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Was regretting Audan,
That Tulpar was not with them.
He would definitely
Find the right road in the darkness.

Feeling his fault
Before the loyal racer,
He was saddened because
He did not know about his fate.

Did not know At,
That with his own hands
He sold Tulpar
To Alp Kuyan.

Was rewarded the wait of Kuyan
For his buyer - Audan.
At took the ship -
And traded Tulpar for it.

Kuyan went on Tulpar
To the Alp Kubar.
The demon Kubar was
Not a kindest Alp.

But totally bad
To call him would be wrong:
He had a good side -
At times striking thieves with a lightning.

Was apprehensive of him Kuyan -
Decided to please.
He came to the cloud of Kubar -
And offered him Tulpar.

In an exchange for that
Asked Kubar
Not to obstruct anywhere
His thievery.

Kubar coveted Tulpar,
Promised to not touch the pilferer,
He became the owner of the horse,
Rode him in the sky.

Tulpar began to beg the Allah
To be helped by Almighty
To obtain his freedom again.
Was merciful to the horse the Creator:

He sent Gali -
For him
To free Tulpar
From the unloved service.

Gali set out -
And met on the way
The Alp Mal,
Who demanded a ransome for pass.

When Gali refused -
He jumped at him.
Gali whipped him with a knout -
The Alp at once grew quiet.

For Mal not to obstruct
The travel by land,
Gali gave Mal to Kubar
In exchange for Tulpar.

Kubar agreed with a pleasure
For this exchange -
Annoyed Mal also him not once,
Striking with horns his cloud bedroom.

Mal was interrupting Kubar's sleep,
Was injuring his back.
For a long time Kubar craved
To revenge to Mal.

Now began
Kubar riding
Mal with reigns of Gali,
Which were taming the Alp.

On the way he deliberately
Was pricked Mal with a sword,
In a powerless fury, Mal
Exuded excrements.

Very quickly Kubar was annoyed
To ride Mal
Breathing the stink of his excrements -
He wanted to return Tulpar again.

He told Mal:
"If you want to receive your freedom -
Catch Tulpar for me
And after that, go wherever you want."

Mal agreed
And Kubar released him
To capture Tulpar -
The cause of his captivity.

Tulpar  tried to flight -
But everywhere Mal pursued the horse.
In a fright Tulpar leaped
Again to Kubar on the cloud.

Is innocent game -
The enmity of the Alps
In comparison with the acts
Of the malicious Joregs.

Stood up the spiteful king of Joregs Albastyi
On the way of goodness,
He began to do everything,
To destroy At and to gain Boz-Biya.

It was Albastyi who appeared
In the images of Sun, Crescent and Djil
In a wrong for them time,
When they serenly slept.

It was Albastyi
Who buried At in sand,
It was Albastyi who disguised
Burya at sea and a false peaceful shore.

It was Albastyi who tried to kill
Audan-Dulo with ice ...
Inexhaustibly he was cooking
Also other obstacles for At.


Hired by Albastyi Mouse
Turned into a small mouse
And penertated
In the possession of Ryshtau.

She found Boz-Biya in the bathhouse,
Crept into it.
Baradj encountered the mouse -
Started crawling after her.

The mouse dropped
Into an underground burrow,
Enticing Baradj to follow -
And left him there.

She squirted herself out of the warren
Through another course
And again returned
To the house of Ryshtau.

She abducted Boz-Biya,
And delivered her to Albastyi.
The maiden saw the ginnie -
And fainted away from horror.

Jumped on her Albastyi -
Wanted to mount the senseless maid.
Allah did not allow the crime -
He tied the legs of the maid with a rope.

The rope was plaited
From seven strong strings.
A whole day needed Albastyi,
To gnaw one string.

In a fury began gnawing  Albastyi
The strings of the cord,
Which did not allow him
To imbue the maiden.

Having learned from Sheitan,
That At is alive
And searches for Boz-Biya,
He began engendering new evil.

That in the Audan's way were
Only the buryas,
Albastyi have stolen
All white clouds.

For that he adopted the image of Bat-Terek -
Because on his branches
Liked to have a rest
The white clouds.

When the deceived white clouds
Layed on the branches of the false Bat-Terek,
Albastyi caught all of them,
And immured them in one of the caves.

Kubar began yearning -
He could not sleep in black clouds -
He began demanding of Albastyi
To return the stolen.

Were not at all scary for Joregs
The lightnings of Kubar -
But promised Albastyi
To return the white clouds,

If Kubar
Would kill with his lightning
At and all those,
Who are helping him.

Kubar agreed -
But he did not completely trust Albastyi:
He demanded that that
Should show him the stolen.

Albastyi lead him
In his main den - the Tower on the mountain,
And from it, by a special passage -
Into the cave where the white clouds were contained.

Kubar counted them -
They all were there.
To bolt down At was easy  for him -
He began waiting for him.

But when Albastyi was filled in
About the death of his friend - Ajdaha,
The king of Joregs was daunted,
And rushed to Barys.

He told him:
"Oh, Barys -
The mightiest and the first
Of all the Alps!

Help me
To steal all the heavenly luminaries -
And for it
I shall give you a most beautiful of maidens!

You have not seen
Anything alike!
She has long
Golden hair to the heels.

A possession of her - a vigin -
Is sweeter,
Than to be
A king of Alps!"

Did not hesitate for long
The old bachelor -
Albastyi inflamed
His desire.

Barys began to fancy
To possess the maiden,
And agreed to acomplish
The ginie's entreaty.

With his only
Fiery eye
Barys bewiched
All stellar luminaries -

The Stars, the Moon, and the Sun -
All of them
Lead with his sight
Into the cave of Albastyi.

Then came
A total gloom
On all the Earth -
Never was such a darkness.

t did not allow
A chance for At
To find a road
To the house of the abductor.

Barys began demanding
The promised award.
Albastyi took him into the underground passage -
As if for the maiden.

He brought the Alp
Deep into a labyrinth,
Opened for him one of the caves,
And said:" Here is your trophy!"

Barys went into the cave,
Began searching for the maiden.
But the cave was empty -
The Alp become angry.

He wanted to demand explanation from Albastyi,
Turned to him -
But the malicious ginnie
was gone with no trace.

The Alp realized that he was deceived.
Began running through infinite underground passages,
Looking for Albastyi and an exit -
But was not finding either one or the other.

Really, its true,
That a dirty love
Leads a lustful
Into a disastrous pit.


In a total darkness, meanwhile,
The friends on the ground also wandered.
As suddenly At saw in a distance a fire -
The brothers gallped to it.

The Elbirs approached
A big yurt.
It was it
That emmited light.

At the doorstep of the yurt
They were met by Boz-Biya with gifts.
Audan was stunned
From unexpected joy.

And Boz-Biya explained:
"I Have fled
From the malicious Joregs -
I was searching for you everywhere.

I fell in love with you,
Not having met you yet.
It is my love
That brought us together.

I prepared for you
Valuable gifts -
I want to win with them
Your love.

Put on yourself
These valuable
Silk clothes -
You will be still more handsome!

Drink from this keg
For my love
The sweet honey -
You will be even stronger!"

"It is iIndecent for the maiden
To buy the love with gifts!" -
Angrily said Tarvil,
Terrifying At.

Responded offended Audan:
"Why are you contending?
This is she -
My love Boz-Biya!

How many ordeals
I went through,
To find her
And to be her husband!

And now, when I
Am on a threshold of happiness,
You are offending her -
Go away!"

"I shall leave, -
Said Arbuga -
But only after you,
Giving me the gifts of this maid!"

These gifts are -
My wedding gifts.
Do not give them away!" -
Said Boz-Biya.

"You are again impudent! -
Cried At in a fury, -
Go away - or I
Will hack you!"

"I am - not yours djura,
And even not a koshchi,
To be begging
For you gifts.

And for you
To shout at me! -
With dignity
Pointed Tarvil, -

I am asking for gifts
With the rights of your friend.
Or is your friendship -
Only till the wedding gifts?

What you give to a friend -
Will come back to you.
All the gifts of the world
Are not worth one friend."

Arbuga said that
And drove away.
At relented after the words of his friend
And became ashamed of his act.

"Stop, Tarvil! -
He called to his friend, -
I did not want to offend you -
I completely lost my head from happiness!

Take the gifts of my Boz-Biya,
If you want so.
Though they are also dear to me -
But your friendship is even dearer!"

Boz-Biya threw
Her gifts
To the legs of the horse
Of the noble Tarvil.

And told after that
The confused Audan-Dulo,
To the roots of the hair:

"Come to me quicker,
My beloved,
Come to my yurt,
Where I prepared everything for a meeting with you.

Be with me alone.
Or maybe you cannot
Even for an instant
To separate from your friend?"

"Farewell, my friend, -
I am leaving,
As you wished -
I do not want to angry you" ,-

Said Arbuga
And, having flogged his horse,
Drove away, pulling by arkan
The gifts of Boz-Biya.

A dog and a black bondman,
Who were protecting the yurt,
Sped with all their legs
After him.

And At,
Npt himself from a joy,
Stepped in the yurt
Following Boz-Biya.

"For so long
I was waiting for you.
Now you will see,
How I love you!" -

Whispered Boz-Biya
To At in the yurt
And removed all
Her clothes.

The maiden remained
Completely nude.
Lost his mind  seeing her beauts
The exhausted Audan.

Embrace me, -
Asked Boz-Biya.
And sooner than At has moved,
She hugged him with her hands,

She nestled to him
With her flexile body,
And clung to his lips
With her succulent lips.

About everything in the world
Forgot Audan,
He squeezed Boz-Biya
In his embraces.

Fetched him the maiden
To the soft carpet,
Even stronger snuggling to him
With her blistering body.

Nothing could he see
At in front of him.
His eyes've grown dim
From untellable joy.

He began to stroke
The hair of the maiden,
And sensed with his fingers
An animal wool.

Found his sight
The usual clarity.
He saw in front of him
The muzzle of a monstrous Mouse.


The eyes of the Mouse
Sparkled witrh a fierce rage.
In her open mouth
Sticked out sharp teeth.

Terribly screeched
The demon - Mouse.
Squeezing Audan
With her clawed paws:

"You can't escape
From me, the Mouse.
You bacame
An easy catch of the gennie-biya!

I made a mistake,
Telling Baran -
My loved Alp -
About the vile Boz-Biya.

And then he managed
To see the damned hussy
And went completely mad -
Began ideating her.

He abandoned me,
moved to the underground world of Tama,
Where he is searching for a chance
To get Boz-Biya.

But now I
Will correct my mistake:
Gnaw off your head,
And throw it to the feet of Boz-Biya

She will loose her mind
With pity on you -
Because she loves you,
Having never met you!

Will stop eating and drinking,
Would dry up and die very soon.
And without her my Baran
Will return to me!"

Cried At from horror.
Wanted to shirk back - had no strength.
Inevitably was coming closer to his face
The open maw of the Mouse.

Now regretted Audan-Dulo,
That he repulsed his friend.
"Where are you, Tarvil?
Come to the aid of your friend!"

Tarvil had quickly raced
From the yurt of the maid,
But the dog and the slave
Were cautching up with him.

Hooked Arbuga
On the run with his lance
The silk clothes,
He dragged on arkan.

He threw it over
On the black bondman -
And he hardened,
Became a Black Bluff.

He hooked the keg
Of the presented honey -
Poured the honey
On the quick dog.

The dog had crumbled
Into fetid chanks.
Arbuga realized:
His friend got in trouble.

At once he turned
His horse.
The Elbir galloped
Back to the yurt.

Only one yurt
Was shining in the night steppe -
From afar was seen
Its fire.

Tarvil was timely
To save At -
he drove in the yurt
And stuck a spear in Mouse.

Wailed the Mouse -
Unclenched her embrace,
Jumped into a well,
And disappeared there.

As soon as the rushing friends
Left the damned yurt -
As it flashed up
And completely burned down.

"Bal teteb ütrü
Yak sanga byardi.
Kal beleb telüivga
Kya dibyan bardjin," -

"Holding the honey,
A Devil walked toward you.
Dressing you in the silks -
Was leaving you a fool", -

Said Tarvil to At
And has shown him under a light
Of the burning yurt
The tip of his spear.

It was
Like covered with pitch.
That was the dirty
Blood of the mouse.

"How did you guessed,
What it was not Boz-Biya? -
Asked Audan, -
There were no signs?"

"I would be able to guess.
Allah inspired in me a concern,
He gave me foresight," -
Answered Arbuga.

"You were right! -
Exclaimed Audan-Dulo, -
For a gift to the friend
I received a gift of life!

And what can be dearer
Than a human life?"
"Faith and friendship!" -
Noted Tarvil.


The Elbirs went on,
Trying in the darkness
To guess
A right way.

Suddenly in front of them
Has grown a huge
With a luminous contour
Bull-like body.

That was Mal.
He aimed
His horns toward the friends
And demanded from At:

"Sacrifice to me
Your friend,
And yourself
Can go further!"

Nowhere to hide
From the fatal horns.
At covered Arbuga,
Saying:" Kill me - let the friend go on!"

Mal considered himself
A master of all roads on the Earth.
Those not sacrificing to him
He doomed to death.

Suddenly they all saw Tat-Yran.
He was coming with torch and a knout.
And said:" Mal! They are - Moslems.
They do not do human sacrificings!"

Was snorting Mal from rage,
And headed toward dervish.
But he struck him with his knout, -
At once Mal quieted down.

The Alp from the hit recognized
The knout of Gali himself.
He did not want to be a captive for the second time  -
And fled away.

In darkness
He fell in the Buri-chay.
Was delighted with that
Alp Tun-Buri of submersed world.

He pulled Mal
To himself on the bottom.
The Bull was frightened,
Asked for help from Allah.

Gave mercy Almighty
To the repented Alp -
He got him out of trouble
And Mal began serving the Creator.

Allah appointed
The quieten Mal
A patron of herds, -
And he became a fine shepherd.

Where was Mal -
There in safety
Grazed and multipied
Various cattle.

Having said about,
What happened with Mal then,
Let's tell now,
What went on with our brothers.

"I have recognized you, Tat-Yran, -
Said At to the beggar. -
You did not hold offence for me -
And saved me from the death!

Be our friend and brother - Bulgar.
I see - you have a big heart.
Include us in it -
Our hearts already accepted you!"

"I agree with pleasure
To be your friend and brother - Bulgar, -
Said Tat-Yran, -
Because all of us - are Moslems!"

"Not quite, I alone - am infidel,
And my father was infidel, -
Objected At. -
Till now I have not accepted Islam."

"In the world, in addition to the Moslems,
Are infidels and the strays.
You the stray! -
Defined the dervish. -

You could not up to now
Finding your way.
And it will be pointed
Only by the true faith!

Only it -
Is a support for the people.
Helps them avoiding
The charms of Shaitan.

Really did not you
Were convinced of it?
Your soul for a long time already
Is in the power of the true faith!

Only your transitory flesh -
A refuge of temptations -
Is still frightened
To recognize the true faith.

But the soul - is stronger than flesh.
It is - immortal.
And, if not sold to Shaitan, -
It belongs to Allah.

The unity of the body and soul
Is reached by acceptance
Of the true faith -
The only true on the Earth!

The faith makes a person
Strong and rational.
Does not blunder
A believer in a darkness.


The way is clear
For all devout.
Pacify the flesh,
Force it to submit to the faith!

Allah at once
Would point to you
Your way
To the house of the enemy.

Be resolute - in a day
Boz-Biya will be
In the power of her abductor -
The damned Albastyi!"

"I am not slackening -
I now clearly see your correctness," -
Said Audan and exclaimed:
"Allah is great!"

"Allah is great!"
Exclaimed all three of them at once.
The Earth shuddered
From that exclamation.

At that very same time
In a complete darkness
The luminesced the road -
It lead to the den of Albastyi.

Arbuga happened
To have a horse
For Tat-Yran -
The friends started racing on the road.

All three -
Were handsome, a bogatyr build.
The world had not seen yet
Such gallantry men!



They drove not for long -
And saw a glow.
That was the light of the torches
Of the uncountable soldiery of Joregs.

Blocked to the friends the road
The villain Tama-Tarkhan
Together with his troops -
The black-faced Joregs.

Ensued a battle -
All the three friends
Have shown in it
Their bravery.

Selflessly battled
In the thick of the foes,
Ruthlessly striking
Black-faced Joregs.

At was hacking with a sword,
Tarvil was pricked a spear,
Tat-Yran basted with a knout -
"Allah is great!" - they cried in fight.

The enemies could not hold -
And took to a flight,
They disperced, who could where.
Albastyi bolted to his den.

The friends raced  after him,
Drove on the high mountain Kaf,
And approached a huge
Tower on it.

They saw it
Earlier from afar.
Now they knew,
That it is - a den of Joregs.

During the pursuit
There was a vision:
The horse of Albastyi for an instant
Turned into a Sokol.

It was a good omen,
It promised a victory
Of thef riends over the Joregs
And added strength to Elbirs.

At the very Tower
At almost overtook Albastyi.
But suddenly he saw,
Instead of him, his father.

He stopped in confusion -
He did not guess at once, that that was -
A magic of Tama-Tarkhan.
Albastyi, taking advantage of it, fled.

The damned disappeared in the Tower -
The friends streamed after him.
Suddenly a wall of fire
Surrounded the Tower,

Reaching, it seemed,
To the top of the sky,
The wall of fire blocked
The road to the friends.

The Elbirs have found
An underground entry to the Tower -
They drove through it
And found Baradj.

Suddenly crushed
The vaults of the cellar.
The land blocked off
The way forward and back.

The friends and Baradj
Started asking Allah for a help -
And a way opened for them
To the surface of the Earth.

When they got out -
Tarvil said:
"During a pray
Inspired me Almighty,

That only Tulpar
Can jump over
The fiery wall
And open the road for us."

From above came neighing.
"It is - Tulpar, - said At. -
I recognized
His voice."

Tulpar was
On the cloud of Kubar.
The Alp on the cloud neared the fire
To get warm by it.

Kubar saw
At with his friends -
And struck them
With his lightning.

Rescued the friends
The wise Bat-Terek -
He covered them from the lightning
With his branches.

"Return me the horse! -
Demanded At,
But Kubar refused -
He wanted himself to ride on Tulpar.

"I will help you, my friends,
As a gratitude
For my rescue," -
Said Baradj.

He crept on the trunk
Of the tall Bat-Terek,
Reached the cloud
And stung the obstinate Kubar.

Kubar was frightened -
He released Tulpar.
But Tulpar himself did not wish
To return to his owner.

He was still offended by At,
He jumped away.
But he did not race for long -
Audan-Dulo arkaned him.

Mounted on him
The military saddle,
Promised to treat him with love -
And pacified the horse.

Tat-Yran struck
With the knout of Gali
The quick Tulpar -
Another horse would not survive the hit.

The horse rose
With sitting on him At
To under the clouds -
And jumped over the wall of fire.

It was hard -
From the lips of Tulpar flied foam.
It fell on the fire -
Opened a pass in the wall of fire.

In it friends have streamed -
Following Audan-Dulo into the Tower.
All together approached
The huge stone doors.

Behind them was
Th entrance in the Tower.
These doors
Nobody of the mortals could open.

Had stolen them
From the nest of Baradj
The pilferer Kuyan
And sold to Albastyi.

But the name of Almighty
Opened them, -
The friends drove inside the Tower -
And saw Boz-Biya in the middle of it.

She was laying on a carpet
Between eight columns
And she was
Completely nude.

Next to her
Sat Mouse -
Holding her
By her long braids.

The white and gentle body
Of Boz-Biya
Was all scratched
By the fungs of Albastyi.

From her deep wounds
Exuded blood.
The maiden could not
Even to speak - only mournfully groaned.

Guarding the maiden honor, Almighty
Dimmed sight of At and other men,
If the eyes reflexively fell
Under the charms of Boz-Biya.

Hurried up Audan-Dulo
To the aid of the maiden,
He drove on edge
Of the golden carpet.

And under it was
A deep well.
Fell in it
At with Tulpar.

The Mouse wanted
To throw Boz-Biya
After Audan
In that well -

But did not have time:
Clenched up Tarvil her with the spear,
And Tat-Yran with a full force
Whipped the malevolent with his knout -

He almost broke
Her in two.
She fell herself
Into the well.

Tat-Yran tied an end of the knout
To a column of the Tower and climbed,
The thong of the knout reached far,
To the well bottom .

The instant he disappeared in the well -
Appeared KhasKhasan and Fatima.
Fatima covered Boz-Biya
With a scarf-jorpek.

The scarf did not turn black,
Pointing by it:
That remained Boz-Biya

Khasan hotly
Prayed to Allah, -
The Almighty returned Boz-Biya
The ability to speak,

Which took away
From her
The malicious Albastyi -
The torturer of the devout.

Said Boz-Biya:
"My Friends!
There is a secret
Entrance to the vault.

By it was leaving
Albastyi to the sellar -
But I do not know,
Where it is.

I want to help
At - the descendant of Idjik.
He once came to me -
At once I loved him with all my heart."

"I shall show you
The underground course.
I was descending
By it with Albastyi," -

Said Kubar,
Bending down from the cloud
And with a hit of a lightning through a wall
He pointed the beginning of the tunnel.


"I did not know, -
He added then repentingly, -
That At is - a descendant of Idjik.
If I knew - at once I would help him."

Hastened Tarvil
Through the underground course
Deep into the Earth -
To the aid of the friends.

Khasan with Fatima
Took care of Boz-Biya -
The poor creature from what she endured
Blacked out.


At was the first to appear
In the cellar.
Tulpar fell
To the bottom of the well,

He plunged up to his head
Into the ground.
Barely could
At descend from the saddle.

After him had fallen
On the bottom Mouse -
And she
Broke up in two.

Have remained from her
Only two
Intolerably fetid
Heaps of excrement.

Jumped up to At
Two Alps:
The demon Baran
And the demon Bear.

Told them Audan-Dulo:
"Why are  you attacking me?
Because, it seems to me,
You are not the bad Alps?"

Both demons loudly spitefully laughed.
"Before I was an eater of crane heads,
And now I shall also try theAt's." -
Bellowed the Bear.

"And I am waiting for a chance
To lay Boz-Biya, -
Bleated the Baran. -
I shall destroy everything on my way!

I shall kill Albastyi,
As soon as hehas gnawed the cord,
But first I shall peal your skin -
You the beloved of the maiden!"

Alps surrounded At,
Wishing to lacerate him.
Was not baffled, however,

At the bottom of the well
Was dark,
But fighting At
Saw the enemies.

The Bear has fallen
From a strike of an axe.
Was striken by Chirkes
The demon Baran.

The winner At removed
The skin from Baran
And put it
On himself instead of the armour.



And the Alp Bear
He cut off the head
And impaled it
On the spear.

Barely had time
At to do it, -
From behind appeared
The damned Albastyi.

He threw into the head
Of the Elbir a spear, -
But it passed
Under the left ear of At.

Tama-Tarkhan bolted
To run through the vaults,
He roamed in the labyrinth,
As a cowardly hare,

Wishing to confuse
At in the vault
And to ruin him
Later by guile.

At hastened
After the abductor -
He wished to revange
The accounts with him,

Appeared in his hands
The axe of Shurale
And the knife of Idjik - Chirkes,
Snatched by Elbir from the boot-leg of his sapog.

To revenge him
For the torments of Boz-Biya.
Allah illuminated
His way.

Near one of caves
Slipped Albastyi
On the blood of Moslems,
Sheeting from the cave,

And dropped the cudgel of Laish,
Dug out by him from the sand
After the death
Of the Idjik's brother.

Once Laish wanted
With this cudgel
To beat away Albastyi -
But did not have time.

Tama-Tarkhan run on,
Not having the time to lift the cudgel.
At came across it -
And took the cudgel in the arm.

He saw the blood -
With the cudgel he broke
The copper gate of the cave,
And came inside it.

He looked around
At the light
Of his face -
And shuddered from horror.

On iron hooks,
In chans hung
Five hundred
Respectable Moslems.

Did not remain upon them
Their skin -
It all was torn off
By the claws of Albastyi.

There was only a flesh -
And it in some places
Was peeled by Tama-Tarkhan
To the very bones.

At released
The Moslems from the shackles.
They told
The brave Elbir:

"Praise be to you,
A warrior of Islam!
we are remaining true
To the true faith!

Even more clearly understood
We in the torments
The sacred rightness
Of our faith!

Praise be to Allah
For that that we
Were tested
For a fuller comprehension of it!"

The words of the true Moslems
Have filled Audan-Dulo
With a pride for the faith
And he exclaimed:

"Is really boundless
The power of Allah,
If the belief in him
Is so devoted!"

The Almighty has cured
The martyrs for the faith,
In their old shape they
Returned to the surface of the Earth.

Again went into pursuit
At after Albastyi.
Albastyi run into
A deepest cave.

Was in it
Such a dense gloom,
That any light
Did not penetrate more than a half step.

At moved softly
To the place where Tama-Tarkhan hid ...
Joreg was prepared to suddenly
Strike Audan.

Meanwhile hurried
To the aid of At
His loyal


Tat-Yran went down
To the bottom of the well, -
Khasan freed the end of the knout
And threw it down.

Tat-Yran run with a knout and a torch
Following At.
After him descended
To the bottom through a passage Tarvil.

He saw one cave -
It was closed by gates.
Tarvil struck
Their lock with his spear.

The spear broke -
But also the gates
With a clang swung open,
Opening an entrance to the cave.

From it flew off
The White Clouds
And streamed
After Albastyi.

They have been angry
By the forced imprisonment,
And wanted
To revenge the villain.

Found Tarvil
Next to the gate
A spear of Albastyi
With his image on the end.

He said:" With this spear
I shall kill Albastyi," -
He took the spear in his hand,
And run to the aid of At.

Ahead of the Audan-Dulo's friends
Arrived in the cave,
Where Tama-Tarkhan hid,
The White Clouds.

They filled the cave -
And on the backdrop of their whiteness
Clearly came to light
The black essence of Albastyi.

Did not succeed Joreg
To suddenly strike At.
Discovered, he exhaled a cloud of soot
And under its cover, turned into Barys.

Audan became scared - he thought:
"Barys - is for real."
He run away, and Barys
Turned back again into Albastyi,

He overtook At
And struck him from behind
With the claws of his paws -
But only scratched the mutton cape.

Turned around Audan -
And saw Albastyi,
And knocked out his teeth
With his cudgel.

Then he squeezed
Tama-Tarkhan by hands.
They began struggling.
Allah helped At to remain on his feet.

Just then the friends appeared in time.
Tat-Yran struck with the knout
The Albastyi's eyes, -
At once went blind the spiteful ginnie.

Tarvil struck -
Albastyi with a spear.
The tip of the spear
Itself found a weak spot of Tama-Tarkhan.

It struck in the nose
Of the spiteful king of Joregs -
There was
His death.

Thus ended, at last,
A long battle
Of the warriors of Islam
With the hordes of Joregs.

The friends have won
A full victory.
Did not survive with the weapon
A single Joreg.

Only four thousand Joregs,
Who gave up without a fight
With a son of Albastyi
On the mercy of the winners

They were spared
By the magnanimous Elbirs,
But forever closed
In the Tower of Tama-Tarkhan,

That they would not defile
The Earth any more
The black-faced villains
With the black deeds.

And the corpses of Joregs
And of the malicious Alps
Were cremated completely.
They will not appear again!

Forgotten the friends-brothers ,
Only about the bodies of Shurale and Ajdaha.
Came about Shurale -
In fact he was only wounded.

He wanted to live -
And sold his soul to Shaitan,
Crawlled out from underground,
And saw the body of Ajdaha.

To resupply
His strength,
He ate his
Head and half of the trunk.

He choked with his horn -
The horn came out
Above the nose
Of the malicious Shurale.

Became unrecognizable Shurale.
in addition to the horn
He received
The hairness and hands of Ajdaha,

With which he tickled
The virgins to exhaustion.
But at the same time he remained
Lame on one leg.

And that again
At could not find him,
He frequently hid in the appearance of a human
Among the people.

But frequently
He also turned into an animal,
And he especially liked
To become a fox.

The friends returned
To the bottom of the well,
They dug out Tulpar -
The loyal horse.

And doing that they found
A sacred stone
"Kara-Tash" -
From mountain Karatash in Kirgizia.

With the help of this stone
Arranged Albastyi
Great buryas and other bad weather...
The friends presented the stone to Tat-Yran.

After that
At and Tarvil rose
To the surface of the Earth,
Considering the business finished.

Only Tat-Yran
Remained below.
He decided with the fire of archa
To clear the labyrinth.

Sacrificing the pleasure
To see the Earth again ,
Indefatigably he was burning
The branches of archa,

Going from one cave
To another,
That would not remain in the labyrinth
Even a smell of Joregs.

His heart
It was running upward,
Where were selebrating the victory
His friends.

But his sacrificial soul
Forced him in the name of Islam
To do a useful task
In the depth of the underground.

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