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At that time,
As relayed Bashtu -
Peace be with him! -
A brother killed a brother.

Avar killed Alvar -
The glory the Hon people:
Avar coveted
The power of his brother.

He invited him
For a feast,
Lieing that wants
To honour him before a campaign Against Farangs.

And to sacrifice at the feast
An offering of nobles
For the success
Of the grandiose venture.

Alvar arrived
To the stan of Avar
In the city of At
In his ulus on Sula.

He did not take along
A big cohort -
Only four
Of his biys.

Trusting his brother
He took along for feast
Even his juvenile son -
The nine-year old Audan.

But the trust of the king
Was futile -
The joyful feast
Ended with the planned slaughter.

Killed the people
Of the spiteful Avar
The Biys of Alvar
And Alvar himself.

From the skull of his brother
Avar had made
A sacrificial bowl -
For his own joy.

The Almighty protected
The young Audan -
The boy galloped away
To the Kashan country.

He was hiding there
In the woods, in the hills.
He named himself At and Audan-Dulo,
To mark the murder and its place.

As soon as he grown up -
He raided
The land of Avar,
In revenge for his father.

In the thick of the foes,
In the darkness of battle
He found the murderer
And wounded him in the face.


Fleeing a pursuit,
Galloped he back to Kashan,
Found a cave
And his in it with a torch in his hand.

The voices of enemies
Have forced At
To descend deeper into the cave
Through a gloomy catacomb.

A demon sensed At
And jumped on him,
Trying to grasp Audan
With his hands.

The demon was like a lump,
Overgrown with moss,
And his hands were like
Branches of a dead tree.

Who fell into these hands
Would not come back alive -
The demon tore him off
In sections and parts.

A fight broke off ...
At pulled out his sword,
Jumped from side to side,
And hacked the demon's hands.

The demon wanted
To crush atop the brave
And squash him
With the weight of his body.

But At
Threw at the demon his cudgel.
It hit in the knee of the Alp -
And he fell and stilled.

At right away started searching
For a route back,
But to find it
Was beyond his reach.

In a full despair
At happened to blunder
In one of the caves
And discovered in it a bogatyr horse.

The stallion neighed
And said with a human voice:
"You are a brave warrior -
Praise be to you!

You have overcome
A dreadful demon -
The Alp Shurale -
Received what he deserved!

That would not close
The underground paths
The roots of the trees,
He was breaking them.

From the great forests -
Green and shady -
He did not leave anything.
He hated them so much!


The spiteful gennies -
The masters of the underworld Tama -
Hid me, Tulpar,
In this cave.

No friendship exists between demons,
Like the people,
The Alps from the old demons
Fight with the youngsters.

The gennies or Joregs -
Are cagier and graver
Of the all Alps -
Both the old, and the young.

Some Alps -
From among the malicious -
Began serving or helping
To the spiteful gennies - Joregs.

One of these -
The Alp Shurale -
You today
Dexterously hushed.

A head of Tama and Joregs -
A fiercest from fierce
The spiteful ginnie Albastyi -
Was tormenting myself.

Knowing my might,
He forced me
To knock the ground
With my heavy hoofs.

That from the temblors
The heavenly sphere
Would fall to the Earth
And smashed all alive.

But I tried to strike
Albastyi with my hoofs ,
Because he, the Tama-Tarkhan,
Confined me here,

Inflicted many wounds...
I bled so strongly.
Together with blood
All my strength almost left.

Please mount on me -
I shall carry you out
From the underground into the glowing world
And would serve you with my failing brunt."

At freed
The horse from cuffs,
Mounted a saddle
And got out of the cave.

As soon as that had happened,
The eyes of the stallion,
Used to the gloom,
Went blind from light.

But the Almighty gave
Him new eyes -
Even more sharp-sighted -
To the horse of At.


Noticed Tulpar,
That At is sad,
And asked bogatyr
For reasons of his sadness.

"My soul is in worry, -
Answered Audan, -
Come the time
To me to fall in love.

But is no one that,
Would conquer me
With her beauty
And kind heart.

From that
I am restless...
Where to find
One worthy of me?"

"I heard about one like that, -
Shared Tulpar -
She lives in the mountains
In the possession of her father - biy.

In that mountain
Is a cave,
In which lives
The Alp Baradj.

He is a kind demon
In form of a big snake,
Therefore the father of the maiden
Allowed him to live near to them.

That mountain
People call Tatésh.
And the father of the maiden
Is called Shan-Alban Ryshtau.

The name Ryshtau reminds
The old name of that mountain,
Which it had
Before arrival there of the tribe Tatesh.

And the whole possession of Ryshtau
Is called Bandja -
Or, as Hons say -

The snake Baradj
Serves to Ryshtau:
Protects his possessions
And catches mice,

Of which is afraid
The daughter of Ryshtau -
An incomparable beauty
And a kind soul".

At was inflamed:
Something pricked his heart
At a mention
Of the Ryshtau's daughter.


"Bring me, Tulpar,
Please quicker
To the beauty!" -
exclaimed Audan.

But the racer sighed:
" I can not do it, my master:
I do not know the road
To the house of Ryshtau" .

At began to twiddle
In all directions,
looking for the road
To the maiden's house,

Only Tulpar -
A bogatyr horse -
Could keep up
With these endless searches

And racing without a sleep -
Day and night -
In the steppes and sands,
In the hills and ravines.

At coverwd
One half of the world
But did not find
The home of Shan-Alban.

The other - the unknown
Half of the world -
Was covered behind a huge
Iron Door.

Approaching this Door,
Completely exhausted Audan
Exclaimed:" Will be an end
To my jorney?"

And he immediately dozed off
And saw in front of him
The Alp Baryn
Disguised as Grey Wolf.

"You will cross, -
Baryn said, -
A wide field to the high mountain.
On it will end your jorney".

"Is it behind the Iron Door
That mountain? -
Thought At,
At once awoken.

But the way
Through this Door in the Surej mountains
Was blocked
By unapproachable fortifications.

When Audan-Dulo
Asked the guards at the Door
For a permit to pass -
The guard burst out laughing and said:

"Yet nobody
Could pass
Through this Door -
And nobody will,


Until we,
The Surej guards -
Stand here,
Not ever closing the eyes" .

Deranged, Audan rode
Away by the field.
In three days of travel
He met a hundred. 



The faces of soldiers
Were covered by iron masks,
And the hair - was braided
In three braids.

"Who are you, Elbir? -
The centurion asked At.
" I am a Prince from the clan Dulo", -
Responded Audan.

And I am - Arbuga
From the clan Urmi, -
Affably said centurion. -
Don't be afraid of us!

We - are not robbers,
But a patrol
Of the glorious troops
Of the Turanian king Alamir.

Alamir Wants
To cross that half of the world,
Which is there -
Behind the Iron Door.

Because there, it is said,
At the edge of the Earth, in the Gold Well,
Is infinite quantity
Of gold and other riches.

If you want -
Join our army.
Alamir needs such bogatyrs -
You will become a centurion at once!"

With a pleasure At went to Alamir:
He gained a hope
To pass with the Turanians
Into possessions of Ryshtau.

He rode up
To the Turanian throne,
Which was surrounded by riders
On all four sides.

On each side
Were two hundred thousand
Of the bravest warriors.
And the whole was eight hundred thousand.

"You will be a thousand commander!" -
said Alamir,
When At appeared
Before his eyes.

Was Alamir
Attractive and wise.
His eyes
Burned with courage.

His unrestrained
Military avidity
Intoxicated soldiers,
Filled them with courage.

When Alamir
Gave a sign -
The army went
To a distant campaign.

Three days they stormed
The Iron Door -
But it stood

Alamir was distressed an instant-
But rode up to him Arbuga and suggested:
"My ruler! Let's circumvent the door  -
In the mountains I saw a gap!"

That gap was called" Tarvil".
Alamir heeded his council -
The army passed through the gap
And broke onto the other half of the world.

In the beginning they went with the Sun -
Then towards the Sun.
Arbuga rode in the head ,
Alamir named him Tarvil.

They broke into the country
Of Saklans and Sabans.
At distinguished himself at it
He fought better than all.

Alamir decided:
"I will grant the conquered side
To the best warrior -
The head of a thousand At!

Let in his honour
This country - Saklan -
Be called Atil -
The land of At!"

Then they took
A strong fortress,
Arbuga was the first
To break into it.

He spared its defenders -
The Sabans who did not know a faith.
He did not plunder the inhabitants -
He was merciful.

before leaving, Alamir
Gave the fortress the nam of Arbuga.
"Let, - he said, -
The feat not remain unmarked."

After that
Gain glory the suicidal-Kirgizes,
And the steppe captured by them
Alamir named Kirgizian.

Beyond the Kirgizia
The army of Alamir
Come across an unprecedented barrier -
Three walls.

One of these walls
Was earthen.
The second was wooden,
And the third was - stone.


They blocked the way
Into the Khin desert,
Where sand
Was golden.

Because the desert dwellers - Khins
For a thousand years
Protected  the entrance
To the Golden Well.

Generously renumerated them
For the service
Tama-Tarkhan Albastyi,
Giving them the gold sand.

In the beginning the Khins
Were famous for their masters and scientists,
But the gold sand
Installed a greed in them.

Khins have stopped
All their business,
They only guarded the Golden Well
For the pay of golden sand.

They ceased to cultivate the fields
And became cannibals -
They ate everybody,
Who approached the Golden Well.

In a thousand years
They earned so much golden sand,
That covered with it
All their former prosperous country.

Under the sand remained
Homs, books, and the shops.
But the Khins did not regret of the loses -
They lost their minds from greed.

With the army of Alamir,
Which came to the walls,
The Khins fought
To death.

But still Kirgizes
In a terrible battle have taken
The first two walls
And began storming the third.

But barely climbed the Turanians
Upon the stone wall,
As they saw
Dying Khins.

After them
Started dying Kirgizes,
Who were the first
Who ascended the wall.

"Explain to me,
What's happening?" -
Asked At
One of the dying Khins.

That Khinian
Was spared
And released by him
In the battle for the wooden wall.


"The Tama-Tarkhan, being afraid,
That the third wall will fall;
Sent to the Khin am epidemy,
To exterminate you,"-

The Khin answered.
And before
Parting with his soul,

Leave, biy! Go away!
Should not perish with us,
Who sold our souls,
The kind and honest!"

The head of a thousand immediately
Informed Alamir of it all -
And the king of Turan
Ordered a retreat.

The retreating army
Was mowed by epidemy.
When Turanians were near Bershud -
Have fallen ill At and Tarvil.

"I can not, Elbirs,
Take you with me .
For the health of an army
I am abandoning the sick",-

Alamir told to them both
And ordered
To leave them
In the cave Bulgar.



The cave was
At the bottom of a big pit.
The exit from it into the pit
They covered with shields.

The army left -
And two Elbirs
Prepared to die,
Holding strongly to their weapons.

The cave was damp.
And from its walls
Continuously exuded
A black muck.

The Elbirs were laying
In that muck
And in a week
Came to feel healthy.

"Evidently, the soil
Cured us," -
Decided the cured,
Crawled to surface and washed in a spring.

Their horses
Were grazing nearby.
The Elbirs mounted them -
And their hearts filled up with pleasure.

"We shall be brothers!
As children of the same tomb,
Which cured us!" -
Said At.

"We are related anyway, -
Noted Tarvil. -
Remember: our ancestors Idjik and Laish
Came from the same father".

The brothers then embraced,
And Audan accented:
"Nothing stronger in the world
Than kinship ties".

"It is not so, -
Disapproved Tarvil
And started crying,
Because it was a truth, -

Idjik and Laish
Were brothers -
The sons of wise
Alp Boyan-Imen.

But the main was -
That they were friends,
And that was helping them
To live in a consent.

But their brother Türk
Became their worst opponent,
Became a murderer of Djilka -
The kinship did not help.

One clan -
Of the descendants of Idjik -
Slaughtered another -
Headed by the brother Türk.


Barely carried away
The river Dulosu in the kazan
The Djilka's baby son,
Named Gazan.

The river treated prince,
As her own son -
Carried him from the darkness
Of the interstine slaughter.

Not in a Honian yurt -
But in the cranes' nest
Gazan have grown
In the blessed Jeti-Su.

The Jeti-Su king himself
Gave his daughter to him.
Gazan for that nicknamed Jetisuans
"Badjanaks" - in-laws.

The son of Gazan,
Who restored the Hon's line,
Was expelled into foreign land
By his brothers and uncles.

The exile - Bulümar - went
Following the Sun
To the Bashkort steppe
Near Khina.

He faught a lot,
Subdued many local Kirgizes,
But the hostility between his descendants
Nullified fruits of his efforts.

And was not it your uncle Avar
Who killed his brother -
Your father -
The bogatyr Alvar?

The relative - a murderer -
Is not a kin
Fot the descendants
Og the killed relative.

Is being snapped off the arkan
Of kinship ties,
If it does not have
A core of friendship.

The friendship tfor a man -
Is as roots for a tree.
The tree might be
Up to the sky -

But if to deprive it
From its roots -
It would fall,
As a thin blade of grass.

Other bogatyr would swear,
That himself would win of all:
Maybe, he will prevail over many
Singly by himself.

But, say, before the eye of Barys
He would stop,
As a guilty child
In front of an angree father.


The fire of the Barys' eye
Would take away his strength,
Would torch down through his chest,
Would turn him into a stone.

And if the friend
Of that bogatyr
Was the kind Bat-Terek -
He would not perish.

Would close the eye
Of the Alp Barys
A branch of Bat-Terek -
And the demon would lose his power.

I shall not raise
My hand against a relative,
But will be my enemy
A relative - the murderer.

Will be my enemies
Those Urmians,
Who are
An embodiment of evil.

There is nothing in the world
Stronger than friendship.
Even the brothers - are brothers,
If they are friends.

There is nothing in the world
More strong then friendship-unity.
The unity brings a victory,
The dissonance - brings defeat."

So said Tarvil -
And At was contemplating.
"You are right, my brother, -
He uttered after pondering.-

Let's be friends -
And real brothers.
Today you would help me -
Tomorrow I - would help you.

And let us
And our folk and descendants be known
Under the name
Of our rescue places - Bulgar" .

"I agree, -
Arbuga was delighted, -
And now shall ve ride
To my aul.

I have not been there for a long time.
And I don't know, whether are alive
My parents.
I have yearned for home.

I want to see
Also my bride -
Because I left her
A little girl.

You will be my
The most dear guest,
My father and mother
Will be your parents".



"Forgive me, brother, -
Sighed At, -
I can not now
Go to you.

I am not at liberty -
I love a gorgeous maid,
And never yet
I have seen her.

Until I find her
And marry her -
Will I have
No rest in this world.

I am heading to her,
Not knowing a path.
The love captured me -
And I can not stop.

Point me, if you know,
A path to the house of her dad Shan-Alban -
With that you will render me
An invaluable favor".

"I do not know
The way to the house of maiden -
My possession are surrounded
By the lands of other biys",-

Said Arbuga
And added,
Wounded and afflicted
By the refusal of his brother:

"Was it worth for you
To refuse me
Because of a love
To a woman?

Sorry that part
Our ways -
Because I also
Can't fail to see my home aul!

But if you cannot do it now -
Come to visit me
Next time.
I wish you success!"

The brothers turned their horses
In different directions ...
And again Audan-Dulo
Was criss-crossing the world.

He even slept in his saddle,
And when he was waking up -
He searched even for somebody,
Who could show the road.

Once at night
Suddenly rose the Sun, -
A strange Sun -
It was shining like a moon.


Thinking, that this is Almighty,
At asked the Sun:
"Tell me, the Luminous:
Where is the choce of my heart?"

The Sun burst out laughing,
Became for an instant grey,
And said:" She does not exist in the world!"
And at once disappeared.

And in the daytime,
In the blue sky
Aappeared the Crescent -
Surprisingly bright.

At, accepting
The Crescent for the Almighty,
Asked him:
"Where lives Shan kyzy?"

The Crescent burst out laughing,
And for an instant dimmed.
"I did not hear of such!" -
He answered and disappeared.

At another time,
On a windless day,
A wind suddenly blowed -
Exceedingly alarming.

"This is Almighty," -
Decided Audan
And he asked the wind:
"Where shall I search for the maid?"

The wind burst out laughing,
For an instant felt a sepulchral cold.
"There are no such things! -
He shouted and faded.

"The maiden does not exist.
Tulpar invented her.
Evidently, he went mad
In that cave," -

Decided At,
But did not find peace,
And he started grieving
Even more than ere.

Not spurring any more
His Tulpar,
He rode where his eyes fall,
Not taking any food.

Completely loosing mind
From that very thought,
The does not exist in the world
That particular virgin.

He had grown thin, grown skinny,
Looked gloomy:
Caught with desire
To rip his heart from his breast,

Which was grinded,
As by the worms,
By inescapable melancholy
And boundless despair.

He started at the end
Tearing off his armour of demon -
His glorious trophy -
To get to his heart.

He torn his finger bloody,
Was all exhausted,
But the mill of the armour
He could not tear off.

And he fallen asleep, very tired,
Right in the saddle.
Tulpar went more slowly,
Allowing At to nap.

In a dream came that,
Who with a blessing tof he Creator
Comes to the aid of moribund -
The lion of Allah Gali -

He showed Audan
A miracluos vision.
And At saw
That vary maiden.

She was remarkably beautiful.
There are no words to help
Possible truly
Describe her features.

Her body
Breathed cleanliness,
Her eyes radiated
A delightful languor.

Her lips exhaled
A honey aroma,
Her hair shone,
Like crystals of ice.

"Boz-Biya!" -
Whispered enchanted Audan.
His lips uttered the name of the maid
And he woke up at once.

Now he knew,
That the maiden exists.
Now the pleasure
Was ripping his heart.

The deep sorrow,
Dessicating his soul,
Conceded its place to a love,
Wich woke some fiery forces.

Tulpar had work for him amass -
At again,
As a young wolf
After his reward

Threw for the searches
Of the road to that,
Whom thirsted
His inflamed soul.

Everything ceased
Existing for him ...
In front of his eyes
Existed only her.



Suddenly Tulpar
Stopped, as striken.
Audan in irritation
Wanted to whip the horse,

And suddenly again
He regained his vision
And noticed a dervish,
Sitting on the path.

The stallion almost
Crushed the beggar,
Who from the dust
Become utterly white.

"Who are you, beggar?" -
Asked At,
Without dismounting his horse,
Because of a hurry.

"Do you know, -
He asked, -
A road to the house of Shan-kyzy?
If you know, tell me!"

Who does not dismount the horse
Meeting an elder or dervish,
Will fall from the horse
For that sin.

Anyone knows that
In the tribe of Hons.
But Audan in love forgotten
All customs of the clan.

Is really the truth,
That a crazy love -
Transforms a man
Into a silly blunderer,

Leads him into a hole,
From which there is no return?
In comparison with it
Even the subsurface maze - is nothing.

The beggar did not move,
Nor changed countenance,
When the bogatyr horse
Stopped next to him.

"I am Shams Tat-Iran, -
He answered in return, -
I am from the tribe Saklan
And have grown near Khursan.

My father Khasan
And mother Fatima -
Peace be with them
Tought me my faith.

Allah entrusted me
To be a guard
Of the sepulture" Sultan"
Of glorious Alamir.


"Really Alamir has died?
And how do you know,
Where will be his tomb?" -
Boggled Audan-Dulo.

"Not yet, - explained dervish, -
Alamir did not die yet,
But certainly
It will happen.

He will appear
Before the Almighty -
Nobody can avoid
The judgement of Allah.

Creator unsealed to me,
That exactly here
Will be Alamir's mausoleum -
Boundless is the forsight of Almighty!

Step on the road of faith,
Say, Elbir:
"There is no God, except Allah...

And at once the Almighty
Will point to you
The way to that maid,
Which you search!..."

"I do not have the time! -
Rudely said At,
Unhappy with this aimless,
As it seemed to him, delay,-

I see, that and you,
Do not know the way
To the house of the maid!

So get off
From the road -
Or I
Wll stomp on you!"

Audan whipped the horse -
But the beggar did not move.
Tulpar as sorry for the dervish -
he did not ride over him.

But, irritated by the whip,
He rose as a raven into clouds,
And then like a duck fell in the sea,
And came up from it as a fish.

He galloped three thousand versts,
Furiously stomping with hoofs,
He trod up a huge ravine
And only then cooled down a little.

They both - the horse, and the rider -
Were tired of this race.
Then Tulpar slowed down -
At fell asleep in the saddle.



In a dream Audan-Dulo
Saw Boz-Biy again.
Byt just when he told her his name -
The vision disappeared.

Unexpectedly, on a quiet day,
A burya descended
It covered At
With sand up to his neck

Audan woke up ,
And found that
He is buried by the sand,
And started grieving from despair.

Luckily a bogatyr was passing.
He saw At
At the bottom of a huge
Sandy funnel.

he took pity - and he bent
A pine nearby
And its top
Dipped into the pit.

At seized with teeth
The crown of the pine -
And the bogatyr released
Tthe trunk of the tree.

The straightening pine pulled out
Audan - Dulo
Together with his horse
From the sandy trap.

At found himself
Next to Elbir -
A young and stately,
In a sparkling helmet,

In a gold mask,
On a hot horse,
Forty arrows were
In his kolchan.

The look of the stranger
Blazed with sacrifice.
"Who are you, Elbir?" -
Asked him At, and that said:

"I am - Arbuga
Nicknamed Tarvil
From the clan Urmi -
Of the Laish descendants.

I spent my youth
In a military saddle.
Then came
The time for me to marry.

My beautiful
Bride Tanbit
Waited for me and became
My wife.

She was showered
At my wedding
By silver coins
And I rejoyced.

But suddenly reddened
The leaves on one branch
Of Bat-Terek,
That grew in my yard.

And Tanbit said to me,
As a true Urmian,
Having looked at the bloody leaves
Of the sacred tree:

"This is your relative
Who fell in trouble -
Go and help him.
And I shall wait for you.

You left me
A little girl
And saw again
Already a girl.

And all that time I,
Not closing my eyes,
Was waiting for you -
And I will wait some more."

I did not delay -
And straight from the wedding I rode
To the aid of my brother,
Not knowing him yet.

Assisting on the way
All righteous victims of disasters
Seeing in them
My brothers.

That is why I am here,
That is why I
Helped you
To escape death.

You tell me now:
If  you are
That my brother,
Whom I wanted to save?"

"You are not mistaken, Tarvil -
I exactly am that your brother -
From the tribe of Hons," -

Answered At -
And started to cry,
As a child,
From a gush of feelings.

Tarvil did not recognize him
Though At was unmasked.
The sufferings have changed
The appearance of Audan-Dulo.

He became
A hunched old man,
And his face
Was covered by wrinkles.


He was covered
All with hair,
He started looking
Like a wild animal.

"Forgive mr, brother -
I did not recognize you.
It is visible at once ,
As strongly you grieved!"-

Tarvil started crying
And embraced At,
And then ha told

"I was wrong, brother,
When I reproached you
In the immensity
Of your love.

At was sorrow ,
And went alone .
He whipped Tulpar -
And he galloped faster then a wind.

I myself fell in love -
And learned what it is.
I eager to be at the wedding -
I want to take you with me.

You have to have a rest -
There is no for that
Better place in the world,
Than my house.

I shall complete the wedding -
Marry my beauty Tanbit -
And you will recover strength -
Together we shall go on."

"Excuse me, my brother, -
Said At in return, -
I can not be distracted -
In my eyes is only Boz-Biyaa.

Go without me -
Hurry up, my brother;
Because we both know,
What the love is!"

"It is not right to go
On a trip alone, -
Noted Tarvil
With a sad face. -

I can not in no way
To abandon you -
I see - I have helped you
Only by a half.

I want to assist you
To find the path to the maiden.
Tanbit, I know,
Will approve me.

Wait for me here
Three days and three nights -
I shall only visit Tanbit
And tell her about my decision.


After that
I will return to you:
There can be no wedding,
While you in grief, my brother!"

Rode away Tarvil ...
Passed three days
And three nights have passed -
He did not appear again.



On the bank of the Saklanian sea
The horse suddenly stumbled -
At flew out
From the military saddle.

He took offence at the racer.
"You are not sparing
Your master," -
He told Tulpar.

"I shall sell the unreliable horse,
And go further by sea," -
Decided Audan
In a greatest irritation.

The buyer was found immediately -
An unknown merchant.
At sold him Tulpar -
And bought an Old ship -

"It is a reliable vessel -
It will bring you to target of yours," -
Said the merchant
And galloped away on Tulpar.

At boarded the ship.
The chained to oars slaves
Began to row -
The ship went out to sea.

In the high sea
Attacked the ship
Malicious robbers,
Who knew not mercy.

The came nearer to the At's ship,
And locked their ship
With Audan's ship
By ropes and iron hooks,

With shouts they climbed
The At's ship.
The rowers began praying.
Audan grabbed his bow.

He did try to sort it out -
But he begun to shoot
The enemies with arrows,
He did not miss once.

How many arrows he had -
So many enemies he lain.
With a sword and a spear
Elbir climbed up the pirate's ship.

Those enemies who escaped his arrows
He sent to the hell after slain.
The enemy ship
Fell a prey to At.

On the taken ship
Audan found
The captives of the robbers
And freed them all from shackles.

The treasuries of enemies
He gave them.
"I am - Khasan," -
One of the captives told At. -

You have freed me -
Praise be to you!
I was sailing from the sacred places
On this ship of mine.

These robbers - Joregs
Have taken us unawares,
When we were spending a night
On one island.

They have not killed us -
But have taken,
To force us to reject
The true faith.

Tell us - how can we
Reward you
For your kind act,
Oh, a glorious warrior?"

"I am going to the maiden -
The chosen of my heart,
But I do not know direction
To the house of her father.

He is called Shan-Alban Ryshtau,
And her name is Boz-Biya.
Show me the way -
There will be no greater award for me."

So told
At to Khasan.
"I am - a Moslem, -
Said Khasan, -

I visited many distant countries,
But nowhere I've heard
About a possessor Ryshtau.
Maybe, his possessions are further away.

The world is big -
A possession of Allah, -
And only the Almighty
Knows all roads in it.

Step on the road
Of true faith -
And the Creator will point to you
The right road.

Remember Alamir -
Arab Bulan defeated him -
The victor of Persians,
Seized daughter Marbiya of Persian king.

Alamir inquired at that time
From one dervish:
"Tell me, a wise man,
Whence comes the strength of Bulan?

Are not any more the Turanians -
The children of a she-wulf -
The strongest
Warriors in the world?"


The beggar answered:
"There is nobody stronger
Than the warriors of the true faith,
Who are fighting for the faith.

The Arabs were weak,
Untill they said:
"There is no God except Allah!"
And received a help from Almighty.

Glorify the Creator -
You will be invincible also.
In the belief in Allah -
Is the strength of Bulan."

Alamir followed
The wise dervish -
With the name of Allah
He defeated Bulan,

Freed Marbiya -
The choce of his heart,
Made her his wife -
There was no limit to his happiness.

For the first time Bulan
Sufferred a defeat -
Because he became arrogant,
And forgotten who granted him victories.

Allah examines
The firmness of belief:
Alamir began saying that his victories
Were only due to the might of his sword.

He was for that
Punished by Allah.
Everybody knows how it was -
He retreated from the Khina.

At the edge of disaster
A part of Turanians
Turned to Allah -
Only they avoided a tragedy.

Adopt the true faith,
As have done
The Turanian warriors,
Reinforce in it - in it lies the salvation."

"I see, Khasan,
You are a noble man, -
Responded to it At, -
But how would I believe you?

Khons believe
In spirits of ancestors.
This belief, I think, helped
Idjik's descendants to survive.

And when believed the son of Gazan -
The glorious Bulümar -
To the ailien faith of the Kashans -
He was defeated by enemies.

A warrior does not have time
Conjecture for a best faith.
The faith in the spirits of warrior- ancestors
Is the Khons' custom.


I am traveling -
And can not stop:
My soul pines
In the fire of unshared love."

"Wait, warrior!
Let us pray
Allah for you,
For him to ease your way, -"

Asked Khasan.
But was impatient At.
he said" Farewell"
To the kind pilgrim,

He unhooked his ship,
And sailed away,
Soon disappeared in the distance
The Khasan's ship.

"Where are you, Boz-Biy?" -
Thought At.
He did not sleep for two days -
Thinking of his loved.

On the third day
The light has grown gim,
The sea grew rough -
And began a burya.

The rowers started paraying:
"Oh, the glorious warrior!
Release us from shackles -
We have nowhere to go!

We will row better
Without our fetters.
Give us mercy -
We have suffered so much!

If the ship goes down -
We, chained to it,
Will go with it to the bottom -
Why do you need it?" -

Audan-Dulo was clement
To his slaves -
He unchained them
Let them be more confident!

He could not endure - and fallen asleep
In the heat of the burya.
But can a master sleep
Among the unchained slaves?

The rowers got scared
Of the trip dangers.
Decided, that they will be lost,
If they obey to At.

On the way, At saw in the sky
Eleven stars -
He ordered rowers to sail without a stop
For eleven days.

And the slaves thought,
That it is better to stop
And wait out the burya
In a safe place.


They just thought of it -
And in a distance saw a gleam:
Of clear sky
And under it - a quiet shore.

They chained the sleeping At
Put him in a chest,
Strongly fastened it
And cast it into sea.

And turned
The ship to the shore,
But they were deceived
By its calmness.

Near the coast
The sea bacame rough.
A tide carried the ship
To the coastal rocks.

The vessel broke into chips,
Having hit the stones.
Amd all the foolish lost the lives -
Nobody survived.

And the Audan-Dulo chest
Was slung on the high seas
For exactly that time,
Indicated by stars.

On the twelfth day
The waves have thrown out
The chest on the shore
And At woken up.

He stirred his hands and legs -
The chest scattered.
At rose
And found himself on an island ...

At could not swim,
While being chained.
He began to knock down the chains -
They were strong.

By the time he knocked off the fetters -
He was utterly exhausted.
And as soon as he succseeded -
He lell asleep in fatigue.

Before falling asleep,
He haply thought of Tarvil and Khasan,
Thought of Allah -
And saw Boz-Biya in a dream.

She was washing in a steamy bathhouse
And was completely nude.
Through her thin skin
Showed her trembling heart and veins.

She was spreading on her white body
The juice of sweet berries and honey,
And emmited a fragrance,
Intoxicationg the mind.

At could not held back -
In dream, he gently called her.
As though she heard it -
She covered her nudity.

She covered with her golden hair -
They were down to her knee,
And were spreading around
A magic luminance.

Suddenly At saw
A terrible demon-woman.
Arriving in the bath in image of a huge Mouse
And she seized Boz-Biya.

She spread on the wonderful
Body of the maiden
Her excrements
And disappeared somewhere.

In an horror Boz-Bi raced
To her father -
But he eveb did not recognize her.
All disfigured by crap.

From her appearance
He came to fury
"How did you get here, you filthy?" -
He asked her in wrath.

He was offended, did not believe Boz-Bi,
When she said that she was his daughter,
She begun crying -
He became even more angry with her.

"Go away,
The manure body!" -
He exclaimed with heart
And expelled his daughter from the house.

Boz-Bi shacked,
Sobing from grief,
To where her eyes turned -
Away from the native home.

On the way seized her
The ugly demon - Mouse
And dragged away in underground
A resisting and shouting maid.

At terribly exclaimed
And at once woke up.
He decided to come to her aid -
And jumped in water.

He swam to the distant coast
In the warm water.
Suddenly it cooled down
And began to cover with ice.

The ice field
Began catching up with At,
Constricting behind him
With a terrible gnash.

Audan-Dulo swam with all stamina,
But the ice field
Caught up with him
And caught his braid.


That was the braid,
Braided before a first fight
By the Honnish custom
By most brave of the Hons.

That he with his braid
Stayed alive after a dangerous raid,
Made it a protecting charm
From the schemes of gennies.

But now the braid
Could become
A cause of the death
Of the brave warrior.

At, crying from distress,
Snatched out his ---knife,
And cut off a half of the braid
And kept swimming.

In the next instant
The ice covered
The place.
Where he had just been.

A fury from the loss
Added strength to At.
He reached the shore
Faster than ice overtook him.

When the warrior
greached the shore,
The last forces
Left him.

He was all frozen.
His body had stiffened,
His fingers would not bend...
At could hardly walk.

He made
With the greatest efforts
Few steps from the beach
And saw a house.

As soon as saw it,
He fainted away.
And fell to the ground,
As a cut down tree.



Regaining his consciousness, he found
Himself in a house.
Above him were bending
Tarvil and an unfamiliar woman.

"I am - Fatima, -
Said the woman, -
The wife of the known to you
Merchant Khasan.

We have found you
On the beach,
Without a consciousness.
You were very bad.

But now - praise be to Allah -
The danger has passed,
You are - at the friends,
In the house of my husband."

At thanked
His saviors,
He asked Tarvil,
How he got there.

Arbuga said:
"I Promised you to be back in three days.
In one day
I rode to home.

The visitors had not departed yet -
But everyone was excited,
The friends stood dejectedly,
The relatives sobed.

A disturbing feeling
Enveloped me -
Because I was not met
By mother and Tanbit.

I asked the guests,
Where are my mom and my bride.
They told me,
That demons abducted Tanbit.

After my departure
He rode on to the wedding in my appearance.
He feasted together with guests,
And had lead Tanbit into the suite.

Visitors continued feasting,
As they suddenly heard
A call for a help
Of my Tanbit.

They rushed to the suite,
But no one was already there.
They saw near the house
The tracks of the spiteful Alp.

"It is the demon Ajdaha
Who stole your bride.
Your mother died of grieving," -
Told me the visitors.


I was bereaved,
Forgot about everything in the world -
A grief was burning my breast,
And dimmed my mind.

I became not myself.
As in dream, I mounted a horse,
And galloped after Ajdaha
Following his footprint.

I fell into a trap -
At a similar hunting
My father was killed
Before my return.

I was laying for a long time unconscious -
Everything was injured.
When I came to senses,
I started waiting for my death.

And suddenly showed up Fatima.
She was led to to pit by Losiha.
Ajdaha had eaten her Losenok -
She hated him.

Losiha saw
Me in the pit -
And led to it
The kind Fatima.

Fatima turned
Into a Bird Chakchak,
She snatched me out at night
From the yap of the pit.

She brought me
To the house of her husband,
Began to ask Allah
For my recovery.

Her pray
Was heard:
My wounds were mended,
I rose to my legs.

You were also
Cured by Almighty,
Whom she
Asked for you.

I named
Fatima my mother.
I was orphaned -
Fatima replaced my mother."

"I also do not have
Neither a father, nor mother," -
Cryed At,
And said to Fatima:

"Kind woman -
Be a to me mother too.
You saved me,
As your own son."

Fatima embraced
Both Elbirs.
"You both are -
Like my sons," - said.



"Help us, mom, -
Said the princes, -
Point the road
To the dens of abductors."

"Allah has healed you -
He will also point the road, -
Answered Fatima. -
Pray to Him."

And manifested them:
Exactly seven days
He will guard
The virginity of Boz-Biya.

Seven more days
You have
My son, Audan-Dulo -
Praise be to Allah."

Tarvil began praying.
He prayed all day,
He prayed for himself
And for his friend and brother.

Night glittered and glowed seven stars.
Fatima said:
"Wait for the return -
Of my husband Khasan.

He will return in the morning
From a long voyage
And will take Tarvil
To the abductor's den.

Allah will point out
The road for Khasan
For the acceptance by Tarvil
Of the true faith.

Allah did not ignored
And the Tarvil's request
For his friend -
He brought the stars to the sky.

In the morning arrived Khasan
With his ship,
Embraced both Elbirs,
And called them sons.

He told them:
"I met in the way
With Gyisa himself -
The righteous of the faith.

Began Gyisa
A prophet of Allah.
He heralded in the Rum
Of the true road to salvation.

He told the unfortunate lost,
Who came to Him:
"Trust your life
And fate to Allah."

Words of the righteous sunk deep
In souls of everybody.
Many at once turned to Islam
And began praying hotly.


Did not like that
The king of the Rum - a pagan.
He ordered his soldiers
To execute Gyisa.

But no Rumian
Dared for this crime.
However, they found murderers -
From the newcomer Sadumians.

The visitors were
From the island Sadum,
It is three days of travel
At length and at its width.

The inhabitants of the island
Were so heavy,
That it was difficult for them
To walk on the land.

No horse
Could carry them.
Therefore they
Preferred to sail on the ships.

All their slaves
They forced to build the ships.
The cost of their ships
Very expensive.

The king of Sadum
Was famous for debauchery.
All maidens of the island
Had to copulate with him first.

He shamelessly extorted
His subjects,
He was executing for no reason -
Ruled without any laws.

he was so dishonest,
That suspected of larceny all.
Was afraid to rise from the throne -
Mindful that it would be stolen.

He defecated
Directly on the throne.
Even copulated,
Sitting on the throne.

With such reign
Corrupted become also people.
They became a match
For their king.

Began the Sadumians
Assail and plunder everywhere,
A human life and honour for them
Stopped having any value or meaning.

They stopped  ploughing and sowing,
Were feeding of a flesh of a huge fish,
Which perpetually swam up to the island -
From it the Sadumians were cuting a chank.

And all other property
Began the Sadumians
Capturing in other countries,
Attacking them.


It is said, nothing
A father would leave to his sons -
Only a sword with the words:
"The rest, my child, gain by this sword."

When in the Rum
Was seized Gyisa,
One group of Sadumians was disposing
The booty to the Rumian merchants.

And easily agreed
Sadumians for money
To execute Gyisa -
They were inveterate pagans,

They tied Gyisa
To a gate crossbeam with leather belts,
But later decided
To bond him even stronger.

They had horned helmets.
And with these horns they pinned
The hands and legs of Gyisa
To the crossbeam and a post.

Then they stepped away from the gate
And shot Gyisa,
Outpouring with blood,
From their bows.

They were poor shots.
Until they fatally wounded -
They many times
Pierced him with the arrows.

Never moaned
The kind Gyisa,
He did not demur.
And did beg for a mercy.

He only said to his murderers:
"Allah is great!
There is no dodging of his court
By anybody from living!"

He endured all torments -
Impossible to describe them
So heavy were they  -
And glorified the faith of Islam.

And the Sadumians
On the return trip across the sea
Caught a burya
And wrecked their ships.

Have made the Sadumians who reached the shore
From the remains of the ship a raft
And tied its logs
With the same leather belts.

When they again sailed on a raft -
The belts have torn,
The logs have gone apart.
All Sadumians went to the bottom.

And Gyisa after the execution
Appeared before the Almighty.
The Creator wanted
To exempt Gyisa from his court.


But said Gyisa:
"Nobody should
Avoid the court of Almighty.
With pleasure I accept the will of Allah!"

Gyisa was brought close
To the Almighty,
Frequently he came
At the will of Allah to the Earth.

He is helping the suffering -
Heals heavy illnesses,
Consoles condemned before execution -
Since he was tormented in his execution.

Knows Gyisa
The deep essence of many things.
Even mountains for his eyes
Are transparent.

Gyisa opened for me
The essence of Joregs:
They are - malicious werewolves,
Mongrels and servants of Tama-Tarkhan.

Joregs seize bodies
Of sleeping and those they slaughtered.
And then in their personification
Do black deeds.

All these Joregs -
Are those very demons,
That betrayed
The faith of Islam.

Have sold the Joregs
Their souls to the Shaitan,
Mindful of Allah -
They did not submit to the Almighty.

The world has yet not seen
Than devils more malicious -
The land is stained bloody
From their crimes.

Come on, Tarvil,
To my ship.
Allah has shown the road -
I shall bring you to the den of Ajdaha."

"I shall go with you,
My friend and brother, -
said Audan-Dulo to Tarvil -
We have a common grief.

I shall help you first -
it is not good to go alone,
To help first to a friend
Orders me my heart."

He braided the remaining
Lock of hair
In a braid
And was ready for a new trip.



Friends set out sailing
On the Khasan's ship
On the river Shir -
The river was pure.

On the side they saw
A wide steppe
In the middle of it
Some mountains

With a huge tower
At the mountaintop.
But they did not have time to find out
Whose it is.

Tarvil was grieving -
Thought of theTanbit's fate.
Khasan noticed that -
And mentioned it to Arbuga:

"Your bride Is pure -
Allah turned
Into impenetrable shield
The silver coins,

With which at the wedding
Was showered your bride.
Therefore nobody will inflict
Any evil to her body."

Brought Khasan the ship
To correct bank.
Brothers descended on land,
And mounted argamaks of the merchant.

On the horses they rode
Directly into the Ajdaha yurt -
Of the ugly one-horned monster -
The seducer of the virgins.

Was insatiable in his lust
The damned demon Ajdaha.
Now in the yurt
He was next to Tanbit.

Was friously gnawing Ajdaha
And scratched with claws
The scales on the body
Of the gorgeous maiden.

But remained unapproachable
The virgin for the demon.
In the scales of coins
Allah protected her.

The indignant Tarvil grasped
The ginnie by his tail,
Raised him, the huge,
And struck against the yurt column.

The column broke in two -
The tail tore off from the demon.
He disengaged,
And fled off away, amiss.


Rode after him
The two Elbirs.
By all rules of the wolf hunting
The drove Ajdaha.

Tarvil galloped following,
Audan raced for intersect.
They speeded, as wolves
After a certain prize.

Did not escape Ajdaha, -
Caught up woth him Tarvil -
Grubbed in the gallop
Hes back legs,

He raised him off the ground.
The demon dodged.
He wanted to catch with his teeth
The hand of Tarvil.

But leapfrogged Audan -
He stuck a spear of Alps
In the Ajdaha belly -
Without saving efforts.

Howled up Ajdaha,
Excreted a poisonous saliva,
Exuded black blood,
Slumped down - and died.

Brothers returned
To the yurt of the demon,
Extracted from it
The beautiful Tanbit.

The lovers have embraced -
Happiness overflowed them .
It is impossible to describe
Their joy.

Tanbit learned,
Who helped her and brothers.
At once she prayed to Allah,
And became a Muslim.

Brought Tarvil his bride
To his home,
Promised her to return to her
After rescue of Boz-Biya.

And himself went with At
To the Khasan's ship.
Suddenly the light went off -
Came a night.

Got lost in the darkness
Our travellers.
They do not know where to go -
A gloom set around.


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