first shot,
Laish knocked out Boygala'sboth eyes.


Tought him to shoot from a bow
His brother Ji-Uchek
After the skirmishes
With the mongrels of Ajdaha.

The people petitioned
With a request to help them
In struggle with Ajdaha.

They did not know what to do.
Boyan, who loved the people,
Didnot refuse them -
Ordered his children to help.

Türk has refused.
And went Ji-Uchek and Laish.
Before the battle
Ji-Uchek trained Laish to shoot.

He saidto his brother:
"I will ride a mare
And will bring Ajdaha to a tree.
Kill him from the tree with Hursa's arrow.

I am risking more
By the right of a senior brother,
And consequently I do not want,
That my skill would be went with myself."

Ji-Uchek mounted the mare -
The mongrel Ajdahawent in pursuit.
Brought Ji-Uchek the pursuiter
To a high tree.

In a tree hid Laish.
When the mongrel came nearer,
The Alp struck him
With the first arrow.

After that
Brothers trained in this skill
Many people -
And they started to press Ajdaha.

The vile demon got frightened.
He turned for the help to Tam-Tarkhan.
Albastyi began selling to Ajdaha
Joreg's skins in exchange for the virgins.

Ajdaha protected
His vulnerable back
The skins of Joregs -
Withstood hundreds of Hursa's arrows.

Albastyi had enough skins
With excess -
Because above all
He loved the meat of his own mongrels.

The customs were severe
Of the damned gennies,
But the kind Alps also
Sometimes did evil.

Boygala was blinded by Laish,
Therefore she could not find Boyan.
She swam, seeing nothing,
Or at once would swim in the lover's net.



To the Far North
By dense forests and mountains,
By impassable bogs.

Laish went for a long time -
Dulosu flowed with him,
Showing the road
For the brave Alp.

She liked
The son of Boyan.
She grown fond of him
Because he looked like his father.

Putting him to bed
On the soft coastal grass,
In the shade of the trees,
She guarded his dream.

She was teazing the Alp
With the shine of her silver body.
With tender murmur
She induced delightful dreams.

Once woken up Laish
And saw how ibeautiful is Dulosu.
Could not hold back - entered the river
And fell in her embrace.

With warm waves
Caressed Dulosu the Alp.
Shivering from love,
He embraced the gentle body of the Alp-Biya.

They started swimming together.
The Alp forgotten the time,
Constantly he stayed
In a love dream.

Meanwhile Dulosu
Came nearer the place,
Where lived the Sokol -
The guardian of the Northern road .

There, in the North,
The Earth came to an end
And a huge sea began
Under a name Chulman.

In the middle of the sea
Wasthe Isle Chulman.
There lived many Alps.

At their request
The Sokol guarded the road.
Killing anyone,
Who tried to pass to Chulman.

Her loved
In a white, as a cloud,
River fog.


Sheswum up as a duck
To the nest of the Sokol,
Andtold him
Very playfully:

"I've heard, that you are -
A dexterous hunter.
I shall be yours,
If you can catch me.

Show your skills -
Catch the loved girl.
As the award will come to you
My gentle caress."

The brainsick Sokol rushed
After the artful Dulosu,
The river dipped
Into a tight gorge.

The White Sokol fell as a Stone
Trailing her into the gorge.
He missed the cunning of Alp-Biya -
And the gorge edges fractured his wings.

Tangra had mercy
Over Alp Sokol:
Gave him new wings
And a new service.

Sokol started
Carrying the souls of the dead
Into the high Sky
For the jugement of Almighty.

It is tols that sometimes Sokol
Transports the Creator.
For that, he turns into
A white horse.

How long then was sailing
Laish with Dulosu -
Is not known.
But began freezing the body of the river.

The Alp stepped ashore -
He sunk in a snow to his waist.
He wanted to return back -
And the river turned frozen.

Bat-Terek had pity for Laish -
Made him skis
Handed them to Djil
To give to the son of Boyan.



But let's interrupt the story
About Laish voyage.
Let's talk a little
Of some demons.

Among the Alps were
Demons kind and mean,
Sincere and treacherous -
Demons were unlike.

With two heads,
As say Esegs-Chirmyshes,
Was a kind demon.

The mighty Alp Barys,
Who in anger
Could kill with just a sight,
Was a sincere demon.

Caused nobody an evil,
But were afraid of him
The malicious and treacherous.

In everything followed
Noble Bat-Terek
The will of Allah -
And the Almighty loved him.

Thought that his color - green -
Was the most beautiful.
Even sometimes, it is said,
Took his form.

Selflessly loved Bat-Terek
The beautiful Alp-Biy Artysh.
Shy to tell of her feelings -
Bat-Terek did not know of it.

Fatally hostile to Bat-Terek
Was malicious Alp Shurale.
Could not stand that
Tangra loved him.

The Esegs said:
"The villain destroyed whole forests,
In each tree
Seeing Bat-Terek".

Hedug out a lot of
Underground tunnels,
Trying to reach by them
To the roots of Bat-Terek.

Inflammable, but easily cooled,
Were the Alps Djil and Kubar.
Kubar had a brother -
The Alp Baran.

When Kubar and Baran
Became adults -
They begun to argue:
Who shall be the owner of the father's sword-lightning.


Their father was
Pugnacious Alp Baryn.
In a shape of a comely gray wolf
In honor of drowned brother Tun-Buri.

Earlier he with pleasure
Participated in all fights of the Alps.
But when Tangra forbidden the fights -
Threw away his sword.

He'd embroiled in people's fights as play.
For those who he've liked,
Predicting by howling and other signs
The battle's fate and place of win.

When his chosen,
Not getting his signals,
Suffered a defeat -
Baryn was saving them.

When Baryn
Sympathized with the people too much,
Then before the war, at night,
He played battles for them on the clouds.

In the fights acted
The dead pugnacious Alps.
They could not descend to the Earth,
And enjoyed only the fights of Baryn.

Battling Alps were divided
Onto two armies:
Dark Alps
And light demons.

If dark Alps were winning -
That meant:
The chosen of Baryn
Had a defeat ahead.

If the light demons were winning -
Than it foretold
To the chosen of Baryn
A valorous victory.

In the fight of the people
Baryn never interfered:
He was an incredible gambler
And did not intervene not to spoil the game.

Barys suggested
To the children of Baryn
To be lightning-carriers in turns -
With a term of 300 thousand years.

And to find out,
Whom shall be first
To carry the lightning -
To throw a lot.

The success fell
To the Alp Kubar.
Baran left away -
Boiling over with a rage.


The demon Kubar was
Not the kindest Alp.
But absolutely bad
Tocall him would be lie.

He had
A good side -
On occasion
Struck the thieves with a lightning.

Kubar considered himself
A strongest Alp.
When the Alps rejected his leadership -
He took offence at all.

His character
Became bad,
He could become angry
Any minute.

He left
From the blessed Earth.
Began to live in the sky
On warm white clouds.

But sometimes,
When it became cold in the sky,
Kubar lights
A fire on clouds .

Then the whole sky
Becomes red.
Over it fly
Multi-coloured sparks.

From burning fires
The white clouds
Gradually become
Totally black.

Kubar does not like
The smoked clouds -
He likes to spend time
On clean, white clouds.

However, not always for him
That was possible:
Alp Djil - the ruler of the winds -
At times did not give Kubar the white clouds.

Djil considered himself
A patron of clouds -
Because so easy they
Obey his whiff.

If Kubar
Every time
Wouls lit a fire in the white clouds -
He would charred it all.

Therefore Djil
At times forced Kubar
To stay in the clouds he already charred,
Untill Bat-Terek would clear them again.

Then Kubar,
Who liked cleanliness,
Would became angry and argue with Djil
And struck the ground with lightning.


And it should be told,
That when Kubar
Was hot -
He was breathing the heat.

If it was cool -
He was breathing the rain.
When it is chilly - hailstones,
When it is cold - a snow.

During their disputes -
And they occured not in a heat -
The angry Djil
Blowed especially violently,

Was bringing down to the Earth
All kinds of smerches and bures,
Rain, hailstones, snow
And other bad weather.

It is difficult for the people
During such time,
When, as is said,
Kubar and Djil argue.

Is soory Bat-Terek
For the weak people -
In the days of quarrels
Between Kubar and Djil.

He covers the Earth
With his branches,
For Kubar and Djil
To less disturbe the people.

But Kubar and Djil
Were not bad Alps.
Even though quarreled -
But treated each other as brothers.

Djil is sorry for Kubar,
When he feels bad too much -
Brings to him
A white cloud.

Kubar pitied
Alp Djil with soothing words -
Because Djil
Grew up without a father.

Became tired Barys -
The father of Djil -
To live with his
Numerous children.

He expelled them all,
Except the darling young daughter,
Saying:" Let you
Be brought up by grandfather."

But Barys
Did not remember his father.
And in vain his children
Searched for their grandfather.

Selflessly loves Djil
His daughter Dulosu -
The big fish -
The beautiful Boygala.


He searches for her in all waters,
Raises huge waves on them,
Calls Boygala.
With noise and whistle.

But does not show Boygala -
Still she loves
The Alp Boyan -
The leader of the tribe Imen.

And even if she wanted -
She would not hear the calls of Djil:
Her mother plugged
Her ears with stones.

Selflessly loved Artysh also
The handsome Bat-Terek.
She saved once the Alp
From the inevitable death.

Tracked down at last Shurale
The Alp Bat-Terek.
Decided to cut him down at night
With the axe of Hursa.

But barely the villain
Raised the axe -
As under his strike
Threw herself Artysh.

She wasflashing from pleasure,
That gives service to her loved.
Shurale was frightened by fire -
And fled away.

From that time
The people believed,
That a burning archa
Drives away malicious spirits.

The Almighty loved Bat-Terek.
Were Joregs afraid of that.
Many dirty deeds
The kind Alp did not allow to happen.



Were afraid Joregs
Of the true lion of Allah -
A bravest of the most brave -
The just Gali.

Gali was coming for the road
With a huge knout,
Braided from the tails
Of the lions he downed.

The Creator loved him -
Considered him a faithful of the most loyal.
The messenger of the Almighty
Could not be without him.

He considered him to be a main support,
And tried to hold him close,
But Gali always rushed
To the aid of needy.

If he was coming -
The enemies trembled.
Did not spare spiteful
The knout of Gali.

Received his due from Gali
And the Alp of robberies Kuyan.
He was a son of Ishak and she-Camel
And an inveterate thief.

Long-eared and humpbacked ugly creature
He was born.
He was afraid of sneers -
And decided to become a strong Alp.

Hestole from Kubar
One of his eight braids,
That made him powerful -
But from it did not become any kinder.

Later took away
The Alp Barys
From the demon Kuyan
The stolen braid.

Kuyan conceived another time
To set for himself a safe den -
In the Surej mountains -
In the nest of Baradj.

Did not want Kuyan
Almost at all times
Be hiding from Gali and Kubar in the vaults -
He considered it humiliating.

By advice of Albastyi,
Who was afraid of Baradj,
Decided Kuyan to seize
The nest of the Snake.

The ginnie supplied Kuyan
With noxious excrements of Joregs,
Which perniciousness
No Alp could bear.

Also supplied him
With the wings of the Sokol.
To be winged
Baradj always dreamed about.

Into the den of Baradj,
With flattering speeches
Helulled the master.

He said:" Kind Baradj!
You are scarry for everybody!
You can di anything -
But to fly are not able!

I have brought to you as a gift
The Sokol's wings.
Fix them on
And you could fly!

You will be catching the mice -
Your treat -
Better than the Owl
And at any time.

You would not wound and tire
Your gentle body
Along sharp stones!"

The Baradj trusted
The deceatful Kuyan.
Fixed wings,
Flew up into the sky.

Deceived him Kuyan -
Not for long Baradj flew.
He fell to the ground,
And strongly crushed.

While he flied,
Kuyan showered
His cave
With burning excrements.

When Baradj returned
Into his nest,
Excrements started burning him,
Forced to abandon his nest.

Baradj crept away
Into possessions of Ryshtau.
Ryshtausheltered him -
And hire onto service.

Gave to Baradj in possession
An old cave in the Ryshtau mountain
Under his house -
There began to live the Snake.

Was afraid very much of the mice
The daughter of Ryshtau - Boz-Biy.
Baradj was catching them
And was supervising the maiden.

He was to her a best nurse -
He rolled her on his back.
Boz-Biy loved the Snake,
And Baradj loved the maiden.

After seizing the nest of Baradj,
Became impudent Kuyan.
Hefelt himself
A master of Surej.

Hefilled the Surej mountains
With terrible larceny and robberies.
Stones have shuddered
From his banditry.

Encouraged by Albastyi,
Considered himself a strongest.
Anddared even once
To block the way to Gali.

Gali gallopped in the Surej -
To the aid of needy -
On his faithful Düldül,
With his terrible knout.

In the Surej mountains,
Where is always a plenty of carrion,
In the former possessions of Baradj,
Kuyanblocked his way.

Began throwing stones,
Scream for that to get away,
That he is a lord of Surej -
The greatest summit of summits.

It was worse than a rockfall.
The Earth shoke from falling of blocks,
Granite rocks crumbled,
As sandy hills.

People were going deaf from the roar,
Rivers splashed out from banks,
They drowned everything alive
In the roaring foam.

But saw even worse
Brave Gali.
He tried to reason
The raging Kuyan.

But he grew impudent still stronger,
And made aninsult to Islam.
That could not bear Gali -
Andstruck with the knout.

From the first strike
Lost Kuyan his impudence.
And almost split he in two,
And became he weaker in half.

In horrorhe run away -
Where his bravery went to?
Gali galloped after him,
Striking the pilferer with the knout.

Kuyan was screaming from pain
With not his voice.
On the run he shouted 500 times:
"There is no god except Allah!"

Gali was busy with business,
He was satisfied with penalty.
Heleft Kuyan alone.
Rode off to the aid of the needy.

Joregi have healed his wounds.
And advised him to steal
An eye from the demon Barys,
To gain the power again.

Had the Alp Barys,
Who had a form of a bars,
Two huge eyes.
Each eye size about a taz.

They could strip the strength,
And turn into a stone,
To even move mountains,
And incinerate with fire.

They were his pride,
A source of his power,
And everyobody said with trembling
The name of Barys.

You can't say,
That Barys was very kind,
But you can't also say,
That Barys was malicious.

He lived by himself,
Held himself abovethe others,
And disliked abuse of his rights and peace,
But he was sincere.

Barys for a visit,
And gaveAlp to drink
The shaitan's drink sudja.

Gave this drink
Albastyi to Kuyan,
Who drunk sudja -
Fell asleep forever.

Barys had drunk -
And tumbled down.
He fellasleep, but did not die,
As he was a strong Alp.

While Barys slept -
Kuyanhad chance
To steal his eye
And run away.

The pilferer put
Barys' eye in a suma.
The eye burnt through
The bottom of suma,

And fell on the ground,
Burnt through,
Andformed in the abyss
An underground golden lake.

The banks of this lake
Have turned to gold sand,
And how much it was took
It never came to end.


Came across this lake
Shurale during his diggings.
He told Albastyi about it -
And he became its owner.

This lake received
The name of the Golden Well.
Nobody now knows
The way to it.

Was not pacified Kuyan -
And decided to gain riches by a dishonest trade
And with the help of it
To gain power.

He engaged in sale of the stolen.
And started with a sacred vessel.
Once on it saved  with a family
One righteous person during a flood.

He, with his household
Was washing with water
While his other tribesmen
Sunk in uncleanness.

Allah grew angry -
And flooded the land of the tribe.
And to the family of the righteous
He gave a ship.

Have brought the waves this vessel
To the unknown island.
When the water subsided -
The island bacame a summit of the mountain.

The mountain was named Subash.
The family of righteous disembarked.
The ship remained
At the top of the mountain.

To that mountain
Came Kuyan,
To seize the vessel.

To drug the ship down the slope
Was a difficult task.
He hired people for that,
Promising a pay.

They pulled the vessel down to the sea.
Instead of compensation
Kuyan chained them to the oars.
And started waiting for a buyer.


It is innocent entertainment -
Enmity of the Alps -
In comparison with the actions
Of the malicious Joregs.

The damned Joregs -
The mongrels of the first Joreg Albastyi,
A Tarkhan of underground world Tama -
Were one worse than the other.

These werewolves were,
As is said, forty thousand.
There were plenty for every
Blackest deed on the Earth.

When the light of Islam
Started spreading in the world,
Albastyi conceived
A terrible act:

To exhaust on the Earth
All Moslems
And to raze to the ground
Mecca and Medina.

These cities -
The capitals of Islam -
Quite often visits, it is said,
The Creator himself.

Either invisible to all
he walks among pilgrims,
Or listens to their prayers,
Addressed to him,

He is giving a rest
To His messengers,
Who bring the prayers
To His highest throne.

Looks in the faces of the praying,
Takes pity and sympathy with them.
While His Envoy
Is always besides him.

Wanted the damned Albastyi
Destroy the terrestrial lodgings of Allah
And to deprive the Moslems
From the protection of Almighty.

Desired Joregs
To do it in the images of the Moslems,
For the Allah
To become angry with people.

For this the genies caught
Five hundred Moslems -
The most respected,
Who many times made hadj.

Albastyi himself
Subjected the unfortunate captives
To terrible tortures:
They were skinned alive.

The spiteful king of Joregs aimed,
For the righteous
To sell their souls
To the werewolves - Joregs.

Because Joregs could not
Take the appearance of the Moslems,
If those
Remained true to belief.

The righteous did not ask
A help from Allah -
For the adherents of the true faith it is -
A display of weakness.

They saw their sufferings,
As a test of the strength of their belief.
The prayed in torture not for themselves -
For others unfortunate and stray.

They demanded from Joregs in torture,
That they would repented to Allah
For their evil deeds
And iobediently accepted a punishment.

Joregs grew even more furious from that.
Even more sorcerous
Albastyi tortured the righteous
With his mongrels.

The righteous did not know
The end day of their torments,
But were ready to bear
Them eternally for their believes.

Was insatiably lustful
Albastyi and his Joregs.
They were buying Muslim maidens -
From Ajdaha and his mongrels.

They profaned them,
Deprived with them
Of chastity and modesty,
Of shame and honour.

Having debauched the women,
They freed them,
For them, despoiled,
To corrupt the others.

Did not know the Joregs
Any limit to debauch.
They engaged in homosexualism,
And also copulated with cattle.

Albastyi learned
About Boz-Biy maiden.
And decided surely
To profane her.

The sheitan himself
Helped Albastyi
To learn about
The chaste maiden.

Because she was
A symbol of purity
For all,
Living on the Earth.

Sent Albastyi
 For her capture
The dirty Mouse -
A mistress of all Alps,

The most corrupted
From all corrupted,
Born on the Earth.

Once Baradj
Tricked Alp-Biya Mouse
In his trap,
Wishing to eat her,

So that this hussy
Would not profane
By her debauchery
The face of the Earth.

Afraid of the death,
The mouse sold her soul to the Shaitan
And became a Ginnie- Biya,
For which Shaitan resqued her.

The first who corrupted
The dirty Mouse
Was the brother of Kubar -
The Alp Baran.

Therefore Mouse
Mostly often
Was with Baran -
A strong, but a moronic Alp.

Albastyi envied Baran,
That Mouse was with him.
Wanted to have the same
Or better mistress.

To show his power
And to vex Baran,
Decided Albastyi
To make Boz-Biya his mistress.

But in the Albasty way
Rose descendants of Boyan-Imen sons.
But before telling about them,
Let's tell about Boyan and his sons.


Quickly appreciated Laish
The gift of Bat-Terek.
He went to Chulman on skis -
But still did not find Ji-Uchek.

The frozen Dulosu
Flowed under the ice along.
When it became warmer -
Again carried Laish on herself .

She brought Laish in her embraces
In the Hon mountains.
Pulled him in the abyss of passion,
Forced to forget everything for a while.

But was not happy for long
Dulosu with Laish.
Once the Alp saw on the river
A bathing maiden.

He was shocked by her beauty.
For a long he was admiring her nude body
From the coastal bushes -
But could not suppress a groan of admiration.

The maiden heard it -
Turned into a Gold Swan.
Flapped her wings,
In flew away in a fright.

Laish forgot about Dulosu -
Only the maiden-swan was in his mind.
He decided to find her,
But first let's return to his father.

When Laish left,
Boyan remained absolutely alone.
For a long time he waited for his son,
At last, was tired of waiting and begun longing.

He decided that Laish parished.
Because even the immortal Alp
Could die,
If he wished it,

Or if
He was killed
By other Alps or people
With weapons of Hursa.

Boyan did not have any successors remaining.
Because he rejected before
His other son - Türk -
He did not want to be a father of a villain.

Türk abandoned his father,
When some illness seized Boyan,
He left from the house,
Being afraid to fall ill too.

Sent this epidemic
The ginnie Albastyi.
From the illness died
All Imen tribe.

Boyan suffered for a long time,
After remaining alone,
Until he addressed to Tangra.
And Allah cured him.

The lonely Boyan began asking Allah
By singing and crying
Under accompaniment
Of a sweet dombra.

That Almighty
Would sent him
A son from Boygala -
Even if as a human.

Boyan-Imen did not love
Anybody, except Boygala.
Only from her he wanted
To have a son.

He therefore did not marry,
But never saw Boygala.
And therefore did not have
Any more children.

Boyan-Imen thought:
"Would not send the Creator a son  -
I would not live alone in depression.
I would ask a death."

He was singing:" It is hard for a head without shoulders,
And hardly for the shoulders without a head.
It is hard for children without a father,
Even harder for father without his sons.

I had growing
Two flowers.
I could not satisfy from pleasure
Seeng their beauty.

But suddenly
Withered they.
I do not have anymore with me
My sons.

I had
Two nestlings.
They moved me
With their games.

But I brought them to the light -
My nestlings, as falcons flew off.
Where are you, my sons?
My eyes went blind from tears" .

It is said, with this singing
From a compassion to the Alp
The grass drooped, as hit by hailstones,
And even Bat-Terek hunched.

Had pity Allah,
Did not allow Boyan-Imen's death.
And sent into hes net on Dulosu
Boygala, already pregnant from the Alp.

Boygala got in the net -
And thought that it's a net of a foe.
It started beating in the gauze,
Hiting the bottom with body and tail.

From the strikes of Boygala
A huge pit formed,
With outlines of a fish,
And very deep.

Boygala blocked off,
Trying to escape from the net,
The whole Dulosu river -
And water flooded the hollow.

The indentation became
A big lake.
This lake was named
Lake Boygal.

Boyan-Imen started pulling
Boygala to the shore,
Began to speak with her,
But her ears were plugged with stones.

She was kicking over the sharp coastal rocks,
Trying to escape.
She did not see Boyan-Imen -
And thought she fell into the hostile hands.

Luckily, in time appeared Laish,
He helped his father
To pull to the shore
The huge Boygala.

A snake crawled out her ear
And turned into a little boy,
As like as two peas
With Boyan-Imen.

Boyan understood,
That that is - his son,
Granted to him by Allah.
And named the son Idjik.

As the snake passed
Through the stone in the ear -
Remained unknown.
It was a miracle of Almighty.

Released after that Boyan
Boygala again in the river -
He was scared that she would ask
For a death.

Was crying the Alp doing it -
He thought that never again
Would he see hid beloved.
And so it happened.

Had learned about the birth of Idjik
A malicious Otter.
She conceived to revenge Boyan,
Decided to eat Idjik.

She waited till Idjik
Went to play in the river,
And attacked him,
Opening a terrible mouth.

Have seen it the cranes -
And cried alarm.
Have heard their cries Boyan and Laish -
Came running to the river.

The Otter was frightened -
She jerked aside.
Could not hold on to the dropped bank -
And fell in the water.

A jealous Dulosu
Swallowed the Otter.
Laish was strongly grieving -
He thought himself a murderer of his mother.

Idjik became
The Boyan's consolation in an old age.
The Alp could not even be an instant
Without his son.

Boyan renounced
The immortality of the Alps,
He lived after that
As is fated to a human.

He said, grown old:
"Idjik is - my son -
He was born a human.
I do not want to outlast him."

Remained an eternal widow
The faithful wife Boygala of Boyan.
She was telling to all
Curious and impatient:

"Boyan-Imen loved
Only me.
How can I love
Somebody another?"



After Boyan-Imen left
To the better world,
Laish took his brother Idjik
Under his protection.

Laish was kind -
But did not know peace because of love.
He searched everywhere for his loved -
Did not want to love another.

He could not stay still in a place -
Started to travel.
On the road learned to trade -
Became a first merchant.

he went once to Jeti-Su -
A blessed area of the Turan.
At the lake Saban-kül
He saw his maiden.

As he saw her - fainted away,
Three days was unconscious.
When come to his senses -
And came to the maiden.

He told her:
"I loved you at first sight.
Be my wife -
We will never separate."

She agreed
To be a wife of the kind Laish.
She liked the Alp -
He was stately and handsome.

From Laish and Swan
Came the tribe Urmi -
So was called the father of the maiden -
The owner of the Saban-kül.

At the Laish's wedding
Only Idjik was sad.
He felt unhappy,
Because he did not have a wife.

"Why are you sitting gloomy? -
Kubar asked him -
Your brother is marrying -
And you do not want to rejoy?"

Kubar patronized
The young Idjik -
Because helped Idjik
The fearful Alp.

Baran from the brother had stolen once
Herds of his favorite sheeps,
To prevent him
From enjoing their meat.

For that purpose
He took a shape of a ram,
And that's why he received
The name of Baran.

Kubar began grieving
Without mutton.
He became skinny
And dod not want to see anybody.

He almost gave Baran
A right to be lightning-thrower
In exchange for the sheeps -
And was helped by Idjik.

Who began secretly
Shooting sheeps of Baran
And bringing them
To Kubar for dinner.

"I am happy with everybody
To the happiness of my brother,
But I am anguished because I am single", -
Idjik answered Kubar.

"Are not around enough beauties -
The daughters of famous Alps? -
Kubar was surprised. -
You choose anyone!"

"Of those whom I saw,
None is worthy of me, -
Sadlysaid Idjik. -
I need a match for me, bogatyr!"

Kubar grinned -
He rarely smiled:
Amused him
The arrogant speech of Idjik.

"There is for you such a bride, - he said -
It is a daughter of Barys.
The proud Barys did not come -
Or I would propose to marry you off to his daughter".

"I myself shall visit Barys", -
said Idjik.
"Be cautious - do not look in the eye
Of the fire-eyed Alp." - advised Kubar.

And it should be told,
That then Idjik was the as though one-eyed -
One of his eyes inflamed
From a sting of a bee.

Idjik came to Barys.
The one-eyed Alp saw him -
At once felt a sympathy to him:
Because Idjik was as though one-eyed.

Idjik bravely looked
In the eye of Barys,
But dimmed he the fire of his eye -
Idjik remained uninjured.

"What do you need,
Brave Idjik,
A son of the noble Alp Boyan?" -
Barys asked.

"I came to tell you,
That I want to take as my wife
Your daughter", -
Idjik answered.

Liked Barys
The boldness and openness of Idjik:
"You speak straight, as Bat-Terek.
Pleasing to me is your speech.

I am tired from florid lies
Of the malicious Alps.
And the kind do not come to me -
They think, that I am grievous.

I have desired myself
To marry my daughter
For a kind Alp.

I already thought ,
That the daughter will remain a virgin.
Nobody of kind was coming
To ask for her hand.

At last, happened just such
Kind Alp, it is you, Idjik!"
So Barys said,
But Idjik objected:

"I am not an Alp - I am a human".
Barys was at once upset:
"It is a pity, that you are not an Alp.
Because my daughter is a demon, like I!

She possesses
A supernatural strength.
Many of strong Alp who desired her
My daughter crushed the sides.

She pulled out from Ajdaha
A bristle on his nape,
Knocked out Albastyi's
Three fangs.

Injured Djil's
One wing,
Broke Kubar's
Two ribs.

Where will you,
A weak human,
Overcome my daughter in a wedding match,
Even I am little afraid of her!"

"I shall prove, that a human
Is the strongest.
Because I was born
In a miraculous way!" -

Said Idjik
Rather confidently.
The Alp grinned,
As demon Kubar:

"If you are indeed so resolute -
Go and take my daughter as wife!"
Idjik went to the maiden.
When he saw her, he got scared.

But did not want to retreat -
His pride did not allow.
He told her directly:
"I came to overcome you and to take as a wife."

"Let us wresle, -
Said the maiden -
Let's see - are you worthy of me.
If I crush your sides - do not take offence!"

Thought the maiden Samar,
That  an Alp come to her.
She did not know, that if she 'd compress Idjik,
That will leave from him just a wet spot.

They separated before,
The encounter.
When were parting - started singing Idjik,
Appealing to the help of the Alps.

He asked in his song,
That Kubar
would pour as a rain,
Composed of arrow-lightnings.

He asked in his song,
That Djil
Brought a rain of arrow-lightnings
Onto the maid Samar.

He asked in a song,
That the grandmother - Dulosu
gave it{him} scales the Boygala -
Her{It} wanted to pacify the maiden.

He asked in his song,
That Barys
Gave him the braid of Kubar -
He wanted to tumble down the maid with it.

The Alps felt for Idjik -
Gave him what he asked.
When they began converging -
Started a lightning rain.

Lightnings as arrows flew in the maiden -
Wounded her body,
But did not stop the maiden:
Samar kept approaching Idjik.

She began clasping the bogatyr.
If she would push - would broke in two,
Would strangle in her embrace,
As a snake with a small mice.

Took Idjik the scales of his mother -
Showered the maiden with it.
She stopped, as frozen -
Could not squeeze Idjik.


But Idjik also could not
Move her an inch.
Then he took the braid of Kubar,
Threw it behind the maiden,

With all force pulled it -
The braid squeezed the maiden,
Broke her strength.
Idjik tore off Samar from the ground,

Lifted her into the air,
Then struck the ground.
Jumped on the top -
And came out a winner.

The maiden became a wife of Idjik.
Barys was glad and happy.
"I will have grandsons from my favourite daughter", -
He said with pride.

Idjik had
Four sons.
They gave a life
To four clans.

The men of these clans,
Per the will of Idjik,
Bore a braid on the head -
In memory of the wrestling victory.

The descendants of Idjik -
In memory of his wedding -
Showered newlyweds with coins,
Calling them scales.

Were friends Idjik and Laish.
Laish also renounced immortality,
Saying:" If my brother is a human,
I too do not want to be an Alp".

Once, when Idjik
Had dangerously fallen ill,
Laish went
To get a medicine for him.

Laish went
To the land of Khins -
They were famous,
As makers of medicines.

On the return way
The Alp Mal trapped Laish.
He was hostile with the son of Boyan,
And did not spare Laish.

Considered himself Mal,
Who loved to turn into a bull,
A master of all the roads
And from all travellers demanded a pay.

And Laish, in pastoral business and trade,
Never sacrificed to Mal,
And Mal decided at a chance
To revenge Laish.

When Laish
Was crossing the desert Kuman,
Mal struck with horns
Djil who was dozing off.

An irate Djil
Started blowing at Mal
And did not notice, that
He covered caravan of Laish with the sand.

When the sand
Was covering the poor Laish,
He said:" This is a death for me -
For my killing of mother."

The Alp Baradj
Found the body of Laish
And delivered the medicines
To the dying Idjik.

Recovered Idjik.
Of a noble memory of the brother
He brought up three sons of Laish, -
They gave a life to three clans.

At the sunset of his life
Took Idjik his seven clans
Into the Hon mountains:
It became tight for his people at Dulosu.

And were called therefore
The people of Idjik
As the people Hon
And it became mighty.

In memory of the former native land
Was named Idjik
By the name of the river Dulosu
Idjik - Dulo.

There were descendants Idjik
Of the senior line
The kings of Hons
And all were called Dulo.


Became especially famous
The people of Hons
In the reign of Djilka -
A glorious Khan.

He was invincible
In an open fight.
He subdued many
And joined to the people of Hons.

The hallmark of his glory
Became the successful raids
Against the State of Khins -
Excellent warriors.

He conquered
A half of the Khin,
And founded border stations
On the very river Kuban.

Mindful of Djilka,
Khins asked for the help
From Tama-Tarkhan - Albastyi.
The damned ginnie was cunning.

Albastyi took
And threw a dead swan,
Pierced by a Dulo's arrow,
Into the camp of the Laish descendants.

Laish descendants turned indignant -
They revered the swans, -
They elected Eseg as a leader
And left the country of Djilka.

But and after the loss of Esegs
The pressure of Hons on the Khins did not fade.
Again Khins asked
The ginnie Albastyi.

The ginnie asked Ajdaha
To help the Khins,
And Ajdaha turned to Türk,
Attracting him with his hussy daughter.

The Türk, who also himself was a debauchee,
Did not hesitate for long and married her.
Exasperated by that
Even several of his sons.

They left from their father,
Settled widely in the land,
And gave a life
To many tribes.

But a lot of the people
Remained also with Türk.
With them the Alp had
Ti attack unawares on Djilka.

Türk promised to do it
As agreed upon with Ajdaha -
Ajdaha demanded it
In exchange for his daughter.

Especially hated Ajdaha
The tribe of the Hons
Because it ruthlessly everywhere
Was Exterminating his mongrels.

The Khons would split
The fallen Ajdaha mongrels
Onto a few segments
And would hang them on the trees.

Strong was the guards of Hons
On the border with Khin,
But Hons had no guards
On the border with relatives - Türks.

Türk attacked at night
With his people
On the stan of Djilka
And slaughtered everybody in it.

Djilka's wife had managed to throw
her baby - a son
Into the river flowing near the stan
In a kazan for sacrificial food.

The Türks have run in pursuit,
Trying to kill the baby with arrows.
A deer saw it -
It drunk the water from the river.

Was spared this deer while being still a calf
By Djilka during hunting.
Now the deer
Returned his gratitude to Djilki -

By saving the son of the king:
Picked up with his horns,
And fled with the baby
Away from pursuit.

Forty days and nights
The deer ran with the baby.
And reached the fertile Jeti-Su,
Leaving the baby there.

The Cranes cared for the baby,
Have healed his wounds,
And took to the palace of Jeti-Su Kan -
The Kan sheltered the foundling,

He named the boy
By the name of his clan - Gazan.
When he grew up -
He gave for him his daughter.

Gazan had renewed
His Hon's people.
Performed many feats
In the service of the Jeti-Su king.

The Kan gave Gazan for it
A large ulus.
But after the death of Gazan
Flared a strife among his descendants.

Some relatives were more malicious,
Than Türks or Alps, Bulümar,
The son of Gazan, therefore withdrew
A part of the Hons to the western side.


He passed the Saksin, the rivers of the Saklan -
Shir and Buri-chay.
His son Alvar defeated the Rumians,
And seized for the Hons the lands along the Sula.

At that time
Still were many bogatyrs,
But not a few of the demons,
And also spiteful gennies.

At that time
Were a few wise men,
Able to indicate
A road to the true faith.

Therefore on the Earth
Were many more astray,
Than the righteous
And knowing the truth.

Therefore on the Earth
Was much more evil,
Than merciful kindness
And the blessed peace.

Therefore then
The kindness frequently
Cleared for itself a path
With a military sword.


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