Sapèques Monies of Uigurs



Uiguristan was occupied by China in 646-681 AD.

Rulers in vassalage to China:

Tumidu (titled Kagan from 647)      646-648

Bayan (P'o-jun)                              648-661

Baz-khan                                        661-681

Pisutu (fem.)                                   681

Gok Turk dynasty                                681-747

Toghuchi                                        681-715

Utibeg                                            715-719

Chinzon                                          719- ?

Utinan                                            727- ?

Ghoshu                                           727- ?

Etimish Qutlugh Bilga                      744-747




2 – Uigur coins

Boquq Kagan is the founder and organizer of the great Uigur Kaganat between 780 AD and his death. At first he was a high General and a Prime Minister (äl ögäsi) of Ton Baga Tarkan until his death in 789 AD. He led the Uigur troops from the north of Mongolia to Djungaria, where he chased away the Tibetans and Karluks. After the death of Kagan, the various members of the royal clan (Yaqlagar) quarreled for power. Zhongzhen Kagan was murdered by his brother who was knocked down by the Uigur leaders. Boquq returned from the west and put himself in the service of the young son of Zhongzhen, becaming the mentor and regent for the child. He started again a westward campaign, repelled the Tibetans in the south of Tarim, took Beshbaliq and Gaochang. In 795 the young sovereign died childless, and Boquq rose on the throne. He spread the empire to Fergana and Sogdiana, and even reached the borders of Khorassan. China put awarded him a title Huaixin Kagan, "Loyal Kagan". Uigurs, Türks and Mongols made him a legendary hero for his magnificent exploits.

After Boquq's death, the Kaganat did not find the man to insure a proper succession, and different tribes of Basmils, Karluks, and, especially, the Kirghizes, shook of the Uigur suzerainty. In 840, Kirghizes destroyed the Kaganat and expelled Uigurs from Mongolia. They went westward to establish Khanates of Beshbaliq and Qodjo, which came under the Mongols in the 13-th century.





Uigur dynasty                                       747-847

Bayanchur                                         747-759

El'tekin                                              759-779

Tonga Bagha Alp Qutlugh Bilga         779-789

Taras Bolmish Qutlugh Bilga              789-790

Aichur Qutlugh Bilga                         790-794

Unnamed brother of Aichur               794

Azho                                                 794-795

Qutlugh I                                           795-805

Qutlugh II                                         805-808

Ai Tengri Qut Bulmish                       808-821

Kun Tengri Ulugh Bulmish                 821-824

Hazar Tegin                                      824-832

Kho Tegin                                         832-839

Kichik Tegin                                     839-840

Ughe Tegin                                       840-846

Enian Tegin                                       846-847

Thence to Kyrgyz.


The first Uigur coin is a sapèque of the Chinese type, minted by Boquq Kagan (795-808). The obverse has an inscription Köl Bilgä Tängri Uigur Boquq Kagan, "Heavenly Kagan Boquq of Uigurs wise as a vast lake". In the lapel Äl Tutmish Yarliqinga, "By right of empire suzerain".

Boquq Kagan's coin, 20 mm, 2,3 g.

 Coll. LML.