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He did not hear
The words of love,
Exchanged in the meeting
Between the lovers At and Boz-Biya...

Right after her liberation
The beautiful maiden accepted
Islam from the hands of Khasan -
And became a devout Muslim.

She loved KhasKhasan and Fatima,
As her own parents.
When they were leaving,
She begun bitterly crying.

Were KhasKhasan and Fatima
The first Moslems - Turanians
And the friends of Gali -
The son-in-law of the Messanger himself.

And they were
Also the late parents of Tat-Yran.
Did not know about it
The strangers.

They were
True devout,
And Allah allowed their souls
The former look,

He allowed them
To visit the Earth
And to assist
The stray Moslems.

But nowhere could they
Meet on the Earth
Their son -
Alive Tat-Yran.

Did not allow
The Almighty that.
Only in his heavenly possessions
Could happen such a meeting.

Moslems liked and esteemed
Khasan and Fatima.
Cured the scarf of Fatima
The wounds of Boz-Biya.

The maiden bandaged
With a lock of her hair
The wound of Audan.
 Told her At:

"I Love you
With all my heart.
In our sufferings
The love reinforced.

You said:
"As I am - yours,
You are - a mine

But I have no right
Without a blessing of your father
To take you as wife -
Let's go immediately to Shan-Alban."

Tarvil saw them off -
At with his beloved.
Near the Tower he found
A fine white horse.

"Take it to yourself," -
Suggested Tarvil to Audan.
"No, a white horse shold be
Sacrificed to Almighty," - objected At.

With his bare hands he
Crushed the horse to peices,
And impaled them on poles
Around the Tower.

And the head of the horse
Threw far aside -
In the place of its landing
Formed a poisonous lake.

Because that was the horse of Albastyi.
If At had sat on it -
He instantly would perish -
Burned down in a devil's fire.

Tarvil told At at the parting:
"I am waiting for you for the wedding.
There are no reasons now
To postpone it!"

Audan placed Boz-Biya
In the saddle suma.
Himself he sat in the saddle of Tulpar -
And drove to the house of Ryshtau.

When they left the Tower -
The Sun ascended:
Barys released
The luminaries from the sellar.

For a long time he wandered
In the endless sellar.
At last, he repented -
Began asking Allah for a help.

Sent the Almighty
Gali to the repented Alp.
Came Gali
In front of Barys.

He told him:
"I am - from the Creator.
He've heard your
Repenting entreaty.

Ordered me
The Allmighty and Allmerciful
To point to you
The exit from the labyrinth.

But only
After you
Would release
All the luminaries from the captivity."

Twice faster
Started running Barys in the labyrinth.
Began opening in it
All the caves.

On the way he came across
His enemy Kuyan -
He stuck into him
An incinerating look.

Kuyan turned to stone and heated up
From the look of Barys,
He jumped out from the cellar
And jumped into the waters of a river.

He devouringly drunk from it
A half of the water -
It was burning
All inside him.

The red-hot stone
Of his body
Began cracking
From the cold water.

Kuyan  tried to escape -
Started leaving river...
And that was
The Buri-chay river.

Because liked to rest
On its banks
Buri himself -
The Alp of the military luck.

And the brother of Buri -
The Alp Tun-Buri -
Who was a scare for the swimmers -
Loved this river too.

Once drowned
Nobody helped him,
Which embittered the Alp.

Now he himself
Frequently was grabbing the drowning
And dragged them
To the bottom of the waters.

Kuyan made
A few steps -
And fell as a stone mountain
Across the Buri-chay.

Buri-chay stopped flowing
Into the Saklanian Sea,
It began to grow shallow -
That frightened Tun-Buri.

Because he lived
At the bottom of the Saklanian Sea.
He liked to reign there -
He did not want to lose his possessions.

Tun-Buri had to
Work hard,
To clear away
The path for the river.

He broke
The mountain onto pieces,
Which became
The river cataracts.

And at the place,
Where Kuyan
Broke with his head
The vault of the cellar -

So, that the land flew up
And then again fell into place -
Was formed
The Kuyantau Hill.

Then, by the order of the
Bulgars' Kan and Baltavar Kurbat Bashtu,
His younger brother Shambat
Erected on the Kuyantau fortress Bashtu.

From there Shambat
Under an order of the Kan
Went to Sula
And established there a kingdom Duloba.

For his refusal to return to the service
Kan Kurbat
Nicknamed his brother
Kyi -" Cut off"," Separated".

But when the Farangs
Kicked out Shambat
Back to Bulgaria -
Bashtu, however, returned him the fortress.

With Shambat
Came to Bashtu
Uncountable number
Of the Ulchi people.

They mixed there
With the Saklanian tribe of Ruses
Into one people
Of the brave Ruses.

The Ruses loved
Worshipped him,
As a God.

The called the city Bashtu
By his nickname Kyi,
And the fortress Bashtu -
By his name Shambat.

They even erected
In honour of him
An idol with four heads:
One - is his and three - of his sons.

He abandoned his three sons
Fleeing from Duloba,
He grieved for them.
The idol was pleasant to him.

Have told me
The Ruses of Bashtu,
That repented before Allah
The soul of Kuyan.

The Allmerciful gave
The renewed soul of Kuyan - Kuk-Kuyan
The look of a huge Stone Head - Tash-Bash
With a stone bowl on the head,

He appointed Tash-Bash
A patron of trade.
He started zealously
Serving the Almighty.

Now the merchants at fairs
Post huge
Stone Bowls -" Tashayaks" -
Simbolizing Tash-Bash -

And record on the walls
About the concluded transactions,
Their debts,
Their requests.

And in bowls they throw
Their donations to Tash-Bash -
Because from him, it is said,
Depends the success of the trade.

Barys finally found in cellar
The right cave,
And released from it
The luminaries into the sky.

They rose up again,
Again ascended
The Sun above the Earth
And it became light.

Gali pointed to the Alp
The exit from the labyrinth.
Barys got out of the vault,
And left to an island in the Chulman Sea.

On that island
Many Alps lived in solitude.
The ships were afraid to come close to it -
It threatened the people with death.

Quickly gallped Tulpar
Along the filled with Light Earth.
Only Almighty knew,
What was expecting the lovers ahead.



Along the way they passed
A fertile country,
Stretched on the banks
Of the huge river.

"Whay is
This river?" -
Asked At
From a shepherd.

He answered:
"This is - the country of At - Atil,
And thisriver therefore
Is called Atil.

But for us, Sabans,
Who are living here,
Is difficult to pronounce Atil -
We say Itil.

Fertile are the lands
On the banks of Itil -
Here are many animals and birds.
Are rich the meadows, corpulent are the herds.

Only just
The waters of the river
Once became
Utterly empty and still.

It is said, that they
Were bewitched by Albastyi,
Who threw to its bottom
One Muslim woman.

Again will make the waters alive
The master himself
Of these places, it is said -
The valorous At, Audan-Dulo."

Descended At from the horse,
Said a prayer,
And then started singing with a beautiful sonorous voice.
Awakening the sleeping river with a song:

"Itil suy aka turur,
Kyia tebi kaka turur,
Balyk telim baka toryr,
Kulunen taki kusharyr."

("The waters of Itil flow, hitting
The solidity of a bluff  /banks/.
Frogs, fishes herds live, -
Is full of them the deluge of the lake").

The river come to life, begun to shine -
People became happy.
From the joy, by the whole tribe
Entered the water.

Naked they washed in a line
Men and women,
Not being ashamed of each other at all.
Because they still were faithless and wild.


A few aksakals
Came to Audan,
And told him
These words:

"There are many of us, the Sabans, -
But we do not have a leader.
Therefore our clans are disjointed
And the weaker enemies trample on us.

Stay with us
And head us.
Because we see, that you precisely are
Our Kan Audan-Dulo."

Promised At
To return to the Sabans
And to head them -
And raced on.


Audan spent
All his arrows,
Warning with them Shan-Alban
About his approach.

On the way to him
He met a horseman in the field.
That was Ryshtau himself -
The glorious leader.

The Joregs have stolen
His wife.
From a despair
She died in captivity.

Ryshtau expelled
His daughter from the house -
But later repented
His act.

He constantly searched for her
From that time everywhere -
On the way
He met Audan.

Was At
In the mutton pelt.
His head was bandaged
With Boz-Biya's hair.

From the bag were hanging
Maiden's braids.
Shan-Alban took Audan
For a thief - Joreg.

Without a warning
He hurled into the At's head
A heavy
Rumian spear.

The spear hit
Audan's bandage -
And ricosheted from it
High in the sky,

It pierced the cloud of Kubar.
The Alp began to pulling it out,
Because the tip of the spear
Bothered his sleep.

he could not pull it - and moved
From the white on a cold black cloud.
The Alp froze -
Begun breathing with snow.

The snow poured to the Earth
So densely,
That it began to cover
A caravan from the Jeti-Su.

By the perishing merchants,
By their luck,
Was passing Gali
And stopped his horse.

The merchants have asked:
"Brave Gali!
We are perishing
In vain in a snow!

Tell, we ask you,
To the allmighty Allah -
Let him create
Warmth for us!"

Gali agreed -
And promptly raced
On his Düldül -
In time he relayed the request
To the Almighty.

Allah brought out the summer -
The merchants gratified the Creator ,
Glorified his lion Gali -
And went on with ease.

Saw Audan,
That the season came
Of the beginning of the summer -
And addressed to Ryshtau:

"Unknown Elbir -
You began a duel with me.
I do not turn away -
I accept your challenge.

But, by the custom of the ancestors,
I have in this season
To visit the tombs of the ancestors,
So that military fortune would be with me.

Let me visit
The tomb of my father.
Respect the military custom -
Then we shall continue the duel!"

"I see that you are a coward,
And you want to escape from me.
I shall not allow you that", -
Angrily said Ryshtau.

Audan came into fury,
Told Shan-Alban:
"If I had not spent my arrows -
You would be already striken!

There is nothing faster and precise
Than a Honish arrow.
Just only from its battle song
Rapture the hearts of the cowards and boasters!"

"Let it be your way,
I shall let you off, -
Agreed Ryshtau, -
This your word is - a word of a warrior, not of a coward!

But first
Give me the maiden.
I see - she is
In your suma.


I would take the maiden
To her house -
Then we shall come back here
To finish the duel!"

"I cannot
Give you Boz-Biya.
With my friends I wrung her out
From the paws of piteful Joregs and Alps.

I am wearing - a skin
Of one of the hurtful Alps.
Let its view install an horror
In the bones of all villains!

Now I carry Boz-Biya
To her father Shan-Alban Ryshtau.
Only into his hands
I will pass the maiden!"

"Let be damned
The time of hatred! -
Exclaimed there
The shocked Ryshtau. -

Let all honorable
To see and confirm,
That I am precisely
The father of Boz-Biya - Shan-Alban"

Boz-Biya, woke up from the sleep.
Looked out from the suma,
And joyfully screamed -
Recognizing her father,

Though the ordeals
Completely changed him -
Hunched his shoulders,
Deformed the face.

Audan embraced with Ryshtau
As a token of reconciliation,
As it became clear,
That they are not enemies with each other.

Returned At
To the father his daughter.
Said:" I am going
To the tomb of my father.

I want to see you again.
If you also want
To see me -
Come to the wedding of Tarvil!"

Went Audan
To the tomb of his father.
He cried for a long time
At the tomb of the brave Alvar.

In an eternal despair,
That he could not prevent the death of his father,
He tortured himself ,
Cuting the skin on his neck with chirkes.

He did not noticed, in his grief,
A treacherous trap,
Set up for him
By his uncle - the murderer.

But the instant Avar raised
His sword over the head of Audan -
As Kubar struck with a lightning
The malicious murderer.

Because Avar was
On a white horse,
And Kubar thought,
That Avar stole the Sokol of the Almighty.

At beheaded
The murderer.
He made of it a bowl,
And laid it at the tomb of his father.

From there raced
Audan to Arbuga -
He appeared in time
For the joyful wedding.

There he met
Ryshtau and Boz-Biya ...
The maiden reddened from shyness,
Seeing the young man.


Tarvil held a feast
In honour of three thousand three hundred guests.
Missing from the feast
Was only Tat-Yran.

Said Arbuga,
When began the service of meat and bal:
"I can not begin my wedding,
Until I match my brother and friend At,

Until arrives to me,
After executing his duty,
Sacrificing himself in the cave in the name of Islam
Shams Tat-Yran!

The glorious Shan-Alban!
You are from the clan of the ancient kings of Burdjan,
At is - from the clan
Of the Honish kings,

A descendant of the first Kan of Hons -
The glorious Idjik,
Of the brave Djilka,
Of the wise Gazan,

Of the resolute Bulümar,
The son of noble Alvar,
Who turned into nothing
The army and might of the Rum kingdom!

Audan is recognized
As the possessor of the Saklan land
From Buri-chay to Biy-su,
From Chulman to Surej.

Tell me - has
A possession bigger
Or richer than this?

Your daughter is beautiful,
Luminous Ryshtau!
All three thousand three hundred
Of my guests,

Among which are -
Five hundred of respectable Moslems -
Do not hide their tears of admiration
Of her beauty and purity.

But the eminence and richness,
And the miraculous beauty
Never brought people
A final satisfaction.

Look, Shan-Alban -
Are sad Audan and Boz-Biya,
Even the stones cry
From their sad sighes.

Their loving hearts
Are still divided,
Are still not together.

The lovers do not want to distress
Our celebration -
They hide their tears
Under long eyelashes.

For a long time they
Love each other.
Are torn up from yearning
Their sensual souls.

Not the close relatives of the lovers
To be an insensible obstacle
For joining
of the two loving hearts!

Noble Shan-Alban!
Let to be plaited together
To two loving flowers - At and Boz-Biya -
It is in your power!

I speak for the father
Of Audan-Dulo -
Did not fell to Alvar
To live untill our celebration!"

"And I am asking the samee
From the name
Of tyhe late mother of At! -
SSaid Tanbit. -

Let the loving
To become husband and wife,
Turn their tears of grief
Into the tears of joy!"

But Shan-Alban,
To the surprise of the guests,
Suddenly turned sorrow
And said in an answer:

"I say from myself
And from my late wife:
I am glad inexpressibly
To this proposition!

But at the same time
My heart is broken down with grief:
I cannot
Sanction the wedding!"

Everybody turned to stone,
Like under a look of Barys,
Like enchanted by Joregs -
And Shan-Alban continued:

"Can give permission
Only a father.
And I am, actually not a father ,
But  a step-father of Boz-Biya.

I shall open now in front of you
One secret, my friends,
That burned my soul
For so many years.

After the death of my wife
I have found in the steppe
A woman with a child -
That was Boz-Biya and her mother.


The pregnant woman was abducted
From her husband
By the Alp Solovey -
A magician of the songs.

Solovey bewitched her
With his singing,
Forced her to leave her home
And  follow him.

On the way attacked them
The Alp Barys -
Wanting to teach Solovey a lesson,
For attempting to seduce Barys' daughter.

Accidentally looked at Barys
A pregnant woman -
Prematurely delivered,
And her servant boy died of fear.

The Solovey took to flight -
Barys jumped in pursuit.
I picked up
The abandoned woman with a child.

She became
My favourite wife.
She did not live for long, the poor, -
And left me her daughter for consolation.

I ventured for a crime -
Hiding Boz-Biya from the whole world,
Even though on the ring of my wife
Was written the name of her father.

I can not now
Be concealing the truths,
I am removing the weight
From my soul.

I am telling that I am not free
To decide the destiny of Boz-Biya.
It is in power
Of her father - Alamir."

Everybody fell in grief,
That again could not
Join together
Two loving hearts,

As suddenly in front of everybody
Appeared Khasan and said:
"I am just from Turan.
I testify to the death of Alamir.

It was fated
For the great conqueror
To die from an illness -
He tried to avoid it.

But everything was is vain -
An illness caught him,
Which he was so afraid of
And which he was so avoiding.

Nobody - not a king, not a beggar,
Neither a wise man, nor a goon
Can avoid,
What is appointed by the Almighty.

I implored the Almighty
To give me a place
As an overseer of the mausoleum
Of Alamir-Sultan.

The Creator freed
My son
From guarding duty of sepulture place.

To all of you I declare:
"Since Alamir died,
The master of the Boz-Biya fate
Becomes her stepfather Shan-Alban!"

Shan-Alban begun to sob -
And the guests followed him too.
For a while Ryshtau could not say anything.
Finally, he gathered his forces and said:

"If did not appear now
Saint Khasan, -
I would leave,
Your house suffering, Tarvil.

Would tear up
The kind heart of mine Boz-Biya
And I would
Not survive her grief!

A happiness again
Returned to my heart.
I want to say,
As a father of Boz-Biya:

I did not dream
About a more worthy groom
For my only daughter,
Than Audan-Dulo.

There is no greater pleasure
For the parents,
Than to see
Their children happy.

Let them be free
In searching for the way
Fot happiness
Of At and Boz-Biya.

If they would wish
To join their hearts -
Will not be in the world a father
Happier than me!"


"Long ago I have gave
My heart to Boz-Biya! -
Exclaimed At,
Looking at the maiden with love. -

If you would not agree,
My loved Boz-Biya,
To give me yourself -
i will not live in this world!"

"I agree to become forever
Your wife,
My loved At," -
Uttered Boz-Biya, trembling from joy.

Of a singing of a thousand
Nightingales and larks
Were ampler
These words for Audan.

Almost lost
Their minds the lovers,
When joined
Their hands.

Trembled from excitement
Their lips,
As the petals of field flowers
From a curl of tender breeze.

Became a witness of it
He finally rode also,
To the celebrations.

He all were covered
With the road dust
The fearless Turanian -
Did not arrive alone.

He brought with him
The daughter of the Khursan king.
he found her
In the cellar of Baradj.

Shams donated
The purified cellar
To the kind Alp -
To the snake Baradj.

Abducted this maiden Albastyi.
Turning into a deer,
He killed her father -
She was called Aryslu.

She expected in the confinement
A terrible fate,
But smiled  at her
A happiness.

Could not stop
Her tears the poor,
When she learned
About her freedom.

"By the favour of Allah
You became free," -
Yold her
The kind Baradj.

Also became the maiden
A real Muslim,
She hotly prayed
To the merciful Almighty.

The heart of Tat-Yran become fierce
In continuous sacrificing,
Many unfair persecutions
He bore on the way to righteousness.

He accustomed to the eternal
Silence of the underground,
Began thinking,
Of remaining there forever, -

For the prays and the fasts
There was no better place.
He closed the lips of his heart,
That lusted a sensual love.

When learned about it
The Messenger and Gali -
They burst crying from inexplicable grief,
And told Tangra about it.

Did not allow it
The Almighty - He decided:
"Nothing is a sacrifice
Without a love.

Shams has shown
With his decision,
That higher than sensual love
Is his love to me.

I am pleased -
He passed a great trial.
Now let him be happy,
As a human!"

Allah softened
The heart of Tat-Yran,
When appeared in front of him
A charming maiden.

When saw
Shams Aryslu -
he began devoutly
Praying to Almighty.

The maiden saw it -
Began to pray
Together with him
To the almighty Creator.

Was resonating in the caves
The melodious singing of the pray.
The world did not see
A hotter prayer.

Merged in it first
Their words,
And then, at the will of the Almighty -
Their hearts.


Was inexpressibly
Beautiful Aryslu.
The prayer to the Almighty
Made her a hundred times more beautiful.

Only the magic
Dombra of Boyan-Imen
Could master
Singing up of her beauty!

"It is the Creator
Who sent you to me! -
Said Tat-Yran
To the Moon-like Maid,

When had been read
With singing words
The long and delightful
Prayer to Allah. -

My loving faith heart
The will of Almighty!

I never saw a maiden
More beautiful than you.
If you will leave me,
I swear, I shall stay in the caves!

Because even there
Above, without you,
The world would seem to me
Like that cellar."

"I want to be always
Next to you", -
Answered Aryslu,
Who fell in love with Tat-Yran.

Tat-Yran with Aryslu arrived
To the wedding to Tarvil -
Everybody has rejoiced, our heroes
And thirty three hundred guests.

Three glorious weddings
Were celebrated
In the hospitable house
Of the brave Tarvil.

Joined thecourageous hearts
Of three glorious Elbirs
With quivering hearts
Of their beloved.

The world never
Enjoyed more,
Than to the happiness of our
Loving heroes.

A prayer to Almighty
Locked their love,
Filled it with
Exciting contents and significance.


Have persuaded then
Audan his friends
To migrate with their people
To his country Atil.

Have went following At
Tat-Yran with Saklans,
Tarvil with Umians -
The Sabans called them Chirmyshes.

When they relocated,
Audan became a king.
He was nicknamed
After the name of the country, Atilé.

And all the people -
The migrants and Sabanians -
Accepted Islam
And in allies honor renamed "Bulgarian".

Became the land Atil -
Boundless and benevolent -
One motherland land for all
And it was named Bulgaria.

Was the arrival of the friends
In the middle of the spring.
Have become related then
The immigrants with Sabans.

The kinship rites were performed
By the customs of the Hons and Sabans,
And was named it

Were stepping forward to wrestle
Bride's  relatives against the groom's,
Because Muslim girls could not
Wrestle with men.

Though, raced on the horses
The grooms after the brides -
But it was supervised by aksakals -
They kept the morals there.

In memory that during
Liberation of Boz-Biya
Audan destroyed Alp Baran,
The winners received a sacrificial Baran.

Like among scions of Boyan-Imen,
At the weddings of Bulgars
Coins rained on newlyweds,
In memory of the Boygala scales...

In a dream once saw At,
That from his yurt
Flew away Alp Baradj -
He awoke, and left with his family at once.

Soon after that
The Kan's yurt
Was incinerated
By a terrible lightning.

Decided Audan,
That the Almighty
Selected the residing of Baradj
As a sign of His favor to Bulgars.

He implored Baradj
To settle on the mountain Uria in Echegel
Ordered to add to the banner staffs
The image of Baradj - Red felt spheres.

For his residence
Selected At
The place of the amazing cave
And named it Bulgar.

But however were busy
Our three Elbirs,
In the early summer they always
Came to the cave by the mountain Urmia.

Was gorgeous at Djien the area of Urmia
On flowing nearby river Urmi's banks
In the tall and lush grasses
Stood, like huge flowers, the yurts.

Around the yurts of our friends
Stand the yurts of Biys,
And around the yurts of the Biys -
Stand the yurts of their Djurs.

Every Elbir
Had 33 Biys,
And Every  Biy -
Had ten Djurs.

The biggest yurt
Kan Audan had -
It could hold
A thousand men.

So many people
He gathered
For esteemed dinners
In honour of the brave warriors.

The happiness of three Elbirs
Did not allow a rest to Shaitan.
Shaitan positioned Shurale
To revenge Audan.

And Shurale persuaded
The Khakan of Khazars
To attack suddenly
The state of Bulgars.

Khazars were the tribe
Which was once
Exterminating the tribe
Of Khin-Batyr


That's why not for that long
To sway the Khakan
Had Shurale -
With a pleasure Khakan moved on Bulgars.

There were more Khazars,
Than sand grains in a desert.
They were burning with desire
To finish off descendants of Khin-Batyr.

The guards of Bulgars
Slowed down the movement
Of that dread Türkc crowd
And notified Elbirs of the intrusion.

Hearing this news,
The three friends-brothers
Gave graces to Allah
For letting to avenge the forebear's killers.

They mounted the horses,
And set out to face the foe.
They cried the call of the Hons" Hur",
And plunged in the thick of the enemies.

In a fury they cast off
Their military armour,
Like kazaks they wedged
Into the enemy crowds.

They broke in fight
All their weapons,
Had spent all arrows,
And resorted to cherkeses.

They all cried in unison:
"Allah is great!"
The land trembled
From that battle cry.

The enemies took to flight.
The Elbirs were grabbing
The running by their braids
Smashing them into dust on the ground.

The Khakan was captured
Already by the Kara-Djar,
He was cooked in a kazan
On the Kuyantau mountain.

Only the son of the Khakan,
Who was dissuading his father
From the attack against the Bulgars,
Was spared with his cohort.

He accepted Islam
And was releasedto Kirgizia.
Elbirs earned
An infinite booty.

They were returning back home
In the spring time.
To not soil the feet of the horses,
They paved dirty roads by pricey fabrics.



After that fight
Said Tulpar to At:
"It became hard for me
To carry you!

Release me.
There, at the Kuyantau mountain,
I want to spend
My last days!"

Audan carried out
The desire of his loyal racer,
Ordered to attach to him
A tabun of the best kobylas.

These kobylas
Carried from Tulpar
Bogatyrian horses -
Elbirs rode on them.

When Tulpar died,
Went Atile
To look at his remains
On the Kuyantau mountain.

Hw acsended the mountain
And suddenly felt laborious.
His breath was constrained -
The life left him.

His brothers initially buried him
In a golden coffin,
Suspended on chains
Between high oaks.

But once a strong wind blew
And the chains tore.
Then the brothers placed the coffin
On the bottom of the Buri-chay.

Began rule Bulgaria
The descendants of Atile.
During Kurbat Bashtu - the son of Askal
It became especially powerful.

Kan Djilka - a son of Aydar -
Preserved the greatness of the State,
Despite of the intrigues
Of the servants of Shaitan.

Dying, he bequeathed,
To his successors
To be spreading the light
Of the true faith.

For it was a help of the Creator
That allowed the three Elbirs
To perform not a few feats -
Spiritual and military,

To establish and glorify
The land of Bulgars
To create a mighty State,
Known in all ends of the world.



Without a regret,
Everyone in his own time,
Our heroes parted
With their terrestrial life.

The Creator gave them happiness
Of His court,
And became a patron
Of the state of Bulgars.

So let's glorify the Almighty,
Whose virtuous hand
Benevolently spread
Above the Bulgarian land.

His look
Covers at once
All Bat-Terek
And the whole Earth,

Faster, than a wolf
Runs on the ground,
Stronger, than a squirrel,
Clings to a trunk,

Deeper, than a fish,
Dives into a sea,
Higher, than an eagle,
Soars up under clouds.

Can't hide from Him -
Everyone who wants to be saved,
Shall prove, like our Elbirs,
Their fidelity to the faith.

Let's raise
A thankful prayer to Allah
And complete this
Instructive dastan.

Oh, a Moslem! - When coming to Débér
Pray in the hermitage of Michael Bashtu
For a mercy to the soul
Of that humblest of the Almighty slaves.




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