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Bakhshi Iman
Volume 1

 1551 AD
Chapter s 9 - 11

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Translator's Notes

Page numbers, where shown, indicate pages in the book publication. The offered machine translated copy of the printed edition contains typos and misspellings, for which I apologize and intend to correct them with time. Until then, the posting is representative of the general scope and the detail of the annals. The posted machine translation was the best that was around in 2003. In 2010, Google frequently offers much better translations, it might make sense to return to the Russian original and to make a Google translation of a portion of the text.

The “mouse over” explanations basically follow the definitions found in the Annals and represent the views of the writers, which may be different from the known or accepted conditions of the present time. They are the best guess and some of them may be infidels because of infidels interpretation of the text  by the translator. The translator of the Annals to Russian left a multitude of the Türkisms in his translation, and they are preserved in the English translation, with the “mouse over” explanations where available. The dates in the chapter headings are added during translation and are imprecise indicators of the period covered.


Chapter 1. How Àlatians almost handed over Kazan to infidels
Chapter 2. How Alashà's army crushed Kazan
Chapter 3. Hunting War
Chapter 4. How began and ended the rule of Sheikh-Gali


 1551 AD

Chapter 9. Mutiny of Mamet

When insurgents came to Kazan, them joined Simbir Ulugbek CHura-. The son Mal-Naryka. Ulugbek pleased maintenance of the world for three tired from wars western ilej Bulgar. Support CHury solved business for the benefit of Emir... Gali which younger wife was sister Chury, heeded an appeal of the matchmaker “to not spill blood of the” and deduced{removed} Cheremshansfr city. After this idle time lüd Kazan, begun to hate Safu for attempt to throw{stop} baliks on an arbitrariness of destiny, and also a Kara-chirmysh- the builders exhausted by work, was indignant tazikbash-s and rushed in Shahri Gazan. Under covering of shooting including in internal estates Kazan kazanchies and murz, poor men defeated wall Shahri Gazana and rushed into a fortress. Some tens Crimeans Khan tried to constrain an impact of crowd at wall Yugary of Kerman gone lengthways rva Tazik, but insurgents pulled down also this wall and interrupted üldashej. The rests of this stone wall stopped in rs Tazik and more her did not restore. A son of Amata the Ak-balyk hardly had time to take out by 12 ships of value Shahri Gazana, the Khan and his relatives through pier at a gate the Mir-Gali on channel Kazan-su Kama - Tamak... Fazyl suggested Safe to wait mutiny in CHeremshane on a post buljar tamgachy, but that preferred to ask for leave from service and to drive off to Crimea together with the Crimean embassy. To accompany with Khan Seid charged Cheremshan Sardaru Gali which rescued from punishment for ostavlenie Kazan only transition of all of his cossacks to service to Emir...

. Three hundred Djigits Gali not allowed Simbir zastave Saratau to grasp Safu and safely transferred his arrived to baliku to group from Crimea...

Loss of all Cheremshan cossacks and danger of change of the others not allowed Seidu to finish immediately with mjatejom... The Triumphing Emir Mamet driven to Kazan and soon, by advice{council} Chury, concluded very favorable world with Moscow. Weakened and scared by route near Kazan Balynian transferred Kazan ilü western part Modjara, and Simbir went - muhshan areas Kisana, and except for it undertaken to support Emir force

The three-thousandth Ruses case commanders Vasyla bine Petrjacha. Kazan Ulugbek Emir appointed the younger brother of the employee to a post to Moscow the Shakh-Gali - Djan-Gali - that Moscow ulu-by could üstify in case of that shameful for Balyna concessions Bulgar in eyes Uruses. Also for a deceit of citizens Balynian elicited at Mameta the sanction to keep to Seber-Kala and Lachyk-Ube Ruses garrisons and declared to nobody transfer of the lands. A son of Agisha Mamysh-Birde told to me that when his brother Ihsan and bek Kadysh came to one Ruses monastery for Batlik monks of him not believed news about their transition okrugi under authority of Emir and refused to render tribute. Ihsan driven off, and Kadysh imposed a monastery and held him in osade until at him supplies were not terminated. After that also he departed on rest in Kukdjak, having left at a monastery only sentries, and soon learned{soon found out} about the end of this monastery. Not receiving long time of any help, monks, at last, understood that them left to the mercy of fate and, hardly Kadysh departed, drowned in nearby lake all kindness and run up...

Djan-Gali, warned by the acute and refined brother in intrigues about danger of a governorship in Kazan without the permission Chally Seid-Emir, refused to go in Bulgar and was delivered to border with Bulgarian state in fetters. Here he was accepted with people Mameta and brought to Kazan...

When to Bulgarian state, at last, returned Kul-Ashraf and having discharged Fa-zyla from authority, to him all should be begun all over again...

In 1533 Emir enjoined Djan-Gali to marry the daughter íîãàé-9êîãî Ulubiy Yusuf Süünbike. It Mamet wanted to win round the strongest staroNogai the leader and with his help to overcome JAdkara. In the same year 13-years Süünbiku brought in


Seid, however, quickly found allies in struggle with Yusuf - his younger brother Ismaila and the AstraKhan Khan JAdkar-Mohammed to which welcome the name during the trip in Astarhan in 1525... In the same year there was a split between Ar and Kazan kaz.anchijami, caused by discharge by citizens of Kazan archan from enrichment for the account novoprisoedinennyh the lands, In terrible rage Ar ulany began to name Kazan kazanchies-izmenni-ks and murz “betle Tatars”. And this word “Tatar” in the world named in the beginning all criminals who CHingizidy forced to battle ahead of the soldiers as punishment... One of CHingizids - infidels Hulagu - collected the army almost from one these vermins and led their war on the countries of an Islam. He destroyed thousand blossoming cities of Khoresm, Khurasan, Azerbaijan,



Rum  and Shama together with their uncountable inhabitants, and all ruined Muslim areas gave kind his heart to Christians and jahudam...

Gazii sultan Misra not allowed his dirty Tatar troops to reach sacred cities of an Islam - Mecca and Medina and then he in hatred to moslems fallen upon capital devout all world - Bagdad. The great city with his two millions inhabitants was destroyed, and Emir of moslems - caliph - is brutally exterminated by Tatars. Since then the word “Tatar” became hated to all moslems and got, besides other mean values, sense “infidels”, the “sinner” “damned”. Sheikh Kasim therefore did not let in a mosque of any Kypchak, speaking them: “you, Kypchaks - all damned Almighty Tatars, razoriteli and haters of the Islamic world, therefore you nothing to do{make} in a mosque and vainly to hope for favor of Allah”. And we üldashi from Crimea, Astarhan, Azaka, Sebera, Kyrgyza and Nogais to not lose hope for rescue... Named himself “besermen“ that is “Bulgar”...

But our people is skilful not only to allow neat nicknames, but also to address with the weapon. Therefore, as one would expect, business was not terminated by one words. There was a skirmish between son She ~ hid-Ulana Shamaem, standing up for Emir, and son Ismaildana the JAnchu-plenty at attempt of Emir to subordinate to himself Ar il. JAnchura nagolovu defeated napadavshego and turned him into panic flight, and behind him rushed to run from Echke-Kazana and the viceroys of Emir with Kazan ulanami... A son of Djurash-Sadira Arak sworn to not start up more Kazan kazanchies further Biektau, and Ihsan with Ma-mysh-Birde cut a way from Alata in Batlik. Emir, having learned about it, was strongly disturbed also himself was in Echke-Kazan for settling squabble. By a concession archanam Batlika he managed to prevent transition local kazanchies on side Yadkara, but JAnchura already could not calm down. It{He} managed to organize in Ar-sk il plot with the purpose of returning Kazan il under authority Seid - provided that JAdkar again will plant Ulugbek Safu and will respect rights Ar il. JAdkar willingly accepted conditions of conspirators and in 1535 when they were made, invited Safa-Garaja to himself to service. On this signal Ismaildan approached to Echke-Kazanu and with the help Ulugbek Araka forced Emir to cause Djan-Gali to himself for the report. Unfortunate Khan gone, but at Echke-Kazana was seized JAnchuroj and immediately hung up. After this Ar kazanchies promptly gone to Kazan, sweeping away all on the way, and straight off rushed into city. CHeremshan the cossacks who not received the promised ground, and also poor men joined to


archanam and together with them began to beat ruthlessly all a little similar to Tatars. Speak, only in Kazan it was killed 1200 murz, 500 djur Kazan kazanchies and 300 Khan - kerman of ülda-necks. Mutiny Mameta was suppressed, and he is seized and sent JAnchuroj to ar Ulugbek Araku. Ruses alaj which was placed in the Kara-Muslimsk balik, not accepted participation in this slaughter though üst in case and become stronger in one of uramov. And when commander Vasyl wanted to force the to act against Ar armies, Balyn soldiers connected him and after negotiations with JAnchuroj given out beku in exchange for the life and freed of a choice. The most part Ruses accepted an Islam and was lodged on the river Misha in quality subashej, 900 person decided to remain in the belief and received rights a Kara-Chirmyshes and the lands on Nukrat-su, and only hundred Balynswanted to return to Moscow. But to carry out it him it was not possible, for armies infidels perfidiously intruded in Batlik, Mo-djar, Muhshu and Uchkuj and begun severe war against Bulgar...

Chapter 10. Ismaildan war and mutiny of Safa-Garay

Sardar forces of all of three western ilej began at support Araka and from consent CHury - JAnchura. On behalf of the ilej JAnchura recognized JAdkara as unique sovereign Bulgar of Bulgarian state and paid CHallam “Nogais hchinu” for all years of mutiny. When to Kazan arrived Safa at the introduction on a throne Kazan Ulugbeks sworn to be true Seidu Kul-Ashrafu and in all to consult with bek JAnchuroj...

By advice{council} Sardar the most part of the lands killed murz in Han to a part Kazan il was transferred{handed} Cheremshan to cossacks due to what the army received excellent{different} fighters. Under insisting JAnchury Khan also was compelled to reconcile with CHuroj, but in soul nevertheless kept on him insult for the last shame. JAnchura asked Seid to give ovdovevshuü Süünbiku in wife Safe, and bika it was quite pleased with it, for Khan was hereby the man and passionately grown fond of her...

Only conducting war as could seem at first sight, JAnchura transferred in hands Safy and CHury, but also over her at turning points he supervised why people knowing the real owner of an affair, named her by his nickname - “Ismaildanovoj war”...

This war was heavy Bulgar, however to reconcile with perfidious capture infidels Naratlyka, Modjara, Muhshi and Uchkuja in verhovjah the Bulgarian state Chulmana could not because of impossibility provide safety of the country without possession these areas and go through this humiliation. From  all inhabitants Bulgar only ar


chirmysham war was only pleasure for she{it} moreover hunting fed them and consequently that on concept arov, for murder of enemies all sins absolving, and everyone killed on war immediately undertook under protection by their deity and received a rich estate and many wives and pleasures in paradise...

On this war Ismaildana was lost 73 thousand Ar Chirmyshes, 30 thousand üldashej, 17 thousand cossacks of all provinces, 10 thousand Kazan both Simbir murz and 270 kazanchies, Biys, tarhanov, batyrs and üzbashy... We interrupted 300 thousand Balyn soldiers è* grasped 100 thousand captured. Thus gazii cleared from infidels seized by them earlier Bulgarian ie the lands between Sain-Idelü and Sura-su, between Batlik and Ar-Galidjem and in verhovjah CHulmana. The full victory was close, and Balyn Ulubiy already secretly sent to Kazan ambassador Djurgi Bulgaka with the offer to return all Bulgarian ie the lands with the cities of Kolyn and Djun-Kala and to renew payment Djir tribute in exchange for the world with Bulgarian state as suddenly the shaitan found an opening in soul Safa-Garaja and inspired Khan vain arrogance and a disastrous idea on autocracy. As if having overlooked{forgotten} that, despite of all courage, he without advice{councils} Yanchury would not win any battle with Urusas and not become famous, ungrateful{thankless} Khan decided to overthrow dependence from Sardar and to proclaim independence Kazan il from CHallov. CHura which province priustala from war, decided to support Khan and to join him with the ilem in exchange for han the promise to stop her and to declare him Sardar two provinces. Except for him 2 thousand Kazan murz and 500 kazanchies decided to support Safu in exchange for the promise of the world, and 10 thousand Nogai, Seber, AstraKhan and Crimean üldashej - in exchange for the promise slujilyh nadelov. Thus participants of this plot were going to deceive in case of his success each other. CHura expected to remove Safu and to plant{put} on his place of the friend the Shakh-Gali to which sister was married, Safa wanted to win round first of all Mameta, and then to finish with CHuroj and to transfer his province to the young son BuljAk-Garaü...

In the winter of 1545 Safa-Garaj instead of going in deciding{solving} campaign on Djun-Kala, suddenly rushed to Echke-Kazanu with 15 thousand Simbirites, murz and üldashej and besieged him. In this city lived 15 thousand inhabitants, and in his citadel of Archa-Kala was thousand cossack alaj Ar Ulugbek Araka. JAnchura was in it vremja'v Arche where collected taxes with Bulgariana Kara-Chirmyshes and subashej. Among them one fluent cossack and studied less shakird (pupils) Galikai by nickname CHirmysh which was to Sardaru was found and impudently declared him: “About, son Ismaildana! Money which you collected


On inutile war, direct for needs of widows and orphans and simplification better speed up people”. JAnchura ordered to seize the impudent fellow, but that, having scattered policemen, escaped on will and lifted revolt igencheis with the purpose to achieve cancellations of extreme requisitions with a Kara-Chirmyshes and subashej and translation Bulgariana Kara-Chirmyshes in the category subashej. Insurgents, highly holding spears with the rolls attached to them with “laws Seid Mohammyod-Gali”, imposed JAnchu-ru in balik Archa on pleasure Safa-Garaü. Khan besieged in turn Echke-Kazan and demanded from Ulugbek Araka delivery Mameta in exchange for leaving{care} from Ar ilja, threatening, otherwise, pojech and to plunder estates local kazanchies. Seeing that proud ulug-bek to concede it is not going in hope on JAnchuru, Khan ordered to pass purposely in Archa-Kala caught gontsa Sardar with written request JAnchury for the help. Ulany here become thoughtfull and forced Araka to give out Emir Safe. Pleased Khan immediately left to Kazan, and Ulugbek engaged in suppression of revolt Galikaia. However indignant igenchei to the approach kazanchies home guards had time to take and crush balik New Archa. JAnchura hardly managed to make the way from city through dense crowds furious and burning thirst of revenge of insurgents. Kazanchii pushed aside igencheis from Archi and several other cities of Ar ilja, but completely to suppress revolt and to seize Galikaia and could not. CHirmysh with group from well trained and armed insurgents quickly passed from a place to a place and was imperceptible for sluggish kazanchies...

Scared ulany addressed to Seidu with the humiliating message in which begged JAdkara to help them and agreed even on destruction of the special rights il. But Seid though also himself required help Ar il in struggle against rebellious Khan, it is proud answered kazanchim: “Laws of an Islam forbid such dependence in which you hold the igencheev, and condemn that inconceivable luxury with which you surrounded yourselves in this terrestrial life. Be subordinated to law Almysha on the right of transition kurmyshej and a Kara-Chirmyshes in chirmyshes and subashi in case of acceptance of an Islam, cancel illegal extreme requisitions - ~ and I shall address to mulle Galikaü with the request for the termination{discontinuance} of bloodshed”.

To lose a significant share of the riches kazanchies refused. The part from them led by JAnchuroj hoped to be beaten off from igencheis by own strength, but the majority led by Arak decided to conclude the union with Safoj in exchange for his help in struggle with Galika-em...

Mutiny Safa-Garaja found JAdkara unawares. Later Seid with bitterness spoke me: “it seemed to me that only one day separates


Me for pleasure of a victory above Moscow Ulubiy. But a day later I tested the strongest humiliation. Really, Almighty reminds us of the boundless authority above destinies of the world when people in the terrestrial affairs start to exaggerate own role”...

To all other troubles Seid change sal-chibashy the Ak-balyk was added also. Admiral in exchange for the big compensation of Khan also put on the lands in Simbir il withdrawn the fleet from Agideli to Kazan. Ya it JAdkar noticed: “Sutjajnichestvo ruins the state the same as unbelief - soul”. [...]

Meanwhile the Ak-balyk should go in Uchkuj which again captured Ruses in the winter. JAdkar given an order on creation of new fleet, but infidels outstripped ours, and their fleet in the summer of the same year free proceeded from Uchkuja to Kazan...

This transition was caused by that Ruses Ulubiy Alasha disposed to take advantage han of distemper and to seize Kazan... Ruses fleet from Djun-Kala suddenly appeared at city and landed 7 thousand infantrymen which straight off attacked djiennyj camp of Khan on Kozjem to a meadow... People Safy Overtaken unawares the terrible panic resulted in vain destruction of 3 thousand murz and üldashej under sabres infidels captured. Khan fled ahead of all and was in such horror that, having covered in Shahri Gazane, ordered to start up nobody in a fortress...

Fortunately citizens of Kazan uchkujs were late, and at Balynsthere were no forces for an attack. They departed, and when there arrived fleet from Uchkuja, appeared in time from Simbira the Ak-balyk and destroyed him... Nevertheless, deaths facing at edge{territory} Ruses cheered up already a victory over Khan, and in hansk camp conspirators began to get even with each other. Safa, wishing to wash off from himself a dirty of shameful defeat, ljivo accused of him people Seid and executed true JAdkaru son Agisha Ihsana. The part of possession beka near Kazan was transferred{handed} by Khan to several Murzam. It caused indignation of some Kazan kazanchies of which to the full taken advantage CHura. Fairly suspecting Safu in intention oblyjno to accuse next time him, the son Mal-Naryka in 1546 appeared in front of Kazan with one and a half thousand Simbir cossacks and declared: “I come to revenge the damned Tatars that they dishonored Bulgarian oe a banner in battle with insignificant number infidels”. The Kazan poor men hating Khan and Tatars, opened CHure a gate internal baliks and rushed to beat... All Kypchaks successively. This time already the wall did not block to them a way from estates on Bogyltau, in Shahri Gazan, and Tatars were overtaken with ill-starred hour. Five thousand murz and üldashej it was killed rising by the most ruthless image together with han the üdge Damask steel.

Khan hardly had time to run through a gate the Mir-Gali on Ak~Balyk ship and to sail to Astarhan - to his father-in-law...

CHura immediately entered into Kazan and planted{put} on a throne Ulugbeks a Shakh-Gali, arrived on his request from Khan - Kermana. Despite of likeness, clever Khan tried to proceed{pass} to service Seidu and sent to JAdkaru the secret ambassador. That not returned yet when now Safa-Garaj appeared at Kazan with 2 thousand AstraKhan and Nogai Kytais and impudent intention to take huge city. He passed to him through Laish for grandson Gali-Gazi, the son of Tuba JApancha sympathized with him... Cossacks CHury and the Kazan civil guardsmen supporting Simbir Ulugbek from dislike for Tatars and Safe, distances from walls some volleys... On Kypchakm also forced them to refuse an attack. Hoping to the aid archan, Kypchaks began to wait them at city, but instead of them arrived Galikai and after fierce slaughter forced Kypchaks to run in steppe. The huge transport from 5 thousand arb got to insurgents, 3 thousand camels and 10 thousand horses that rather strengthened and glorified CHirmysha and his army. Pleased posramleniem the old enemy, the Shakh-Gali sent to Sardaru igencheis the ambassador with a question: “That you want?” Galikai answered: “Will for oppressed”. Khan on it noticed that can give will only igenchejam Han to a part Kazan il. Galikai agreed: “it is Good, release{exempt} even Kazan igencheis - and I shall support you”. The check - Gali with easy heart signed the decree on which, according to the law Seid Moham-med-Gali, allowed to 40 thousand igencheis han a court, 40 kazanchies and 1200 murz to proceed{pass} in the category subashej. Galikai immediately gone on the Mountain side where him immediately joined 6 thousand Bulgariana Kara-Chirmyshes and 12 thousand mountain ars and serbij-tss. All of them accepted an Islam and was transferred{translated} han by officials in subashi. Released{exempted} from dependence serbijs were so are pleased with it that began to name himself “people subash”, it is similar to those black aram which was written down in Ak-chirmyshes and named himself “chirmyshekim people”...

Kazanchii and murzy tried to oppose clearing igencheev, but those killed 20 kazanchies and 800 murz, and the others or, expelled, or delivered in fetters to Khan. The check - Gali wanted them to release{let off}, but him djury from modjar Bulgar with hatred to Tatars cut all murz... Mamet, being afraid of that the shadow of these events can fall and on him, in horror fled in Alat to his accomplices who gathered there from number “betle Tatars” led by son She-hid-Ulana Kildibek and with the son of Tatar üdge Hyp-Ãàëè. These villains which began to join and more and more cossacks, planned to transfer Kazan il in hands Urus Ulubiy. In an exchange


On it that promised to give üdicial authority above moslems nlja to Emir, to transfer the lands of enemies “betle Tatars” am and to make AlatsRuses Boyars...

The same citizens of Kazan who wished to keep independence Kazan il under authority of the Crimean Khans, headed bek Biba-rys. His{its} father well-known it was Given - Ryshtau - the descendant Sebersko-go Khan Danijara... It{He} lead{carried out} some years in Nogai to a horde, and then arrived to Kazan and become famous for valor at its{her} protection from infidels. His{its} son Bibarys named a name of sultan Misra from dislike for Tatars, possessed high growth, powerful addition and a red beard and is valid so hated Kypchakov that murzy were afraid to come across him on a way. He pierced through father Hyp-Ãàëè, having pulled out from his hands a spear...

Having taken advantage of that JAdkar could not force son Gali in any way and daughters Mal-Naryka... Mohammed to go for a capture of Kazan from hands the Shakh-Gali, Bibarys caused Safa-Garaja to Kazan and with 200 Kazan and Ar kazanchies ridden to capital il from fortress Sajf-Kul. The check - Gali, not wishing to collide{face} with Ar kazanchimi, hasty left{abandoned} Kazan. CHure it was necessary to leave together with him for all his hopes without Khan fell. Galikai forwarded them through the Kara-Idel near by an Ak-balyk, not desiring to contact insurgents. Scared tazikbashs opened a gate of Kazan, and pleased Bibarys entered city in which did not remain any Kypchak murzy. soon approached{soon dropped in} Safa-Ga-raj, but here there was a unpleasant hitch: for his raising on ulug-bek the throne was required sanction Ashrafida. Then Süümbika the plaintive letter caused me from my aul Bu-Yurgan to Kazan where the aged Sheikh - Kasim proclaimed me Seid and enabled me to appoint Safu Kazan Ulugbek from name Ashra-fid of a house. Representation I sustained all this only for the sake of my precious Süünbiki to which I could not give up in such trifle... Thus I friendly warned Khan about necessity to settle the conflict with JAdkar in order to prevent all complications, but that not heeded this advice{council}. Moreover: Safa immediately executed come into the hands Bibarysa Ulugbek CHuru and Kadysh, than put himself outside of the law. Khan tried to correct the position by war with infidels, but without JAnchury his actions were pity and unsuccessful.. .. Moreover - winter of 1549 when 100 thousand Ruses suddenly appeared near Kazan and besieged her, Safa again it was shamefully covered in Hansk the Court and the city was rescued only by courage of 4 thousand Kazan civil guardsmen and kavessand strikes on besieging of Ar woods Ulugbek Ar il. Assisting to Khan with hatred to infidels, Arak tried after that to take the Large sum


Urmu. He taken and set fire suburb and pending the end of a fire stayed the night in suburban village. Unfortunately, he, as well as the Aman-tank, so despised infidels that did not consider their capable of a night sortie. But when we languished and fallen asleep, left a citadel and killed Ulugbek directly in his tent... We could come eventually in themselves and beat attacking, but without Araka to continue a campaign were not solved and returned... On an inüst way friends to Khan became dishonorable people. So Hyp-Ãàëè received a place of the father of Damask steel in exchange for transfer Safe of the palace...

Crimean and azak üldashi Safy were at war not against infidels, and inside the country. They{he;it} did not manage to be seized Simbirom, new Ulugbek which - to brother Chury, to the Islam - helped retreatd in Simbir il Galikai. Then Crimeans  decided to profit for account Tarhannoj of a part Kazan ilja, and Safa goods asked Kazan kazanchies to share. Bibarys the son kazanchi Ulana Kulaj - third, and JApancha - ~ a quarter offered half of possession. But a crowd from 6 thousand Kypchaks was it a little - not all from them managed to receive slujilye or jasachnye possession and to begin though for a while Murzami. Therefore they moved on Alat, anticipating easy capture of the local lands. However “betle Tatars” y - by concession Mamysh-Birde of several auls - received his help and in the union with his desperate cossacks and a Kara-chirmyshas nagolovu defeated Crimean Kypchakov. Wishing to sweeten with the üldasham bitterness of defeat, Khan asked JApanchu to increase the size of the donation. Bek this time refused and together with the Islam passed to numbers{lines} of supporters Seid. Both, wishing to smooth down the fault before JAdkarom, promised to him to finish with Safoj in case of reception of his pardon by them. Seid forgiven bekov, and their people soon poisoned Khan. Having learned about death Safy, JAdkar uttered: “At will Almighty he born{taken out} to himself(himself) the death sentence”. But is even faster than his words to us his army - the thousand group of the son Gali Mohammed which immediately borrowed{occupied} mountain reached. Bibarys left in the fortress, and Sardar Crimeans Kuchak joined to Cheremshanians with 4 thousand üldashej. I personally gone to Kul-Ashrafu in Korym-CHally to ask that he put Kazan Ulugbek son Safy and Süünbiki Utjamysh-Garaja and transferred authority in il to him povzroslenija Ilchi-bike Süünbike.

Chapter 11. As Süümbika served Kan Kul-Ashraf

JAdkar was very touched with my arrival, having appreciated my trust to him. Having learned about my desire to refuse a title Kazan Seid, taken in force majeure with a view of


Submission Safy CHallam, he told to me: “I leave to you this title for decided to reserve only a title “menla...” It{He} agreed to comply my request and ordered to ratify to me Süünbiku with the son on a throne Kazan Ulugbeks...

In 1542 Süümbika Kara-muslima Iskandera asked to draw me with it{her}, the daughter and its{her} teacher - ~ widow Atalyka Halimoj. Iskander, drawing before the capture faces of Christian gods, prayed and drawn us so miraculously that I persuaded him to draw the same picture for me. After statement Süünbiki he drawn under its{her} order for Kul-Ashrafa Han the Court with soldiers on a wall and above him - Baradja, month and stars. Among stars I made such inscription:

Let we knows menla and Kan Poison of penalties,

What is gazii Shahri Gazana

Led by Khan, ulanas and mirzami

Without any doubt

Will give the lives

And lives of the wives and children

For that were firm on the ground

Bulgarian state Bulgar - a stronghold of an Islam,

Shahri Gazan - stronghold Bulgar,

Laws and customs Bulgarianmoslems...

She{It} together with me gone in CHeremshan to thank JAdkara for honor, it{her} rendered. We found menlu in Alabuge where he carried out{spent} celebratory prayer... Usually constrained in display of feelings Kul-Ashraf, having received its{her} gift - figure Iskandera with my verses - come to the strongest excitement and asked about its{her} wishes. Bika on it told that all its{her} dreams come true also she{it} asks kana only about a pardon of the Ak-balyk. This pardon menla given immediately, and salchibashy immediately was in Alabugu and brought povinnuü... By his ship JAdkar together with us it was forwarded in Yar Chally where consecrated constructed by the son Inala Vasyla Atna-bek a mosque. Her{it} in people and began to name “Atna-djamig”... Then we gone to capital. And Kazan - the most favorite my city, therefore I shall allow himself to interrupt here a narration for the brief description of her...

In it{her} three large parts are allocated: Shahri Gazan is that since time Azana made a uniform fortress on Bogyltau, and as internal and external baliks one krashe another...

And in the Kazan wall there are such towers on Bogyltau: Tümen, a Tavern, New CHirmysh, the Mir-Gali, Han, Elbegen, Top


Isbel. And all these towers, except for Tümen, Yugarykerman. Before Kabak and Verhneisbel towers joined a wall to tower CHirmysh or Old CHirmysh in the middle, for which, along it{her}, across all Bogyltau, rov Tazik. And nowadays this rov without supervision and poluzasypan...

And from Top Isbelja the wall goes downwards, to Nijneisbel to a tower worth at bott Bogyltau. From  this gate she{it} goes to towers Left Kaves, Average Kaves and Right Kaves, from them - to towers Left Ar, Average Ar and Right Ar, from them - to a tower Kan at bott Bogyltau, from it{her} - to the Top Kan on Bogyltau, from it{her} - to Top Nogai on Bogyltau, from it{her} - to Bott Nogai at bott Bogyltau, from it{her} - to tower Korym on the right to coast Bulaka. From  this gate the wall goes along the same coast Bulaka to Atalykovoj to a tower, and from it{her} already rises again on Bogyltau to Tümen to a tower.

Tower Su-Manara with two bott stone floors costs{stands} separately from a wall, near to a place of confluence Bulaka in Kazan-su, and is adhered to a wall only by a palings. Inside its{her} key and the wheel adaptation for a raising of his water on the fourth floor of this tower, whence she{it} goes on pipes in Yugary Kerman. And for pipes from a tower in Yugary Kerman is made a underground course on which can pass and people. The big wheel of the device rotates a horse going on a circle inside a tower... And in the top part of the tower which are looking like a minaret, at night make fire for a direction of the ships and boats.

Fire for the ships also plant on towers a Kara-idel of island Tazik, Bish-Balty, Tash~Kermana, Alabuga and on others, worth at the rivers. And all these towers refer to also as ” Ship Fires”... And between towers Su-Manara and Atalyk is uram Tashajak, surrounded with a palings adjoining to a wall. And here, among other things, a mosque “Tuba”, muncha... “Dajr”, a tavern of merchant Saliha in honor of which one of towers Yugary of Kerman is named “KabakSkoj”, and the house of Ruses ambassadors.

And on the friend to coast Bulaka, against it urama, fair Tashajak is arranged from spring till autumn of each year. Its{her} place not ukrepleno, here again some houses and taverns with lavkas and hotels... Between Tashajak and a place against Korym a gate settles down balik Kuraish with horse market “Djilki”, the Hay market and a caravan-sarai “Pechen Yorty”. And here always stop mainly Nogais and steppe Crimeans  why also the gate nearest to him refer to Nogai and Crimean. Here from remarkable, besides already specified, there are mosques “Utyz”, “Basma” and “Djilki”. Balik it is enclosed with shaft and the wooden wall located before him...



And in Yugary Kerman - Han a Court adjoining to Han to a tower, palace Hyp-Ãàëè... Here, near a tower the Mir-Gali, settles down a mosque the Mir-Gali, and near to it{her} - a tomb of Khan Mohammed - Amina Idjima. Before Han the Court - a small Paradise garden, behind him - the area, and behind it{her} - the big mosque “Mohammed - Alam” or “Kul-Ashraf”.

She{It} - two-story and eight-minaret. Bott its{her} circle with two floors - square under the form, top, with one floor - octagonal. And the top circle comes to the end with a beautiful dome as Bulgarian ogo a wreath. On corners of the bott circle are located one-storeyed and polygonal attach with beautiful niches from which roofs four big minarets rise... And on 4 four sides of the second circle four small minarets which are not adjoining to them and not perekryvaemye by the big minarets also are located. The height of them is to half of dome, and the big minarets are higher than a dome height of small minarets. On tips of spikes of a dome and minarets - silver “onions{bows}” or “months” the ends upwards, as on fighting banners *. Therefore a mosque, originally named “Al-Mohammed”, began to call in people “Mohammed - Alam”. Since 1524 when Seid JAdkar transformed medrese (madrasah) mosques to the house of sciences, her began to name as well “Kul-Ashraf”. And the house of sciences in a brotherhood named also “Mektebi Girfan”.. .. And she{it} Is similar on Emir palace Bol container - “Kazyi Yorty”, but exceeds him in the sizes and is decorated incomparably more is refined. Its{her} eight minarets remind about âîñüìè* g ~ ” provinces of the state Bulgar, a dome - of authority Seid, months - about absolute power Almighty... If to stand on the area the person to this mosque at the left there will be a beautiful two-storeyed hotel with gallery for shakirds (pupils) houses of sciences “Mohammed - Alamija”, on the right - Seids a Court enclosed, as well as Hansky, a beautiful stone fencing.

And in Seids the Court settle down, besides other, mosques “Gabdel-Mumin” and “Polli”. And “Gülli” it was constructed later - so that its{her} wall became a part of a fencing, and one of two minarets of mosque “Gabdel-Mumina” - its{her} minaret... Süümbika-hatyn ordered to construct for it{her} the minaret behind feature of a fencing, but business

* On fields of the manuscript there is made by Peter Karashevym a figure of mosque “Kul-Ashraf” and record about it{her}: “the Height of the big minarets - to half of main dome, and they is higher than domes small height of small minarets”.


It is not yet over the same as and with construction Han of a mosque at tower Elbegen...

And behind a mosque “Mohammed - Alam”, before rv Tazik, the small mosque “is given Or “CHirmysh-given” settles down. As a minaret it{she} is served Old CHirmysh with three-tier tower Yugary of Kerman. And near a tower Top Isbel - a mosque of a small cemetery with a tomb sacred Isbelja...

And in urame Tümen, between rvas Tazik and Ulug, the city city council ” Òþìýí ” named so still{even} at Gabdel-Mumine - on number suburb court in the beginning settled down. Then, under the request Mohammed - Amina, Seid allowed to transfer “Tümen Yorty” on a new place - in Sains uram, between rvas Ulug and Sain, and in old “Tümene” placed parts of board Kazan il - Sain Yorty. Besides here there is mosque “Tashbash” and an old city cemetery.

In Sains urame, except for “Tümena”, it is placed CHirmysh the Court which was in Yugary Kerman near old CHirmysh- towers earlier. “CHirmysh Yorty” knows affairs of protection of city and sei-ds kavesswhich live with families in balik “Kaves” at Kaves towers and in Echke-Kazane. Here - mosques “Sain” and “CHirmysh”...

For Sainovym rv the big Bukhara mosque, management of trading affairs of all power “Tazik Yorty”, two caravan-sarais settles down Bukhara uram with “Buhar Yorty”, in which, besides other: one - for rum and the Crimean merchants, and another - for all other Muslim merchants. This court also a fencing. Outside of him is some court notable Bulgarian i); beks and owners. Except for “Bukhara” here there are mosques “Kalgan”, “Tegin”, “Ismaildan”, “Ulan”.

Under Bogyltau, with opposite from Bulaka the sides, settle down internal baliks cities...

In balik “Kaves”, besides other - mosques “Kaves”, “Arslan-Gali”, “Iskander” also “is stupid{blunt}”.

Around of lakes Akbi-kul, the Hag - kul and Bagcha-kul - balik “Akbikul”. Here, on lake the Hag - kul - two stone baths - “Aydar - muncha” and “Altyn-muncha”. And lakes are connected by channels with prewall rvas and with the Kaban - kulem - on the one hand, and with Kazan-su - to another. Among mosques, “Cook”, “Bagcha”, “Sary”, constructed on donations Bachmana, “Aydar”, erected, as well as “Aydar - muncha”, “Kyzyl”, “Three-copecks piece” are allocated for means beka Aydar “Kül”...

And to Left Ar to a tower the Kara-Muslim, differently named Ruses for here live a Kara-muslimy - Ruses adjoins balik,


Accepted an Islam, and their descendants... And them in the beginning lodged behind a wall, on coast Kazan-su but after they beaten off attempt Djurgi to land in that place, Gabdel-Mumin allowed them to occupy this balik. And they began to name a former place “Old City”...

Among a Kara-muslims many good smiths, gunmakers, potters, shipbuilders and they are very good-natured and strong, and character are similar on natural Bulgar. They are clean, as against infidels, and very tidy. In them balik - mosques “Kan - Buljak”, “Kaen”, “Ak-Kaen”, “Kuduk”, “Hyzyr-Ilyas”. They management on affairs of all Bulgar Urus origins - “Kara-Muslim Yorty” which prosecutes also subjects of the repayment Urus captives. And that from captured who will want to enter in a Kara-muslim a community, is redeemed and accepts an Islam. In total Kazan a Kara-muslims now total three thousand, and all Bulgar-kara-muslims - 30 thousand...

To Ar to a gate adjoins Ar balik where the majority is made by descendants of immigrants from Bolgar. And here, besides other - mosques “Timer” *, “Bakyr”, “Baryndjar”, “Suvar”, “Cuba”, “Khoresm” - as in Bolgar...

At the Kaban - kulja is balik Kasim, consisting of five Urs - mov: “Kasim”, “Gurdji”, “Djuketau”, “Amet” and “Sultan”. And in “Kasime” - mosque “Kasim”, in “Djuketau” - mosques “Kaban” and “Imen”, and in “Amete” - mosque “Boyan”, in “Sultan” - a mosque “Sultan”. In total in city of 82 mosques.

In “Gurdji” - church ” Äæóðãè ”. Mainly descendants Bulgarian gurdjijshere live, and they name the church the same as there - in honor Lachyna Hisami. Most further suburbs from a wall ” .nahoditsja balik Bish-Balta. Between him and internal city which he is more senior for hundred years, - Kozy a meadow, and near to him - the big Berry wood. We approach to him only court. Overseas are put on parking at island Tazik, and cargoes from them on the Kazan coast transport by boats for a corresponding payment bishbal-tins. They transport cargoes from Bish-Balty to a fortress by boats and carts.

Between pier and balik the small grove hiding him. Exhausted accidently infidels, bishbaltins allowed to put directly behind a palings suburb small wooden church with five kupolkami. A number{line} had was arranged Ruses Christian cemetery. To tell the truth, to call to church it was authorized only in case of an attack of enemies. From  that time Ruses during the attacks did not touch balik. Bishbaltinsnot time asked, as it they reached before. On it bishbaltins, glorified by the sharp language, otvecha-

* On fields - P.Karasheva's record: “Timer Kapka”.

Whether: “let Better rings, than burns”. They entered into the balik from the opposite side from church that there was no sin.

At me as the priest served Shimbaj, to him - his father Djabrail, to him - his grandfather Barys given together with Aydar. And Barys his descendants who were trained in this during attacks Uruss were real zvonarem, as well as. They called so that sometimes infidels in amazement stopped at balika and their attack lost suddenness. zvon alarms perfectly distinguished this chirmyshes in sentries, and soldiers had time to be made to reflection of attacks of the enemy...

In balik there was earlier one mosque - “Points”. But after constructed five-dome church, vozrevnovavshy balikbashy Kama - JAkub erected big five-minaret mosque “Yusuf”. Bishbaltins named her, however, in own way - “Bish-Barmaü”...

That year Ulubiy Ismail defeated into limits of Bulgarian state and beaten out brother Yusuf from Kargaly where to that allowed letovat. Atna with two thousand Djigits immediately gone on a place of incident and beaten out Ismaila, becoming{beginning} known under nickname Kargalyj. Thus bek for the sake of Süümbiki spared Nogais and allowed them to leave for Djaik though could put all of them. Süümbika, having learned about it, presented him... tafsir the Koran, and his wife - the ornaments... And Ak~Balyk, happy the pardon extracted to him menly, constructed for it{her} the wonderful ship... With a glass small house in the middle from which she{it} could look in all four sides...

By the ships salchibashy we returned to Kazan where Süümbiku the heavy board ilem expected. In spite of the fact that JAdkar appointed Kuchaka Sardar Kazan alai, 5 thousand Crimean and azak üldashej not returned on service kanu and left in Alat. Due to this forces “betle Tatars” increased to 15 thousand, and they even more become stronger in hope to seize Kazan ilem with the help Uruss and after that to receive balsh citizenship and an ancestral lands. These infidels Kypchaks, predvoditelstvuemye silly, but rather ambitious Mametom, seized the north Mountain Bulgaria and offered the Islam the union against Galikaia. Igenchei-insurgents only burdened Simbir Ulugbek, not bringing him of any income, therefore the Islam willingly come in arrangement to the Tatar rebels and together with them superseded Galikaia from Mountain Bulgaria. Mamysh-Birde it helped insurgents to be crossed to the the left coast the Kara-Idel, assuming in the future to use them in the purposes... “Betle Tatars” were captured with horror, but Mamet, by advice{council} Kamaja-mur-zy, issued firman about destruction kazanchies an ancestral lands in Arsk il and about their transfer igenchejam, and Galikai directed to Echke-Kazanu


After Alat, insurgents again occupied Archa, and held off for a long time the Ars' kazanchies...

Having received domination in the Kazan silt, Alats borrowed{occupied} ancestral lands JApanchi, Bibarysa and others hostile to them kazanchies and, at last, besieged Kazan. A son of Shehid-Ulana Kildibek, already thinking himself the first Ruses bojar led forces Mameta... When the mean crowd “betle Tatars” appeared in a kind of city, “Tümen Yorty” reeled and found out desire to hand over city to rebels. One thousand Kazan streltss and three thousand Crimean üldashej, sent towards Alat to thieves, was defeated owing to change of their military leader Ak-Mohammed and two sons Kuchaka...

All strels was killed either in fight, or in a captivity, and üldashi came over to of the side “betle Tatars”. We remained only with thousand Cheremshansbeka Mohammed, thousand üldashej ulana Kuchaka and three thousand kavestss. Confused Süünbika come to gate Seidova of the Court and fallen before them nits... I, vyjdja, lifted her and given it{her} the petition for talent of will and the ground Kazan kazanchies and murz igenchejam and about equalizing of the rights tazikbashsand fine owners. Cheered up bika immediately ordered to issue the decree on behalf of the son, begin words: “This word Kazan Ulugbek Khan Utjamysh-Garaja to true Kazan igenchejam and to fine owners. We were reached with news about oppressions with which exhausted you ulany and murzy. And Seid Bu-Yurgan Mohammed - Gali submitted to us the petition for clearing of you from oppressions according to laws sacred Seid. And I decided - under the petition Seid and from the sanction menly Kul-Ashrafa - to welcome you, true mine: fine owners - the equation in the rights with the big owners, igencheis - freed and the lands pritesnitelej yours and entering into categories according to your choice. Come to us - and you receive from us written decrees about it...”

As I also expected, true to us fine masters quickly overthrown tazikbashsold City council and headed new Tümen, and Galikai immediately declared himself our ally and gone to Kazan, acquiring on a way crowds rising igencheis - a Kara-chir-myshej and kazanchies kurmyshej. He managed to borrow{occupy} fortress Biektau, and “betle Tatars” y was forced to be removed from Kazan. Being afraid of strike Ar kazanchies, released{exempted} from presence of a significant part of insurgents, Alats caused to the aid Ruses armies. They appeared in the winter, dragging for themselves huge guns. Them made for Balynsalman the master on a sample of big cannons Biktimera and his sons. These instruments could shoot nucleus knee-deep and at a belt{zone} to the adult person, and Moscow Ulubiy Iban by nickname Alasha hoped from them


The help to break Kazan suburb a wall... 130 thousand Ruses moved to Kazan on ice the Kara-Idel and the road Djun, encouraged by promises Alat thieves to take city “fr the shy woman” from the first shot, as pity village... Mamysh-Birde, true menle, forced Balynsto hesitate for a time a little in the confidence. His{its} 4 thousand Ar Chirmyshes with wild cries attacked the main Ruses transport carrying on ice the biggest guns. 12 thousand infidels was put on a place within two hours of fight. The others, seeing the distress, defeated ice and drowned the cannons in the river...

However Alats assured confused Ulubiy in absence at citizens of Kazan of the big forces, and Ruses nevertheless came to Kazan and begun strong bombardment of city. During him at Big Tarasa BulAk- walls were lost my dear friends - son Safy Gazi-Garaj and Crimean ambassador Arslan Chelebi... Mother Gazi - Sufija - was the daughter of the sister Anchij “Batu”..., pereshedshego on service to Bulgarian state, and one of descendants of the last Urus beka Bashtu the Tribute - lja... She{It} was redeemed from a captivity in Bagcha-Bolgar by our ambassadors among which there was its{her} cousin... Safa, former then in Crimea, helped this... Gazi did not test any interest to state affairs, but it was willingly taught{learnt} at me stihoslojeniü, and at Iskandera - to drawing and helped me in the description of Kazan. Under influence of my stories, he wanted to go the ambassador to Persia - but only only behind being improved in stihoslojenii.. .. Safa suspected the clever son of intention to grasp a post Ulugbek and, aspiring to frighten him, executed tutor Bajbeka loved{liked} by him... In me every day all sound words young Gazi which he devoted memories of the kind old man, the philosopher and the fan{amateur} stihoslojenija Bajbeka more strongly:

Unless it is possible to love this world, knowing, What you at the o'clock will leave him? You are better to concern to this life, as to dream, After which, at will Almighty, probudishsja for the real pleasure...

After bombardment which, appear, could wake and dead, Ruses - with obsession inherent in them - polezli on walls. Captured Balyns then told that alman üldashi Alashi closed eyes to not see a terrible picture bloody Balyn an attack. It was necessary to our 5 thousand soldiers very difficultly and when Crimean üldashi suddenly trembled and left to the enemy part Ar of a wall, the terrible panic began. Süün-


bika run in to me with an awful call for help, having disdained all customs. Then I left to it{her} in a military amour and words that we protect in city not ourselves, and the Islamic belief, authority men-ly and its{her} son, revived. Then I forced her to dress alpar- (knightly) amour, to take in hands a sabre and the Kazan banner and led with myself to a place of enemy break. On a wall already were Ruses, but kavess and civil guardsmen, having seen us, were encouraged and brought down infidels from it{her}. We began on it{her}, and were immovable even then when Urusy again polezli on a wall and hardly any more there were no we hands. Now, however, in people there was no already a confusion. Many wives and daughters of fine owners and kavessdressed, by an example biki, an amour, and together with the fathers, brothers and husbands rushed to fight. During this moment came Cheremshans Atny with the insurgents who adjoined them and strike from Ar woods forced the opponent to stop an attack. At us fallen one and a half thousand streltss and civil guardsmen, 300 Cheremshanians, ^500 Crimeans and 2 thousand simple lüda. At infidels - 30 thousand soldiers. At Ar towers corpses Balynslaid” almost level with a wall on all space from a wall to a tavern of merchant Shahidully, former in front of the bridge for rvom... But it was most unpleasant for Alashi that 5 thousand mo-djar Bulgar from group the Shakh-Gali joined to Atne, having doubled his forces, and those, having lost 15 thousand more infantrymen, began to depart hasty. At their this flight Atna did not lag behind them on a step and compelled to throw or drown all instruments. Transports also got tireless Yar-Challyians owing to what • 23 thousand Ruses, weakened from famine, wounds and illnesses, was thrown by the on a way and frozen...

And this victory was in nauruz, or kargatuj as children and adults name him in simple people, both, seeing leaving{care} Ruses, in delight fled up a wall and shouted and swung hands in imitation rooks...

On this holiday on majdanah kindled fires and on them in boilers cooked barley porridge and meat. In the evening young concluded arrangements, and the guy - as a token of the consent - ate meat, and the girl - porridge. In the morning the girl if she{it} not decided not, also ate meat... Prepared as well for beer, both honey, and young at a meeting with native and familiar and at detour of their houses executed songs with wishes of happiness in new year. Owners thus should give gifts to children and youth for jadnichavshih this day every possible disasters waited in the future... And the same occurred and on a holiday Nardugan which came to the end with that people crowd left on a place of Old City and built here of a snow and ice a wall. On majdan, surrounded with this wall and nazyvaemyj “City”, put elective “tsar” with a doll of “tsar” and him “djur” and storm took “fortress”.


 Thus fervently fought - but only fists and without rage so there were only bruises... Conquerors of “City” reached through numbers{lines} “djur” “tsar”, snatched out from his hands a doll and solemnly hung up her on a high tree or a column with cries: “your term terminated!” [...] Then all selected new “tsar” and spoke him: “our empire free, and we elect tsar at the will, and are free to serve him whether or not, and in bondage to live we not got used. And your empire is rich and profitable, and the income your big - so do not offend orphans and widows, do not take away the last from poor men, be the kind, fair and fair governor - differently we shall break off you, as your throne carpet!” With these words present broke off a carpet on fine slices and carried away with himself fortunately...

Speak, earlier something similar arranged and in djien, but instructors achieved from devout carry of it igrishcha in the second part Nardugana, not connected with general prayer...

So on nauruz this war which people therefore began to name “Nauruz” ended...

After leaving{care} Ruses “betle Tatars” y again fled in Alat, and our armies weakened by losses, could not then to pursue them. Only Galikai directed in a trace, beaten from 5 thousand kazanchies, üldashej and murz and it was victoriously forwarded through the Kara-Idel on the Mountain side. Encouraged by it serbij kurmyshi and Ar a Kara-chirmyshes, let alone our pagans, joined him, and war captured all Mountain Bulgaria from Saratau to, Tau-Kerman...

In 1551, driven to despair Ismail written menle that if his armies will not suppress revolt he will be forced to search for protection in Alate. Position JAdkara was inconvenient. On the one hand, he sympathized Galikaü, wished igenchejam a victory over the torturers and an establishment in three western iljah Bulgar kind Cheremshan orders. On the other hand, he did not wish to push away from himself(himself) and kazanchies for without their support Kazan would become extraction Ruses. Spring events when Simbirs joined to Alatians shown it and allowed infidels to burn out a part external baliks Kazan and to construct on the Kara-Idel, on a place of ours balika CHurtan, the fortress. This “Pike” with a 20 thousand-strong army kjafirs began to threaten us, the “gudgeons” squeezed, besides it, osadoj Alat thieves and the renewed war with new Nogais Ismail. Ruses possible to break away serbij insurgents from Galikaia, having promised them{him;it} freedom. Confirming it Alasha written the corresponding letter, in with which named serbijssubash people - “Chuvash” in Ruses, and commanders fortresses gave them some sum Balyn money.


 Pleased serbijs all people departed from Galikaia, and to that, appeared between CHurtanom, Chuvashs and kazanchis Sim-bira, the Kara-Idel was necessary to leave on the left coast and again to be dug round in New Arche.

To all troubles which fallen on our head, the destruction of fleet increased. Eternally varying Ak-balyk given in to flattery Alat- thieves from fear to appear a victim ashrafid civil strifes and agreed to not prevent Ruses under condition of them nenapadenija ~na him salchis. However Ruses fleet, podojdja to island Tazik and Bish-Balte, first of all perfidiously captured and sunk not ready to fight Bulgarian ie the ships. The Ak-balyk thus escaped, but was seized several saved salchijas and sunk by them... Due to this perfidious route Ruses fleet began to dominate on the rivers of Bulgarian state and to suppress all attempts of ours to create a little significant flotilla...

To hesitate it was impossible more and it was not meaningful, therefore JAdkar ordered Süünbike to leave{abandon} together with the son Kazan and entered in the Kazan il direct Kan board. The viceroys menla appointed devoted to him Kuchaka... Süünbika refused to obey the order kana and it was taken Kuchak under the guard. To Kazan it was directed with 8 thousand-strong Cheremshan army JAdkara JApancha, but into ways was suddenly attacked and defeated Galikaem and adjoined to him - with thousand group - Bibarysom. In this skirmish fallen from a horse and was vainly crushed aged Bashkort Ulugbek - son Said-Ahmed Begish. Nogai Ulubiy Ismail immediately grasped province Bashkort, having expelled from this il son Begisha Alzjam-Birde. Attempt JAdkara to strengthen the position in Kazan, thus, was defeated, and encouraged Alats again moved to city. Their effort was supported ba-lyn by group from 300 Ruses and 700 Chuvashs. Rebels became three stanas on Kozjem to a meadow, but Kuchak pulled out from Shahri Gazana some easy cannons at night and on a dawn struck from them on them. The enemy in horror rushed to run, but to escape it was possible only horse Alatians. Ruses and Chuvash infantrymen fled more slowly and everyone was crushed by Mohammed... After that from Biektau to Kazan directed Galikai with Bibarysom, taken in head to release{exempt} Süünbiku with the son. The poor loved{liked} take up and tsu-biku and named her Süümbikoj, opened a gate internal suburbs and together with insurgents including in city rushed in Shahri Ga-zan. Budish not dared to strike on them from instruments, and insurgents defeated to jail Süünbiki - Han to the Court. I, uda-flowing as a token of discontent with arrest biki in türbe the father, heard already triumphing cries igencheis absolutely beside.


 But not knowing feeling of fear Kuchak coolly ordered Bajgare to shoot from the cannons put in a gate of a court, and their nucleus forced insurgents to clear city. Disturbed with this invasion Kuchak and Moham-honey informed JAdkaru on a distress of Kazan, and menla ordered Kuchaku to take out from city family of Khan, me and all values...

Mamysh-Birde arranged own pritvornoe approach to Kazan to constrain new approach Alat thieves, and due to this covering Mohammed safely left with a transport of valuable things in Korym-CHally. Kuchak moved a trace when already Alats, having got to the core of cunning Mamysh-Birde, defeated through his numbers{lines} Chirmyshes to Kozjemu to a meadow... I told ulanu what to take out han family from city in such conditions ri and that if he will try to make it I shall call to the aid Kazan lüd. The poor already gathered crowds and fall asleep reproaches, insults and threats leaving Kan groups. Kuchaku it would not be desirable to create vainly to himself an obstacle at all, and he, given us up as a bad job, promptly left for Mohammed...

End of Mokhammedyar Bu-Yurgan "Kazan Tarihi" record



Chapter 1. As Alats hardly not handed over Kazan infidels

And on it the manuscript of sheikh Bu-Yurgana, being in my hands, breaks, and about the further I found the following record in “the Sheikh - Gali kitaby”:

Hardly Cheremshans left{abandoned} Kazan, it{her} entered Bibarys, and then - and Alats led by Mametom. Emir wanted to incorporate with Ruses, but Mamysh-Birde defeated Balynsunder CHurtan and not given them an opportunity to approach to capital. Then disturbed Ma-met declined on side Bibarysa, having given out for him the daughter... Becoming{Beginning} owners of Kazan, Alat thieves intended to execute Süümbiku. To it{her} wanted to cut off in the beginning a nose and ears, and then and a head. To this them pushed Alasha, severely executed the Heap... Ulan fallen into in his hands casually. Seid Kul-Ashraf directed Kuchaka in Bashkort, to beat off this province at biy Ismail. But that on a way was suddenly attacked Ruses, gone on CHally with the purpose of capture Seid. Kuchak fought desperately and was captured already ranenym and weakened... Kan Kul-Ashraf could not help the üldashu, but was able to not admit{allow} execution of the favorite. Having met habitual refusal of cossacks to act on proceeds of Kazan, Seid suggested Mohammed to protect him only in a way and personally ümped to capital. Bahadiru did not remain anything else how to go behind him with 2 thousand desperate Yar-Challysand Bashkor-tov. Nobody dared to stand in them way, and at Kazan them hospitably met Mamysh-Birde. Having told Mametu that he is not going to take away force from him city, Kul-Ashraf borrowed{occupied} Seids the Court. Emir had to concede and get over in Han the Court. Islam Naryk and son Utjasha Chapkyn separated in city of force of both Ashrafids that allowed to avoid collisions...

JAdkar, having hardly arranged, immediately declared conditions general

Reconciliation: Süümbika with the son it is given out Alashe and in Khan - Kermane

There is the younger wife a Shakh-Gali; the Shakh-Gali is put ulugbe-

Wh Kazan ilja, and Mamet it is proclaimed Seid Kazan and


Archa-Kala; Ruses authorizes to hold in CHirmyshsk Äâîðå* group from 500 person for supervision over behaviour the Shakh-Gali. These conditions were favorable JAdkaru for allowed menle to rescue Süümbiku, to turn anger for its{her} shame on Alashu and Mameta and to find in Kazan a support in the person secretly serving to him the Shakh-Gali. Emir, having felt it, opposed, but Seid secretly informed the conditions the Shakh-Gali and with his help declined Ruses to acceptance of them. Mamet was not solved perechit Balynians and was forced to agree. At thus on negotiations with Urusas Kul-Ashraf demanded from them clarification of the part of the Mountain side seized by them, and Mamet not supported him and appeared at all in unattractive shape of the finished traitor and the friend infidels...

When “betle Tatars” y deduced{removed} Süümbiku from Kazan for delivery by Ruses, Bu-Yurgan in despair collected the simple townspeople and rushed to beat off with them her. In the arisen fight a little murz it was killed ^ but kazanchim nevertheless it was possible to disperse people and to seize Mo-hammedjara. Mulla some time lead{carried out} in zindane Han the Court... Hardly Süümbiku taken out from city menla Kul-Ashraf, carrying out an arrangement with beksi, also left from Shahri Gazana and began in balik Kasim. Here he stayed until while the Shakh-Gali not entered century. Kazan, and then returned in CHally. Following his instructions{indications}, Kazan Ulugbek one leaders Alatssent to Moscow under a kind of ambassadors, and others collected to himself on a feast and cut them with help Mamysh-Birde, Ruses and mishar Bulgar. Then he - also under the order kana Kul-Ashrafa - executed and Mameta, being{shown} to him s'tselü to arrest him, and on his place put Bu-Yurgana. Fierce war with Alat thieves which Ulugbek began to win obviously flashed. Scared “betle tatarvy in 1552 addressed to Alashe with the offer to overthrow the Shakh-Gali from a place Ulugbek in an exchange to the aid in business of mastering by Bulgarian state. Pleased with it Balyn Ulubiy the Shakh-T*shpgsdat Kazan immediately enjoined Ruses army and to return on service in Khan - Kerman, having threatened in case of his refusal to deduce{remove} from Kazan Ruses group. Ulugbek to depth of soul offended impudent requirements Alashi, and he transferred kanu Bulgar Kul-Ashrafu that if to Kazan will arrive Cheremshan group will immediately let him in city and will openly pass to him on service. However Seid-Emir Kul-Ashraf could help nothing kind the Shakh-Gali: all forces of him was thrown on war with new Nogais Ismaila, JAnchura guarded CHeremshan from the north, from side Kolyn, and Mamysh-Birde fought with Alat Tatars, serbijs and churtan. Then Ulugbek necessarily agreed to return on Urus service, but, in otmestku Alashe, fled from Kazan suddenly and to the approach of an army infidels...


The owner of all Kazan became “Tümen” which authority was provided with one thousand kavestss. In external balikah capitals were placed groups beks Islam Naryka and CHapkyna. Both tazikbashs, and beks assumed then that Seid-Emir cannot help them owing to employment{occupation} Nogai by war. Therefore all of them necessarily obeyed the leader Alat thieves beku Hudajkulu, accepting{starting} affairs Mameta on himself and aspiring to attach Bulgarian state to Moscow beiliku in exchange for the right to live under the laws and under supervision of own ulanov. From  sanction Hudajkula Ruses army moved to Kazan, but himself bek not dared to be in this business and charged with delivery of capital Chapkynu. Fortunately, after a terrible wine party in CHurtane in honor of the introduction into Kazan, troops infidels moved very slowly and in the beginning to city reached only 200 Ruses, 2 thousand mishar Bulgar and 800 Tatars the Shakh-Gali. Beki passed{missed} them in city, and tazikbashs placed in balik the Kara-Mus-lim...

When the main army approached to capital Ruses, to sheikh Bu-Yurganu delivered news about approach{approximation} Kazan of group beka JAnchury with the order kapa Kul-Ashrafa about protection of city from infidels. Having felt threat of Kazan, bek JAnchura returned on service to Seid-Emir and on his command seized Echke-Kazan and moved to capital. Bu-Yurgan immediately declared it to people and called him for resistance. The majority kavessand cherni come over to of his side. Under order Mohammedyara people closed all gate of Kazan and suggested closed opponents to proceed{pass} to their side. 50 Ruses cossacks expressed desire to accept an Islam and to join an army of Bulgarian state, and the others combined the weapon and received the sanction to leave city. All mishar Bulgary with pleasure adjoined citizens of Kazan, Tatars refused and were ruthlessly perebity people. Only Murza Kamaj from 200 escaped, for for the sake of rescue of a life pritvorno agreed to serve Seid-Emir. For an assurance Bulgar in the fidelity to Bulgarian state this Murza even personally cut seven Tatars... Corpses killed Kypchaks on carts taken out from city...

At once sobered up Ruses commanders wanted was to storm Kazan, but appeared in time JAnchura the aggressive shout “Ur” Ur!” confused their hearts and forced to retreat without fight in CHurtan... Nukrats some ships could skrytno make it{Him}, and with approach our summers{years} could clear from infidels some ferries... Mohammed - Bahadir with 3 thousand Cheremshanslead{carried out} to Kazan^hana JAdkar-Mohammed appointed by Seid-Emir JAdka-rum Kul-Ashraf new Ulugbek Kazan ilja, and remained in capital for its{her} protection.

Chapter 2. How Alasha army crushed Kazan

... Became ripe new collision with Moscow, demanded to give it{her} three western il together with Kazan. Kul-Ashraf, understanding that infidels the Bulgarian state can beat off the next invasion only by means of all forces, addressed to Ismailu with the offer to conclude the world in exchange for doubling of the Kazan tribute Nogais. Harmful Ulubiy refused, and Seid-Emir, terribly having damned him, addressed for the help to Crimea. Kan Kul-Ashraf offered the Crimean Khan a misfortune on Ismaila and by that to force him to leave from war with Bulgarian state, but that refused and instead of it undertaken to nobody the necessary attack on Ruses surburb. In a result Seid-Emir and did not manage to liberate force of east provinces Bulgar for the help of Kazan, and JAdkaru it was necessary to make bitter words only: “Really, actions Nogai Ulubiy Almighty shows, people can reach what limits of nonsense and meanness{low act}”. Certainly, it was possible to try to tighten{delay} time negotiations pending lucky coincidence, but infidels made their impossible.

One of their groups headed Seberkaem, attacked ship Bu-Yurgana during his navigation from Kazan in Bolgar. Mohammed-jar, “El-Hum” heading a brotherhood, wished to visit ihvan and to uplift a pray Almighty for rescue of Bulgarian state, but suddenly was seized by robbers and chopped ruthlessly up under order Seberkai a. Soon Seberkai a and his people caught and spread their heads on the spears attached at top Kazan Bulak of the wall, but it could not console come in catalepsy Kul-Ashrafa...

In the summer of 1552 Alasha moved to Kazan with 100 thousand infantrymen, 20 thousand sailors and 80 thousand horsemen. From  horsemen of 50 thousand were Tatars, and 10 thousand - mishar Bulgars the Shakh-Gali. Alasha, not trusting Khan - kerman Bulgarm and Ulugbek, held them behind of the armies and used only for prevention of retreat of the Ruses soldiers. In Kazan there were 3 thousand Cheremshanians, one thousand kavessand 10 thousand civil guardsmen - townspeople under command MoHammed-Bahadir. The message about unknown threat returned Kul-Ashrafa by a life...

For operations against infidels outside of city and a possible{probable} conclusion Kazan alai of city Seid-Emir could allocate 6 thousand jarchal-lynians, Challyians, Ar and laishis kazanchies and cossacks and 2 thousand mamysh-birdeis Chirmyshes led by bek JApanchej. Besides 2 thousand Chirmyshes in the head with Mamysh-Birde acted the Kara-Idel between Sundyrem and CHurtanom. The others fought against uchkujsand new Nogais Ismail...


It was clear to all that Kazan is doomed. But Kan Kul-Ashraf, wishing “to sell” city infidels for the sake of rescue of east part of Bulgarian state more dearly{expensively}, himself arrived to capital and strengthened a personal example courage of its{her} defenders...

The first group; ':Ù£ñêèõ after a ferry at CHurtana was met chirmyshas Mamysh-Birde, but could grasp after persistent fight a ferry. The second group infidels storm taken Bish-Baltu and ruthlessly burnt out this beautiful external balik Kazan. The third group Ruses taken Tashajak and balik Kuraish. The fourth group infidels dragged boats to the Kaban - kulü and on them attacked balik Kasim. We here again fighted desperately, but after perfidious transition Kamaja-murzy to the side Ruses position became hopeless and Bulgary left this last external balik. Only after these fights, proceeding three days and three nights and costing infidels 15 thousand killed, Alasha risked to be forwarded through the Kara-Idel with the main army and to besiege Kazan... And bek Moham-med-Bahadir wrote in the letter - report Seidu Husainu that at ba-lyn Ulubiy there were 300 cannons from which 120 were otlity al-man masters and intended for razbitija fortifications. Hundred cannons was put Urusas against Ar walls, and 20 - against Isbel a gate and beat on them continuously 45 days. We tried to prevent this sorties and attacks from Ar woods. Then Ruses made two huge wooden towers and began to shoot from them on Bulgarm near Ar and Isbyol- Bott towers. Besides 80 thousand infidels, from which 30 thousand were Tatars, moved in Ar a wood against JApanchi. JApancha began to retreat, exhausting the opponent fights at marked also fortresses. So, through the Snake ravine in Arsk to a wood for which 300 fighters for belief fallen, the enemy passed on bodies of 3 thousand soldiers. For Ulug-katau and fortress Biektau in which fallen 500 mudjahidov, infidels paid lives of 3 thousand Ruses and 2 thousand Tatars. Three-day osada and route Echke-Kazana where it is martyr fallen... 2 thousand civil guardsmen and 1200 cossacks JApanchi, cost Ruses commanderm 4 thousand Balynsand thousand Tatars.. .. And Galikai helped enemies for believed false promise Alashi to give to all of igenche-holes of the right subashej. To tell the truth, when infidels tried to take Shaj-mardan, he *; with them not gone, and JAnchura, having lost 900 cossacks, could be beaten off and exterminate 2 thousand Ruses and 4 thousand Tatars... Having had a rest at Galikaia in Arche, Urusy gone to Djuri and taken this fortress. In it{her} 400 civil guardsmen and 100 soldiers JApanchi fallen, and the opponent lost 2 thousand Ruses and 2 thousand Tatars. From  here bojary, thinking that the way on CHally is free, moved to baliku Shawles, but at a capture of him lost one thousand Ruses and 4 thousand Tatars and preferred to turn back through Laish...


Kashan the civil guardsmen angered on Tatars that those cut all inhabitants of the Shawl, trapped them on rest and stolen all their horses and when murzy rushed to Ruses camp, interrupted them from ambushes in wood thrickets. Scared by destruction slujilyh Kypchakov, infidels in a hurry began to be forwarded through the river Misha, and JApancha with civil guardsmen could interrupt here 15 thousand infidels, having lost 1900... Boyars managed to take Laish but after that at them remained all 20 thousand soldiers and main them commander told: “Now it is possible to come back safely for we remained without an army, and nobody will reproach us for retreat”. JApancha at which remained 3 thousand cossacks, followed for infidels and again began for Ar a wood pending a possible{probable} output{exit} alai of capital...

Meanwhile citizens of Kazan made a sortie and crushed both towers, and from one removed{taken off} all cannons and turned them aside infidels. Nevertheless Ruses possible shots from alman cannons to break a part of a wall in the specified places, though and by loss of the 20 thousand. At Alashi remained 100 thousand more soldiers. Sojbk thousand from them he thrown in a breach at Ar towers, and 10 thousand - in tfol at Isbel the Bott tower. 10 thousand more polezli on a wall in other places for derivation of defenders from breaches and everyone were easily perebity. At one Mir-Gali of a gate ours by means of the big guns... laid - level with a wall - 3 thousand infidels led by them bojar Idjim-Türjaem... With loss of 10 thousand soldiers at Aydar - munchi where we made something like a small fortress and desperately her protected, Ruses possible to approach to Shakh-ri Gazanu and to begin storm Bogyltau. We in Buhar Yorty fought to the utmost and only after all ammunition was spent, retreatd on underground courses for Sains rov. Then Kan JAdkar Kul-Ashraf, despite of protests Sardar Mohammed - Bahadir, left to a mosque “Mohammed - Alam” which people named his name is more often, and called all here to become persistent... Ruses defeated then on the part of Top Isbel towers and aspired to incorporate with, coming of Buhar Yorty. But Seid-Emir shown stability{resistance} and beaten off the opponent from a mosque then we banished the enemy and from Top Isbel towers and forced kjafirs to run out in horror from city. Having seen an event, sat Alasha on a horse and was going to run from Kazan. The brother of him not become puzzled only. He ordered to the best group Balynians, protecting Urus Ulubiy, immediately enter city through Ar a breach and to break an army of Seid-Emir Kul-Ashrafa. This group again made the way to a mosque “Mohammed - Alam” that encouraged run and forced them to direct again on storm of city...


The Chapter Nogai protection ulugboka JAdkara Zejnesh trembled and suddenly retreatd with three hundreds Kypchaks for a mosque. Mohammed (Ahmed)-Áàõàäèð was borrowed{occupied} then with reflection of an strike infidels on Top Isbel a tower, and all soldiers, shakirdy (pupils) and mudarrisy, surrounding kana Kul-Ashrafa, was already killed. Having taken advantage of it, Urusy defeated to Seid-Emir, and one of them struck his heavy spear... We cried for horror. Mohammed - Bahadir could tigrinym snatch out a throw the dying governor of Bulgarian state from crowd infidels and to attribute{relate} him in Han a mosque. Having come in himself, Seid-Emir consulted about a state of affairs. Having learned about break Uruses for Tazik rov, he ordered Sardaru to deduce{remove} alaj from city and in structure of army JApanchi to leave in Korym-CHally. He, despite of entreaty Ahmed - Bahadir, remained to die in a mosque together with the escaped inhabitants who gathered there, and authority transferred son Husainu.. .. Mohammed - Bahadir ordered to one thousand soldiers, 1500 civil guardsmen and Nogais Ulugbek JAdkara to leave city on space from Han a gate to Top Isbel and lifted above the highest towers green banners. Having lost 500 fighters, Sardar deduced{removed} people on Kozy a meadow. JApancha on his signal immediately arrived there to him and had time to crush right-bank stan kinjazja Kurba- that and 4 thousand the Chuvashs, taken in head to prevent connection. Having included group Ahmed - Bahadir in the army, JApancha gone to CHal-llamas...

After storm at Alashi remained 64 thousand soldiers. Furious losses Ulubiy ordered to not spare the anybody. All mosques of city was splashed with blood of old men, women and children searching there for protection. From  a mosque “Mohammed - Alam” Balyns and slujilye Tatars pulled out one thousand svjazok books and burn them. Modjar Bulgary, including in Kazan about the Shakh-Gali already after a capture of capital, at a kind of it were dumbfounded. Having come round, they rushed directly to fires and, burning, snatched out from them some sacred books...

From  all inhabitants which number exceeded 65 thousand, in alive there was 500 Kara-muslims and moslems - and that only because for them asked the Shakh-Gali. These unfortunate dissolved on monasteries where several force forced to accept christianity, and other, staying true to true belief - basically women and children - ruthlessly finished off famine or drowned.

Chapter 3. Hunting war

Seid Husain was angry with excesses infidels in Kazan, but could then to make nothing, for Galikai with Alat thieves helped Ruses. Alasha, enjoying this support, could

To return to Moscow with 50 thousand soldiers, and the others left in Kazan and CHurtane. He not executed the promise, and his officials began to peel{fleece} igencheis not worse, than ulany and murzy. Then Galikai recognized authority of Bulgarian state, interrupted Balyn collectors of taxes and joined with JAnchuroj for war to Moscow. Mamysh-Bir-de immediately besieged CHurtan. Seid immediately sent Sary-Bahadir, son Atalyka, to the aid JAnchure, and AhmedgBahadir - on connection with Mamysh-Birde. Bojary left against ours both Kazan, and from CHurtana, boasting that go as on cheerful hunting. Therefore this war nicknamed Hunting. JAnchura pritvorno retreatd to Biektau where finished with pursuing him 800 Ruses and 1200 “betle Tatars”. Mamysh-Birde with Mohammed - Bahadir also retreatd from CHurtana to Simbiru and easily finished with rushed for them 1500 Balynians, 2 thousand Alat thieves and 3 thousand Chuvashs. Alasha, having received news about it, was horrified and wanted to deduce{remove} from Kazan and CHurtana the rests of the armies, but his one adviser kept him from it words: “you promised before to Christian gods to exterminate all Bulgar to uniform and to give their lands to Boyars and simple soldiers, and now cannot retreat, not attracting on yourself damnations of our gods and anger of soldiers”.

Then Alasha sent in Bulgar the big army, and she{it} was at war till 1554, destroying all on the way. In struggle with infidels then fallen both Galikai, and JAnchura. Then Ulubiy left in seized Kazan and Ar cities the garrisons, but they were perebity after leaving{care} army igenchejas which were headed by the assistant Gali-kaja Tash-Mohammed. And he was one of shakirds (pupils) JAdkara and miracle escaped in fight at medrese (madrasah). Everywhere he carried a piece of a stone from a wall of a mosque “Mohammed - Alam” and when prayed before fight, put him near to himself...

And for Uruses one our traitor - Shamaj, fluent cossack Yapanchi fought. He was a conductor infidels when those went against JAn-chury and Galikaia. Tash-Mohammed tracked down the traitor and, having seized his powerful hands, torn up, as kid. At him was 10 thousand desperate hrabretsov, but second army Alashi from 20 thousand Ruses and 40 thousand Tatars nevertheless beaten out him from Echke-Kazana. Urusy, being panic-stricken with Tash-Mohammed, refused to remain in the seized cities and then bojary placed in balikah Alat thieves and slujilyh Tatars. Those, infidels, believed that will receive for it from Ruses Bulgarian ie the lands, but again came mudjahidy Tash-Mohammed and at once finished with them. Two thousand escaped Alat-seven were delighted to this for expected to appropriate{give} the lands killed murz. When the third army infidels again beaten out Tash-Mohammed from Echke-Kazana, these “betle Tatars” y were placed in



Taken Ar cities also began to fill to district with the excesses. Mudjahid'y interrupted one thousand from them, and another cut igenchei. The pity end Alat thieves was those... And Tash-Mohammed's good fellows spoke that will not be more igenchejas until will kill hundred thousand enemies. When them asked, why so, they answered: “in the Winter of 1553 infidels tired out{driven} hundred thousand moslems - in the majority of old men, women and children - in a wild wood and there frozen them. We saw bodies unfortunate, and our hearts will not thaw until enemies will not choke in streams of own blood”.

Fourth army Alashi again beaten out Tash-Mohammed from Arsko-go ilja, and he retreatd to Kashan. Seid-Emir Husann declared him mudjahids the cossacks, and arrived to him on service 2300 Nogais biy Yusuf directed to Mamysh-Birde with the order to declare them biy new Kazan Ulugbek. Bek impudently approached{impudently dropped in} on capital and in a kind of her proclaimed biy Ulugbek. Alasha come to full fury, having learned about it, and ordered to the fifth army from 15 thousand Ruses and 35 thousand Tatar Kypchaks to take CHally. Tash-Mohammed kept in Kashan to the utmost and conceded the balik only after he{it} still had all one thousand soldiers. With them he departed to CHallam, and Seid-Emir Husain ordered to leave all through Yar Chally. To Ufa. Tash-Mohammed remained to protect capital and after a week of fights at night skrytno left her from 200. Tatars rushed behind him in I shall drive, but at Yar Chally was attacked Yar-Challys and appeared in time Agidels and are cut down to the uniform person. When came Urusy, many Yar-Challys not left to Ufa, and remained to protect the balik. Bojary outwitted defenders, having ordered to the Nogais komu biü enter city. When Urusy pritvorno departed that appeared at a palings and given out himself for the mercenary of Seid-Emir - and is valid, he was the native brother Kazan Ulugbek. We believed and opened a gate that allowed Nogais to take them and to let through them Ruses. YarChallys rushed through a wall to a field, but sunk in a snow and quickly was caught. Pleased with such issue of a suit of Boyars sent captured on construction of Ruses fortress on a place crushed balika Laish.

Sixth army Alashi after that intruded area Mamysh-Birde. Kypchaks Madjita battled languidly, both subashi and chirmyshes, angry by extreme requisitions on the maintenance{contents} of mercenaries, taken and expelled them... Urusy step by step restricted beka and did not leave him alone until, at last, he not passed the Kara-Idel and not left to Simbiru. Altysh Naryk, hoping that obsequiousness before Ruses will keep il under the authority, verolom-


But seized Mamysh-Birde and given out his infidels. Bojary promised him the help against an army of Seid-Emir Bulgar, but deceived. When Mohammed - Bahadir risen to Simbiru, former near him Boyars purposely retreatd in a field and allowed Cheremshanians to take and crush city. Mohammed after route Simbira thoughtlessly moved further, not having reconnoitered district, and got into an ambush bojara. To tell the truth, the most part Cheremshansit was possible to leave, but them Sardar was taken prisoner...

Alasha then already planned war with artan almans for the sake of reception of extraction which he not received in Kazan. The adviser ulu-Biy persuaded him to wait a little and finish Bulgarian state, but that, inflamed by stories of ambassadors and deserters about weakness and riches Artana, about all overlooked. Under order Alashi the ambassador the Shakh-Gali passed to Ufa and offered Seid-Emir the world with Moscow in exchange for blessing of participation by that Bulgarianbeks in war with Artan on the side Ruses and payment of a tribute by a grain, cattle and furs. Husain agreed. The hunting war ended, and 10 thousand Bulgar led by released{exempted} Mamysh-Birde and Ahmed - Bahadi-r moved on Artan in structure of an army the Shakh-Gali.

Chapter 4. How began and ended the rule of Sheikh-Gali

After the first successes in war with almans Balynian ordered Kazan commanderm to finish off the others Bulgarianbekov. Those invited to themselves to Kazan beks and the cossacks, desiring to receive the lands in Ruses part of Bulgarian state or having claims to Moscow. When beks and cossacks driven to Kazan, them placed in Kuraish bali-ke and at daybreak all cut sleeping. Among killed son Almata Enei-bek was Agidel Ulugbek...

In Artane we battled so valorously that received many awards from Moscow Ulubiy. And Ahmed - Bahadir who captured alman beka, with 5 thousand in 1569 was withdrawn to Moscow for protection himself Alashi from rebelling against him Boyars. Seid-Emir Husain was strongly indignant of it and ordered Sardaru to return to Bulgarian state, but Ulubiy persuaded him to remain in exchange for the huge salary. In 1570 the case Mohammed - Baha-dira participated in a campaign on Galidj and crushed this city in otmestku for participation Galidjiansin a capture of Kazan. On a return way Sardar learned{found out} about intention Ulubiy to interrupt his army and fled in the State through Khan - Kerman. Local bojary not dared to prevent his pass. From  modjar Bulgar he learned{found out} that Süümbiku, becoming the younger wife the Shakh-Gali because of unwillingness to accept a christening, poisoned under order Alashi of its{her} servant - Tatars. Still wound


she the Shakh-Gali was poisoned. Both Khan, and his wife was poisoned because Alasha was afraid of their transition to service to Seid-Emir Bulgar together with modjar Bulgars and allied with them Nogai. Nevertheless... War with Bulgarian state nevertheless burst...

In 1569 because of carelessness Seid, dismissed an army for a holiday, Ruses from CHulmana suddenly borrowed{occupied} Ufa. Husain hardly had time to run from capital and received for the levity nickname “Bajram-Gazi”. And this war began to name “Bajram sugy-shy”. JApancha then was sent to area Seber-Ishtjak Ishtjak il behind the help and remained there from 500 cossacks. To him gave a title Türe to this area where lived our 12 thousand subashej. He was distinguished in war with infidels, vtorgnuvshimisja in him Se-ber later, and died during one fight with them... In same year Husain died, and the authority passed to his son the Sheikh - Gali. He three years bravely fought with infidels, but then was compelled to retreat to Bulgarian im Nogais...

However in 1579 Urusy, ratified in Ufa with the help pereshedshej on their side of a part Bashkort Biys, finished the allies with a full impoverishment and forced them to proceed{pass} in despair to the side of son Husaina of Seid-Emir ' the Sheikh - Gali. The governor some time of veins in Kargaly why received nickname “Kargalyj”. His{its} army in which, except for ours, were both Bulgarian ie Nogais, and Sebers, and Kyrgyzes, beaten out infidels of Ufa. The majority Ruses was perebito, but one of their groups could retreat in CHulman in the full order and being fiercely protected. When we asked at captured, than such stability{resistance} speaks, those answered that he{it} had was entrusted protection especially expensive{dear} for Alashi images of one of Ruses gods...

We again defeated to Kan, Djuketunu, the Mir-Galidju, the Large sum - Urme and CHulmanu, but the drought of 1583 caused terrible famine and disorder among people. On Bulgarian state army Alashi again moved, destroying all on the way.

Mohammed - Bahadir by then already died, ishtjak ulug-bek Ermak, otlichivshijsja in war with chulman cossacks, fallen during attack on Djuketun, and from notable beks with the Sheikh - Gali remained only son Enei-Bek Berket. Then Seid-Emir arrived to Challyians with the treasury and called them to begin under his banners, but those, exhausted famine and being afraid of Ruses slaughter, answered him: “we business more important war - cleaning of bread”. Upset Seid herds to retreat to Ufa. Bashkort Bulgary also left{abandoned} him, and with him remained only 50 cossacks. At mouth Ika one cossack told Seidu: “About, kan! Horses become exhausted also to us it is necessary

To leave here either gold, or your favorite books. You will order to throw books?” The sheikh - Gali answered: “the Treasury is necessary for the state and if the state ceased to exist - so to what to us gold? Now to people than the book will be more important, whence they can derive strength for preservation of the customs and restoration of Bulgarian state. And one dastan Gali during such time costs{stands} more expensively any treasury. Therefore throw gold and carry books”.

Cossacks dug in mouth Ika all treasures Bulgarian oj treasury so infidels, borrowed{occupied} Ufa, got nothing. The sheikh - Gali left{abandoned} capital in the late autumn, having declared the rest with him 12 beks: “On us there is an enemy who threatens with destruction to all our people in case of resistance, and people completely become exhausted and is not capable to expose a little significant number of soldiers. The majority beks for the sake of preservation of the possession shamefully obeyed Urusam. In that case our resistance will be senseless and obrechet people on destruction. Allah, apparently, leaves to me one: voluntary discharge from thousand-year authority of my clan above Bulgarian state Bulgar. And I, as well as owe to all slaves Almighty, easy and resignedly I obey to command Great Tangry and I leave in Kyrgyz”.

After these words Seid made a pray and with the cossacks left{abandoned} Ufa. His{its} writing-book comes to the end with the verses devoted betrayed him and Bulgarian state beks:

Dus, dus digenem - Dus tugel ikensez! Dus dip uk jergenem - the Bar yes doshman ikensez!

And, balalar, balalar, Bezden eat ai kal it is alai ar; Bezden kalgan mallarny Ruslar kilep alalar.

I called you “my friends” - Not you were such. Thought, friendship you are strong. Appeared, you are enemies.

Children, children - after us you will stay in tears. And the inheritance will be gone - Rus him, having come, will take.



And bitterness of these words - till now on our lips... Tell that after departure of Seid-Emir of him 12 true beks steel podvijnichat in business of distribution of belief and deserved a rank of sheikhs. Each of them based medrese (madrasah), shakirdy (pupils) which were engaged in copying of rare and shabby books. All necessary for existence of these medrese was got on means from the dug treasury. When it was necessary, the most capable to fight shakirdy were united in groups and made the way through armies infidels to mouth Ika of % Having taken necessary quantity{amount} of gold, they promptly came back in the auls where operated medrese. Due to this was rescued from destruction of hundred books, and our people could sustain all strokes of bad luck and again rise on sacred war for restoration of the Bulgarian state Bulgar...

[Postscript: Madjit Mamysh-Birde and his wife ~t the daughter Seid Kul-Ashraf are ancestors of our famous Seids Djan-Gali and Djagfar Bulgari...]


Conspectus of “Djagfar Tarihi” fragments


 Seid Gali
(Hun) kitaby”

«... And in “Hon (Hun) kitaby” Seid Gali such news Shamsa Tebira about an origin of people Bulgar contains: “Thirty three thousand years ago ancestors Hons- Imens lived in Big and Smaller Rume, and people Sinds- on coast Idel, then named Ur... After some time of a friendly generality sin-dijs defeated up on Sindijians-Urs and Sindijians-Murdases which began to be at enmity with each other. In the beginning overcome Urs and began to dominate... After a while on Urs (urians) Türks attacked and sufferred defeat. One part of Türks fled in Hin and even for the sea Chulman, another left in Big Rum, the third was taken prisoner. But in this war urs oslabli, and Murdases acted against them. Bii poraboshchennyh Türks helped Murdases, and those grasped leadership. But Türks not received expected freed and then they interrupted the Biys and adjoined to ur to a clan saban...

Some time later arabs defeated Imensareas of the river Kubrat and Big Rum , and the majority of them left on the east through Smaller Rum. Türks Big Rum  left with them and were employed on service Imens Smaller Rum  where received a nickname “tormen” (“bull people”). Later this name altered in “Turkmens”...

When left on the east Imens come nearer to the rivers Aka-Idel and Shir Murdases tried to prevent their promotion and entered with them fight. However urs came over to of the side Imenians, and Murdases was defeated. After that Imens left further on the east, ishcha similarity of the native land, and found her in Cinchona. But the part Imen sorts the Barrel remained in Ur and suggested urians to try happiness on the native land left{abandoned} by them. Urs willingly agreed and left on the south where were divided{shared} on karasaklanov, aksaklans or masgutov, Kashanians, saban, Persians, Azerbaijanians and Sindijtss. There was this resettlement 11 thousand years ago...

Then from Sindswere separated samars which passed most further and borrowed{occupied} area of the river Kubrat. Here they based the state of Samaras...

The first governor samarsMay orMap why his descendants referred to Marduan or Mardukan was... It{He} lived 300 years and was the present rithteous person, for what, after his terrestrial death, Tan-gra transferred him on the eighth sky. It{him} pogrebli in a seven-story tower - tomb. Tombs - towers of other governors and notable inhabitants samars named in memory about Mare “May - üly” (“the Way



[üst] Mara [on the sky]”) as wanted that Almighty granted to them the same posthumous favor. And poor, not able to construct tombs, buried in mountain caves. Then, when Bulgary left in steppe, funeral caves began to dig out in the ground...

Except for it; samars did{made} Prayful towers or “Djok Yorty”. At these buildings was three or seven floors...

Samars trusted that arrangement of stars or other heavenly phenomena Almighty shows them their future, therefore especially esteemed gadatelej on stars and conducted constant supervision over the sky...

Except for it samars worshipped also to mountains with gladkostoronnis tops and ledged podnojijas as trusted that on them there are phenomena Almighty. These sacred mountains referred to Samaras, and this name samars gave the state. And power of Samaras the possession made, cities representing by self with fields surrounding them and pastures, and in it{her} governors of these cities reigned by turns... Free samars named himself a word “bal” or “bul”, meaning “mister”. People of suburb of the soldiers typed{collected} from cattlemen, named “Bulgar“ that is “mister - soldier” as “gar” meant “soldier” and “bogatyr”. At arabs the word “bal” began to mean “God”.

And Bulgary served not to separate governors - Vali, but only to tsars - ulug-Vali or batam Samara...

Estates of dependent people named “berdjul”. Except for it at samarsthere was still an suburb of attendants of belief, Boyars, named “esegel”. And “esegel” meant “the Divine city” as “As” ' “or” es” on - samarski meant “Almighty”, and “gel” - city. This name was carried with those parts of the Samara cities where there were main temples, therefore and serving here Boyars named “esegel”...

Already at Mare Bulgary defeated and subordinated arabs and subdued Big Rum. Then the southern part Big Rum  was denominated “by Bali stan” (“the Domonical ground”). Pokorennye the Arabian leaders should cut out on the seales a sign f, meaning “humility”. The brotherhood “El-Hum” attached to this sign significance “humility Almighty” and consequently he is put on namogilnyh stones of rithteous persons and in mosques. And the north Big Rum  received name Kimera or Kamyr-Batyra, the commander-in-chief Bulgar. After leaving{care} from service he lodged here with people, and them began to name kimer... And here the big city of Atrjach in which lived based him Imens, kimers and arabs was. From  this city At-Alan come to the Samara city the preacher the Avar - Hum

Or the Bar which arabs named Ibragimom. Ibragim began to preach true belief, and arabs Samara supported him. And it is necessary to tell that already at that time subject arabs in himself to Samara made the majority of the population and consequently Vali At-Alan hastened to expel the preacher dangerous to authority. Then Ibragim left downstream Kubrata and based there new city. Bring down, wishing to survive followers Ibragim therefrom, profaned water of the river nechistotami. For it Almighty At-Alan Potop punished. But before it the Creator a voice warned about threatening punishment innocent, and heeded a voice, including followers Ibragim, left in safe places. After that at will of the Creator there was a Flood, and At-Alan's area was absorbed by waters of the sea...

After the Flood number samarsbecame still smaller and consequently in Samara the top gained the Arabian language. On him governors of possession from clan Mara began to speak even. And only Bulgary kept the Samara language. And all those samarswhich began to speak in the Arabian language, Bulgary began to name berdjulami, and the Arabian language - berdjul. But thus Bulgary not ceased to serve the tsars, let and becoming berdjulami. However, Sardars Bulgar there were also descendants Mara and his wives from a clan Barrel Seberchi...

The most powerful Samara tsar, ancestor Sardars Bulgar, was Nimruz, and the most powerful berdjul tsar - Azarkan...

When in Samara there was a Flood, among hin Imensvsryhnula struggle for authority. The tsar of them upset with civil strife... With the team left on the West and subdued Türks. Here men - Imens... taken in the wife türchanok and consequently children of their steel to speak in Turkic language... So there was people Honswhich, despite of acceptance of a Turkic adverb, preserved in purity Imen- traditions - even such as custom of men to braid hair in kosy. There is nothing and speak therefore that hony, certainly, kept main and unrestrained Imen aspiration to creation of great powers and to domination above all world. The some people are inclined to condemn them for it, but they spoke that them dvijet will of the Most supreme and that they cannot”Ó«Ô¿ó¿Ô*ßn to it{her}... The Türks who precipitately rendered to them resistance, hony enthralled... Also sent in fight ahead of himself.. .. And modjaram, voluntary recognized their authority and willingly laid hair in kosy, hony distances of the right free and 4 thousand years ago sent in attack on the West. As hony promised to give them the most part pokorennoj them the lands modjary shown eagerness and borrowed{occupied} area Sebera. Living here Ars in horror fled further away on the West, in area of Ur. Modjary followed them.



Occurrence of huge crowds terrified ars and self-assured modjar which all accepted for Imensor honov, made a panic in ìóðäàñîâ environment. Without special resistance Murdases began groups to retreat on the West. Karasaklany not passed{missed} them through the steppes, and Murdases it was necessary to make the way dense woods. From  the first group Murdases, left on the West, taken place ulags, from the second - almans, from the third - artans, from the fourth - Ulchies, from the fifth - a shooting gallery - tsy... Tirs carried away behind himself a part karasaklanov, stood apart led by biem Asparchuk in area “Aka Djir” on the river Aka and consequently nicknamed akaDjirami. With the help of these saklanov-aka-Djirs tirs won Smaller Rum and island Kresh and ruthlessly exterminated local Imentss. After that tirs were nicknamed “rum-”. Word “Rum” or “Rjam” on - Imenski meant “a Hill covered with a bush” and as the ground Imensabounded üst such hills they and nicknamed her “Rum”. And the name of island “Kresh”, former in the length in three transitions, meant “Bortsovsky” - in fact time in one year here gathered Imen bogatyrs and struggled with each other. The winner could marry any of princesses of an imperial house or release{exempt} the clan from dependence... Only the small part Imensand assisting to them tormenians managed to retreat in Atrjach. Tirs and akaDjiry followed them and crushed Atrjach - the truth, after long osady. When the enemy already rushed into city, tormens left from Atrjacha to Khurasan, and kimers gone in the Kara-Saklan. Imens, believed promises of the enemy to keep a life and rights of the townspeople, remained and were perebity...

For the help tirs... helped akaDjiram to seize authority above all the Kara-Saklan. However, when appeared kimers saklany overthrown authority akaDjir dynasties and put in the head of of the leader kimersTargiza or Tarvil. But then rums again helped akaDjiram to come to authority, and those expelled kimersfr their area Tamja or Temen. Run kimers acted{arrived} on service berdjul I reign Azarkanu and were nicknamed azarkan. Then this name altered in usergan... Descendant Targiza At returned was in the Kara-Saklan and again overthrown authority akaDjir dynasties, but rum tsar Alamir-Sultap again restored her... At retreatd on the east, in Ur, and in honor of him both the country, and the river of Ur received name Atil... Besides the military help rums, afraid to lose the union with akaDjirami, cajoled their money, expensive{dear} things and wine and completely accustomed to drinking them...

Berdjul reign Samara also were, eventually, svergnuty tsars of Persia, and Bulgary began to serve already to them. One part of Bulgar led by Moshoj Persians lodged in two places Kaf of area which then departed to Gurdje, another - in Azerbaijan, and a third, azarkai s- in Khurasan. It calmed living there Turkmens, not trusting to Persians. And in Smaller Rume tormens lived at mountain Balkantau; when they appeared in Khurasan also local mountains named Balkantau - in memory of the native land. And the name of mountains was translated with Samara, as “Mountains of Divine Authority”...

then come Alamir-Sultai which Persians called Iskander Zulkarnajnom, and killed tsar of Persians. After that to protect there was nobody, and Bulgary Kaf areas went under authority of the Alamir-sultan... Sardar Bulgar - descendant Mara Audan - married the daughter of Alamir-sultan Boz-bi...

After death of the Alamir-sultan during a campaign in the country of Ur or Atil kaf Bulgary began to serve the Azerbaijan tsars. This service, however, was not very long. The campaign of the Alamir-sultan in Atil forced a part resisting to him masguts to leave in the Kara-Saklan And to subordinate this ground. In the beginning they, not having understood, left the lowest authority above pokorennys karasaklanas akaDjir dynasties. But after akaDjiry tried rumsto return with the help authority above the Kara-Saklan, tsar masguts Azak declared akaDjirs outside of the law and invited to himself to service Bulgar. Sardar Bulgar ürgan, former descendant Audana and Boz-bi, accepted the invitation and left in Saklan with a part of the Bulgar in quantity{amount} of five thousand “tirme”. Azak given Bulgarm the ground between Temen and the sea Bulgar, for what ürgan helped masgutam to break akaDjirov. Bii akaDjirs was exterminated it is universal{without exception}, and people was poshchajen and it became come Bulgar. After that ürgan married princess from targiz sorts At due to what targizs also Bulgarian im it steel come, and he was appointed Azak Ulugbek the Kara-Saklan...

When in the Kara-Saklan passed authority to a clan of younger son Azaka, Alan, position Bulgar changed. Alan discharged other brothers of authority and began to constrain in every possible way Bulgar, supported the senior son Azaka, Asparuha. Therefore, when on Agidel the first come hon the leader Kama - Batyr And formed the state Bulyar. The most part Bulgar immediately recognized him kap and began to serve him. As the leader Bulgar was then Beser-bi hony began to name Bulgar besermenami. Then also Türks and Urusy began to name Bulgar... Other part Bulgar, received the name burdjan, remained in Djurashe, the third - in Temene, the fourth - on wider and the fifth - in the Kara-Saklan...

When new hon tsar Bulümar established in Bulyar authority of the dynasty and enjoined to name Bulyar Atilem, buljar Bulgary began to call himself also “buljar” - in memory of the old service hon kanam. To arrival Bulümara to structure Bulgar such quantity{amount} hon sorts come that Bulgary apprehended hon language...




Alan's dynasty precipitately refused to recognize authority Atilja in hope on sadum the help, and angry Bulümar with mostly honov, switching Bulgar and modjar, moved on Shir and the Kara-Saklan...

It is a lot of hon Bulgar those began to be employed within disorders on profitable service to Persians, and, under their requests, settled them in bul-gar areas Kaftau. It became very fast hon Bulgar so much that these areas began to name “Hondjakami” (“hon districts *)... Sheikh Gali states these events a little differently...* ' <

«... The Lower reaches our rivers Aka frequently named “Sain-Idel”... In Sain-Idel the river Kul-Asma or Gül-Aema fled from the left side...”

«... “ugyr” we named the Word beks or viceroys of governors, a word “tudjui” - the ambassador or the official on .osobym to assignments{orders} earlier... The Word “tudjun” was formed from a word “tat” or “tudj”. Meaning “stranger”, “foreigner”... From  the same word the name of “Tatars” which hony called the enemies was formed... There Was one more hon a word “tarun”, meaning the official - the counter or pistsa... And all these words were Imeni...”

chch... First of Bulgar who started to treat from application of medicines, was-Ìèäàí by nickname Barys. In the beginning he lived in Samara, and then got over to Azerbaijan. He could accept various images of item due to this, achieve the necessary condition and strengthen the influence on the patient with the purpose of his healing. So, he turned that in huge alypa, to a leopard, whence and his nickname... He supplemented Similar treatment by physical both spiritual exercises and a special feed{meal}... His{Its} pupils named “midanchy”... And mulla Bakir concerned to this art hostilely and convinced Almysha to forbid him and to proceed{pass} to habitual for moslems Garabstana to ways of treatment. But midanchii, named people also “avarchy”, continued to practise secretly...”

«... Our druggists and sorcerers used a special vessel which had a cover for preparation of curative drinks... Also it was put on a support. We named this vessel on - burdjanski “himself“ that meant “a vessel for preparation of medicines...”

«... As on dombrah played when honey and sweet dishes multistring dombra received burdjan the name “gesele” (“güselle”), and simple - saban “points” submitted that is

“Sweet” and “honey”... Menla Abdallah writes that these types bul-gar dombr came to taste Ulchijians and they apprehended them together with their names...”

«... The Some people assert{approve} that the Bulgarian state Bulgar - Ak Bulgar Yorty - was formed by father Kurbata Alburi in 605 year, others - Bu-Yurgan or Kurbat in 618 year, the third - Kurbat in 619 year. I read in “History Shamsa” that Ulug Bulgar Yorty was formed Alburi in 603 year and I think these data the most true...”

«... Tell that all these forty girls was in love with one nice{famous} Bulgarian ogo bahadira by name Alyp-Guza. He lived in Mardan - - in city which till now carries his name. Girls to see loved{liked;favorite}, frequently climbed up high mountain while, at last, not constructed on it{her} city. It{him} began to name “Kyz-lar Tauy”... When girls decided to go already to batyru so that he chosen to himself(himself) in the wife one of them, the country attacked Turkmensy Khan the Basin - Bugi. Alyp-Guza left towards to enemies and began to battle to them. In the beginning he was seized with the brother the Basin - Bugi by nickname Düja and so struck him ozem that that died. On this place then constructed city of Düja Suba. When there come{stepped} a turn the Basin - Bugi he offered bahadiru firing through Idel. Artful Khan seen that the mountain Djeguly in one place bursted, and risen opposite to it{her}. Nothing suspecting Alyp-Guza risen on this mountain and immediately fallen together with its{her} part in the river.. .. The Basin - Buga pleased with destruction Alyp-Guzy driven off to a place opposite Düja Suby and decided to proceed{pass} here Idel. But the girls who seen destruction loved{liked;favorite}, began to shoot at him directly from the city and interrupted all enemies. On a place of destruction himself the Basin - Bugi then also constructed city the Basin - Buga...”

«... And the city of Bolgar burdjane in the beginning named Marduan or Mardukan as trusted that him based for the first time himself Map before leaving{care} in the country of Samaras...”

«... The Some people consider that Kap was transferred{handed} by Talib Barysu in 964 year. However it is a lie. Her{it} the sheikh the Hadji-Omar in the involuntarily written “History Abu Ishaka” from words of loved{liked;favorite} by him kapa Ibragim, desiring obelit himself. Actually, as about it documents imperial divanhane testify, the Talib transferred Barysu only part Djira and Kortdjaka, and on capture of Kan infidels temporarily closed eyes. But hardly Barysa comprehended{overtaken} that was offered to him from above as the Talib immediately returned Kai Der jave... Ibragim when he began mutiny against Timara, promised to transfer Kan Bulymeru in exchange for his support, however, as is known, eventually gone on arrangement with Timarom... After capture



Ibragim a throne in ” 1006, Kan - Kerman grasped Masgut and some years stayed here. Only in 1010 Ibragimu it was possible to decline Bulymera to capture Masguta in exchange for transfer of Kan Urusam. Bulymer grasped Masguta together with Kapom, but for pleasure overlooked to fix this success the contract. Therefore other tsars of our Bulgarian state, pravivshie after Ibragim, did not recognize lawful inclusion of Kan in structure Urus the state...”

«... Workers Arslan were engaged also in that produced idols for Kumans, Sebersand arov. For kumans idols were done{made} of a stone, and for Sebersand ars - because of difficulties of transportations - from a tree...”

«... Captured Urusy should serve the owners who redeemed them, six years then became free and more often remained to serve the owners and did not think of returning. In sjauchae acceptances of an Islam they were released{exempted} by them immediately...

Kurmyshi had the right to be released{exempted} in any day from the tribute slujilym bahadiram or kazanchim, but in this case lost the ground...”

«... In 1242 Gazi-Baradj accepted the offer of the Great Khan of Tatars to take a place of his viceroys in Kypchak Yorty. He left a throne of Emir Bulgar to the son Hisamu and entered a new post under name Saina. First of all he constructed city a Sarai named him in honor Juchi. As to Batu on a post submitted to him Gazi-Baradja sometimes named Khan Sainom. However he got on with Batu and never humiliated him why to Batu after death Gazi-Baradja taken in memory of him his nickname Sain...”

«... In 1262 Tatars taken away from Bulgarian state Balyn and Galidj and then they, under order Berkai (Berke) a, tried to seize storm Iber-Bolgar and was beaten off... And this city stood on a way from the river Bajgul to Menhazu, at sources of the river Iber, and was considered unapproachable... Alai this fortress killed everyone another's who came nearer to it{her} as especially valuable furs for sending in capital here gathered... Ibers or as them still named, urs, occupied the north of provinces Biysu, Ur. And Bajgul... They were devoted to Bulgarian state and consequently named himself “iber“ that in their language meant “Bulgar”...

Tatars taken Iber-Bolgar only because podojgli a wood contiguous to a fortress... The Terrible drought helped fire to be distributed quickly. Defenders, regretting about the oversight, left{abandoned} city... They lodged in balik Echke-Nazym which from that time began to name as well Iber-Nazymom. He was the most east fortress of Bulgarian state till 1406. That year Khan Tahta - mysh fled here from Tümena, but on a way was will overtake Tatars

Idsgeja also it is rascally killed. Encouraged by it Kypchaks gone further and with terrible slaughter taken Iber-Nazym. After that Idegei ordered to transfer bones Tahtamysh picked by dogs to Emir to the Bi-Omar with words: “It - last tribute Iber-Nazyma Bulgar...” “Data on cities, menzeljah and roads Bulgarskoi the Bulgarian states useful to those who goes on them... Musy ibn Halil... *

In 1171 father Seid Gali, mulla Mirhudja, addressed to I reign Gabdulle with the request for construction of city on a place of his rate. Kan loved{liked} similar requests, was not slow with the answer, and the next year this city was constructed. As builders of a fortress were korym-Chally chirmyshes the city received name Yar Chally... In the beginning the city represented some houses, surrounded rvom, shaft and a palings, and old aul Shud in which there was a mosque “Aü Kapka”. She{it} referred to so because once to it{her} from the nearest Shud woods the bear left and scratched its{her} gate. On the eve mulla postponed consecration of a mosque owing to the indisposition. However, having learned about happened, he overcome hvor and consecrated a mosque... According to census of 1465 in city lived 1730 person of which about{near} 500 made alaj fortresses... Near city there was a magnificent meadow where were carried out{spent} well-known Yar-Chally drinking bouts and where Emir Lachyn gained not one victory.. .. And in forty versts to the west of a fortress there was a field which named “Manukovym” as dobit this Kirgiz Khan here was...

Ufa was constructed in 1185 tarhan Masgutom... In memory of a victorious campaign of his brother Tatra mountains on Urus a fortress Ufa... immediately started construction of roads to it{her} from Djaika, Bulyar TS and Yar Chally and meizelej and fortresses on them. In 1186 constructed station Mepzel on the river of Mines, balik Alabuga near tower Alabuga...

The aul was presented by Senna Seid beku Kuraishu... Also received him j a name. The son Kuraisha Ahmed transferred this aul Seidu Gabdel-Mumi-f well...

Except for trading and ambassadorial roads in the State still military were dear{expensive}. In the fortresses located on them, there were stocks? All necessary for taking place armies... It was impossible> to come nearer To them, as their soldiers ruthlessly killed everything which are not having the imperial sanction to travel...”

«... Not having an opportunity to call tsars by means of a word “kap”, Ashrafidy began to apply instead of him a word “anar”, also meaning “tsar”...”

«... That part Kazan il in which Kazan Ulugbek could ^ dispose himself of distribution nadelov, referred to as “ground Han“



Or “part”, and slujilye people which received in Han these parts nadely for the period of service - “han people”...”

«... Djan-Gali it was employed on service Mamet-Seidu by the inexperience and naivety...

Mamet-Seid offended kazanchies that decided to not raise a tribute from Moscow in reply to its{her} help to him - in fact the significant part of a tribute fell into in hands ulanov. Then enraged kazanchies forced him to obey Seidu JAdkaru, promising to them to not touch their destinies and to continue collection Djir tribute. Kul-Ashraf forgiven Mamet-Seid and even left him in Echke-Kazane, and Djan-Gali ordered to hang up that that refused to tear with Mamet-Seid and to obey him. As we see, excessive fidelity and honesty can sometimes bring misfortune...”

«... When Süünbika made Bu-Yurganu inquiry about conditions of the travel through Persia for fulfilment hadja Mohammedyar taken advantage of it and in the reciprocal message asked her to achieve the sanction to his returning in Bulgar. Request Bu-Yurgan stated verses which started to write from Persia, and thus not overlooked to sing of beauty and mind{wit} biki. Süünbike so verses liked that she{it} persuaded the husband to petition for Moham-medjara before Seidom... Kap Kul-Ashraf though was surprised to such request Safy, not given to the favorite and given isprashivaemoe the sanction...

When Bu-Yurgan returned, had no anything, except for huge quantity{amount} bought by him in Persia of books, and Süünbika to help him, arranged him kjatib han archive. Due to this Mohammedyar received aul Bu-Yurgan in Han parts Kazan ilja, near loved{liked;favorite} by him Bolgar where should go quite often in quality Sardar brotherhoods “El-Hum”...

The love to Süünbike delivered Bu-Yurganu both pleasure, and afflictions: in fact he before dispatch{exile} to Persia in anger given a vow of chasity to not children doomed for humiliation...”

«... Moscow refused to render tribute to Bulgarian state Bulgar and set the army to our borders. On it Kul-Ashraf told: “Time so - that we shall take the lawful tribute force”, - and ordered Safa-Garaü to reject army Uruss and to take in lost Bulgar zemljah extraction in size “Djir tribute”...”

«... Süünbika, wishing it is even more to improve affairs Mohammedyara, bought from him his Persian library and then presented her to him under a kind of gift for dedication of one by him of poems Safe. Bu-Yurgan, however, also presented the assembly which already began to name “library Süümbiki”, medrese “Kul-Ashrafija”... She{It} all burned down, set fire infidels during capture by them Kaza-

. Together with it{her} enemies burn and other book assemblies medrese, in particular, the books, brought the Mir-Gali from Khoresm... Mishar Bulgary a Shakh-Gali, including in city already after his route Alashej, were dumbfounded and begun to sob at a kind of an awful picture of destruction of thousand precious books. Most desperate of them come nearer to fire i-naked hands, burning and shouting from burning and pains, snatched out from a flame some sacred manuscripts... I saw One of the rescued manuscripts himself. In it{her} biographies great horezmij the scientists coming in Bulgar was made:... Al-Horezmi, Abu Gali Sipy, Al-Biruni...

Alasha, wishing to cheer up the Shakh-Gali, allowed to take out to him from Yugary Kerman gravestones, except for gravestones Mohammed - Amina and Safy, and to bury behind city of most notable of falling moslems... Mishar Bulgary not allowed to take out a body Seid Kul-Ashrafa by means of horses, vprjajennyh in arbu. They taken arbu with body JAdkara on hands and so informed him to a place of a burial place...”

«... Any harmful people ostensibly on behalf of noble rum- the sultan suggested Safe to declare the il “the Kazan state” under protection of empire Rum, and - the servant rum the sultan, for what promised him the Crimean throne. Safa, having believed them, lifted mutiny against Seid, on not received promised... When people JAdkara poisoned Safu, ñåè/i so told about his destruction: “It{He} signed to himself(himself) the death sentence”... Bibarys, former assistant Safy in all his affairs, passionately dreamed of a post Ulugbek Kazan il and went on all for the sake of achievement of the purpose... In the beginning he - threat to leave Kazan on an arbitrariness of destiny in case of a new attack Uruss - achieved from Kul-Ashrafa conclusion Kuchaka and the sanction to purpose{assignment} Ulugbek the person - ulana Hudajkula, and then handed over Kazan Mamet-Seidu, hardly that promised to him a post Ulugbek... After destruction Bibarysa Alatsheaded Hudajkul, but his attempt to hand over city Urusam after leaving{care} the Shakh-Gali not gone right... The Commander a home guard han people in an army AlatsKamaj-Murza preferred to go over on the side this yes, hardly his army appeared at city...”

«... The Shakh-Gali was considered as one of the best Bulgariancommanders. Those who attributes him uhody from Kazan to the category of defeats of Khan, deeply are mistaken. Ulugbek left only because but wished to shed blood vainly moslems and to inflate senseless civil strife... Itself Kul-Ashraf somehow noticed that at him and his father was not more devoted servants, than the Shakh-Gali... Urusy did not trust him as were afraid that he with all army will come over to of the side Bulgar...”



«... When forces of Bulgarian state were exhausted, Seid Husaip accepted the offer Kazan bojara Djuj-bashy about the conclusion of the world... JApancha was to Kazan and from a name Seid concluded this world but to which both sides exchanged simple captured, and uchast the others facilitated. As Alasha refused to release{let off} Mamysh-Birde and Mo-hammed-Bahadir and seized by ours Urus bojary remain in a captivity... Djuj-bashy was so it is pleased with the conclusion of the world with Bulgarian state which from him demanded Alasha that presented JApanche the amour. Bek presented bojaru the sabre and a helmet...”

«... Rum the sultan anxious more with a capture insignificant mo-djar balikov, than the real struggle against an strike kjafirov, left Kazan on an arbitrariness of destiny. When Crimeans  decided to distract attention Alashi from Kazan and attacked one of his cities the sultan, unfortunately, refused to give them of the excellent{different} infantrymen. It he obrek Crimean cavalry pa pity destruction - in fact she{it} not skilfully to take cities...

Nugaj biys done much harm to Bulgarian state even more, but as appeared, ruined it and. In the beginning, in 1551, 60 thousand nugas intruded in Bulgarian y il Bashkort and connected it the main forces of Bulgarian state till 1552. Only after leaving{care} from Kazan armies Seid crushed the Shakh-Gali Nugais near Ufa, and kap Kul-Ashraf could throw a part Yar-Chally and korym-Chally cossacks and Ka zan on protection of city... Nugaj bii, having sold Urusam for pes kolko boxes of nails and knickknacks, lost the best half of soldiers and bread with which their Bulgarian state Bulgar fed... When already after route of Kazan Alashoj in the ground Nugais, at will Almighty, burst famine and mor, they biys were asked” with bread at Uruses and were refused. Full Bulgarian im bread Urus groups ransacked but to steppes and everywhere with spiteful pleasure finished weakened, half-dead for famine nugas...

Military leader Jozon under which command{team} one hundred cossacks consisted was such Urussky. And so, he in Kazan boasted that ten times left with the one hundred in nugaj steppes and that each of his soldiers killed not less than 100 nugaj soldiers, not including old men, women and children. Thus pi one of Urus cossacks even not was wounded. Only once any nugaj biys bitten a leg{foot} of the cossack who come{stepped} on him... Then it is a lot of and Nugais traded in murders of the fellow tribesmen for Urusy allowed for heads Nugais a few{a little;little bit} bread and a forage...”

«... During time Artan of war the Shakh-Gali shown heroism and borrowed{occupied} half Artana. After that negotiations begun, and him Bulgarian oe an army allocated{removed} to Moscow. Therefr he gone on rest in the Khan - Kermai... Süümbika asked him then to check up with

Standing of mosque “Gülli” in which there was tomb Safa-Garaja, and in case of need to correct a tomb. Khan directed to Kazan the master Mir-Gali Kultari, the son the Mir-Ahmeda, grandson Mos-hi... And mulla Mosha Bats Baltin - his descendant... When the Mir-Gali arrived to Kazan him not passed{missed} in a fortress. However then in city son Kul-Ashrafa Seid Husain, conducting{leading} negotiations with Boyars about returning to him a part of Kazan under the name New Seidova the Court was. It promised him Alasha that that allowed the Kazan cossacks and ulanam to participate in war with infidels in Artane. Voevody allowed to correct to him some constructions country Seidova the Court... Having learned{Having found out} about arrival the Mir-Gali, Seid immediately appointed his head of works... In 1531 Kul-Ashraf allowed to disassemble minarets of mosque Gabdel-Mumina - “Ashla Tümen” and “Ulug Manara”... Minaret “Tümen” was built at Ashla-Arbats and received therefore and his name “Ashla”.. .. When Urusy in 1530 rushed into Kazan a little bahadirs it are necessary to cover on this minaret a withdrawal Mohammed - Bahadir and as a token of the determination chained himself to a tower circuits... Infidels could approach to the Arable land only after last bahadir was wounded and could not shoot more. But when he heard steps of the enemies rising on a minaret blown up himself together with his top... The Second “Ulug Manara” - built still Shamgun-Sain 13 year of the basis of Kazan. The bott of this minaret with the big and beautiful doors was stone, and top - wooden. As he surpassed in height all other towers him called as well “the Check p and Kala”...

However in 1565 when Seid-Emir Husain hardly was ill, commanders forbidden construction in New Seids the Court and wanted to blow up in Yugary Kerman one high tower. For this purpose they chiselled through to 13 its{her} wall an aperture. But the master warned that she{it} for durability is fastened by iron hoops and in case of its{her} undermining she{it} will fall in all length and will crush church worth by a number{line}. It frightened Boyars and they left a tower alone, only made above it{her} a dome to give to it{her} a kind of a church belltower... The Mir-Gali seized and subjected to tortures, but then nevertheless released{let off}... Speak, the master intervention in business rescued the Shakh-Gali... After death of this kind Khan many him djury appeared in Biste as Alasha was afraid of their influence in Khan - Kermane... Hearings Went that but to order Alashi was poisoned not only Süümbika, but also a Shakh-Gali...”

«... Tell that when Utjash went in Artan on a way through Bashtu him protected Anchij group of Bakdan-Batu. Having learned from beka that in Simbire, between mountains Djegulytau and Djilantau,



Safely stay on service Ashrafidam of 10 thousand Anchij and saz-idel cossacks, Bakdan-Batu sent there with Utjashem son Adama with 50 cossacks. Seid given Adamu the sanction to lodge on Djilantau. And local our cossacks served as security guards of borders, caravans and Balyn fishermen and besides were engaged in construction of courts, fishery, salt production and a supply of salt from Astarhan hordes and trade in these goods. At some from them was much solevaren, taverns and courts... Still... JAbyk-Mohammed confirmed their ancient right to redeem any captured Christians taken on war...

In 1521 Adam under the order Seid deduced{removed} from Kazan Ulugbek the Shakh-Gali... A son of Adama, received a nickname Sir, was Mika-il... In 1552 he lead{carried out} to Agideli JAdkar-Mohammed appointed Seid JAdkar Ulugbek Kazan ilja, and further Khan led Yar-Challys... And in 1547 to Adamu cossack Takmak with son Ermak was beat saz-idelsky. In 1552 Takmak was killed together with Seid Bu-Yurganom, and Mikail grasped their murderers... On war with Nogais brothers Mikailja were lost. To vex enemies, he helped Urusam to take Astarhan. But when Alasha after that again demanded from him service, Mikail refused. In the answer Urusy attacked his auls and interrupted 5 thousand Bulgariancossacks, not sparing neither old men, nor women, children. In this war families Mikailja and Ermaka were lost, and they were covered at friend Mikailja on the river Kubar. From  here Ermak in five years left on Urus service, having seduced with compensation, and Mikail with friend Bakdan returned on Idel. They rendered many services Seidu the Sheikh - Gali, for what Alasha awarded both of them to a death penalty... In 1582 Ermak was sent on Tamlug a ferry... For capture Seid the Sheikh - Gali. Speak that on a way he learned{found out} from captured that Seid is forwarded hardly above under protection of cossacks Mikailja and slowed down movement. Urus commander ordered to seize by it Ermaka, but that fled to Mikailü, and then, together with him and his cossacks - to the As - Torganu in Kargadan... When they came to the city of Tahchi Mikail refused to enter fight with Bulgars beka JApanchi, than offended Ermaka. Under his offer the majority of cossacks deprived Mikailja atamanstva, but then he was ashamed of the act and persuaded cossacks to return to his Sir...”

«... After capture of the state Seber Urusas tsar of Moscow moved from Khan - Kermana to Kazan a significant part mishar Bulgar and lodged instead of them Sebertss... And Sebers in every possible way expressed the friendly feelings to us and spoke that they were Bulgarmi, but then got under authority Kypchak Khans... Thus they did not cease to help Bulgarian state Bulgar and forced all kyichak Khans to enter the union with Bulgar.


When in 1574 Urusy beaten out the Sheikh - Gali from Ufa and grasped Tahchi-Kala Sebers quickly returned this city the Sheikh - Gali and helped him to take Ufa again... The Sheikh - Gali transferred Tahchi-Kala JApanche. This bek desperately fought with Ermak and for a long time did not pass him in Seber... It{He} died already after was compelled to retreat from city. Speak that when at him Bulgarian bahadirs gunpowder he ordered to throw him the cannons directly on heads Uruses was terminated...

Then the some people Khan - kerman Sebers also appeared in Kazan. At many of them I saw books on history Bulgar where, however, not all was described correctly. It spoke them that they were too far from Bulgar... So, the city of Bolgar Sebers named Batu - Kerman as ingenuously trusted a mean cock-and-bull stor about a residence in sacred Ulug-Bolgar this infidels Khan... And Kazan Sebers called “Scarlet - round”...

Sebers - the most trustful and good-natured from Bulgar. Owing to severe climate Sebera they of much are deprived, but poverty not made their malicious...”

«... The Earth which were in personal possession Ashrafids and brotherhoods, Alasha transferred churches...”

«... The Part of books which Seid the Sheikh - Gali taken with himself in Kyrgyz, was sent then in Azak...”

«... Then was at war Akai which named as well sultan Guzoj and Hudjej... It{He} was descendant Mohammed - Bahadir and... In 1708 hardly not taken Kazan... To catch him Urusam it was not possible...”

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